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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Noon)

Now that I’m finally back home I can reorganize my points and write the full report! Take note this report contains only the noon session. Night session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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🔥 for enjolras, also i love hearing about working class history dont apologise!

(ahahaha thank youuuu :D)

Okay, so sticking with the idea of “unpopular” as just “not something I see a lot of” rather than an argument

there is really nowhere NEAR enough discussion of how hilaritragic Enjolras’ entire existence is?? I don’t mean like, in terms of Suffering–none of the Amis lead the pack on that one in the Brick– but in terms of narrative structure, like

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Advice for freshmen

Don’t feel pressured that high school will be ‘the greatest 4 years of your life’ because your not going to think that when your there. Youll either hate it, or it’ll be whatever. People only say it’s the best because nostalgia.

Go to a bunch of school events. Dances, games, pep rallies, whatever. They’ll probably dumb, but your entire school will be dumb together.

Youll have that one teacher that you fucking hate, but everybody loves. Youll have that one teacher everybody hates but you love. And they’ll be that teacher that everybody fucking hates. The best way to make friends in that class and make it bearable is too shit talk that teacher with your classmates.

Your English teacher will either be like the one above, or the best person you’ll every meet. Be friends with that teacher, don’t be afraid of being a teachers pet. Don’t be afraid to kiss ass

If any upperclassmen pick on you, chances are they’re fucking assholes and everyone in their grade thinks they’re annoying.

Classes are harder. But if any teacher scares you like “Next year your teachers won’t baby you and give you extensions/extra credit/make up work” They’re fucking liars.

Nobody cares what kind of clothes you wear or back pack you own

You guys are going to be loud and irritating to older people no matter what, so fuck it. Youll grow out of it, and when you hit senior year, you’ll laugh back at yourself. All of the seniors now we’re like that too.

If a senior boy or girl hits on you, you should probably avoid them, chances are they don’t have your best interest at heart.

It you don’t want to shave your legs or pits or whatever for gym or PE, dont. Nobody will fault you.

Sex ed will be stupid and un informative. Don’t take it serioisly. The only part to take 100% serious is if they give you information to clinics and such. Copy that down.

Dye your hair. Get piercings. Fuck it.

Don’t judge others for how they look and you’ll be happier.

Don’t feel pressured to stay in a relationship. It’s normally if they last for less then a month.

Don’t feel pressured to stay with the same friends from middle school. Meet new people.

Every actor on television playing high school students are in their 20’s, it’s okay if you don’t look like that.

If you mensturate, yes, at some point, it’s going to happen at the worst moment, and it’s going to suck. Do NOT be afraid to ask total strangers for a tampon or pad, they will not care.

Join clubs and sports! Join a sport youve never considered playing! Fuck it.

If you join your schools GSA or LGBT club, 90% are going to be straight allies. But I guarantee you, most of then will come out as queer by the time they graduate.

If your queer, don’t feel bad if your sexuality changes a lot. It’s not your fault.

Keep your ID in your wallet or back pack. Don’t loose that shit.

Suprise! You won’t be as emo, scene or goth by the time you graduate. Yours and others interest in wolves/vampires/invader Zim will decrease dramatically

Guys will be allowed to were naked women on t shirts but girls will be sent to the office for spaghetti straps. It’s all bullshit and I’m sorry.

Don’t be afraid to go home and cry sometimes

If you effortlessly got great grades in middle school, you have to reach yourself how to study now. I’m sorry

If you hear a lot of rumors about somebody , do yourself and them a favor and don’t talk behind their backs

There’s no such thing as someone stealing a boyfriend or girlfriend, only cheating boyfriends and girlfriends

If someone says that you slept with them, and you didn’t or didn’t want anyone to know, destroy them. Spread rumors about how gross or bad they were, and warn others about it.

It’s okay to fall in love, but it’s also okay to fall out of love. You might feel like you’ll marry your current significant other, but you won’t.

Don’t put whoever your dating above your friends.

Youll know people that get pregant while in school. Stick by them because they need you.

It’s okay to have anime buttons and shirts, but do not write fanfiction for English class, do not openly talk about explicit smut, do not yell about your feels, do not scream and go up to a stranger who also has those same interests, and do not bombard others with your interests.

You are not better then other people for liking certain stuff or not liking certain stuff.

It’s okay to like pop! It’s okay to like reality tv! It’s okay to like clothes! Its okay to like makeup! Its okay to lime anybof these as much as its okay not to like them! Regardless of gender!! You don’t have to be the quiet shy person who is better then everyone else for drinking tea and reading to be interesting.

All your yearbook pictures will be terrible.

Youll be tires and sleep alot more. If someone asks you to hang out but you’d rather take a nap, take a nap.

Don’t hate things to be cool! Don’t hate your back to school/welcoming freshmen pep rallies! Enjoy the excitment!

Okay, this might sound dumb, but don’t try to ‘seduce’ a teacher. As in, if you have a crush on a teacher, try to get over it asap and don’t be around them as much. It will never be okay.

Alot of guys will be fucking irritating and sexist. Don’t be afraid to call them out on it, especially when defending another girl.

Guys, girls don’t find it attractive pretend to be macho. Men lie and say girls like assholes to justify why they’re single. Girls are complex and d ifferent people who are all attracted to different personalities. There’s no one secret to getting girls to like you.

If your queer and get bullied in PE or the locker rooms, tell a teacher or an upperclassmen. If the teacher does nothing or makes it worst, go to you principal. If they do nothing, go to your school board. If they do nothing, post pictures and shit online and make a HUGE fucking deal about it. It’s a violation of your student rights.

The older you get, the more times youll.listen to someone talk and think “ I could definetly input my opinion here, but it won’t help.thebsituation or conversation, so I better not” and that’s what being mature is.

