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The Dragon Angus Theory

I don’t know how many people know about this particular TAZ Theory but I discovered it last night in the TAZ Subreddit. There are thread discussions about this here and here. There could be more but these were the two I found.

In summary, the theory in general pertains to the fact that Angus might not be all that he seems, and that he might be a dragon in disguise. Specifically a Silver Dragon. Under the cut because this came out really long! (Don’t worry there’s a tldr at the bottom)

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Lets talk BLOCK B in London

First off, if you weren’t a B-Bomb stan before that concert, its pretty safe to say if you were sat anywhere within the vicinity of my seat, you damn well are now! That boy has some serious fan service that ropes you in without telling you! From his effortless beauty that shines the minute he steps on stage, to his favourite English food of Cottage Pie (Who taught him that?), to the intense stares he was giving the entire left hand side of the balcony which, might i just say, are literally soul-sucking whenever his eyes land on you! Its safe to say, i’d give my entire life’s earnings to see B-Bomb smile at me again. O.O

But i digress.

To be honest, i probably owe everyone an apology for being a little too excited the entire hour we were seated leading up to the beginning of the show, so if there was a girl by you with deely boppers and grey/purple hair that was shouting and dancing too much to the sound system, I apologize for any inconvenience i caused you!  (I was just trying to make everyone a little more hype!) ;)

But its safe to say, the minute the lights went down and the VCR began, i could not stop screaming. And the moment they all came out, skipping onto stage whooping, Zico going above and beyond the level of hype i expected- I was gone, im pretty sure the scream that left me was long and continuous and did not stop for the entirety of the concert.

But shall we get onto the bit, that i know you’re all here for?

Block B, when seen with your very own eyes, are the epitome of beauty, and in the strangest sense, when you see them, reality comes squeezing in around you, and you’re forced to realize in that moment that their little feet start dancing around the stage, that they are in fact ACTUAL human beings. 

Along with this, the most prominent understanding you are forced to come to, is that, that Taeil that you’ve always seen on screen and in pictures, is LITERALLY JUST AS CUTE AND SMOL as he is in real life. I could not stop staring at how adorable he is- regardless of how manly he might actually see himself as. 

I was also forced to accept the true herculean form of Kim Yukwon’s thighs, and the reality of exactly why he’s got a girlfriend and has had her since debut and beyond- the boy is GORGEOUS. 

I had to confront myself about the reality that Jaehyo really is an extremely tall Ahjumma crossed with Adonis. And i cannot tell you the enjoyment i got watching him get to the end of the 3rd song, before seeing his face start to show the pain of exercise and dancing whilst all his other members were still happily bouncing away (because SAME). And by the half way mark, he had almost completely given up and had began to piss about with U-Kwon, who continuously tried to jab him in the ribs.

And then came Kyung. Now, im not the biggest Kyung stan as im sure most are aware. HOWEVER, i cannot deny him the fact that he is incredibly cute in his gestures, and he was SO HYPE to be in London! I swear to God he didn’t stop smiling the entire time, and i think that is one of the main memories that i will take away from that experience, is the huge arm heart that Kyung kept showing to the 2nd level- plus, when he smiles AS HES LOOKING AT YOU, you’re sure to go home happy. Although, can we just also talk about his miniature English q&a session (because he was all too aware he is the most fluent in English out of all of them), in which he asked the members about their favourite British foods, (hence B-Bomb and cottage pie) and he tried to rip into them for their adorable simplistic answers? Quick run down:

B-Bomb - Cottage Pie (proud of himself)
Jaehyo - burger and fries? (I think, was very shy and awkward when he said it xD)
U-Kwon - five guys (also pretty enthusiastic) 
Zico - fish and chips (very VERY enthusiastic, could be the new mascot for fish and chips tbh)
Taeil - (i feel like it was something generically English but i cant remember, my bad) 
Kyung - just giggled the whole time.

