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About Conrete

Look, I heard of this Concrete gem (Note: Conrecte isn’t really a gem.) that blew up due to the racist blackface appearance. People stopped watching the show and started hating on the Crewniverse got hate due to this of course, but to they deserve any of it?

NO, they dont. Let me, some Filipino 14-year-old weirdo tell you why.

The original artist (who is black), apologized already and explained about the misunderstandings. I’ll need the sourcr though, so I’ll ask friends.


Rebecca SCRAPPED Concrete due to how her appearance goes againsf SU’s message of acceptance. She was the one who prevented her appearance in the show, yet she is still hated on. Why?

This controvesy is just nuts! A SCRAPPED drawing doesn’t give you the right to hate on the Crew forever, nor is it a legit reason to stop watching.

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yo yo glow do you happen to like howl's moving castle? Cause i found this awesome fic on ao3 which has like taako as howl and kravitz as sophie and it's fucking great. it's called taako's moving castle and it's so damn good. you need to check it out!

say no more i must go

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Mama, I just had a really shitty night... May I please have some fluffy OtaYuri headcanons to help me feel better?

ofc darlin!!! ive had a pretty shitty morning as well so lets do this *cracks m’knuckles*

  • so its otabeks birthday soon and while it is the middle of the season he’s gonna visit yuri anyway yuri doesnt give a fuck ok its his best friend (and secret crush)’s birthday!!!! they gotta celebrate together!!!!
  • the only problem is he doesn’t know what to give him exactly?? he doesnt want to buy him something expensive last minute, bc while he doesnt like showing affection to other people, he likes showing affection to otabek so he wants to give him something *~from the heart~*
  • and then he remembers that 1) otabek likes sweets and 2) otabek’s birthday is on halloween
  • halloween… themed… cookies……..??? YES
  • except. he doesnt. know how to cook or bake
  • so he enlists yuuris help bc he figures since his family makes amazing food surely katsudon can too
  • except just because yuuri can bake doesnt mean he can do it well
  • two hours later the kitchen is a mess and they have a batch of sickly-orange colored, vaguely pumpkin-shaped cinnamon cookies and they… dont taste good
  • and yuri really wants to remake them but theyre running out of time, viktor’s picking otabek up from the airport and they dont have enough ingredients now to try
  • so he decides not to show otabek his disaster of a creation and instead he’s just going to take him to The Coolest Places in st petersburg (”so a date?” “nO KATSUDON SHUT UP”)
  • and when otabek arrives he’s doing a pretty good job at not letting him in the kitchen but then viktor goes “oh, yurio! didn’t you make something for otabek?”
  • yuri is going to kill him
  • but otabeks smiling at him and he is Weak for that so he just quietly says he’ll be right back and slips into the kitchen and gets the baked orange blobs from the counter and presents them to otabek, looking ashamed
  • “i know they look like shit but they’re cinnamon and i know thats your favorite but i get it if you dont want to -”
  • “i love them” otabek interrupts, and when he looks up otabek’s already eating one, and he’s looking at yuri so fondly his heart feels like its about to burst. “thank you, yura. i mean it. they’re amazing.”
  • (the way yuri’s face lights up is worth every single one of otabek’s taste buds dying)
  • (but now he really needs to wash his mouth out)

pidge: curious, intelligent, resourceful, loves her friends and family to death, persistent, would do anything for the people she loves

keith: instinct-driven, unafraid to take risks, independent, light on his feet, won’t back down from a challenge

lance: selfless, sociable, always there for his friends, determined, takes it upon himself to see the good in everybody and in everything

hunk: kind, willing to lend a helping hand, careful, level-headed, protective of those he cares about

shiro: patient, focused, puts the needs of others before his, understanding, does his best to be someone everyone can rely on

prince: lotor


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you know what, i dont ship merthur i will ship the…



the hair flip and like ‘so what do they call you then’ (even tho arthur clearly said merlin’s name a few seconds ago) what a flirt

