i dont need your sass sir

  • This guy fuckin' sassed me at work tonight so I just fuckin sassed him right back. (we only had self service tillsopen tonight so it was just me and I can't eave the tills in case I need to help someone)
  • Guy: Can you get someone to come and serve me on a normal till?
  • Me: Sorry, I can't. I'm not allowed to leave self service but I'll be more than happy to help you put everything through one of the self service tills (me givin' hella good customer service right here)
  • Guy: But I hate these things, taking people's jobs.
  • Me: (putting everything through self service for him) Well, to be honest, if it wasn't just me here on self service then it would be just me here on a regular till but it would just be a lot less efficient. We don't get enough customers on a Monday night for us to open another till.
  • Guy: It don't work like that, love. There's two and a half million people unemployed in this country but I wouldn't expect a little kid like you to understand or even care.
  • Me: (keepin' a damn good smile on my face because I'm damn good at my job) Well, actually, sir, I'm an economics student and have just finished a module on the economics of work and leisure so I do actually know and care about this. It's something that I'm very passionate about. This is all about efficiency and profit and when the company is making profit it allows us to hire more staff, as we are doing right now. Feel free to check our careers website. (at this point I finish putting his items through as see that someone else needs my help) Please select your payment method and enjoy the rest of your evening, sir.
  • I fuckin' walk away still with a fuckin' smile on my face and the dude is just stunned. Fuck yeah, I know my shit about the economy. Never sass me because I will sass you right back.