i dont need easy i need possible

“Eddy, please come quick, I have something extraordinary to tell you!”

Eddy hoisted himself from the couch and headed up the stairs, following the sound of Edd’s voice. “What is it?” He called up, sounding uninterested but half smiling to himself. He secretly loved the ‘eureka moments’ that Double D had been having since beginning his doctorate in biology. He reached the bedroom door, which was slightly ajar, and leaned against the frame to look at his partner, hands in his pockets.

“I have researched and researched this to no end, almost gave up in fact! But I have finally done it! I have managed to splice exactly half of the chromosomes found in the sperm cells of two separate, individual mice, and - it has started to divide! Offspring can be created using the DNA of two male or two female gametes!”

“Okay, great… so what’s that mean?” Eddy asked, curious but confused.

“Eddy - this is revolutionary! This means that we may be able to have offspring genetically matching the two of us!” Edd held his arms out wide in excitement, enthusiastically smiling at Eddy.

Eddy smiled a little “Double D, I know you’ve been coocoo about having kids since we got hitched, but… ya dont really know if this is would even work. Wouldn’t we also need.. ya know… a chick?”

“Touché Eddy - I realise this has been carried out with mice, and therefore is not as complex as humans - and I know that this experiment may yet fail. And to carry the foetus to term, possibly. But this has so much potential, and if needed there are now artificial wombs that can help premature babies to develop-”

“Look, I wanna have kids just as much as you Sockhead. But wouldn’t it just be much more easy to just, ya know… adopt?” Eddy interrupted, trying to sound as gentle as possible.

“But Eddy, this is not just scientifically revolutionary, but socially too! This would allow same sex couples like ourselves to share their own biological children, and could very well help reduce ostracisation about same sex parenthood!” Edd sounded excited, but flustered, wildly gesturing with his hands. This was beginning to make Eddy slighlty uncomfortable.

“Being raised in a biological family don’t mean much. I was raised with my biological family and it was nothin’ but bunk!” Eddy argued, a slightly bitter edge to his voice.

“Eddy, the chance for same sex couples to have their biological offspring together might also make the child feel more accepted in a familiar, stable environment, and may also help with secure attachments. A loving, united… functioning family.” Edd’s excitable elation trailed off as he mumbled the last couple of words, voice wobbling as he looked to the floor, hat now covering his eyes, and crossed his arms around his waist, withdrawing into himself. A silence fell before Eddy heard Double D’s breath hitch in a swallowed sob. He watched as a single tear rolled down his face.

Heart wrenching, Eddy stepped towards his partner, placing a hand gently on his shoulder. “I know what this is all about, Dee. I know how hard this is. But think of it like this - if we adopt, we can give a loving, stable home to a kid that is already in this stupid world, who desperately needs it. A kid just like us.” At that Double D faced Eddy, whos eyes were now also slightly watery. He watched as Eddy smiled sincerely, and felt him slightly squeeze his shoulder. Double D began to smile back, wiping the tears from his face. Eddy cleared his throat in an attempt to suppress the emotion welling up within him, adding, “Don’t forget, Ed told us that he wants to be a godfather!” to lighten the mood.

Double D choked a half laugh, half sob while Eddy smirked at him. Eddy placed his other hand on Double D’s shoulder and give him a loving look. Double D embraced him, pulling Eddy into a soothing hug. Head resting on his shoulder, he slowly breathed in Eddy’s scent, heart melting as he picked up traces of Eddy’s cologne before exhaling with a sigh.

“What would I do without you Eddy?” he said, smiling as he shut his eyes. Eddy squeezed him a little tighter, smiling to himself.

“Don’t milk it, Sockhead”.

so right now im in a difficult situation,.. dont really know what to do with my life here are some possibilities…

1.) Successful artist until that happens I will need a side job so I wont starve.. and probably start studying art again… but its not easy to get in ..
2.) Pedagoge/Teacher .. I would need to start studying again blah.. but easier than to be accepted in the art university
3.) Both? like being work in a school and do art.. (my online store is in the making anyways)
5.) pornstar,… and i actually mean it… 

any other ideas let me know..


So these are the best close ups of Ahkmenrahs
Costume details
Because I need to be accurate with cosplay or I freak out a bit
If anyone has better ones please help me out? These are just phone pictures from the TV cause I kinda suck. I prefer super close and literally as much detail and possible and from multiple directions is cool but it’s fine if not oops
(I can probably get better ones when the third movie comes out but I dont want to wait that long to I sketch everything out before carving/cutting/painting/whatever the hell else Imma be doing)