shirtless posturing

‘you know what i like about merlin? He never expects any praise. All these things he does just for the good of doing them.“

merlin is so desperate to stop gwaine from leaving

gwaine is so worried for merlin he runs to his rescue

merlin’s face when he realises its gwaine who is helping arthur in the melee

‘im doing this for a friend. not arthur’ *looks long and hard into merlin’s eyes*

is the only one to go and help merlin rescue gaius

is like the person next to gaius who hugs merlin the most

their faces just light up when they see each other

always make each other smile

merlin needs help? searches every tavern in engerd for gwaine (who he’s only met once at this point)

both are very talented idiots who can bitch about arthur to each other (even tho they both love him really)

mess with birdo you get hurto

Holllllaaa its  Koko. Im a kiddo who lives in Texas and i dont like it too much bc its getting too hot. Im all for the aesthetic. (AND MEMES)

a lil peep of me is that i love love love music some of my fave artists are lil peep (hah see what i did there), blackbear, roy woods, lana, and the weekend. I’m a person with a wide variety of taste one day i can be listening to metallica then the next i can listen to lil uzi vert. i mean if its music I’m all for it.

I also love love love art. i rlly am hoping that i get into this art school. i love to draw, paint, and do all those cool tumblr notes and journals. i play da piano!!! I also love photography, and night flash pictures that make me look demonic.

i love to skate, its like the only thing that can calm me bc who doesnt like zooming in the wind. I’m all for 90’s fashion and streetwear its honestly so pleasing to the eyes. 

I’m looking or another kiddo that wants to talk. i dont have any expectations bc I’m rlly open minded. ooh id also love a penpal bc i love writing letters and i got bunchies of stationary that i need to use. but overall the idea of sending pieces of your soul in a envelope to someone is always pretty neat. if you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here i promise you i will reply faster than light speed. that is only if I’m not sleeping or at school (two things that i dont like too much) I’m p good with advice also if you ever need help with stuff ill be there. oh I’m also a gemini if you’re curious. 

tumblr: cokestrbl
snapchat: kokoughhhhh
instagram: kokojasc
email: kokojc63@gmail.com

Tarot Spell - Welcome to the Community

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This is a spell to help newcomers to this community, or any, and really feel comfortable. Know that this spell is to boost your confidence to say hello, or to feel at home in a foreign place.

You will need

♡ten of cups - that welcoming factor
♡your favorite hot beverage, I truly mean any beverage. Your favorite way possible. If you want check the ingredients for witchy meanings, but dont worry on that too much. I highly suggest hot cocoa because chocolate represents happiness. (But seriously you do you)
♡signifier card - your current state
♡ace of cups - represents a new friendship
♡a sigil that is attatched to the bottom of this post, also need a pen and paper to draw this
♡a white candle. Can be a tea light candle
♡match or lighter for the candle

First, think about the community at hand. Really focus on what you want out if it-experiance, friends, world donination, take your pick (I’m just kidding about the world domination bit, feel free to settle with a new friend).

Now set your print of the cards to either side. The candle should be paced on top of the signifier, and the other two are placed on either side.

Stare at the flame. Focus long and hard. Find your own “keep calm” message, your inspiration. Speak (or think-you do you) clearly, make your intent know.

“As a member of the *name of community* community, I find open arms. May I find those willing to guide me, support me, watch me grow, and be a friend. May this large community not feel so lonely and cold, but welcoming with warm smiles.”

Write the name of the community onto the card printouts and positive messages about yourself and the community.

“May the flames please release this energy to the universe, who hears my plea and supports me” (saying please is only the nice thing to do.)

Burn the cards CAREFULLY (I am not responsible if you burn yourself or your house down. Be safe with fire guys, please). Write the sigil onto the signifier card, and CAREFULLY pour the wax onto the print. Once it dries and cools off, keep it in your person at all times until you feel you no longer need this.

Once you got what you want, place it in a fireproof bowl, say thanks (be kind) and set the print ablaze in the bowl safely.

