i dont like this much i might delete it later

oh gosh i dont usually post here but i would love so much to have someone to take care of me when i feel younger i think x3 someone that would give me hugs when i feel like a kid, give me snacks and watch sesame street with me! someone that wouldnt judge me for wanting to feel like a little kid again. i wanna trust somebody and feel safe and tiny!!

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dont purge your old art. hide it instead (if its traditional art, just stick them into deepest pits of your closet. if its digital, delete them from public sites and galleries but before that, save it on your computer or in a flashdrive or put them into some private cloud service like dropbox or something).

trust me. no matter how embarrassing and old it is, you will probably want to look at the garbage later and be like “damn i was so shitty, i have improved so much over years” or you might wanna redraw some old shit or you might wanna admire the evolution of your dearest oc.