AP classes are bullshit, but take the tests.

Take your SAT As soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate. Itll be easier on everyone.

The food quality will not improve.

Either take art 1 your freshman year or senior year. Freshman year will be full of freshmen like yourself, but senior year there will be like 7 other bitter and angry seniors that you can dick and round with all year.

MOST IMPORTANT It doesn’t matter if you absolutely know what you want to do and go to college for right now. By senior year, it will change or you won’t know. THAT S OKAY. Talk to the people around you, and 85% of them will be as lost as you are. If you ever feel like your falling behind or are lost, talk to your classmates! Everyone is! Please anyone else add anything I’m missing


**i deleted the blog that i originally posted this on but somehow someone was able to save it and submit it to me now!? so holy shit here’s my drugstore makeup masterpost for all of you who’ve been asking**

you guys asked me to do this 5000 years ago and i just got around to it im so sorry but if you still care here it is ;D

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How did bro abuse Dave? I feel like I might've glanced over it. What happened?

well lets see. bro regularly physically abused dave, beat him to the point of the record on his shirt shattering, threw him down the stairs, which is implied to happen regularly if sb&hj is any indicator, imposed on dave a standard of hypermasculinity and homophobia that forced dave into a coolkid facade to keep his own thoughts and feelings at bay to try to reach them, monitored all of daves blogs and points of output on the internet leaving him no real safe place but pesterchum, not even his own fkn bedroom, monitored him also in the sense that he had various webcams hidden around the apartment and would film dave regularly enough for dave to be aware of it, actually played off of daves blood-induced anxiety having him gore a puppet full of blood pellets to upload to his gross puppet porn site, heavily neglected him in terms of emotional needs and quite literally neglected him in ways such as dave squirreling food away in his closet just to eat, gave a kid who was only thirteen when he got away ptsd correlating strongly to the sound of metal clashing and blood and forced so seriously into his head that bro was the pinnacle that dave needed to reach for that it took him years to work out that it was fucked up and its okay to be himself.

dave said that being on the meteor with his friends was the first time in his life hed ever honestly felt like he was around people who loved him.

beyond all of that, i dont know how the hell you managed to read his conversation with dirk without getting a teeny tiny itsy bitsy HINT that bro was, yknow, severely godawful in every way.

heres just a snippet of it:

DAVE: why did i get such a raw cut of the asshole deck
DAVE: and why did it take me so long to figure that out
DAVE: and like hes dead now so thats that
DAVE: so all thats left to do is look back and try to put the pieces together of my first 13 years
DAVE: and all i can think is what the fuck WAS that?!
DAVE: i dont come away with the impression i used to try convincing myself of, that he was like “mysterious” or “stern” or “aloof”
DAVE: the only feeling left is this insane impression that i was raised by somebody who fuckin HATED me
DAVE: and the whole act of even “raising a child” was some totally fucked up game to him
DAVE: like parenthood was one of the highest tiers of irony in his solemn bullshit bro-ninja code
DAVE: so he went through those motions and did whatever he thought was “funny” or “badass”
DAVE: but under that weird stylistic and totally sociopathic approach to parenting i cant even IMAGINE there was any emotion toward me other than some sort of loathing
DIRK: What…
DIRK: Did he do?
DAVE: i dont want to get out the laundry list
DAVE: but for reference laundry wasnt one of those things
DAVE: that was just one of the many little domestic things i just had to sort of FIGURE OUT
DAVE: sorta like i eventually had to learn what the REAL purpose of a refridgerator was from movies
DIRK: Wait.
DIRK: What??
DAVE: i dunno theres too much to even get into
DAVE: just
DAVE: i dont remember the atmosphere ever not being nerve wracking
DAVE: all havin to sneak around and…
DAVE: ugh my shitty childhood spider senses are tinglin just thinking about it
DAVE: it was “training” you know
DAVE: but you know what it really was it was some vicious shit that was bad and sucked and i hated it
DAVE: it didnt make me stronger
DAVE: it did the opposite
DAVE: it made me never want to fight
DAVE: it made me never want to see blood or be near danger or hear metal sounds
DAVE: it made me hate the idea of being a hero cause he was a hero and he ruined the idea of heroism
DAVE: i dont even want to be fighting this shitty version of jack but hey nobody else has secret welsh powers so i guess i have to
DAVE: what gets me is how long it took me to put all this together
DAVE: to stop seeing it as some kinda roughhousey and eccentric life i had but was otherwise normal
DAVE: it took years to deconstruct it all and put it back together to understand how fuckin mad i should be
DAVE: and in particular how stone cold deeply uncared for i was my whole life
DAVE: like… being merely “monitored” by a violent robot
DAVE: i only started getting it after spending a lot of time in person with a bunch of people who actually did care about me
DAVE: and i could start feeling like
DAVE: actually somewhat human for the first time
DAVE: instead of…
DAVE: some sort of runty afterthought to a household cabal of smutty puppets

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Hey! Great blog. Could you explain how Dyscalculia affects someone's performance in other subjects besides math (like reading, foreign language) and daily life?

thanks :) ok im gonna try to give my best answer but i do have other learning problems and sometimes its hard to seperate them from dyscalculia but i shall try my best. its also different for everyone.