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can you pls stop with the game grumps hate or at least give it a unique tag so people dont have to see it? bc they are one of the biggest sources of light and joy in my life, and while im aware of the controversy surrounding them and the reasons people may not like them, seeing posts like that makes me really upset. i try to be critical of the content i consume but honestly im at a place in my life where i just need to enjoy things. i dont have the energy or the strength to deal with discourse

please just unfollow me if it’s that upsetting to you that i occasionally reblog disparaging posts and receipts about creepy racists who are friends with pedophiles. i’m not going to make a dedicated tag on my blog about them.


We humans have a tendency of praying only when in need, infact the term “praying” means asking, begging etc. I consider praying as an act of faith where I’m chatting with someone on a daily basis without me knowing whether there’ll be a response. But it’s kinda calming and soothing to the soul.

Its just been a while
Last i offered my prayers to thee
Waiting to hear from you

Faith ain’t weakening
Light of hope is slowly fading
Am I ignored or just unanswered
Belief is degrading

Is it cause I only pray when in need
Or is it that i feel I dont owe u,
Cause I only plead when its not in my power
Or cause in sadness, I dont have anywhere else to go to

They preached to thank you each dawn
Didnt take it seriously, that much
A friend in need is a friend indeed
But a friend who remembers only if u stay in touch..


27th Aug, 2016

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Assalamu alaikum. I have anxiety/depression. Bcs of this I am abt to ruin my academic/professional life. I have been in an emotionally abusive relationship& dont kno what to do even tho he promises to change. I fear being alone &need to get married. I have experienced the most difficult year of my life and I see no light. Please make duaa for me to be cured, to make the right decision, to get married soon, to make friends, to pass my exams and get out of this darkness. Wallahi I feel hopeless.

Science teacher

This is my first story so it might be a little bad but i hope you enjoy it!

I was fourteen-years old and in the ninth grade. Mr. Jovelo had been my science teacher when I was in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

Mr. Jovelo was in his thirties and very tall, 6'4. He was always well-groomed, clean cut, attractive and well built. He had very dark black hair, that was always neatly trimmed, brown eyes, full lips and an always ready smile. And a bubble but that made all the girls swoon, it was a lot more difficult for a horny, gay teen-age boy.

Mr. Jovelo had us do an group assigment with three other people. Usually i went with my friends and started the questions on the board. “Ok class, you have to answer in complete sentences” he said, finishing writing up the last question.

Now Mr. Jovelo is usually never careful were he sits, he’s sat on more kids in his life than chairs. Mr. Jovelo always says its an “accident” but i feel like he does it on purpose. I’ve never been sat by him before, but with a butt like that i wouldnt mind.

My shoulder partner called over Mr. Jovelo and came over to my side. My partners,including myself, didnt notice him coming and he just sat on me. I froze, i didnt know what to do but to enjoy it.

Im usually quiet in the group so my partners didnt notice i was under him, but he did. Mr jovelo started wiggling around and bouncing up and down a little. I instantly got hard and almost came on the spot. Finally Mr. Jovelo realized and got up.“Sorry i didnt see you there..” he said with a smirk, “but must i say you’re pretty comfortable to sit on” and winked.

“Uh, a-anyways we need help with question four…” i said. He helped us find the answer and left. Throughout the whole assignment i couldnt stop thinking what he said, you’re very comfortable to sit on. While i was replaying the moment in my head i forgot we were going over the questions

“Jake…JAKE” Mr. Jovelo almost shouted. I was frozen, embarresed by my daydreaming i could speak. “Fine if you won’t answer,I’ll see you after class”

“So jake why didn’t you answer the question today?” Mr. Jovelo said. “I-i was distracted” i answered. He got up from his seat and approached me, “ Was it because i sat on you?” he said with a smile that makes everyone melt inside. I didnt answer unsure of what to say.

“I felt your little friend was a little excited wasnt he? I bet you would like me to sit on you again wouldn’t you?” Mr. Jovelo said patting his bubble butt.

