i dont mind if u hate it

cousins who talk shit together, stay together!
guess who has a new crack headcanon lmfao?? uhm
+ imagine Chloe speaking fluidly in Russian????? YES PLEASE

anyway what i have in mind is that Yuri would visit Chloe when they were smol and Chloe would inevitably be so eager to be with Yuri that she would accidentally leave Adrien behind, thus making smol Adrien feel lonely and kinda jealous?? also like… Yuri was hard to get along with sooo yep now they have this weird rivalry going on and Chloe is Living For It™ until it becomes too ridiculous lmao

btw if u hate chloe bourgeois but love yuri plisetsky, u owe me 5 bucks sorry i dont make the rules lmao


guess the bee kwami got the wrong blond brat :v


I would’ve added more but ya know- too much.

And I did this for fun to say u could ship anyone u want just as long as u keep what’s canon or not in ur mind- I haven’t had any hate yet. But it seems like almost everyone gets it in this fandom. So I’m just gonna leave this here

why do adults want to put seemingly random romance subplots in kids films. no one asks for that shit, not even the adults. im p sure everyone can agree that the screentime wasted on a half ass development of a romance would be put to far better use if you’d just show us a fuckin rad dragon

everyone loves dragons

phantasyprone  asked:

Dear Leela, I am all for ur unbelievably amazing opinions but this time I have to put my foot down and (as a Brit) write a letter of disgruntlement. Phils first outfit was indeed a bit cringe but the beanie was 'a look' as they say. I edited a photo which is on my blog which I would like u to see and perhaps reconsider ur opinion. I'm writing a letter to parliament & Queen Liz to sign into law that he must wear one. Yours sincerely, Mischa (who might still be clinging to their 2007 emo phase) :P

Dearest Mischa, 

I cannot and will not be swayed from my steadfast opinion that Phil in a beanie is a tragic affront to my eyes. While your edit (hashtag spon) does incrementally improve upon the overall image because your coloring skills appear to be fucking dope, I cannot overcome the fundamental discomfort I feel upon seeing that lumpy fabric resting atop Phil’s fair head. With all due respect, I hope that your letter to parliament shall amount to nothing. 

Sincerely Yours and With Unending Respect for You as a Person as Well as Your Emo Past,


this isnt me trying to make excuses (i have no reason to defend ovechkin - half the caps fans on this website have me blocked bc ive insulted him and i hate the capitals lmao) just…. im begging you all not to compare russians zealously supporting putin to republican americans zealously supporting trump…… putin has been russia’s leader for 16 years. he did not just come into power a few months ago like trump - he’s controlled the media, government, and law for a very long time. journalists and activists that speak out against him are routinely murdered. what i’m trying to say basically is an american trump supporter has not gotten fed the same decades of state sanctioned propaganda and has not had it bleed completely into every aspect of the country’s culture and media yet. ovechkin’s spouting propaganda he’s been fed for most of his teenage and adult life from russia. putin uses hockey as a tool for propaganda and to promote nationalism. just please keep that in mind?

AU where the SnK characters are actors and everyone screws up their lines (thank you otakutaco913 for the idea)
  • Eren: FIGHT! IF YOU WIN YOU LIVE....if you...live u loose? -fuck. line.
  • Hannes: YOU COULDN'T SAVE YOUR MOTHER BECAUSE YOU ARE WEAK AND IM A CROWD- wait what. fuck, its coward. ughhh.
  • Levi: Maybe his trying to take a shit but the shit *laughs* won't come out- im sorry, can we do that again?
  • Hange: CAN I TOUCH IT? YOU WILL LET ME TOUCH IT RIGHT? AHHH ITS HOOTT *very girly voice* eren let me touch it *bursts out laughing* im sorry guys, re-do?
  • Mikasa: His not my boyfriends-boyfriends? damn it!
  • Sasha: Are you asking why humans eat tomatoes? shit! POTATOES! I MEANT POTATOES! i hate this line.
  • Connie: HEY! WHAT DID YOU WIPE ON MY SHIRT?! HEY heeeeyyyy *winks at jean*
  • Erwin: *walls opening to go kill titans* FOORRR SPARTTAAAAA
  • Armin: People, who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to...to...damn it. line?

