i dont need soda

Are you making fun of me?!?! (Sodapop Imagine)

!Okay this is for an anon that requested it, dont get sad if it sucks, im not good at writing shy people!(: (but i tried just for you, my lovely little human) 

I’ve always been a shy girl, more shy than others. I dont really talk to people but im polite. I got made fun of for years and now all socs do is fuck with me. So i always think someones laughing at me or mocking me, its all the same to me. 
For the past few days I’ve been going to the DX Sodapop had been complimenting me a lot, whether its my outfit, my hair, or my shoes, no matter what its something. It’s starting to get on my nerves, I don’t find it funny like he does because I don’t think hes stopped to think that I actually thought he was pretty tuff and maybe I liked him..a little bit. I knew Soda before he dropped out and he was in a couple of my classes, we were even partners once for an English assignment.

“Hey (y/n), you look really pretty today” Said Sodapop as he rang up my items.
“Oh uh Soda can I get so gas on pump three” my voice was quiet and soft, i didn’t even look at him. 
“okay your total is $4.50” he smiled at me as I slid the five dollar bill across the counter, he touched my finger tips as he grabbed the bill. It sent shivers down my spine and I smiled slightly.  "I can pump that gas for ya darlin" He smiled yet again and we walked out to my car.  
I had a black ‘65 stingray even though I was a greaser, i won it in a bet. 
“nice lookin car you got here, not as nice lookin as you though.” I blushed as he pumped the gas in my car. 
“thanks Soda" 

The next day I came in Soda complimented my shoes, he said ’ them red heels sure make your legs look nice (y/n)’ he smiled at me, this mocking sure aint in my favor. 

Soda did the same thing for a week, complementing me then pumping my gas. Its gettin real old. 

"hey (y/n)!" 
Soda ran up to me and sat down beside me. I was gettin a coke at the dingo and reading my biology book for my test tomorrow. 
"Hi Soda” I didnt look up from my book. 
“Okay so i have something to ask ya.” he grins and looks at me with puppydog eyes. How bad could it be..
“okay, shoot" 
"well uh, I was wonderin if you could go to the Nightly Double with me Friday night?” he was still smiling real big. 
“Soda..Is this so kind of joke? You know I really dont need another person baggin on me Soda especially a guy I like! Its just rude Soda" 
I tried hard to hold back my tears and i was successful.For a little bit..
” no no Doll it aint like that! I really like you ya see, first girl I liked a lot since Sandy, a-and I really wanna go with you (y/n) I wouldnt do you like like that.. i really really wouldnt.“ a tear escaped my eyes ” sweetheart dont cry dont cry, Im not trying to hurt you, why would i hurt somethin so pretty" he smiled and i giggled a bit, I knew Soda wasnt out to hurt me or humiliate me, at least I was pretty sure and i think its worth the risk. I kissed Soda on the cheek. “I’ll see you Friday night. Dont you bale on me Curtis.” I smiled and whispered in his ear “I really like you too Soda. thats why I was so upset. Im sorry”
“its alright doll.” he kissed my cheek and stood up. “Its a date” He smiled and went on his way.

Its a date… 

Have a TO drinking game because there is a shit storm coming tomorrow on the Season 3 Finale. 


  • Marcel maims/bites someone
  • Marcel says “Mikaelson”
  • Incesty vibes are afoot
  • Kol gets angsty about Davina and/or his family not loving him.
  • Rebekah goes hellion on someone
  • Freya breaks up a fight and/or indignant sighs about her brothers
  • Someone says “bloody”
  • Klaus pops a personal space bubble
  • Elijah gets blood on his suit
  • Characters do the sex
  • There is a flashback scene
  • Someone is undaggered
  • Hayley says “Hope
  • Someone downs a glass of bourbon


  • A main character dies
  • A main character comes back to life (this does not include undaggering)