“I guess i would” i said without thinking. He laughed and sat back down in his chair “Take a seat i want to give you something”. I sat in the chair infront of him. Mr. Jovelo pulled out a plastic cup and poured in a liquid i couldnt identify.

Taking this as a sign i drank it, it was sweet with a bitter after taste. “What was that?” i asked. A smirk quickly appeared on his face. “Oh you’ll find out eventually”. What did he mean by that? Suddenly my vision clouded, the last thing i saw was Mr. Jovelo mouth, can’t wait till we get home.


I woke up in a strange room. I looked around but it was too dark to see. Where am i? I tried to get up but i couldn’t. My body couldn’t move and the air was kind of stuffy. Suddenly the weight on me lifts off and a wave of fresh air hits me. “Good morning sleepy head” a familiar voice said, “ Do you enjoy the view” he said showing off his giant bubble butt. Ive never seen a butt so huge, his underwear seemed to be at the point of breaking wanting to release those two huge mounds of meat

Once my vision cleared i saw Mr. Jovelo standing over me, he was a giant from my point of view. “Whats going on Mr. Jovelo?” i asked confused.

“Remeber that drink i gave you? It shrunk you down to 4 tiny little inches, now you’re a little ant compared to me.” A rush of emotions ran over me, a little more turn on than scared and confused.

“What about my family and my friends? They’ll worried sick about me, i have to go back to my normal size please” i said. Laughing he said “ Oh don’t worry about that i told your family you were sent off to a program in London for a couple of years, to will improve your science skills and they ate that up like hungry wolfs” he said confident in his plan.

I stood there unable to speak. I couldn’t think or even function with all this information. “But why me? Why not anyone else?”

He got face to face with me “Oh thats easy, ive known you liked my ass for years,and youre the smartest in the class so it made sense to pick you for my made up story” he said. But there was still something bugging me more than anything

“What am i even doing here in your house anyways Mr. Jovelo?”. He released a big burp that almost knocked me down. “ Ive been working on that drink for years, mixing differnet chemicals to shrink a human completely and once it was done i had to test it out on someone” he laughed and continued “ I always needed an ass slave to worship every inch of my ass and you seemed to fit what i looked in for a slave”.

My heart almost left my body. I was taken away from my family,friends and my whole life to become an ass slave.

“Mr. Jovelo this is crazy!! You have to-” i was interrupted by another burp that succsefully knocked me down this time.

“Oh Jake do you think i care? Now if you dont mind its time for me to watch tv shows” he said standing up.

His ass blocked the light and all i could see was his ass eating at his underwear and a sweat line going down his beautiful crack. I stood there in fear and lust seeing his ass approach closer and closer.

“Oh and jake?” he said stopping “ Dont call me Mr. Jovelo anymore… Call me master from now on, and you’ll be addressed as slave"  and with that final sentence his bubble butt engulfed my tiny body


I’ve lost track of the time under his sweaty ass. I didnt have any trouble breathing but man it reaked really bad in there. Soon after i realized my tiny face was on his asshole.

Great. This is what i have to do untill i die, living servicing my science teacher.

In the middle of my thought he let out a wet fart. “I hope you dont mind, I’ve had at least 60 deviled eggs for dinner today and they make me very gassy” he said as he farted once more, longer than the last one

The smell was unbearable i couldnt stand it. I almost threw up each time i inhaled. “Slave i want you to purify my farts, i don’t want to smell a thing when i fart, slave and if i do you’ll experience the worst punishment of smells in your life” he said farting again.

