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i also believe that camren is real now. OR never got back to more than friendship after first breakup. 2016 videos and Lucy situation doesnt make any sense to me then. They are grownups, as anon said they have been through worse shit and after being so close and happy in 2016 they just brokeup again coz C went solo? How unstable they are?C chosing to sing stuff w same theme fucked me up "say you wont let go" cover, "darling i hope u'll be here when i need you the most, dont let me down" on tour

I think they’re pretty unstable actually 😂  And a lot of shit happened after Camila’s departure

unpopular opinion but people with bpd really need to stop acting like the victim in every single situation they get themselves into

sometimes you can be abusive/manipulative

sometimes you are the one hurting somebody else

sometimes you are the one in the wrong

if we dont start admitting this to ourselves then what the fuck is the point?? stop being so anti-recovery and admit that DESPITE your mental illnesses, you can still be as much of a piece of shit as NT people. having a pd or any sort of mental illness doesnt give you a free pass to be an abusive asshole who thinks they can do no wrong.


This women right here knows how to comfort and be there for people. Even Cheryl Blossom, the girl who gave her so much shit for even existing, her rival, her enemy. She understood that at this moment she wasnt any of those… she was a grieving sister. She cleared Archie’s mind and made him see what he truly cares about and helped him come to a decision that he would’ve regreted if he didn’t take it. And just plainly the way she is always there for Betty, i dont think i need to say more about how much Veronica Lodge is a Queen.

so i need to replace my computer and my family refuses to support me i have no belongings theyre all locked away and im living in a trailer with next to nothing struggling to cope with a laptop that gets more and more dysfunctional each day while my parents who have promised to support me refuse to actually do so under the pretense of affordability in the same breathe as they replace their cable television and i Really need this computer because its all i have and im fully expected to be ok with the circumstances

i have a ko-fi in my description and i would really appreciate any help i dont care about a fancy expensive computer i just need one that Works before i go even more mad

plz donate or boost im absolutely losing my shit living in this mobile box

know some of yall dont believe it if you cant see it, but the water situation is still disgusting here in flint. it hasn’t improved at all, like a lot of folks tellin yall its a pipe infrastructure problem now – its rotten – any water that come through is fucked too.

flint still need clean water, i personally go through 30-40 bottles just for cooking and cleaning and shit. its still a mess.


A person on G+ (because where else would they be) called Why™ is taking and reposting people’s (like @marielgum, @lum1natrix, @markired, @dork-iplier, @floatingmegane-san etc. There’s too many to list, honestly) gifs and art without permission and thinks that simply linking to SOME of the accounts is enough. (ps. its not lol)

In fact, they put the credit in a place where barely any people look. (It’s like the YouTube description. A small percentage of people go there.)

Then they claim that I need to look for it. (ps i dont ha should be visible)

And even then, they never got permission in the first place. 

Go report them please. Reblogs are very much appreciated.

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I supported you through all the stupid drama and hate you got but seriously I can't do it any more. You keep letting people draw that stupid Lady Shimada fuckface whose clearly NOT a representation of you and quite obviously appropriating the Japanese culture. WE DONT NEED A FUCKING BLOND BITCH WHITE HANZO. God damn. How do you sleep at night? Like its so gross I can't handle it. Make your own overwatch OC if you must but stop with the lady shimada shit because its gross. Control your fans.

what lol

you do realize it’s literally my OC Viro just in Hanzo clothes?

who the fuck

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I need your fav gay things that we dont know, even ships, arts, stories,books, dude idk i need em all i wanna know what else u like

 YES! let’s do this shit.

in no particular order, nonsensical, and barely following the ask.



[spare me any anti nonsense]

  • 19 days - He Tian/Mo Guan Shan, Jian Yi/Zhan Zhengxi, Jian Yi/He Tian (i love it all and you know it.)
  • voltron- (just fucking kill me) klance (kieth and lance)/sheith(shiro and kieth)/shance (shiro and lance)/hance(hunk and lance)/hidge (hunk and pidge.

black butler - sebastian michaelis/ciel phantomhive

shameless - mickey milkovich/ian gallagher

  • attack on titan- levi ackerman/eren jaegerk, levi ackerman/erwin smith, levi ackerman/anyone within 16 miles of levi ackerman

sherlock - sherlock holmes/john watson


rouge - karsura komachi

killing stalking

ten count 

blood bank

raising a bat

Bokura No Mitsudomoe Sensou


that’s all i’ve got off the top of my head. I’ll tag tomorrow.


