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Tudo em mim.. - Cristiano Ronaldo

A/N: I was feeling really cheesy emotional man idk so here you go! You don’t have to read the others but if you want to have a little background info on the relationship, you can read this and the others too if u want to idk u dont have to so enjoy! :) x

“…and then we were flying through the air, Y/N! It was so cool!” Ninho spoke excitedly, recounting the parasailing adventure he’d just returned from.

She beamed at the young boy through the screen of her phone, wishing she could be there in person with him rather than having to settle for conversations over facetime. The season in Madrid had ended much too quickly for her liking and as much as she’d wanted to spend the summer with two of her favourite boys in Portugal, she had a duty to support her brother in Chile.

Leo had always wanted to play for Argentina and so once the opportunity had been presented to him, she’d supported him at every moment. And her support had carried her all the way to Chile for the Copa America where she hoped with all her heart the Argentines could lift the trophy they hadn’t been able to in the world cup.

“Woah, so you were like superman, huh?” she commented, upon which Ninho nodded.

“Yeah! I was flying and I could see everything! I wish you’d been with me though, then you could’ve seen it too.” Ninho replied with a sigh and an adorable pout to finish.

“Ninho? There you are - oh, hello there, angel,” Cristiano’s face appeared next to Ninho’s on the screen and the longing in her chest intensified, wanting nothing more than to bury her face into his neck and inhale the scent of him.

“Hi baby,” she replied much too shyly, feeling more giddy than she usually did around him.

He shot his son a playful glare.

“So now you’re having secret call sessions? Trying to steal my girl man? That’s not cool,” he teased, tickling Ninho in the sides, which resulted in his infectiously loud giggles.

“Oi, don’t abuse my superman just because you’re jealous of what we have,” she playfully retorted.

“Mhm. Well I hate to cut your little electronic rendez-vous short, but it’s your superman’s bed time,” Cris replied, scooping a still-giggling Ninho into his arms.

She chuckled to herself and watched as Cris took the iPad from Ninho before tucking him into bed, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“Goodnight Y/N!” Ninho called out, and she replied by blowing him a kiss and wishing him sweet dreams as Cristiano shut off the lights and moved into his own room.

“Finally, I get a moment of your time,” he teased, settling on his bed and smiling to himself as he let his eyes rake over the form of her he could see on the screen. Longing to run his fingers through her dark locks that were curtained around her as he pressed his lips to her pouty ones that somehow managed to look inviting even through the screen of his iPad.

“Hello? Earth to Cristiano,” she called out, noticing the daze her boyfriend had fallen into.

He shook his head, sighing.

“You see what you do to me, angel? I miss you so much that even when I can see you all I want is to have you here,” Cristiano replied, making her emit a sad sigh.

“I miss you too,” she admitted, tucking her hair behind her ear, a simple action that made Cristiano’s chest tighten with want.

The longest they’d ever been apart was a few weeks when she’d left him and those had been hell. But that had been almost a year ago and he was too used to coming home to her and waking up with her hair fanned across his chest.

The summer so far had consisted of two and a half torturous weeks without her and as much as he respected Lionel Messi, he wished the man had chosen to play for Spain instead of Argentina just so it meant Y/N could stay within a closer time zone and still support her brother. He’d tried to distract himself by pouring his soul into his son, yet it wasn’t as easy of a task as he’d thought since he was all too accustomed to having Y/N around with Ninho.

The two were his family, his whole world and he was finding it extremely difficult to cope with only having one of them around. You’d think Cristiano Ronaldo of all people wouldn’t be so weak, but he couldn’t help himself. She was the sun that his earth revolved around and the gravity that kept him grounded. Without her, he was losing himself.

“Just a couple more weeks, then I’m all yours,” she sighed on the other end of the line.

Cristiano smiled to himself, wondering why the thought hadn’t come to him before.

All his.

- - -

She thanked the butler as he proceeded to take her belongings upstairs before wandering through the villa towards the source of the sound she could hear. Part of her was exhausted from the 17 hours of traveling from Chile to St Tropez and just wanted to find the nearest surface suitable to collapse on, whilst the other part wanted to find Cristiano and Jr. The latter dominated as she leaned against the doorframe of the living room, watching a giggling Ninho lying on his father’s back as Cristiano did push ups.

