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i think 4S was similar to 2B in the sense they have emotions but they dont break out of the mold as much as they actually have the capability too. But 9S’ distress triggers his emotional cognition and probable past emotions and in the last picture hes able to make 9S’ laugh a little though the boy’s still broken. ;w;

Reds (ft. Nicole Dollanganger)
Brad Garcia
Reds (ft. Nicole Dollanganger)

Here’s a song about being a smitten, self-centered dumb ass.

she always felt so cold, in her white walled hospital room. she said “i need a bit of warmth, so i can use the reds to fight my blues”. i promised her i’d find a way to change the lack of colour where she hurts. and while she don’t care much for me, i’d bleed and bruise and i would kill for her. i watched her fall in love with that bastard who dont give a damn. to him shes one of many, and “ongoing” one night stand. she’s still cold. so i followed him, pulled out my knife. i stabbed that motherfucker in the throat until he died and i wiped his blood across my lips. you dont know love until you’ve tasted it. shivering she cried “i hope he’s fine”, i painted her room in warm blood red lies. and she aint cold. there’s colour on every wall. she dont care much for me, and i dont care at all.

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hey guys, an announcement

i dont reblog as much as i used to, and i’m getting kind of tired, so i’m basicallyy just gonna stop being a bandom blog, you can unfollow me, i’m moving to another blog. you can ask for the url, i’ll give it to you most likely, just beware i’m NOT gonna be a bandom blog, i’m gonna blog abt anything i want. 

this is not bc of a particular individual or anyone really, i’m just a bit tired of my dash and there’s no way to start all the way over, and unfollows are stressing me out, so i’m gonna start from zero.

i’m eventually gonna return to this blog, but it wont be bandom. 

i’m glad ive made friends while being part of this community. hope we still get in touch, my kik is holdingontoyouu, and you can ask for more social media.

i’m leaving all nets as well, i dont really wanna leave the chats bc i love talking to you, but i’m not gonna be active anymore, i havent been in a while.

all my posts are gonna stay there, ive way too many memories, but i need a fresh start. again, i might return to this blog, so unfollow me if you dont want to follow a nonbandom blog. 

sorry if i’m annoying, i just wanna have a good time here again.

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Don't u think kids would actually like school if WE DIDNT WAKE UP AT 7:00am if we had to wake up at 12 or 11 tht would be such a joy or we could schedule it OMG THEY SHOULD LET US SCHEDULE WHT TIME WE WANT TO GO oh and if they never gave us homework even if we had to finish the work sheet in the class and we didn't finish it and if math was the easiest subject and Spanish wouldn't have to be taken LIKE WHEN WOULD I NEED TO SPEAK SPANISH LIKE IM NOT GONNA USE IT AS MY BACKUP so thts all I'm askng

i think school would be more enjoyable if we chose classes we wanted to take in high school, but not like a bunch of required things that aren’t relevant to us. like i never cared for physics or i still dont know the point of trig.  and of course, if school started later. or if there weren’t so many standardized tests, because they eventually dont help us, and its just a tiring routine we’ve been doing since we were kids. or if we followed what the countries with top education do and learn why their education is so successful (like basically scandinavian countries), then we would probably be a lot better

Mad at Him...(Cameron Dallas Smut)


Masterlist HERE

Okayyyyy so it all started out with a fight. I got mad at Cameron because he was out all night and refused to tell me where he went. And he’d been all secretive and shit for a long while now and i was trying to have patience but it just was too much..So of course it was back and forth until i told him we were done. I ran upstairs and sat on the bed and started packing my things. He came upstairs still furious from the arguement but he had a mixture of emotions in his eyes. It was a mixture of anger sadness and just a hint of need.