I’m sorry for the bad proportions and lazy art but I started this at 5 but then I ended at 7 bc I needed to shower anyway one day I’ll re do this

also this is me currently:

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I dont even get a lot of the defenses of Synder's DCCU. Like. He has shown no real care or understanding of any character in any movie. Is it the obvious Randian shit in his interpretation of Superman that gives sad white boys boners?? What is it? Is it the nonsense structure? the batman who murders people without hesitation? The destroying of Smallville IHOPS?? I need to knooowww

I mean, it has given me some to think about - some of the less-ad hominem stuff is about how I don’t know anything - I had one guy who told me I needed to go watch some Kurosawa and Leone, which had a ton of traction (even from verified accounts), which… ??? 

It did make me think about what it is exactly about Snyder that just doesn’t work, and he isn’t some hack like Brett Ratner or McG, I think he does have some genuine talent. The problem with Snyder (to me anyway) is that he is a very visually evocative director, but he has a hard time tying that back in with theme and character. For instance all of the visual theming surrounding Superman/Christ allegory has nothing to do with Clark’s personal journey (he seems to hate being Superman) or Luthor’s anti-God motives (I’ve seen BvS three times and I still can’t tell you what Luthor’s deal is other than… he jelly?). 

That said, I do feel a little iffy talking about Snyder’s weaknesses as a filmmaker in light of the whole daughter thing being so fresh. Perhaps we can discuss this at greater length in the future.

Struggles of liking Killing Stalking

- I know whats real and whats not real, yeah the themes are real but the manhwa isn’t.

- I’m into gore (i mean, take a look at corpse party!) But again that doesnt give you an excuse to scream at me that i like abuse cause i do not condone it in ANY way! (Again see first point)

- I will probably be hated or even lose followers over liking a character that does some shit. (Again corpse party, or even higurashi are okay and that has an excessive amount of gore)

- let yoonbum and sangwoo. Just. Deal with it.

- Saying jieun needs to die wont help, again, fictional character, they can say what they want.

- Sangwoo probably needs therapy, not just yoonbum, and prison will not help

- Feels bad for koogi

- Is still probably gonna get hated

- Let me enjoy the damn manhwa in peace please?

@memekeymouse the NSFW stuff appearing even on safe-search, that’s Tumblr’s problem.
It’s not the artists. Because they’ve tagged it as NSFW (yes I went back and tagged most of them as such since you dont wish to see it..). And Tumblr for some reason still shows them. You should be directing this towards Tumblr, not artists who draw yaoi and Mpreg. Also Im not drawing these because of a fetish. Mpreg is not a fetish. Its a thing thats literally IN japan. Same goes for yoai.. A uke cuter and submissive one and a seme is the more dominate one in the relationship. I can name a few shippings that have all of what you’re trying to go against me in it.

Meta Knight X Kirby
Shadow X Sonic
Mario X Luigi (yes people ship that..dunno why…)

Villager X Toon Link
Edgeworth X Phoenix
Zero X Megaman
Descole X Layton
Layton X Luke
Ness X Lucas
Claus X Ninten
Red X Blue (Pokemon)
Gary X Ash
Yurii and his seme (forgot his name but its from Yurii on ice)
Ganon X Link
Dark Link X Link
Chara X Frisk (can be identified as any gender but it still counts)
Vegeta X Goku
Trunks X Goten Broly X Trunks

Need I go on? Because there is a ton more.

“Yaoi” in of itself is NOT pornographic (in some cases there is but mostly there isnt). It’s simply just what gay relationships in manga/anime are called. If you’re going to be bashing people for having ships and calling it what its SUPPOSED to be called in anime, you shouldn’t be allowed to have ships yourself. You need to realise that YAOI, UKES, SEMES, AND MPREG ARE NOT FETISHES! And its NOT illegal! However, you act like Im committing murder. So why does that make such a big issue with you?? And SIN can literally be ANYTHING. Look i get where you’re coming from. But you had no damn right to post any of that stuff! You didn’t even try to come to me nicely! My drawings aren’t the problem. It’s certain people in fandoms. Like you.
And as for anything related to sin, it happens in every fandom. EVERY. FANDOM. Nobody said that gay ships were “sinful”. It refers to NSFW or suggestive content. Yaoi LITERALLY MEANS GAY. AND YURI MEANS LESBIAN. REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT’S SEXUAL OR NOT! If anybody is in the wrong, it’s you. I’m not physically harming anybody. I’m not insulting anyone. I know you didnt mean to hurt me but you did. Once again. You could’ve just told me privately.. And nicely that i had offended you. But no. You decided to make me look like the bad guy here! You judged me by my art first and not me as a person! Im literally one of the nicest people that you will ever meet…!! I have no hatred towards you, because I’m not like that. I just can’t bring myself to hate anybody. But that doesn’t mean that I will tolerate hurtful comments.
And the last time I had checked, this was my blog. Not yours. I don’t just go around telling people what to post on their blog or anything. And on the subject of MPreg, how does that automatically mean that I hate women and trans? happen to be female.
I love all genders equally, and non-binary people. Saying that I hate women and trans people just because I draw something related to Mpreg makes absolutely no sense. So apparently everyone who is okay with mpreg hates them right? We don’t.
Anyways, everyone. Regardless of what others think of what you like or don’t like, don’t listen to them. Especially if they’re hurtful. So please, don’t complain about something that isn’t that big of a problem. Especially here. And most people here ARE in fact okay with yoai, ukes, semes, and mpreg. Like @livewiregoth @asksecurityofficermitchellandco @bluehatchingrooster @thecurseddoll and many more. As a side note, that Skype screenshot that you were talking about was a crack roleplay. That means it’s used for HUMOUR. There’s something called tag blacklisting, so you won’t have to see anything with certain tags. I have the same right to ship and draw what I please just as you and everyone else do, regardless of what anyone says. If you dont like it then oh well. Maybe you can take something from this and not post hurtful things like that again.