tumblr user @youxidol has been writing imagines and using reposted gifs from a multitude of fandoms. i’ve seen my gifs being reposted twice, as well as the gifs of other users in the mx fandom. after contacting them and asking that they either credit me or take it down, they simply messaged me to contact the people who originally reposted my gifs , thus shifting the blame away from themselves. after further conversation, they agreed to take down the gif when they were off mobile so they could, essentially, replace it with another reposted gif.

here is a screenshot of the conversation and here is a screenshot of the gifs that were reposted, as well as the original posts here and here. as a gifmaker, i take pride in the gifs i post and all i ask is that they aren’t reposted. tumblr has implemented a function that allows you to use the gifs of gifmakers with credit, and the fact that this user has just been stealing gifs (and for a long time too) is just disrespectful to every person who’s put effort into their gifs for others to enjoy. 

Mark x Chubby!Reader

Originally posted by nakamotens

  • okay so to begin,,,, this is just my opinion buuuuuuut
  • i 100% see mark with a chubby gf/bf,,, like i feel like that’s what he’d go for? yknow?
  • n e wayzzzz
  • when he first saw you his eyes probably got all big and he did a double take bc
  • dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyum you look so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • like you filled out your jeans SO WELL and your legs looked so NICE and he was just
  • hearteyes!mark
  • probs started blushing bc hes a baby
  • ok so skip the whole meeting and shizz thing but,,,,,
  • when you guys began dating
  • he was 2 shy 2 be like
  • “hey my wonderful s/o you look amazing”
  • so he’d kinda just scratch his neck, lookd own @ his sneakers and go 
  • “you look ok today”
  • youd probs laugh and be like “HAHAHHAHAHA tHANKS” 
  • but as you get more comfortable and start showing eachother your feelings and insecurities he sees how you dont feel so gr8 about your body sometimes
  • so everytime you guys hug or cuddle or smthn he’ll try to make small comments that hopefully raise your self esteem like
  • “that shirts fits you really well!”
  • “you fill those jeans out well!”
  • “you look amazing y/n”
  • “wow ive been blessed by your looks today!”
  • but if they dont work for some reason, he will get more serious
  • and he’ll probably make those cuddle sessions turn into some dr. phil kinda shit like
  • “babe…. you know i love you. and with loving you that means i also love your body, mind, and soul. and even if you dont think so,,,, i believe all of those things are beautiful”
  • he wants you to be comfortable around him
  • bc if he knows you hate your body
  • he will probably feel insecure as well
  • insecure that he’s not being good enough to you
  • and that he’s not trying his best
  • overall he will make sure you are happy and continuing to stay healthy and probs even chubbier bc he loves you and your body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • as a chubby mark enthusiast, i cried making this bc i w a n t
~ still not gay ~

Word Count: 2 800

Genre: chat fic, coming out, coming to terms with sexuality, humour

Pairing(s): phan, tiny mention of kickthestickz

Warnings: swearing, so many spelling/grammar mistakes (all on purpose as it’s a chat fic), mentioned homophobia, sexual humour (not a lot)


crabstickzzz has added PJ to the chat.
PJ: what?
dannyboy: chris and co. think im gay

A/N Shout out to the (formerly) ~ still not gay ~ chat, thanks for not believing I was straight. (Loosely based off my own unconventional coming out.)