He came over and got on his knees between my legs. He rested his hands on my thighs and tried to speak to me and get me to stay but i just wasnt listening. I tried pushing him away but he was just too strong. Finally he decided he was going to use my weakness against me. He threw everything i was packing out of reach. He picked me up and placed me comfortably against some plush pillows. I ended up not fighting back b/c i got tired. He sat next to me and still tried to speak to me but i was giving him the silent treatment….until he told me that i could be a real bitch sometimes. That set me off. I went into a screaming rampage because i was so pissed off. Cam tried to calm me down and nothing seemed to have been working. Thats where my weakness came into play. 


Cam knew that i was sensitive in certain places of my body. Especially my boobs. He pulled off my top and of course me being me fought back. He ripped off my bra and i felt so exposed. I began to protest but was cut off by Cam’s gentle sucking on my nipple. That was my weakness. I stopped fighting and relaxed into the pillows and enjoyed the sensation of his warm mouth sucking my nipple. He switched every few mins to give the other a break. I was a moaning mess. I was craving him so bad but i was still pissed at him. However he sensed my need for him and he then pinned my arms down with one hand and use the other to pull down my sweats and was now sliding down my panties. 

He continued to suck as he rubbed over my wet slit to gently message my aching nub. I moaned out in pleasure completely forgetting why i was mad at him. I allowed him to take control over me. He stopped sucking on my nipple and kissed down my stomach all the way to my center. I had my eyes closed and i was completely relaxed under his touch. 

He took advantage of this and gave my aching center a long sensual lick. I sighed in content. He licked over my little nub and sucked it for a while making me clench the sheets. He nibbled on it slightly making jolts of electricity flow through my body. Cam then added a finger in my core pumping in and out slightly faster than i was used to. He then added another finger while still licking my nub. He then removed his fingers and replaced it with his tongue going in and out and moaning into me. The vibrations driving me crazy. 

I could feel the little ball of pressure in the pit of my stomach and i knew i was close. I let Cam know this and he started going faster and faster rubbing my sensitive nub until i finally came. He licked up my juices and then covered my body up with his blankets.

He sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at me. Me giving him a lazy smile still in a daze from the orgasm i just experienced.

“Dont ever leave me. I’m sorry i’ve been acting distant lately. I’ll tell you everything you need to know when you you know..calm down” he said chuckling.

I smiled and said “Okay.”

“I love youuuu” Cam said grinning cheesily at me.

“I love you too cam” and with that he walked out leaving me to rest.


i play all types and species in wow, but only my hunters get targeted by other players. i even had some dragon riding prick follow me for 2 hours and just yell at me how i was a scum player. i never reacted, but jesus christ this needs to stop. i dont even sit back and let my animals fight, im right next to them!

Syn (Admin) - It’s easy to pick on hunters because it’s not hard for a hunter who might now know what they’re doing to fuck up the group. Easier than other classes usually. It’s a shame they still get so much hate, but that’s the way it is when you have so many troll potential abilities. 

hey guyss!  i FINALLY hit 3K and my birthday is coming up soon so i decided to give back to all the people who have been such amazing people to meet and become friends with in just over a year! you guys have been so kind and amazing and have helped me in the greatest times of need! 103979843298562569 apologies if i forget anyone coz i have soooo many mutuals! i still love all of you! even if you dont follow back!


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Okay, Harry Potter fans. I have a question for you, that I’ve never been able to get a proper answer to, so I’m going to see if one of you have one.

Why does so many people talk about wanting a Marauders movie/tv show?

With Fantastic Beasts coming out, I’ve seen more comments about this than ever. Along the lines of “Why would you make a movie about this instead of the Marauders?” or “Not interested, tell me when they make a marauders movie instead” or “Doesn’t JKR get that all we want is a Marauders movie??”.

I have never understood it. 

I dont’ undestand this need for a marauders movie. I just don’t. (Only way I could ever see it work, though I still wouldn’t want it, would be if the main character we followed was Lily Evans, but I’ll get to that later.)

Firstly, I don’t get the need to see that story. And secondly, I don’t think it would work. Both story wise and production wise.

