i dont like this much but i wanted to make a gif

honestly i never thought i would ever reach 10k, im still ??? wow there are 10k people that follow me and actually like what i post and reblog? i remember last year on my birthday i reach 6k and it hasnt even been a year yet and i’ve already reached 10k, im still shocked. i dont really care about numbers but this is such a milesone for me so i just want to say thank you. thank you to those who still follow me when i used to be in other fandoms. i would list people that make my dash look nice but honestly i would just end up listing everyone on my blogroll, so please check that out.

but a quick shoutout to my faves @fyeahbangtaned @artofennun @sunbaejin @ask-bts-stuff @mangaetteok thank you for providing me with great quality content! and for being great people in general!!

again, thank you so much for following me and my little blog 

Heya! i feel like people dont do this stuff anymore BUT i just wanted an excuse to wish y’all a v happy holidays, i hope you have a fun time however you celebrate or even if you dont celebrate at all! I hope you have good ending to this shitshow of a year and i hope 2017 is everything u wish for! I havent been that active this year but ive been on this hell hole website for a lot of years now and i met some wonderful people here so i just wanted to wish you all the v best and shoutout your blogs so there, okay thats all i have to say, peace out x

(ps. if we’re mutuals and youre not here i still love u v much, i just follow a lot of people, u can curse me out if you want, and if we’re not mutuals but youre following me i love you too and i wish the very best for you aswell, also hmu, be my friend i want to follow more ppl lmfao k bye) 

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And there he is. The most resilient man in the Commonwealth.

let’s just talk about this

the i dont care music video (2009)

is the best and weirdest and most hilarious and craziest and most wonderful and most perfect thing on this world in THIS UNIVERSE THE WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE GENIUS OF IT AND HOW MUCH I LOVE IT DONT EVEN EXIST OKAY





I don’t understand why people would be so disrespectful as to re upload and watch Oscar’s Hotel illegally. I don’t have the money, but I would never do that because I have respect for PJ. People who do this shit to his show obviously dont understand how much work goes into a project like this. It’s not like he’s saying “I WANT YOUR MONEY GIVE ME IT,” he’s saying that if people decide to watch it without paying, it will be impossible for him to make more episodes because it is such a high maintenence thing. Obviously for movies like The Fault In Our Stars, it’s easy to deal with the illegal downloading. There are people who will, without a doubt see it in theatres, and there are plenty of other people who would buy it on DVD or BluRay and with Oscar’s Hotel there is one way to get it - a way which makes it easy to reupload. Stop. Killing. Oscar’s. Hotel. Creativity is an art and you wouldn’t go around stealing paintings from galleries, so stop stealing art from PJ.

I tried to make a serious thing for you. Maybe something black and white? Maybe long and beautiful quotes about you and my love for you as if i can describe all of these things… But when i think… when i think about you, all i want is you to be happy. Like nice shades of pink. A bright smile on your lips, a bright smile on your eyes, but a real one. Not for us to be happy, not for people not to worry… A real one, only for yourself. I don’t need those luxurious words to tell you these things. Because all i want is you to be happy. I would do anything for your happiness if i could, i will do anything if i can. If i could do that,oh please believe me, if i could do that i would dye your world a vivid color. Like this… You wouldn’t be sad never and you would always smile like you deserve. My Hyukjae, my moon, my love…


I somewhat figured out how to use the animation tools (which is just the timeline panel + animation layer folders). It took me some extra brainpower tho, because you dont have keyframes, just cels. And you gotta make sure the layers have a set number in its name and is in a animation layer folder etc etc etc…

The best method for me was to first sketch out the main keyframes on normal layers, and then put them in the animation folder and rename the layers as just “1,2,3″ etc.

Adding in-betweens was the most confusing part, because if you create a new animation cel between two other cels, the name will be “1a,1b,1c” etc. And if you want to change the placement of a cel you should also rename the layer of that specific cel etc…

But once I understood how the layer cels worked, it all got much easier and I finished this rough animation in like uh… 4 hours?