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fifth harmony .¸¸.*♡* (((like if u save any)


  1. I told my mommy that I wanted to be happy but I dont wanna leave 5h
  2. ally is so beautiful and cute I want to smash her in my arms and kill her for cause so much pain in me affff I hate this life so much %%%
  3. I cant take one more camila’s word anymore I dont wanna lose my mind BUT I aLreAdY LOst IT
  4. lauren causes me a huge pain but I love her, she is my angel
  5. there’s nothing else that makes me more happier than fifth harmony
  6. if u r not some girl of fith harmony dont talk with me 
  7. some people like sports, i like camren
  8. lauren eyes makes me feel hypnotized
  9. no matter what they do I’ll always support fifth harmony
  10. sorry mom, I like fifth harmony and I die a little everyday
  11. i’m in love with camren omg i cant !!! ¡!୭̥*ೃ
  12. ´´normani´´ she’s mine don’t touch
  13. dinah is my fav queen
  14. lauren causes me a huge pain but I love her, she is my angel
  15. reason i’m alive, better known as fifth harmony
  16. once in a lifetime i used to be happy seeing a pic of fifth harmony but now i just cry omfg i luv they
  17. in 2016 only a miracle can save me god pls take fifth harmony away from me
  18. normani’s voice its sdjshfjkdshg i just cant explain i feel good and sad at the same time i think i need some doctor
  19. stressed depressed 5h obsessed
  20. 5h aka oxygen
  21. roses are red, violets are blue, fifth harmony i cant breath without you
  22. shippo camren mesmo não gostou o processo tá aí pra isso
  23. ###cerquinha contra anti camren###
  24. dedico meu amor a fifth harmony
  25. namore alguem q te olhe como normila se olham
  26. 99% da minha vida eu passo falando sobre normally
  27. se ataca camren eu vou ataca
  28. meu sobrenome é alnah
  29. fala de camren pensa em camren 24hrs por dia
  30. fifth harmony no peito sempre seguimos firme nessa batalha
  31. eu amo fifth harmony por motivos nao preciso de motivos
  32. como sera a vida de quem nao shippa normally nao sei nao quero sabe tenho raiva de quem sabe
  33. la vem a que shippa camren opa so eu msm
  34. aqui eh fe em laurmani que o inimigo cai
  35. meu sangue eh harmony positivo
  36. so trabalho com fatos reais ou seja camren
  37. se normila eh real nao sei mas eh cada shippada que nos da
  38. se ate hj eu shippo alnah msm depois de tudo q ja passei nada mais me abala sigo firme e forte nessa batalha
  39. normila eh um nome muito lindo serio fecha os olhos e diz normila olha como soa bem
  40. o que falar de camren o casal mais shippado do mundo
  41. a verdade eh que eu amo fifth harmony d+ 
  42. pleno seculo 21 e tem gente q ainda acredita que esse amor por 5h eh passageiro
  43. exausta de sofrer by 5h
  44. nunca teria saído do saco do meu pai se eu soubesse que ia crescer e virar harmonizer
  45. [lauren’s voice] parabens pra voce nessa data querida mtas felicidades mtos papeis de trouxa na vida
  46. miga pufavo voce acha mesmo que eu vo para de ouvi work from home pra ouvi seus audio se toca loka
  47. tava de boas ouvi os live de 5h nao to mais
  48. edai que voce nao aguenta mais eu falano de camren uma coisa que eu nao so obrigada eh a parar
  49. lauren belissima toda top modelo linda igual a barbiezinha
  50. fifth harmony pisa samba dança ragatanga no quesito perfeição


  1. normallis
  2. camrentrono
  3. drycamren
  4. rflctions
  5. relfections
  6. takealnah
  7. fwtharmony
  8. fharmons
  9. laurmanxs
  10. nkxrdei
  11. pillscabello
  12. allybrxke
  13. prayhrmony
  14. laurenbroske
  15. allyhamiltxn
  16. camillakordei
  17. allyjaurengui
  18. nromani98
  19. allybrxke93
  20. normila96

mandem numero e nome pra entrar no grupo do wpp porfa szszsz

anonymous asked:

Can you give me some advice ? I messed up really bad last year . I can't forgive myself . I feel like I'm just forever stuck in this terrible place and can't get out of it . I just feel miserable and hate everyone .