I personally have no problems reading. Im a very fast reader. writing however is really tough for me. I can not see when words are misspelled and I tend to flip letters like b and d. i also have a really dificult time with remembering the concepts of grammar. in English class this can become a real problem. its also hard for me to organize essays but i think that might be a different problem. i know that there are a lot of cases where people have both dyslexia and dyscalculia so that affects reading but its a different problem.

history class is a biggie though. one of the symptoms of dyscalculia is having difficulty picturing and understanding timelines. so when learning about major historical events it can be really hard to understand the relationships between different events if you cant remember which event came first. its also a problem for quizes. you cant remember dates or get them all flipped around and mixed up. another problem with dyscalculia is connecting names to faces. for me this shows up most in history class because i can never remember which famouse person did what.

ok foreign languages is a weird one. when i was younger i was part of a french immursion program and had no problems learning to speak it. but in high school i started taking japanese. ok im gonna branch off a little to do a comparison. in elementary school we have to memorize all the times tables up to twelve times twelve. most kids just read down a list over and over and over again. or they use flashcards. a lot of languages are taught the same way. it doesnt work. at least it didnt for me. so after my two required years i quit. basically they gave me a passing grade for effort. sorry im not going into more detail here this particular subject was extremely complicated for me personally and i dont wanna over explain.

ok so i dunno if this is a class at normal schools but music class is really affected. like in third grade i would have to pretend to know how to play the recorder because i couldent remember how to read the music. i also had to pretend to know all the words to the songs. later when i was in seventh grade i started to take piano lessons. I loved it. I loved making music but I learned by watching the fingers of my teachers not by reading the music and i had to fake being able to read music, its difficult when its just you and the teacher, so i was yelled at a lot. so i quit.

i cant think of any other classes that were hugely affected for me but i have a really really weird school history and its hard to trace back and understand everything that was going on.

so onto daily life.

ok reading maps is really tough cause you get all turned around and you dont know which way is what way and it gets all confusing. same with directions in general. its really easy to get lost. its really hard to look for/ remember an address even your own. leading to embarrassing moments

when people ask for my birthday I panic and flip numbers. leading to more embarrassing moments. I also tell people im in the wrong grade a lot because i cant remember which grade a freshmen or a junior is.

it is impossible to read clocks. this is particularly dreadful because if you, like me cannot remember your class schedule (even after three years). if you ask a teacher when class ends or how long you have left to complete a task. they will often chuckle and point at the clock or ask me why i havent learned my schedule yet. then i have to come up with some lame reason like “i dont know when we started” or “i dunno when class ends” which is true but they find funny. you cant say that you cant read a clock. i have to count by fives to read them. and i have to use my finger to point at which five im at so i dont get mixed up.

thank god my best friend has a habit of remembering every detail about my life so he can tell me what class i have next.

this inability to read clocks makes it really difficult to be on time. and it makes the whole process really stressful. for example if im taking an art class and its pretty far from my house. i will make my parents drive me there a couple times taking different routes before the class starts so i can figure out how long traffic takes and what way is faster so i can get there early but not so early as to be embarrassed. this actually happened a couple weeks ago but the commute was so anxiety inducing for me i had to quit the class. this problem makes me always late or always early. it also means that its easy to lose track of time, or have any sort of time management skills.

indirectly dyscalculia can cause anger problems, low self esteem, anxiety stuff like that.

oh my god this became really really long. but im still not sure if im being thorough enough. if any one has any other questions feel free to ask. this makes me happy

sorry if the writing isnt all that great. if something doesnt make sense ask me and i will try to clarify.

oh also i didnt really talk about how this affects getting a job because the post is already really long

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Hi! I just read a post that says u guys changed filming spoilers back in season 5 to make it look like Emily Kinney didnt film more episodes than the ones she appeared in? Do u guys do that for other actors? Were their other filming spoilers that u guys changed to make it look like other actors werent filming in season 6 or 7? I dont want to accuse u guys of anything but the person seemed confident u guys did it so i was hoping maybe it means Glenn survives Negan. He's my fav so Im hoping its tr

Ohhhh boy… *whacks head into wall*. No, nonny. We don’t change information to make it look like someone isn’t filming. We do edit information as it changes. Spoilers are very fluid. We might learn something one day and find out later that it’s not true or something went down differently. In those cases, we adjust our information accordingly. We never edit information simply to deceive. How would that benefit anyone in any way? Our reputation is hinged upon our accuracy. If we made up bullshit then we wouldn’t have the track record we have today, nor would AMC be all over our asses.

Since we keep getting these messages about supposedly deleting Beth related posts from 2014, I think it’s time for certain fans to be educated. So let’s just clear this bullshit up.  Apologies in advance for the long post, but I’m tired of getting tangled in a web of lies with this group of fans. It’s been going on for 2 YEARS!!! MAKE THE MADNESS END PLEASEEEEE!

Certain “Team Delusional” blogs are claiming that we deleted posts about filming on 5/23/14 that took place at a house. Specifically a post about a possible Beth sighting that day. For some reason even though this was filmed over two years ago, certain fans think there was some secret Beth filming shenanigans going down.They say the footage filmed on this day won’t be shown until this season (or 8,9,10, etc) and it will involve Beth’s glorious return from the dead. I guess they don’t understand that TWD never films episodes 2 years in advance. I guess they also don’t understand that Beth is definitely dead, but that’s a whole different issue that I’m not going to even bother with.

Now back at this film site in May, 2014 there were some reports of a blonde on set at this house. A lot of people jumped on the possibility of it being Beth. Even we did! We thought she was filming here. Yet, if you follow filming spoilers at all you would know that inaccurate witness reports are common. Witnesses sometimes exaggerate or relay information incorrectly. It’s completely normal just like any other eye witness report. That was the case at this location. There simply was no Beth. 

However, two years later these TD diehards are still adamantly spreading lies that some huge conspiracy is taking place and we are somehow involved. They are asserting we deleted all of these posts from two years ago to cover up the “fact” that Beth was actually filming at this house and that she is going to return this season. When in actuality the filming at this site involved Tara, Glenn, and Maggie and it was cut from episode 5.2. Scenes are cut all the time so this is not unusual. According to these fans, because we “hate” Beth so much we erased all “evidence” of Emily filming scenes two years ago that are actually for season 7. Does that make sense to anyone? Honestly… What drugs do I have to take for this to make any sense? 

