i dont need feminism because

“i dont need feminism because i am not a victim” a girl writes on her piece of paper and faces her camera

meanwhile high schooler gets raped by 3 football players and local news worries that these talented athletes wont get into college

you selfish fucking oh my god im so done no more internet today good bye

If it means anything

My 2 cents on women who “don’t need feminism” and Women Against Feminism

I wish this wasn’t a thing, it won’t strengthen the feminist movement, but neither will shunning these women who claim they don’t need feminism.  

If feminist women are calling these women who are anti-feminist, ‘ignorant’ or shutting them down or disrespecting them because of it, essentially the patriarchy is still winning.  Us women are competing against each other, and for some women, its about men.

Anti-feminist women’s opinions should not be ignored.  I’ve seen some choose not to call themselves feminists because they’ve felt insulted by “feminists” (I put quotes b/c many would argue this is not a real feminist), an example I’ve seen is that a woman had been insulted by “feminists” for wanting to be a stay-at-home mom.  This is where we need to do a few things.  There needs to be a better understanding of what feminism is, because a lot of the reasons stated by women who don’t need feminism are WHY I need feminism.  Like,  "I don’t need (modern) feminism b/c the world needs equality not superiority.  How would people react if masculism became a thing? Not well" hey I think men and women and everyone should be equal, too!  And thats what feminism is all about! But musculism basically is a thing, and we’re currently living in that right now except we call it  a patriarchy.  Another one that caught my attention was “I don’t need feminism b/c I like being feminine w/out being called out for pleasing men” which brings me to the next thing which is that we need to recreate the feminist movement so that NO woman is insulted or disrespected for the style, look or career path she chooses.  Whoever called out this woman should be kicked out of the feminist club. JK its not a club.  But seriously while no one should be disapproved of for their career choice or fashion choice, it’s also very important to me that all women know their worth and that they can aspire to the same positions and careers as men, without looking “feminine” or sexual as a must.

I may or may not have different feelings about this topic in a few days after reading what everyone else has to say as well.  But hey learning new things, and changing your opinion is not a bad thing!

also stressed by people who say like,“i dont need feminism because in AMERICA women are equal!” like first of all? not true. second of all, are you really selfish enough to feel that american women are the only ones that matter? that’s like saying “I don’t need medicine because I’M healthy” or like “why does this country need welfare? i have plenty of money.” I’m not a feminist for myself. ALL women matter to me and that means women here in my neighborhood and women in china and women in russia and that means trans women or WOC and that means newborn girls and that means old ladies. i want every single woman on every single corner of the earth to feel empowered and safe and to have equal rights and to have access to the same things that men do. no women, not even american women, are equal until we all are.  

“i dont need feminism because-” that’s cool did you know that the world does not revolve around you and just because you aren’t experiencing problems due to the oppression of women does not mean that lots of others aren’t

I dont need feminism because when I revealed the person who molested me was a girl, I either got, “she doesn’t look like she’d do that,” “oh that’s being bicurious,” and “you have to be lying, it was a guy right?” It’s not a bicurious phase if it happened when I was a kid, and if apparently they don’t look it or they’re a girl, they couldn’t have done it. The best part? The people who doubted it were all women, while the guys I told it to showed concern and wished to help me either recover or try and help me charge her.

“i dont feel oppressed in any way so no one needs feminism”

just because you do not feel oppressed doesn’t mean feminism is unnecessary the world does not revolve around you

I dont need feminism because I’ve been respected all my life by men and men have it just as hard. I dont need feminism because the beauty, entertainment, and fashion industries are run by women. Women created the image OF WOMEN THEMSELVES. Women like the idea of bras and make up. No one FORCES YOU TO WEAR A BRA/MAKE UP. ITS NOT A LAW.


i need feminism because my gender is not an insult

i need feminism because pink does not equal girl

i need feminism because science toys are in the boy section

i need feminism because the worst thing to call a man is a woman

i need feminism because we teach “don’t get raped” rather than “dont rape”

i need feminism because 1/3 of all 10 year old girls biggest worries is how they look

i need feminism because victims still get asked what they were wearing

i need feminism because im scared to post a picture with no make up

i need feminism because i dont know my friends girlfriends name since she is always refered to as pretty girl

i need feminism because school dress codes tell me i can’t wear shorts even when its hot out

i need feminism because slut shaming is not ok

i need feminism because if i get cat called and flip them off, im being inappropriate

i dont hate men, i just need feminism

hey ladies you can’t use “i dont need feminism because i’ve never been treated lesser for being a female” as an excuse to not be a feminist. there are actual statistics that show women are not treated equally (women of color especially) so please keep your closed-minded selfish argument away from me

I dont need feminism because when theyre saying how all men are potential rapists, theyre talking about my father, my boyfriend, and his father -all fathers- who tried their best to raise their sons to be good men, and yet none of that matters because of these feminists. I dont need feminism because I dont want to be represented as a man-hating victim. I don’t need feminism because no “issues” even get resolved, because a feminist’s complaint never leave the internet, so what’s the point?
—  Anonymous

Tbh, Patricia Arquette can kiss my black ass.

“The truth is, even though we sort of feel like we have equal rights in America, right under the surface there are huge issues that are at play that really do affect women. And it’s time for all the women in America and all the men that love women, and all the gay people, and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for, to fight for us now.” - Patricia Arquette backstage of the 2015 Oscars.

I wasnt aware that as a women of color my problems have been fixed, and that because of that i dont need feminism.

Patricia your feminism is not intersectional. It leaves out not only women of color but gay and trans women. And so i want no part in it. You will get no praise from me.

You can believe in equal rights…without believing in feminism

Still don’t like feminism at all. The concept of equal rights doesn’t need to have a specific word for females but when girls start discussing things like “omfg MEN ARE SO EVIL, WE SHOULD CASTRATE THEM ALL LOL” #EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN

Like no. We castrated the retarded once and thought nothing about it later on, but castrating men. Oh yeah because that’s DEFINITELY the right thing to do.

I DONT need feminism because

1. I don’t need a group to tell me that I’m a special snow flake that deserves perks in life

2. Demonising men is not ok.

3. I don’t need something to tell me the actions of a sexually active girl is ok, then have evidence thrown away in court like nothing

4. I don’t need “victim empowering”

And wow after tagging my shit people actually pay attention now