smile at yourself gently and forgive . i have no idea where you were / are emotionally but a lot of our “problems” are in our mind and are created by us. if u have to apologize to someone, do it. if u have to tell someone something do it. dont waste your time letting whatever happened consume you. time heals almost everything and if its an issue with yourself then start over tomorrow morning. keep a positive mind mate, it sounds like u have a rainy cloud on top of you and you’re doing everything to make it stay there. rough patches dont last forever , u got this

anonymous asked:

can you recommend any pre-1970s movies featuring WOC? I dont mind subtitles either if they're foreign. I love vintage movies and fashion but I hate that so many movies are racist and that I can never see people who look like me:( One of my only icons is Tura Satana who is GOD to me

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill (1965) stars Tura Satana- I’m sure u know lol
Black Girl (1966) stars Mbissine Therese Diop *French film*
Carmen Jones (1954) stars Dorothy Dandridge
Flower Drum Song (1961) stars Nancy Kwan
Black Orpheus (1959) stars Marpessa Dawn *Brazilian film*
Rashomon (1950) stars Machiko Kyo *Japanese film*
Siren of Atlantis (1949) stars Maria Montez
Dona Barbara (1943) stars Maria Felix *Mexican film*
Shanghai Express (1932) stars Anna May Wong

if anybody wants to help out anon, just leave a reply with some suggestions :)

anonymous asked:

Ok reality vs expectation we expect Jikook to be in romance but reality says other wise I mean to live like 24/7 4 years make u behave differently like family they r bias to each other the touch freely in most unexpected places they r harsh cute sweet& says thing hit u in the face and most of all they love each other deeply w/o benefits that's what jikook in my opinion this ship get attention cuz jk rejected jm in their earlier days and it's simply he was shy take time to approach ppl (1)

I remember when v said he took shower alone after members sleeping and he was there way before v enter the group so when he start to open up to jm this is the change we see now& jk didn’t express his feelings all the Time like when he finally express his emotions 2 members /2016 like after how many years it’s not thatI hate all the stories & shippers analysis I actually enjoy them 2 much (my perv mind) but let’s just give idk logical explanation 🤔🤔🤔 Idk what Iam saying just wanted 2 share (2)


I mean…. I see where you’re coming from, yeah. Like I 100% know that jikook could very well be just friends. But like…. this blog is for fun…. u dont need to get so pressed….. 

As you said, they’ve lived together practically 24/7 for over 4 years, it makes you behave differently…. what’s to say they didn’t get romantic feelings for each other? It’s not hard to fall in love with one of your closest friends, it’s actually common as hell. And Jungkook was shy, but not in the drastic way you put it??? Jungkook has been open with the members since long before 2016??? like literally what lmao??? It’s been confirmed by Jungkook, Jimin, and the other members that JK and JM were super close pre debut. Like, Jimin was the first person JK went too when he missed home, and Jimin and Jungkook have been “late-night buddies” since pre debut??? like as you hang out with someone more, feelings can develop. Even if Jikook aren’t in a romantic relationship right now, there’s definitely something between them that is different than with other members. Either because they’re both from Busan, because they both love the same things, hell maybe they both watch the same anime show. But there’s something there that isn’t just JK warming up to Jimin after 5 years. Like I’m not going to be preaching about how Jikook is real and 100% fucking…….. but come on..,., “logical explanation”??? it’s pretty ignorant to think two best friends can’t fall in love. 

lmao honestly i barely understood what this anon was saying so sorry if my answers all over the place…. in summary: jungkook never hated jimin, they’ve been super close since pre-debut. jungkook and jimin could very well be together bc that’s something that happens when you’re close to someone. 

i always find it funny - and this has happened a couple times over the years - where i’ll meet someone and they’re absolutely like,,, in shock and awe cause they never thought theyd get to speak with me

and then they become friends with me

and then realise im a piece of shit and leave

thestateofardadreaming  asked:

What is your favorite Jeresa moment?


ok so it’s really hard to pick one.. if you ask me about my favourite episode i will always answer 2x06. 

ok so: can i just say why i love them so much and pick some scenes?