I personally was not on staff during #BethHouseGate. I had nothing to do with the FB page at the time. So I can only speak for myself when I say I never deleted anything. However, I went back through Facebook to do some digging for the “deleted” posts in question and I found them. On the desktop version of our FB page if I type in “Possible Beth Sighting” the post that we are being accused of deleting pops right up. Comments made by Prime and Shiny on this post are also still there. I included a screenshot. If you look closely at the bottom right you can see the date so you know this is recent.

Now, the link to the post does not work. The post also does not show up on mobile for me. I have no idea why. I’m by no means a FB guru. All I know is that FB acts wonky sometimes, but the posts are still there. Do some searching and you WILL find it. Oh, and here’s the post on the forum that we apparently deleted also.

You can still see this post here:(Must be registered member to view):

So Team D - If you want to keep believing that Beth is alive and will be running all the way to Alexandria to jump on Daryl’s dick in season 7 or 8, 9,10,etc then go right ahead. However, we sure would appreciate it if you could stop spreading lies about the way we conduct our business. You clearly don’t understand or care to educate yourselves on how we operate. Leave us out of your conspiracy theories please. Good day! 

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Hi :D Don't know if you remember me, I had sent you an ask before (about shippers going overboard on Twitter) but ah, that's irrelevant anyway haha :'D I would like to ask another question now, if you don't mind. You have seen Exo live, right? I have heard from people that ChanBaek are seldomly physically close at concerts, yet they always pay a lot of attention to each other? Is that true, dear admin? What are your impressions on CB at concerts? Love you and your blog very much ♥

Chemistry (During the EXO’luxion in MNL)

Hello there darling~ <3 Oh ofc I remember you. You called me chill and how can I ever forget such flattering words from a sweetheart? Again, thank you for that :”) oh and it’s not irrelevant, I would love it if anons informed me if they have sent me an ask already so that I can address you with a different familiarity and form some sort of bond with you guys :D idk wat im saying. 


Anyways~ I don’t mind answering a question at all, it’s totally fine, I like it a lot actually. So never hesitate sending a message :D 

Oh yes I did see EXO live hihi. I still can’t believe it everytime I remember that day coz “shit I saw EXO live?” still kinda surreal and the whole occurrence still hasn’t fully sunk in hahaha.

During the concert (in Manila) I didn’t see BaekYeol being next to each other all the time. Like most BaekYeol shippers have observed, BaekYeol is more about subtle looks, touches, and everything subtle. They’re one  of the ships in KPOP that doesn’t rely on skinship just so they can keep sailing. 

Like during peter pan (not the hug) Cy was ‘feeding’ Bh with the big ass spoon. 

And sometimes I saw BaekYeol all alone in the same part of the stage. The stage had 3 parts. Yes I’m gonna go ahead and explain the vicinity of the arena in which EXO’luxion in Manila happened haha

  1. The first part is the main stage where they do the ments (talking and dance heavy performances. LMR, Overdose, Growl, CMB, The Star As well as Bh’s piano solo. The changing of clothes hot damn! And ofc Sehun time, and the rest of peter pan <3)
  2. The second part is the walkway. It’s literally a walkway haha. It separates the two VIP standing sections. Therefore, the people situated in the VIP standing (I’m here! haha) are SUPER near the members who walk/dance/stand by the walkway. Bh fcking danced while facing us hOW DaRE hE !
  3. The third part is the second stage. It’s located at the other end of the main stage. Right in front of the people in the third section of the VIP standing (I think puppy store was situated here). It’s shaped like a hexagon.

I just realized that I had a picture and all my explanations weren’t needed. But well, what’s done is done, appreciate my efforts!!!! hahahaha!

Now that you know how the arena looks like…Sometimes during the concert, I see both Bh and Cy simply walking past each other, or being near each other, or walking near each other. It’s not anything normal ppl would consider shippable but tAKE A LOOk pLS!

The chemistry is so strong even tho they’re not even interacting yet. hOW?!.

When changing clothes hot damn! they’re always next to each other (but I guess this is due to their formations)…But still. When next to each other or when interacting, and when they share even just the slightest glance or laugh…it’s honestly VERY hard to not see their chemistry. And just being dorky and very much like puppies?! BAEKYEOL WHY?!

The subtle glances and their perfect harmonization <3 <3 <3

On cam the chemistry is already very strong. But there’s just something different once you see it live. During one ment (the last one, after unfair), Bh and Cy were right next to each other and I was left stunned bc they look very very good together.

The height difference, the difference in their mannerisms, the way they butt in when one of them is talking, it all looked so endearing to me. (but this is filtered thru a delulu baekyeol shipper’s eyes so…)


AND OFC THE HUG! Honestly I thought I’d be screaming and freaking out over seeing BaekYeol do interactions. But I found out that I was just gonna be left speechless once I see BaekYeol being BaekYeol in person. 

I couldn’t say anything, I could only observe them and hope that I would never forget how wonderful their relationship and interactions are. How they don’t need to show us anything to make us feel something.

The laugh tho ;;A;; baekyeol y u make me feel like dis my heart huhuhuhu.


Just by seeing BaekYeol in one stage and doing the subtlest things,like when Bh held Cy’s hand during The Star and seeming like he doesn’t want to let go adakdjhdfsdfsdf hjkh!=1 !

And seriously…the moment I saw Bh and Cy live, I remembered all the reasons why I shipped, still ship, and will continue shipping BaekYeol.

I guess that’s why even though I’m not that crazed over EXO anymore, I’m still very attached to BaekYeol. I just can’t bring myself to not ship them. Call me delusional but I will never ship BaekYeol as just bros.