Like, I get that the Marauders are popular in fandom, I do. I like reading funny headcanons and see cool fanart, all of that, Remus Lupin is one of my favorite characters. But having the marauders as the protagonists for a movie or a series? No. No way.

I think I can pinpoint what’s putting me off the most. You’re supposed to be able to root for your protagonist. Even if they’re occasionally villainous (like say, Black Sails), you’re supposed to see where they are coming from.

Fact is, the marauders, or at least James and Sirius, with the others also tagging along, where not very pleasant people for most of their teenage years. We know and are told that developed and changed, in different ways, later, and that’s great, it shows character growth and complexity. But to have series about James Potter, year 1-6? Why? I just don’t see the appeal.

“Yay, here we have the marauders, they’re spunky and funny and pull pranks on the teachers and are really good friends. They’re also bullies/goes along with bullying, James cheered on by Sirius humiliates a boy in front of his entire class, and suggests that Lily should date him to get him to stop.” 

I’m sorry, but no. No no no.

(“But what about something that’s only their seventh year-” shhhhhh. No. Like, you don’t just get to ignore the bad things a character did to get your fanfiction on screen. I think that’s doing a disservice to some very complex character work and a fundamental theme of the HP franchise - that people can change.)

First Wizarding war? Sure. But that’s still, I think, a story that’s already told. We know so much about it, we know how it begins and we know how it ends. There’s no story to tell there for me. Also Remus is not really around, and we would get no background for the characters. So that doesn’t get my interest either.

Like, the marauders were bullies. There’s no getting away from that. They were greatly supportive of their friends, and that’s a good quality, and they were almost all of them, good people in the end. But no matter what your opinion on Severus Snape is, what they did to him was horrific, and contributed to the person he became later. Besides, even if you don’t give a shit about Snape (which, seriously, even Harry who hates Snape was horrified about what happened), that’s not a pleasant way to treat Lily, that’s not a pleasant way to treat anyone. And it’s implied that they bullied other people too, but I guess that’s just ‘haha funny pranks’. 

And like, moving away from that, I just don’t see what the story would be. Them hanging out in school? Isn’t that what fanfiction is for? Not in a bad way, just like, that is what fanfiction is for, isn’t it? I just don’t get what people want out of it. 

Besides, a lot of you seem to hate whenever JKR adds something to her work that doesn’t go along with your headcanon. And I get that, even though I think people can be a bit too aggressive about it at times. But would you really want for more ‘canon’ information about the marauders? When there’s like, so much headcanons and fanfictions already? No one’s going to be pleased. With for example Fantastic Beasts, we’re getting a fresh start with an almost completely new set of characters.  

The only way I could ever imagine a Marauders tv show (and I am completely scrapping the movie idea. What would the plot be? The conflict?) working, on a theoretical level, is if Lily Evans was the main character. Seeing her struggle with her sister, with becoming distanced from her best friend who’s moving closer to dark magic, with a more bigoted magical society, seeing her interact with the marauders, slowly getting to know them better much later, etc, now THAT could be interesting. I’d still not want it, because I think that’s story is already told in the Potter books as much as it could be, but I could possibly see that.

So, what I’m wondering is - what is the idea of a marauders tv show or movie that you all seem to have? Because you can write fanfiction all you want, that’s great, but the image of the marauders presented in the books, are not something I personally could stand behind and follow a story for. 

(I hope none of you take offense to the fact that I’m putting this in the tags. Because I am genuinely curious. I think the marauders are interesting characters. But I don’t see the appeal of shouting for a movie of tv show. And I want to know other perspectives of that.)

anonymous asked:

Can you please help, Im looking for this many many paged meme about Will and his obsessively wanting to kiss Dr. Lecter and severely annoying everyone around him about it. It was a mash up of picture stills from the show with hilarious text added and I dont know how to go about looking for them again. I cant recall who made them, but I really need that laugh right now. I hope you or your followers can help direct me to them. Thanks for reading :0) Your blog is always so helpful.

Gah that sounds amazing and I desperately hope someone has a link!!!!