Afraid and not wanting to face this punishment i inhaled his fart, gagging each time. “Thats how its done slave very well”


Hours went by and countless farts were released. “Ahh i think i might hit the hay slave”

He got up and fished me out from in between his ass and set me by the counter. Dazzed i didnt move much. “I just wanted to see you one more time before bed slave” he said charmingly

“Hope you enjoyed our little session today, because its about to get a lot better” he said

He grabbed me and started moving me towards his ass. “Mr. Jovelo please dont!”
He stopped suddenly and brought me close to his face. “I told you to call me master, slave.” he said, “ since i feel nice today and this is your first day you’ll face something somewhat similar”

He set me down and pulled of his boxer briefs. I was mesmerized by the sight, his ass cheeks were bouncing with freedom and his cock and balls were huge. He left the room and came back with a thong

“What is that?!” I asked. He picked me up and placed me in the little pocket designed for a shruken person. “Oh its something to help you remember to call me master”

He put on the thong, he spread apart his ass cheeks so i would meet his asshole faster Once he finally got my face on his asshole he let go of his mounds closing me in a fart oven.

“Do you like it? I designed it myself. Now everytime i fart you can smell purify the fart! Aren’t you glad to have such a generous master?” he said farting

“This is inhumane-” i was cut off by a wet fart. “I don’t want anyone smelling any farts tomorrow slave, we’ll be going to school where you’ll sniff my farts all day without anyone knowing but me” Mr. Jovelo i mean… My master said

“Well nap time slave!” he said and layed down.
I couldn’t sleep through night with my master farting every 5 minutes, like a ticking bomb.
Tomorrow wouldnt be any better

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i love your art! you're so cool and talented and i'm kinda intimidated and i wanna be your friend but i'm afraid aaaaaaa,, also, a concept: hamilton au where nothing has changed except everyone except for jefferson and king george wear light up sketchers, jefferson wears heelys and king george has those simon swipe sketchers things (the pink ones w the flowers)

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omFG FIRST OF ALL TYSM!!! Im so glad u think im cool and stuff and pLS donT BE INTIMIDATED oF ME!! I will literally cri bc ur so sweet and ALSO DONT BE AFRAID eiTHER!!! Be my friend!! im extremely awKWARD N SHIT IRL SO THERES NO NEED TO bE SCaRED!

and secONDLY! thats a great fuckin concept omg

Weird Conversations with Friends pt 2?
  • *watches new death note American adaptation*
  • Me: American Light is so edgy and emo
  • Me: keith should have just gotten the role to play light instead, lol
  • Friend: Yeeee, So much better
  • Friend: But then he'd die
  • Friend: XD
  • Friend: *lance puts on a mullet*
  • Friend: They'll never know
  • Friend: 🤣🤣🤣
  • Friend: Yeppers
  • Me: Lance is misa?
  • Me: O H
  • Friend: Kuron?
  • Friend: YES
  • Me: XDDDDD
  • Friend: But like what about those times where one of the characters throw you off, and fake their death?
  • Me: DAMN IT
  • Friend: Yeppers

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I think somethings wrong with me everytime i masturbate i cant ever cum and when i told my friend she said i was weird and needed help, can you help me pleaseeeee😩😩

Hmmm maybe you just dont know what it feels like? It’s described as such an out of body experience by both porn and fanfics. Like i’ve personally never felt like ‘A bright light flashed behind my eyes and my body felt like it was on fire’ perse. Maybe? Also you’re friends an asshat

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i don't even supergirl but once again your writing is politely forcing me to ship something hmu with some christmas supercorp headcanons

lmao ‘politely forcing’ aka my usual method of persuasion also i love how this is like the second ship i’ve gotten you into, from a show you don’t even watch 