Also. @mickeyofficialtwitteraccount had wanted to say this to you for a while now.

“Listen here ya lil shit; its none of your business what someone else does on their blog. Oh, your worried about offending gay people? I’m only attracted to people who identify as female in any way and I myself am a female, but it doesn’t offend me. Its just a tag. There’s no need to attack someone over this. You should be ashamed of yourself! You didn’t even try asking nicely first!”

Also if I receive anon hate for this. There are many ways for me to deal with a coward hiding behind a mask…

But has anyone thought about all the kids learning to live with each other’s BAD HABITS like:

- “You leave your socks everywhere and I’m about to slam dunk you in a hamper” 

- “I keep avoiding the dishes because you always make me do them again for doing them wrong in the first place”

- “Stop being an ass by playing obnoxious music while other people are studying”

- “Why are there???? Books everywhere???”

 - “Who keeps tracking mud in without wiping their shoes because they’re gonna be the one scrubbing”

- “Whoever keeps snoring through five walls is going to be introduced to death by smothering”

- “Whoever sheds that much hair needs to see a doctor wtf”

- “Someone keeps eating all the instant ramen that is MY FLAVOR and they’re going to die a slow painful death”


- “You know way more about Llamas with Hats than any normal person does, should I be concerned”




- “…do I wanna know about the slippers.” 

- “…on second thought no, I really don’t want to hear about how much you passive aggressively hate your neighbor”

- “Nobody vacuums at FIVE IN THE MORNING”

- “Shut up about your crappy Sci-Fi movie, it’s my turn for the big TV and I’m watching my stories”

- “Everyone needs to put their cups in the sink right now or I’m hiding all the cups” 

- “Yes this meme is funny but it doesn’t have to have a WALL devoted to it”

- “You cheat at Mario Kart and are now forever banned” 

- “I love all those animals your rescue but 1) they can’t live with us and 2) THEY CAN NOT LIVE IN MY ROOM”

- “You always say the same damn phrase when you wake me up and now I have a Pavlovian response to HATE that phrase”

 Like just 

Bad habits

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What are your top five chrollo moments?

-cracks fingers- lets see

btw these arent in any particular order


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this entire scene with the mercenary was just so fucking good. for so many reason. we go from seeing chrollo chatting and playing neon like a charming, goofy dork to this cold blooded killer, and its almost jarring? in a sense?? how cold and dispassionate he is killing this man, because you can see that he isnt into it at all. hes not even thinking about it. hes busy considering all hes learned about uvo’s death and he chose a passive ability like the fish to deal with the assassin so he could busy himself with his own thoughts. it also just makes me think so much about chrollo’s love affair with aesthetics because the indoor fish are just so goddamn aesthetic and it shows that even though hes a fairly apathetic person (towards anything non-pt related) he still has his own sense of beauty and grace that he makes sure is reflected in his abilities.


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why indeed? i think this might be the most telling glimpse of chrollo we get, the shit with kurapika aside. our innocent progatonist asks the age old question posed to every villain: why do you do the things you do without any guilt? and, unlike every other villain, chrollo simply replies “i dont think ive ever thought about it. why indeed?” and you see hes legitimately put off balance by the question and the realization that he doesnt have an answer. its just so indicative of his personality. he doesnt think about shit that doesnt matter to him, hes never needed to think about the why’s and how’s of what he does, since all hes ever done was ensure the existence and well being of him and his friends. everything else was extraneous and didnt matter. every other villain always has some reason for what they do, be it that they consider themselves above humanity and therefore have the right to do as they please, or that they think the loss of life is just in light of what they seek to bring about– chrollo though. he has no such illusions. he simply does what he does and he doesnt think it matters enough to wonder beyond it. i just love how unique a perspective that is. chrollo is amazing. just so goddamn amazing.