I sometimes think that maybe what I’m doing is stupid. Trying to prove a relationship between two male kpop idols. Maybe I should stop. But then I see a photo of them both, I see them doing things like posting extremely similar pics and vids on ig (mic with name, msqrd? vids etc), interacting, and just…being BaekYeol.

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Mar 2, 2016 at 7:26am PST

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Mar 2, 2016 at 7:21am PST

A video posted by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on Mar 21, 2016 at 8:56pm PDT

A video posted by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on Mar 21, 2016 at 8:48pm PDT

Honestly wtf. They are such relationship goals I cant even…

pls pray tell how much more obvious BaekYeol can get. ugh <3

I agree with you darling. All of it. That although BaekYeol isn’t always near each other, they always make it apparent that they pay attention to one another <3 

BaekYeol has a chemistry as hot as the sun in person. And when they simply stood near/next to each other during the concert, my BaekYeol crazed heart already started skipping about 4 beats.

And when they hugged? Let’s say about 69 beats? hehe.

Anyways that was long. Let’s just say my impression on BaekYeol during concerts is THE CHEMISTRY IS TOOOOO STRONG LIKE EVEN WHEN THEY’RE FAR FROM EACH OTHER YOU CAN FEEL IT. AND ONCE THEY’RE NEAR EACH OTHER?!!! iT eXPLOdZES!

Hehe, thank you for sending another message darling! Please don’t think twice about sending another one when you have a question :** I hope you didn’t mind the kinda long answer haha.

Thank you for loving my blog! I really appreciate it! I love you too <3 <3 <3 have a good day! ^^

I got an anon yesterday that I am going to post after much consideration. I am not saying that what this anon is saying is true or false. I am just leaving it here for everyone to do with it what they will. 

I found your blog through a friend. I’m sure you get a lot of trash in your ask, so believe me or dont, its fine. I see a lot of speaking about taylor and calvin that they cant go out because of paps etc but I live in LA and I can tell you thats not really true. I saw them TOGETHER (yes, no joking) at whole foods (MY EDIT: I ASKED HER WHICH ONE AND SHE SAID THE ONE IN BEVERLY HILLS) like 2 weeks ago. Im not totally into this taylor swift fandom but I thought maybe you’d want to know. I was shocked too when I saw them standing in the vegetables area and there were a few people being so embarrassing (“Oh God Taylor Swift! Look it’s Taylor Swift and her boyfriend!! Oh how cute”) but they handled the situation very gracious and normal. She is beautiful in reality by the way! I think she was wearing no make up, casually dressed. He seemed very protective but gentle, carrying the basket, always a hand on her back. they stood on front of us in line. They are both giants in real life guys. Oh and they bought ben&jerrys chocolate fudge brownie :D they both just behaved like a normal couple. He payed. She was looking at her phone when they stood in front of us. They seemed very familiar with each other, always whispering. So, this is all I can tell. Sorry for the anon. I run a pretty popular fashion blog here and I’m not interested in the attention that’d come with me sharing my wholefood experience ;) But I sometimes see some edits coming from TS blogs and I thought you guys might want to know! have a lovely day

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Hey Jack!! :D I just got a Wacom Tablet for christmas and i downloaded the program Krita (what you use) So i was wondering do you have any beginners tip, so i can get used to it and know what im doing, thanks :D. Happy Snoggletog!


Ok, first off its a BIG program. Especially for people who havent used programs like this (photoshop, gimp) before!  So if you are completely unfamiliar with any of this,There are lots of tutorials on the website.  Check these out. Start from the beginning! Lots of what i say may require some knowledge of these kinds of programs.

Ok now heres some of the stuff i generally show people who get krita for the first time.

First thing I generally do is go into my options and do this with my buttons on the pen.

I set the back button to right click and the front button to middle click.

In krita, middle click drags and pans the canvas when you click it and hover the pen just above the canvas. Right click opens up a pallet of presets and a color wheel!  How you customize the presets depends on your version!  2.8.3 there should be an option to the top right called “Select favorite presets”.  The new versions the pallet itself has an option to open different brush sets from the brush editor (right click on a brush to add it to a set).

In addition, for the middle click.

Holding shift and hovering with middle click rotates the canvas. The ‘5’ key should reset rotation.

Holding Control and hovering with middle click scales the canvas. The 1 key should reset zoom to 100%.

‘E’ toggles the current brush back and forth from brush mode to eraser mode.

I use these features ALL the time when im using krita.

I also encourage looking through the hotkeys. If you want to change a hotkey, go into configure shortcuts under settings, and you can set custom hot keys.

I encourage playing around with your dockers and customizing and getting an interface youre happy with! Mine looks like this.

To change the color of the program, check under settings > themes.  I prefer a darker program. Its easier on the eyes. To change the background color check under settings > configure krita> display, under canvas border. Under general you can change cursor shape too. I prefer the brush outline with a small circle in the center so no matter how big my brush is i know where the center is.

Krita has a LOT of options. I definitely recommend reading the manual or any documentation.  There is a lot of customizability and it would me impossible to go through it in a reasonable post!  It might take some time to learn!

also, to make a layer clip above another.

Click the drop down next to the + button (new layer button), select “Group Layer”

Drag your layer in to the group layer.

Create a new layer and click the squiggle.

Anything you put on that layer will be “clipped” to the layer under it. You can move it around and edit it without destroying the original layer. Its really useful for painting and for adding textures and effects to things! 