Since this is quite a new feature for the western copy of CSP, there aren’t many tutorials available just yet.

However in the meantime, I suggest ppl read through the Startup Guide and scroll down to the part where it goes through the animation tools step-by-step.

Before ppl start writing to me asking to explain X thing with this, PLEASE read the manual first, because everything I currently know is from reading the manual. So go read it, don’t skim through it, READ it.

indiretas pro luke (poste as vezes com fotos), se pegar de like

luke’s hair is brighter than my future

luke is so beautiful that I want to throw myself off a building, literally

I wonder what luke’s hair smells like

in case no one told you today, luke hemmings is beautiful


I really hope luke hemmings sees this and finally follows me while I’m asleep. It would be the best day of my life

if luke hemmings follow me today i’ll run down the street naked singing 5sos i’m not even kidding

luke’s smile could light up the whole world, please never let it fade away. I love you so much it hurts

luke hemmings makes me so happy

i love luke more than i love penguin

luke hemmings follow me if you like boobs

luke hemmings is an angel

luke hemmings from 5sos should follow me bc i am cool

luke follow me if you like penguins

luke followed middle twitter while I was sleeping why not surprise me

Dear luke hemmings: I couldnt love you more than I love you, I swear

luke is my fucking world and no one will change that

luke hemmings makes me smile every day in moments of shit, That’s why I love him so much

I really need follows luke bc i’m dying slowly

luke hemmings… he’s so stupid and so cute at the same time

I dont know how some people confuse luke with ashton or ashton with luke,.. what?

luke hemmings, i’m really so proud of you

luke hemmings means the world to me and I for him I’m just another girl more and hurts

luke smiles, I smile

hello my loves - a while ago i reached a milestone, a goal that i had been waiting for a long time! so i wanted to make this follow forever to show how much i appreciate you guys

i feel like im not prepared enough for this lmao but i fucking love you whether your name is here or not but yes, @followers ilu thanks for following my trash semi-aesthetic j*ngkook-based blog

i wanted to include everyone ;; sadly, tumblr is an asshole!! so if u arent here then i give you my deepest apologies

also i dont only follow bts blogs but i still love your blogs so if u see this and are like ?? then pls!! do not be alarmed!! i just want to love you even if we are different pls take my hugs and love me too ty

i- i love u

anyway here you go uwu:

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Forgive my banner since I’m too lazy to be creative. So yeah, a month ago i’ve hit finally hit one of my two follower goals. I seriously can’t believe, ‘cause this number of followers seemed like a dream to me when I first created my blog. I don’t even know why you guys are following me, but still thank you very much. Thank you for coping up with my shitposts, random vid edits, and all my edits.

@ my followers. You guys are the cutest I’m cry. I love you all so much. And to those that constantly likes and reblogs my posts and reblogs, I see you. And I love you.

Now I want to thank these blogs who makes my dash a masterpiece for these past months.
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But I want a woman.


Someone’s done with Daehyun (。・_・。)


Choa through the eras for @kiimhyunah

Introducing a project for Jinseok-nets members: Love notes to Jin

Hey, this is Admin Thy and if you follow me on twitter *wink wink nudge nudge* you will know that I’m going to Korea this summer. Yes, I’m going to our lord and saviors motherland, Korea!

I was talking to the members in the chat (which is totally cool btw you should join!) about how we wanted to do something to show how much we appreciate Jin and then we came up with the idea of making a book full of notes and pictures and fanart. Then I can personally drop it off at bighit.

So the plan is you guys, the members, send in notes and I’ll get it translated that I will print out and put it in a book, kinda like a scrapbook and I will add pictures and all the cute stuff. Since I’m personally making the book, it wont look as professional as the fansites one and I hope that’s ok, it kinda gives it a more personal look dont you think?