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ummm all yall know about my love affair with silvakuro and this comes as no surprise to any of you, but this scene in general was phenomenal because of the sheer potential it gives regarding chrollo’s backstory and early pt life. we know for sure that silva killed a spider and chrollo fought him, and that chrollo obviously has some ill feelings towards silva and silva harbors enough respect and caution around chrollo to warn the rest of the family about engaging with the spiders. we know that silva knows chrollos hatsu stealing power. what the fuck happened between the two of them??? was it a hit? was it made personal? chrollo didnt try to go after kurapika for killing uvo, so it couldnt have just been a simple case of silva taking out a spider on a hit. was the hit meant for him? did his spider get killed trying to protect him? was silva forced to fight a truly angry chrollo and barely made it out with his life in tact? i adore this scene because even though its short and mainly between chrollo and zeno, the sheer amount of potential is daunting. it keeps me up at night, guys. it really does.


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hmmm chrollo looking east. he’s just had his nen bound and his troupe cut off from him, as well as the death of paku on top of uvo to contend with. he’s been betrayed by hisoka, prevented from speaking to any of his friends, and suffice to say, his entire world has been turned on its side in the span of an evening. and still, he looks east towards his salvation. i adore this moment as it shows just how good chrollo is a compartmentalizing. anyone else would be raging, crying, pissed beyond belief that theyd been chained up and thrown into the wild with no friends or power beyond what they can manage with their bare hands. But chrollo, chrollo is just. looking east. its all happened, there was no stopping it, what little chance he had at defying fate was thwarted by hisoka’s meddling. and hes accepted all of that. hes accepted it, and so he looks east, towards the salvation hes meant to seek. its so fucking good.


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okay ive spoken at length about how fucking much i love this exchange, but its for good reason because i fucking love this exchange. chrollos just found out that hisoka has been lying to him the entire time, that hes the reason for uvo being killed and that he helped the chain user kidnap, beat, and bind him all for this chance at fighting him. chrollo would be completely justified in being angry, or betrayed, or hurt. instead, he accepts it. hes not even that surprised. because from the start, chrollo knew hisokas nature. his diatribe on judas showed very well how he views hisoka. its in human nature to betray and brutalize for money or power or prestige. hisoka did as hisoka does, self centered as he is, and chrollo knew that hisoka would do anything in order to get his chance to fight him. chrollo has no right to be surprised, because this wasnt betrayal. it was simply human nature doing as human nature does.

its so hard to pick favorite moments with chrollo because i sincerely believe that every scene we get with him is worthy of discussion. hes an endlessly fascinating character and his personality alone is so goddamn complex that its almost a crime to try and pin him in place. chrollo is incredibly dynamic and convoluted, a contradiction in every way because we simply have no grounds for comparison with him. the more you try to define him, the faster his slips through your fingers, ephemeral, like mist carried on the wind. hes as thought provoking as he is beautiful and i really love these sorts of asks since it gives me an excuse to get up on my soap box and preach to you all about my undying adoration of chrollo fucking lucilfer.

i remade my blog (which if you’re interested is b0red-erline but im not gonna be on that one anymore) so i can focus on spells etc and be more organized so if you post any of the following please like the post or something so i can follow you because i need more active people to follow:

cosmic witchcraft

self care spells/craft (and also just self care in general)


astronomy in general

energy work

green witchcraft

urban witchcraft

spirit stuff

tarot decks & spreads

aliens but like especially astrobiology shit but also idk ufos etc 10/10 aliens

also please dont be racist etc or like be appropriative i am new and i dont wanna dig through all that shit to get to the good stuff :c

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His entire movement is just to piss snowflakes like you off. If you dont like him maybe you should go back to your safe space and cry about it there hun x he has been physically assaulted by blm and sjws because you all take what he says and you twist it, and because his actual logic defeats your make believe, you throw your toys out of your prams and encourage riots. I dont agree with everything he says, but taking the piss out of his name wont make your argument look any less shit than it is.

Buddy… I’m the special snowflake who needs safe spaces yet here you are crying simply because I labeled a Neo-Nazi what he is, which is a Neo-Nazi? Damn, you seem super triggered my guy, are there any other feelings you wanna share with me? Lmao

What I love is how alt-right neo-nazis has this idea that it’s the left who is obsessed with safe spaces when the y’all are the ones who hide in the shadowy corners of the internet so you can feel safe. I mean, look at this situation… you, the “brave” internet troll, is on anon and I, the delicate special snowflake, am right here claiming what the fuck I have to say - not hiding. The cognitive dissonance is amazinggggg