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Today at work a client came to pick up her dog at the end of the day and I totally didn’t recognise her or her vehicle. I wasn’t there for drop offs in the morning so I had a hard time remembering the owners lol. She greeted me like she really knew me so I awkwardly went to the pen and saw this one labx looking SUPER excited so I was like ‘ah, that must be his owner’ and let him out and luckily it was. 

I def have guessed wrong before though and it was super awkward

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Some mangapanels have Sabo looking so much like Luffy that you could literally just change the hair colour and the scar and it would be Luffy. The panel of Sabo waking up after his breakdown is my favourite example of that, they look identical. I dont know if that’s on purpose or if it’s a case of sameface, but I’m not complaining either way lol :’D

boyyyy i love that panel so much……he’s so cute……i think part of his particular similarity to luffy in that panel is due to him being two years younger and so closer to luffy’s age, so i like to think 17 yo sabo and 17 yo luffy looked especially alike *___*

i mean, it’s mostly just that they both have round eyes and that oda has a particular nose/face shape he uses for the more conventional looking male characters, but it’s cute to think that irl they’d have similar faces :’o

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I know everyone is dramatic, but sm wouldnt drop their best selling artist just like that.. dw they'll go a few more years at the top. look at girls generation. they've been sm's best selling girl group the past 10 years even with a years hiatus, its all good people. relax. eat some lunch, take a nap. stop bothering sofie haha.

LOL yeah sm wouldnt, but a part of snsd’s success is that they dont have to enlist though - thats a major factor too


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

so @tayegi and i were just talking about how jimin has changed and we came up with some interesting points.

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firstly, he’s matured. he used to clown around a lot during their debut days. but now hes more quiet. he’s still soft and laughs at everything but he is more control with his emotions. like before he would get angry really easily and it would show on his face. 

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secondly, he’s always been really seductive but his method of seduction seems to have changed, he used to exaggerate sexual gestures e.g. the excessive running his fingers through his hair, the excessive tongue, the abs. the muscle shirts, now, he uses just the right amount to make everyone swerve. he just has to look someone in the eyes and smile and they’re gone. his sexiness has become more subtle now with side glances instead of the abs in your face. also his voice.. according to lu, “the man learned how to growl!”

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thirdly, his physical appearance has changed a lot. his baby features have matured, his make-up has become more modest (he used to go crazy for eyeliner lol remember guys good times), his foundation matches his skin tone, they dont use concealer on his lips anymore. remember when he considered himself the ugliest of bts, i feel like now he’s comfortable in his skin. he knows that he’s attractive, not to everyone but to a lot of people, and tbh, confidence is very sexy.

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this being said, as a jimin stan, i love both sides of jimin. the man that he was and the man that he is becoming.

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