For adding a texture, I usually take a paper texture, make it gray (lots of ways to do this, Ctrl + shift + U, probably the easiest way) and set it to the “Overlay” layer mode (where it says “Normal” in the screen shot above. overlay is under the Mix tab. I recommend checking the box next to layer modes you use often so that you can have some favorites that are easy to get to)

If you DONT want to bother with multiple layers, you can lock transparency by clicking the checker box next to the squiggly. This will only let you draw on pixels that have ALREADY been drawn on on that layer. The lock icon will lock the layer so you cant draw on it at all. eyeball toggles visibility.

The little double square icon at the bottom of the layers box duplicates your layer.

Hope some of that was useful! :)

This is a thing

HEY DURR. I’m up late. Can’t sleep but what’s new. I thought I’d just sorta ramble on a tumblr post because why not. I feel like grandmother willow with the wisdom I’m about to say. Also I’m getting down with my Spotify so that’s my night. RIGHT WISDOM.
I am a normal human. I put my pants on and do a little jig to get them fully on because can we be real…they’re always skinny jeans and you can’t not dance to get those suckers on. Anyways I go through struggles like humans do and I try to figure out how to make it to where I can help other people that are dealing with what I’m dealing with or have dealt with. As an online personality, my life is watched by lots of people which is kinda scary but also fun because yay more potential friends :D Example I recognize a lot of yall on twitter. I may not reply all the time because my thought process is ooo tweets! ooo i have dr pepper! did i feed thor this morning? Wait did I feed Cyr? Where is Cyr did he fall in the toilet? Did I pay taxes oh god wait yes. yes i did. what am i forgetting oh yes i dont have pants on. but S/O to Adam (theres two of ya), Joe, Faith, Davine (I’m guessing that’s your name..? D:), Lee, and others that I can’t come up with on the top of my head. But yeah. I see you. :P What was I talking about? YES WISDOM. So my wisdom for today. I need to listen to myself on this too because I’m still struggling with it.

Life is short. However it’s not short enough to where you have to rush into it all guns blazing and prepared to start everything at once. I’m stuck between two options right now in my life. It’s been on my mind for a good 7 months now just floating around but I’ve pushed it away. One option I have in life is to continue living in LA around friends who love me and really care for me. Here I have great YouTube opportunities, potential acting opportunities, even getting my book published. Every day is an adventure if I want it to be while living here. I meet good (and bad) people and see a whole new world than what I originally experienced in all the other places I’ve lived. I love it here. It’s great. The second option that has been floating in my head for months…is moving back to Oklahoma. I miss my family. I miss the environment. I miss how everything was so cheap (painfully cheap LOL). If I did go back to Oklahoma…I would go back to college. Maybe find a guy and settle down. Get my own house and a dog. Live up the street from my grandparents. A normal life really. It’s very appealing to me because I love being home. I love Oklahoma. I love my family. I would like to go to college again but I don’t know what I’d study still (its why I left in the first place). 

Yes I would still do YouTube with both scenarios. But it wouldn’t be the same. Here in LA I have friends…friends that I want in my life forever. The thought of leaving them makes me feel physically sick. It doesn’t even feel like an option. When I was in Oklahoma I had one friend. She’s great don’t get me wrong. But we couldn’t always hang out because she was working or lived too far. So I was alone. I was happy but miserable. I did the same thing every day. Wake up, film gaming, film a 3 minute vlog about some bullcrap I could come up with, make a sandwich, watch a season of Doctor Who and then go to bed. It sounds great originally, but it got repetitive and I was so lonely. So. so lonely. Here in LA….I’m happy. Very happy. But I have moments where I catch myself looking up house rentals in Oklahoma. Just out of curiosity. But I’m looking. I don’t belong in LA. I love country music, prefer gaming over bars, I’ve got a Christian fish on my car, when I say “y'all” it catches people off guard, and when I turn down weed everyone looks at me like I took crazy pills. 

HOWEVER. I said this the other day to a friend about someone close to us who wants to leave LA because he feels like he doesn’t fit in with the “LA people” and he doesn’t. However he doesn’t need to fit in with them because they don’t matter. His friends do. We aren’t LA people so why should he compare himself to strangers when he should be looking at his friends and thinking “I fit in with these people, this is why I’m here”. 

Anyways…Both of these life options are possible. I just have to make the decision and that terrifies me. I feel like I’m running out of time and I have to make a decision tomorrow if I want to stay here or go back home. My family asks every once in a while “So you thinking of attending school again anytime soon?” “Did you find a nice boy yet?” “Are you going to get a real job soon? I know some people and you could work for a steady company 9-5 job.." 

I had an eureka moment. I’m 21. I’M TWENTY ONE YEARS OLD. I turn 22 in what, 9 days? OK BIG DEAL. I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE THESE BIG DECISIONS LIKE WHERE I WILL PERMANENTLY LIVE, WHO I WILL MARRY AND WHAT MY CAREER IS. I’m a young adult who has an amazing job and amazing people in my life. I enjoy what I do! So I am going to enjoy life in the moment and for what is upcoming. If I by any means need to move back home, I will then. But for now…my heart wants what makes me happy. My heart and head know that here….where I am now…is best. I mean sure I can go back to Oklahoma and meet a sweet country boy. But honey I do NOT want to get married anytime soon. Maybe in a few years but for now, I am doing ME. I’m focused on KATE. AND IT FEELS FREAKING AWESOME.

So how does this help you? If you’re my age or younger…just calm down. You don’t have to figure it all out at once. Enjoy life as it comes. If you want something, go after it. It’s how I ended up out here in the first place and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Along with the crangrape juice I bought earlier because this stuff is like crack. But healthier. Actually it may not be I take that back xD Anyway. If you’re older than me and still don’t have things figured out…it’s okay. Chill out. Life is short but it’s long enough to live if you don’t fret. Don’t end up on your death bed thinking "ahh man I should have lived when I could have instead of rushing through life." 