* kiss.

He’s so soft in this scene for her and she was so scared but the second she sees him she knows she’s okay. and im just freaking in love with hugs (which is a parallel to my bellarke) and im in love with ‘it’s okay, you’re safe, i’m here’ quote (which is parallel to my klaroline). so this scene is for sure one of my fav, even tho it’s fake.

* next one.

ok i just have really soft spot for that one because it’s one of the scenes that got me like “oh my god hes freaking in love with her”. he was ready to die for her, he was ready to do everything to make sure she’s going to get out of it alive. HE was the one who in the past was ready to leave behind all his partners just to survive and then everything has changed because of her. He was the one saying “we’re in this together” so when he says “we’re not, YOU are” she says “WE can do this”. because they’re in this together.

* ok another one.  “Why did you turn around?” and “You didn’t leave me behind”. I love this two because it shows the development between them. He told her to leave him behind and she still risked her life and went after him and couldn’t leave him.

* another one. since the “why did you turn around” scene they started risking their lives for each other. remember when james gave up and told her to run and leave him behind?

and remember when she didn’t and they had fight why she came back for him? obv she had to come back for him.

* but i think my fucking favourite scenes are the ones between james/smb else about teresa.

remember when james defended teresa when this dude called her his piece of ass? (really i do love when james is saying ‘fuck’ kk)


this scene is freaking incredible because while a lot of things in 2x06 are fake this is real scene. this is a scene where james yells at teresa’s bf that he doesnt deserve her. and whats even better when he asks “do you?” he has no idea what to answer. because in his mind she doesnt deserve this life (and hes part of it), he never wanted that for her and this is why he hates quero so much because he put her in this life.

u know i love 2x06 right? remember that time when guero went off “whos the one trying to steal smb’s else woman?” and when james only said “you fucking child” instead of idn saying “i dont have feelings for her”.

ok s2b might be overall a TRASH but this scene will be forever gold ok. james will always be better option than guero because james doesn’t want teresa to live this life and guero is the one who is the reason she has to.

not all gifs are mine but you know we have 5 ppl in fandom so u can i guess even figure out to who belong the gifs.

also i wanted to say im sorry is so long but im actually not because i hope someone will see gifs and decide to watch queen of the south

faintest wisp of smoke

summary: dan goes missing and phil is left with the broken pieces.

note: idk what to think of this, i really don’t. it’s probably the least original thing i’ve ever written, but then again, it definitely went places i didn’t expect. i swear i was just trying to mess around with this one, but then… well. 7k words.

a fair warning: i don’t know if it’s good. i don’t know if it’s interesting, or if it works, or if it’s done characteristically. i only know it’s a study in overdone clichés and i hope it makes some sort of sense.




The clock ticks the time away, and Phil stares because he’s not sure if he believes it. The hands say it’s been two hours since the door closed after Dan when he went to the shop, but Phil knows very well that the shop is only ten minutes away, and he thinks that the clock must be lying but he doesn’t check the one on his phone because clocks aren’t people and only people lie, and if the clock isn’t lying Phil doesn’t want to know.

Dan left his mobile plugged to the charger and Phil listens to the ring echo through the flat and doesn’t hang up, even when he can hear the ringtone and knows Dan won’t be picking up, even when it reaches voicemail and Dan’s recorded voice tells him to leave a message and Phil wants to ask where he is but knows he won’t get an answer. 

He lets the phone drop to his side and tells himself to stop thinking about it, because he’s not Dan, who thinks problems over so much they turn themselves into a different problem that never existed in the first place – he’s Phil, and Phil doesn’t think problems over at all and pretends that it makes them fade into the shadows of the wallpapers even when he knows it doesn’t.

He doesn’t know if it’s better, but it’s all he has.

He falls asleep on the sofa in the lounge, and it’s two in the morning and Dan’s been gone for five hours, and Phil dreams of shadows and fear.

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