Here’s some information about the project

  • Since this is a project from Jinseok-net you have to be a member to send in your love note, so if you want to send a note, become a member *wink wonk*
  • Please only one love note per member
  • Please limit your love note to 140 - 150 characters, like a tweet
  • If you can write in korean or get your note translated, then by all means, write 10 pages if you want
  • Send in your note in English or in Korean
  • Please dont use google translate to translate your note, because all of a sudden you can tell jin to go eat dog meat or something
  • I’m gonna buy an usb so if you want you can send in fanart. Please only send in original fanart, preferable digital, so if you want to send in traditional fanart please scan it first
  • Please reblog this is you’re going to participate
  • Send in your notes before June 1st and fanart before July 1st
  • Fill this out to send in your notes
  • If you got any questions dont hesitate to send me a message!

So i recently got myself something nice and i just hit a milestone on tumblr so i figured its time to give a little back :) so for starters the prize is gonna be one drawing of whatever character the winner decides! yay!


If you want to enter just like this post and be a follower of mine! you may reblog but i’ll only count the likes so its even and fair and easier to organize :>

i’m gonna leave the giveaway open for a week before i pick a winner. And of course i will send them a message and if they dont reply within 24 hours than i will choose a new winner. 

Its my first time doing this so hopefully im not making it complicated(which i don’t think i am) buut any questions just ask away :)

 Thank You So Much For All The Follows!!!!

Azureofrp presents a new theme: NO. 036 // I’M SO SORRY //

Pls don’t steal anything of my coding plsssssssssss. Don’t steal my themes and claim them as your own. DO NOT remove the credit or I will hunt you down!!! RIGHT IMAGE SIZE IS: 255x511PX!!!!!!!!!!!

You may:

//  Edit my themes as much as you want FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY! //

//  If you want to publish an edited version of my themes, just drop me a message. I won’t deny  it, but if you don’t message me and give me credit, I will claim you as a thief of my coding :) //

// All sizes can be found on the preview. / icon image can be any size //

// Like/reblog if use! //

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 Look normally I wouldn’t post anything like this but I can’t help but want to express how unappreciated minghao is in seventeen. And I know of course I might sound biased because he is my bias but he’s the member that is constantly slept on and doesn’t deserve that at all. He works totally and utterly hard but still I’ve seen a lot of fans push him aside to the back, not supported or cared for. I’ve also heard people say that they’re are glad they have stopped being a stan of his because they would rather go for more ‘popular’ members. And I just think that’s horrible. I’ve heard stories about him not feeling very appreciated by fans. It’s sad to hear all these members get these echoing screams whereas for much of the time for him they are hardly there. I know there are so many people that already support him. But for others, you have to remember that seventeen is ot13, all the members are amazing and should be appreciated. i know most of us are not lucky enough to be in korea and all that jazz, but all i’m asking for is for everyone to open their hearts up a bit more and remember minghao is also a member of seventeen too. ♥ uwu ;;

excuse my ugly ass gif i made in 10 minutes… but anyways! i finally hit my kind of a goal so thanks to everyone who follows me when im so boring… and thanks to all my beautiful mutuals i love yall so much… so lets get to the business now

special mentions:
- @aikrops: do you even still use this blog… idc tho you’ll see this eventually but im so emo about us not really talking anymore if you hate me or something now this is gonna be aw kwa rd,,, but i lov you you’re my baby forever the jack to my rose
- @gfriendvevo: binch… honestly you’re my fave my child my pissy baby… you’re the only one person ever who i always feel like they want to talk to me and i dont piss them off so im never gonna leave you alone :-) sorey
- @softyul: NEHA MY SWEETEST PRETTIEST CHILD honestly i love you so much just seeing you on my dash makes me so happy and if you ever sad just think about how much i lov you and like. dont be sad bc i love you a lot
- @twezi: i love you bitch…. i will never stop loving you biitch…………. i still didnt finish watching cry playing life is strange but i will do it for you. someday

the rest (but also important):
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hey guys so i have a really bad cold and i have been wanting to make a follow forever for a while….(this one is super messy but it still counts) so here’s a gif of markiplier announcing the news yaaay!

i wish i could have put everyone on here, i love you all very very much. if i spelled your url wrong i’m sorry! and i’m way too lazy to put them in alphabetical order lmao maybe next time.

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