That’s my snippet for today. Did not mean to type this much but hey. That’s what happens when I stay up until five in the morning. Also god dang it it’s five in the morning. WHAT IS SLEEP HAHA 

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hey there eddie! i really love your channel and what you make just to start off, but i feel like i'm not watching you as much as i used to anymore and that makes me sad. i love minecraft daily, but i sort of feel like it's all you post anymore and i love watching you do other stuff. i'm not in any way trying to tell you what to do but i hope you understand my comment. have a great day and thanks for being such a cool guy.

oh homie thats cool I understand!

Atm im in between this weird transition where
I cannot wait to be over with super minecraft as a daily thing :D

I wanna be able to play a bunch of different games, but until im not done with Super minecraft as a Year thing i dont think a lot of my fans would be cool with that!

I have even holded up posting other content cuz right now if its not super minecraft going daily or making up for the ones i missed first since i have missed a few days people will shit on other content and just ask for it instead of enjoy content!

So to give you some hope no worries minecraft will go back to normal as it being sprinkled on my channel but different games and content its deff coming :D!

Hope this helps you and anyone else reading this :D!

Hey everyone! Voting has closed. Here are the results. As you can see, three prompts had the same number of votes. As such, I decided to put Crossover together with AU.

I assigned the following days for each:

Day 01 - 15/02 - AU/Crossover

Day 02 - 16/02 - Firsts

Day 03 - 17/02 - Aftermath

Day 04 - 18/02 - Red String/Fate/Soulmate

Day 05 - 19/09 - Date

Day 06 - 20/02 - Holiday

Day 07 - 21/02 - Canon 

Under the Read More are Questions you guys might have over how this will work, as well as the very few Rules (basically what to avoid) we have. If anyone has any doubts not addressed there, just send me an ask!

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Sometime Last Night: Album Review!

HEY. Alrighty, so how I’m doing this is basically I’m listening through the entire album and I’m typing the song review as I listen so here goes.

Also I’m giving it ratings in the form of Rydel’s face in this gif 

Originally posted by r5poops

All Night- This SONG. It literally just makes me want to jump up and down for three minutes. Like. “Good Girls ain’t ever makin’ history” ROSS WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY. and excuse me I go out of my mind just thinking about those sort of things– DAMN. This song. Just. The drums. The guitars. Rydel slaying on the piano. It’s not my faaaaaaavorite on the album, but still, solid party song. I give it 3/5 Rydel faces, because it makes me wanna dance, but not as much as some others (SPOILERS)

Wild Hearts- For some reason this song makes me thing of a beach and a hut and running down a beach. I also see some serious crowd singing and head banging to this one. It’s so chill and v v cute. Again, not my personal favorite but I do like the lyrics and it’s got a free spirited feel to it. I dig it. 3/5 Rydel Faces because it makes me wanna get into a convertible that I don’t own and drive down a highway on the beach, even though I don’t live near the beach. Good job R5. good times.

Dark Side- I just wanna jam. It’s so FUNKY. Almost jackson five funky, but not the same thing. Let’s just say I would DEFINITELY show them my dark side. I am also still living off of my Daddy’s money, so I’ve got one step (CHECK!) He knows I’ve got a dark side, and he knows how to get it with that keyboard part. Also he likes me in red. I will never wear anything else. 4/5 Rydel Faces because this one makes me want to take rocky into a room and ya know.

end of disscussion on that one.

Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight- My toes start tapping, my head nods, and then the bass drops and I scream HEY every freakin’ time. Even when I’m like “Ughhh, this one again,” Its like involuntary now to scream Hey. And yes Ross, It is all my fault, and I am not complaining one bit about it. 3/5 Rydel faces because it was a really good single, and it’s still a good song, i have just played it 16,000 times over the past two months, so it’s in my brain even when i’m sleeping at this point. Still. v good. much love.

Repeating Days- OH GOD HERE COME THE TEARS. You think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. I cry every time this plays, and I barely have any idea why. I just do. And I haven’t really had an experience like this before, but the guitar sounds sad and the harmonies are sad and ross is sad so it makes ME sad. AND BROKEN PICTURES ON THE FLOOR makes me cry even harder. jesus im a baby. “Can I taste your lips again” Yes, yes you can, one hundred time. it’s just so raw and emotional and it makes me go all blobby. And we won’t talk about the acoustic at the end bc it sends me into convulsions. if you’ve seen my posts in the last two days you know that this song makes me cry niagra falls. 5/5 Rydel faces because if a song can make me cry like this then it is a damn good song.

Smile- oh god the flash backs. okay side note– i was v dissapointed in the video only for one reason and it was bc I felt like Rocky wasn’t in it like at all. anyone else feel that ?????? idk maybe im just crazy. i just felt like he didn’t get a lot of face time. but anyway. riker can blow his cash on me anytime and i will blow sometihng in return OOPS. Anyways, this song, i’ve played it so many times i might just be able to perform it as a one woman band on my own. its a catchy song and i feel like it should be played in a parade, but not 6,000 times in a parade like i did it. 2/5 rydel faces— because i’ve played it way too much lol

moving on

Lightning Strikes- Rydel. Girl. GET IT. This song is so empowering and I adore it so much. I basically just love Rydel. LIKE, HOW CAN YOU NOT. She’s BLEEPING gorgeous, and this song is so cute. just. its very her. more so than love me like that. I like it. I dig it a lot. The guiter solo. ROCKY YOU SLAY.The backgroud vocals also tho– so good. boys. good job. stormie and mark, your daughter is incredible. 5/5 Rydel Faces because she makes me smile on a daily basis plu she wrote a freaking magazine for us. del I love you.