  • ANYWAY so lena is used to spending christmases alone, like before she went to boarding school it was usually only her and lex and maybe the housekeeper, but usually not, and then when he left for metropolis, it was usually just lena and whatever meals isabel had prepped and frozen for her before leaving to be with her family for the holidays.  and once she was in boarding school, it was much the same, she’s not ever invited home save for her senior year and she starts to wonder if that was all contrived, all some plot of her mother’s to humiliate her, to break her into something she could control
    • yikes that got sadder than i had intended (and i intended it to be p sad) but the point is that lena’s used to holidays alone, college saw a one well intentioned girl dropping hints abt lena going back to hers for christmas but lena was still a little gun shy when it came to Actual Relationships and then the news abt lex broke and that girl dropped her ass faster than lena could’ve predicted, but honestly she’s not surprised
      • so she spends the time spanning from november to january alone, usually drinking wildly expensive scotch and buying herself way too much shit to make up for the fact that the entire city is lit up with light, that people are happy and with people they love and her apartment is unchanged, just as empty as it was the rest of the year.  when she makes her move to gain control of l corp from her mother and the board, she starts working through the holidays, trying to prove herself capable and dedicated and then when she gets it, gets the company, then she has a reason to ignore the holidays (even though she’s always sure to make sure holiday bonuses are on time and no one, not even the cleaning staff or jess or anyone is scheduled to come in starting from the 23rd and running through the 1st of the year)
        • this was a v long way of saying that lena hates this time of year and honestly dread fills her entire being whenever the first notes of a christmas song start to play in the elevator to her office on the day after thanksgiving 
  • ANYWAY kara LITERALLY loves christmas so much, she really does, and the danvers were always a relatively festive family, like they did the whole thing with the lights and ice skating and hot cocoa but then alex was older and not as interested AND THEN kara comes along and its like having a little kid all over again so they go all out her first few christmases and even after jeremiah ‘dies’, eliza and alex work really really hard to keep it up bc even if it hurts its better than wallowing, better to try and get kara to smile than to stare at the empty spot at the table
    • basically kara is the Most Festive.  like you are kidding yourself if you think she does not deck the fuckin halls and drink every holiday starbucks drink and spend way too much time picking out the perfect gifts for everyone she loves.  my girl is so holly jolly that she even manages to get alex in the spirit of things, usually ending with alex a lil tipsy from heavily liquored eggnog but wearing a santa hat and elf shoes just the same
      • the superfriends find it terribly endearing bc duh and everyone goes along with it, goes caroling at the children’s hospital, goes on a tour of the city lights, the whole nine yards bc who on earth or any other planet could say no to that face
  • so you have Lena, the Grinch, and Kara, the Ghost of Every Christmas Ever and their first christmas together is actually p funny and also a little sad bc they’re not even dating and lena’s just lost what little family she had left and kara’s feeling so bad about it and then when she finds out that lena spent thanksgiving alone, is planning on spending christmas alone too she feels even WORSE and appears at lcorp with a bunch of thanksgiving leftovers under the pretense of having lunch with lena but with full intentions to casually invite lena to friendsmas
    • and its a little awkward and uncomfortable at first bc lena’s still smarting from what kara said to her, still a little hurt that she wouldn’t just come out and say what needed to be said, that she came at her in such a sideways way, but kara’s just so damned earnest that lena can see she didn’t mean to hurt her, that she was scared and tired and lena understands that, cant imagine the fear she must have been going through, thinking she and everyone like her were about to die and even if kara still thinks supergirl is a secret, lena knows and can forgive her so they warm up p quickly and then kara’s slipping the topic of christmas into conversation and lena sort of waves it off, something about no rest for the wicked and then kara’s bumping her shoulder gently and leading into it in the most obvious way like so i usually host christmas over at my place….. and lena’s sort of just looking at her bc, bless her, she has no idea what kara’s getting at so kara’s continuing, rambling i’d really love it if you’d come because i dont think anyone should be alone but i completely understand if you think it’ll be too much but it’s really fun i swear!  we do party games and alex makes really strong eggnog and 