She loved their relationship and she had no doubt in her mind that once he retired, the club Cristiano moved on to coach would certainly become one of the best in the world. He was a determined man who was passionate about everything he did, whether it was off the pitch or on the pitch. A quality that she knew she would never find in a different man, not that she had any intention of doing so (and not that Cristiano would even let the poor man live if she were to find him).

Ninho’s head turned and with a dramatic gasp of her name, rolled off his father’s back and ran towards her, almost knocking her over with the force he threw his arms around her with. She held him close, sighing at the relief of the knot inside of her chest unwinding as he rested his head on her shoulder, hugging her with his little arms.

Cristiano stood up, a smile playing at his lips as he watched the scene in front of him. The moment was too precious and he wished he could freeze time as he watched Y/N press a loving kiss to Ninho’s cheek, holding him close. He took out his phone and captured a picture of the two, his heart warming at the loving smile on Y/N’s face looking at Ninho. He turned his attention back to the real life pair, feeling the breath knocked out of him as her eyes met his and suddenly he felt frozen - his palms growing sweaty and his heart beginning to hammer inside of his chest.

But he gravitated towards her without even realizing it, closing his eyes and burying his face into the side of hers as she wrapped her arms around his torso. He couldn’t hold her tight enough; despite the near-death grip he had on her.

Even as she felt a sense of serenity and calm overcome her she still felt like she wanted him closer, almost as if he could become a part of her and remain there forever. She heard him emit a shaky breath as his lips began pressing whatever they found in their way and it was enough to let her know that he felt the exact same way.

“I missed you so much,” he didn’t even realise he’d breathed as he rested his forehead on hers.

“I’m here now,” she reassured him, cupping his face before leaning up on her toes to connect their lips. She felt him sigh before he took control of the kiss, his arms going around her hips and lifting her into his arms to level their faces and give him better access to her lips.

She couldn’t help but giggle as his lips moved away from hers and took trail all over her face, so caught up in the moment that they’d forgotten Ninho would want to be the last one to witness the show. Sure enough when Cris put her down and they turned to the little boy, he had his hands covering his eyes and his nose scrunched up.

“Are you done?” he loudly called out, making them laugh.

She followed suit as Cristiano scooped him up and swung him over his shoulder, beginning to walk towards his room.

“Come on little man, bed time,” he announced, making Ninho pout.

“But I wanna stay up and talk to Y/N,” he whined, dragging her name out at the end.

“Y/N needs to rest, as do you. You can catch up over breakfast tomorrow morning,” Cris told him, setting him down in bed and pulling the covers over him.

“But tomorrow morning aren’t you gonna ask her to-” Ninho began excitedly before Cris cut him off.

“Ninho! It’s late,” he said, widening his eyes comically before he leaned in to whisper something into his son’s ear.

Y/N crossed her arms.

“So I leave you alone for a few days and now you two are scheming against me? What is this?” she asked, pouting.

Ninho giggles, holding out his arms which she gladly walked over to as he pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“Good night Y/N. I love you!” he said, making her shake her head fondly at the child before allowing Cris to shut off the lights, pull her into his side and guide her out to their room.

- - -

The next morning she found herself sighing in contentment as she was hit with the morning breeze whilst gazing out at the beach as she waited for the boys to join her for breakfast. The villa Cristiano had rented was located at a spot that guaranteed the best rays of the sun along with the best scenery surrounding it.

Cristiano let out a shaky breath as he watched her, feeling slightly nervous. The breeze blew her dark hair around her, contrasting the white dress she was wearing and making her appear to be every bit the angel she already was in his eyes. And suddenly, as she turned her head and smiled at him, he didn’t feel nervous anymore.

So he walked over to her and took her outstretched hand in his.

He knelt down on one knee and poured his heart out to her as her eyes began to swim in tears because of his words.

And when he finally asked her to marry him, she responded with a yes in a heartbeat.

Ninho appeared in the doorway, smiling shyly at her as Cristiano slipped the ring onto her finger. She caught his eye and grinned at him as he ran over excitedly, looking down at her and Cristiano’s hands.

“Does this mean I can call you mamãe now?” he asked her.

She couldn’t stop herself from pulling the young boy into her arms and holding him to her chest, overcome with emotion. It was such a simple question were you to look at logically yet she couldn’t even muster up a single yes to answer the boy.

So she let Cristiano answer for her as he pulled the pair into his own arms, pressing a kiss to Ninho’s head before pressing one to hers. Finally uniting them as a whole for good.