F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D.- DUDE. this song is bomb. Even my brother (who doesn’t care for r5 bc hes a 15 year old boy and thinks theyre a boy band) liked this song. like he sang the f-e-e-l-g-o-o-d part in the shower today. and i was really just surprised that he showered, but pleasantly surprised that he was singing this song! I like this one. such groove. and no boys you make ME FEEL GOOD. every BIT OF YOU MAKES ME FEEL GOOD. “Yes I feel good sing it with me” I will gladly sing it with you-at the top of my lungs- so my neighbors will get angry and tell me to stop it. every day i will. 5/5 Rydel faces. Bc i wanna throw a party just so i can play this song.

I Know You Got Away- From the second I heard the bass line in the preview in itunes i was like “SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ITS MY FAVE” and i haven;’t looked back. when the album came out actually i was having identity crisis for a bit and i was like wait i haven’t heard the target tracks yet, AND DID U HAVE UR FUN IS SO GOOD. and i really liked repeating days but i basically told myself it couldnt be my fave if it made me sad and cry-ey. but anyways after careful consideration i finally settled back on my original (kind of how i did with my fave member in the beginning i was totes a rocky girl and then i was like wait ross for a bit then i went back to rocky and haven’t looked back) ANYWAYS I like this song. I like the Na na na’s, they’re creative af. 5/5 Rydel faces!!!!

Do It again- OH MY GOD. This one hits me personally for sure. “The last six feet are gonna kill me” STAB ME WHY DONT YOU. This song- while not my absolute fave- is so cute and emotional and im happy rydel fought for it to be on the album bc i like it a lot. god i wanna count the stars over and over again with them. any of them. all of them. that’s like the dream. just to have a conversation with them. a normal one. anyways- i like the drums in this one. and the harmonies- nice nice.Ross can be my man. im good with that. it makes me kinda emotional. not badly. but it does touch my heart places. 4/5 rydel faces bc nostalgia. 

Did You Have Your Fun?- DO WE EVEN NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS O N E. OH MY GOD. I feel like if rough sex had a song- this would be the song. this one. SHES. SO BADSHESGOODFORME. GOD. ONE NIGHT IS ALL I NEED. the guitar, the oooo’s I CANT TAKE IT IM GONNA YELL. “Stop leaving stains of cigarettes and come put your lips on me” WHAT ARE YOU ASKING ME TO DO. I DIDN HEAR YOU CLEARLY. 95% of this is in all caps and i hope that sends a strong message to u all how much i deeply care- GUITAR SOLO YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS. 5/5 Rydel Faces + This Ross face

Originally posted by 2old2befangirling


Doctor, Doctor: EASILY my second fave. mostly bc it shows riker and rocky’s voices so so well. And bc its so catchy. I like it so much. IM A BELIEVER BELIEVE ME THIS LOVE IS A DRUG. plus i have to sing along to the “WHOAAAOOOO WHOOAAAOOOO WOO WOOOOOO” You know hwat i’m talking about. i just cant pass up the opportunity. it reminds me of a train kinda hahahah im stupid. anyways i need a doctor after i listen to this. quick story- the first time i listened to this song i was taking a shower and had it up rly loud and i fell in the shower bc i was so excited about it. yeah. i couldve died bc of this band 5/5 rydel faces bc of my near death experience.

What You’re Missing- first thing’s first OO-WEE-OO.  when i first listened to this i thought it was gonna be super cheese balls and like lovely dovey all the way through, but i like ross’ verses A LOT. they were v unexpected and adorable. and yes girl- he is what you’re missing so get him n o w. “I could keep you entertained for a while” I bet you could this was a cute on. I like it. and i will take off more than my converse and my crown. OO WEE OO. It’s so damn catchy- mainstream, but catchy. 3/5 Rydel Faces!


Can’t Say I’m In Love- Sooooo cheesy I need wine to go with it, but so cute. so cute. also bass line is really awesome. i give ross major hottness points for the low growling in this one, like damn man, i like it a lot. I like the pick ups and the background vocals a lot and yes- my kiss is magic thanks. lol i dont have a lot to say about this one- also no near death experience on this one either. good try shower floor- i win this round. 3/5 rydel faces bc my kiss is magic like a circle. and “BABY I LOVE YOUUUU”

Could’ve Been Mine- props for the “Miiiiiiiiine” in the beginning- i like it. and then ROCKY COMES OUT OF NO WHERE. ROCKY GET IT. His voice sounds like velvet and i love it so much i just wanna hear it forever and ever. This song- also a personal experience for me in this one- not my personal fave, but the verses get me. ALSO RIKER COMES OUTTA NO WHERE AND I JUST OH LORD. i see the light when this song comes on. “And now my memories are haunting me” and rydel has amaaaaaaaaazing backgroud vocals on this one. Go you del. Also Ellington i like the drums. I like you a lot e-rat. I feel like i haven’t mentioned you a lot, but i adore you to pieces ellington. you’re funny and your girlfriend is a goddess. “Would’ve been- could’ve been- should’ve been mine” very emotion. much raw. love it 4/5 rydel faces for making me do a double take several times.

Now I’ve spent an hour on a friday night doing this! It’s okay, i was productive earlier! Hope you enjoyed this look into my brain/ me rambling about this album. 

Leave me your comments or message me telling me if you agree with me! If you wanna make your own review, then make one and tag me so i’ll read it! <3333 y’all.

xx. alli

The Journey to SWAY

This is the first version of this and it deals with everything that happened up until the 25th of July it is long enough without me adding sway in. That will be another post.

Now I may have missed something if I have let me know and Ill update it.

Im not going to be tagging this V aldaya because for those of you on mobile you would kill me this post is massive and if it comes up on your dash im sorry.

Its manly pics and GIFS so please dont watch it on phone data unless you have a lot.

and as usual Im relying on the amazing stormyseas77 and her tagging system 

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