      • and then lena’s laughing a little, a small watery little laugh and asking when she should be over, what she should bring and hiding her panic bc literally????  she doesnt think she’s ever been around anyone but lex for christmas, and their christmases were very different, she’s sure, and all her memories are tinged with bitterness now, with heartache, so how the fuck???  is she supposed to act??????
    • kara makes it pretty easy tbh.  lena shows up five minutes early with some wildly expensive alcohol from her personal collection and like so many fucking presents and kara’s eyes go a little wide before they go soft, filling in the blanks, picking up the tense of lena’s shoulders and then she’s pulling her in and telling her that alex just made the eggnog, but there’s still plenty, dont worry and then she’s in the middle of what one can only describe as a winter wonderland and holy SHIT maybe lena didnt think this through
      • but its……literally the best christmas lena’s ever had and it shows and kara mentions her yearly new years eve party and lena’s like i’ll bring the champagne
  • next christmas tho they’re together and lena spends most nights at kara’s and she really shouldnt be surprised by how early she starts decorating but the morning after thanksgiving, lena stumbles of the bedroom, still kind of hungover and definitely still working her way through the food coma aftermath, and kara’s just……just fuckn surrounded by boxes labeled CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!  and lena’s like oh please no, not today and kara’s throwing some tinsel at her and holding up one of the many sprigs of mistletoe she has stashed away for moments just like this and lena’s rolling her eyes but she’s also not stopping kara from pushing a santa hat into her hands when she leans into a kiss, even gamely puts it on and promises to help but some of us dont have kryptonian immunity to hangovers, so i’ll need a minute and some coffee
  • HERE ARE THEIR CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS (bc of course kara manages to get lena to actually love christmas and not just humor her)
    • actual city lights flight around national city: they wear dark clothes and stay out of sight, but its amazing and the first time they do it, lena’s still not that super pumped when it comes to flying, so she’s pressed as close to kara as she can be but somewhere mid-flight she starts to relax and enjoy it and kara spends more time watching lena look at the city below them than she does admiring the lights (besides, she has a sneaking suspicion that they’ll be doing this again next year)
    • kara sort of insists on a christmas movie marathon every year and lena’s hopeless, really, just capitulates with a long suffering sigh, but she kind of loves the hot cocoa and the cheesy movies and, mostly, loves how kara’s head inevitably lands in lena’s lap, how kara falls asleep so quickly when lena starts to run her fingers through her hair (and, like, if she keeps watching those damn movies long after kara’s dozed off, she’ll claim that she didn’t want to wake her girlfriend by reaching across for the remote)
    • if you dont think kara has a stocking decorating party every year, you are wrong my friend.  EVERY YEAR.  
      • darling, sweetheart, song of my soul, light of my life, don’t you think we have……maybe too many stockings?
      • every year we grow as people, so every year we need a new stocking.  keep glittering
      • they have literal boxes of stockings bc kara insists that everyone make one and then agrees to store them so there are L I T E R A L piles of boxes of just stockings and when they move in together, lena declared one closet of their new place the Stocking Closet and therefore off limits to her, bc the last three times she tries to get out one of the Stocking Boxes, the entire precarious stack just fuckn collapsed on her so superheroes only, i’m afraid
    • hot cocoa in the park whenever it first snows; lena used to hate the cold with a burning passion, refused to go out for anything longer than ten minutes and even then made sure she was bundled up as warmly as she could manage but she figures that one of the many perks of dating an alien (one alien, in particular, of course) is that your girlfriend could serve as a portable personal space heater, so she’s pretty amenable to a walk in the park (okay, yeah, and it’s pretty adorable how kara’s eyes light up when it starts to snow again, adding to the light dusting on the ground)
    • midnight wrapping sessions; this is less tradition and more necessity as kara was often called away on supergirl duty just as she got started wrapping but there was always a lull in activity around christmas which meant christmas eve was the perfect time to wrap and lena’s usually up then anyway and honestly kara’s pretty excessive with ribbon and tape so lena’s really just there to reign her in a little but its still pretty fun and maybe lena has a habit of disappearing and returning in her bathrobe with a ribbon tied around her waist and…….just her bathrobe with a ribbon tied around her waist (what are you waiting for, supergirl?  don’t you want to unwrap your present?) (it is the literal cheesiest line kara thinks she’s ever heard and its the worst one that lena’s ever said but kara’s still blushing HARD and nodding fast and ditching the wrapping session in a heartbeat)