Now, lets move onto Zico. That boy, was LIVING for being in London. Before i got there, i got the feeling he was pretty excited to be here through his insta posts, but he could not stop going on about it the whole time, exceedingly smiley and energetic through the entire first half (and second half to be honest) but after Conduct for Zero (when he filled in for P.O- I was sad, but it was a lit stage) he just seemed so happy to be there, and seemed to genuinely be having the time of his life. He was ALL TOO HAPPY to speak English for pretty much the entire time, and just seemed so proud of himself to be able to do so, which was so adorable i cannot tell you! But after seeing Block B live, you can really understand what kind of a group leader he is; efficient, compassionate, and just BAWSE!! 

One of the songs which was a game changer for me, was the heavy rock version of Very Good they played!! Like holey moley, that was LIT TO HIGH HEAVENS!! (i’ll upload a video clip in a mo). But also NICE DAY WAS INSANE! And Taeil carried it SOOO well- if you ever do anything in your life, see Lee Taeil sing them high notes live man!! It is WORTH IT! But tbh, the highlight of that night, despite the lacking of P.O’s presence- which i think i would have legitimately fainted at- was Zero For Conduct. I’ve always been a HUGE Bastarz fan!…but seeing that live, has changed my life! Sincerely.

And also, you might be thinking, but how did the other members feel? Zico and Kyung were happily chatting away in English, but what about the others? However, despite wondering this myself, when the ‘thank you’-esq time came around, they had such a good translation system working, and although i initially thought it would be awkward, the minute the crowd started responding to what the translator was saying after the boys had spoken, it just became such a beautiful and warming atmosphere, because i dont know about everyone else, but i was soo happy to know how the boys felt about London, and the end of their Europe tour in general. And after Zico took his hat off for us like he said he would if we genuinely impressed him, i can honestly say, any normal band will never live up to the experience of a block b/kpop concert in general.

And on a final note, lets just talk about the fan service again, cause i still cant get over B-Bomb and i dont think i ever will. He is Apollo, he is sunshine on a rainy day, he is a tragically beautiful painting, and for as long as i live i will never forget the entire 5-6 times i locked eyes with that man and shared in his smile. Because even though I got to wave at Taeil who was waving and pulling many a sad/funny face at the second floor area, and even though Kyung may have shot a heart in my direction, and coupled it with the cheesiest grin i ever did see, neither of them for some reason compare to the utter, graceless beauty, that is B-Bomb’s smile when directed specifically at you.

I’d say more about Zico, but his attention was mostly on the front row and the standing crowd, and im not entirely sure he could see the balcony seats and up well- but he was having a grand time regardless. Jaehyo was smiling throughout, but i got the sense from him, that despite the fact he was having a good time, he was tired from the end of tour. And U-kwon was really just playing with the girls hearts in the front row the entire night- so if you were down there, r.i.p after Kim Yukwon.

And alas, here i sit. Crying over remembering all the little details of the show, that as soon as it started seemed like it only took 5 minutes before it was ending, cause i was simply enjoying myself so much. The Post-concert blues are real, and i think that concert truly did change my entire life, but if there is one bit of advice i’d give anyone who was thinking of going to a kpop concert, or any concert in general in the future…its simply to take a moment to take it in, it wont ever be enough, but as long as you take a moment for yourself to realize that what you’re experiencing is real, then it’ll all be okay.

P.S. imma probs do another post tomorrow with everything i’ve forgotten from this one, but for now, enjoy my reliving of ‘Blockbuster in London’. <3

anonymous asked:

Im a first year animation student falling more and more behind. Im really upset because my course is nothing like I expected it. I wish it was all 2D. 3D makes me want to jump off of a bridge so I ignore it. Now im stuck thinking I dont like animation - but everytime I see animation students on tumblr I want to do what theyre doing. I hate my course but I love animation and idk what to do... Is your course like this?

Hello ! Sorry I took a lot of time to give you an answer anon. I really relate to your message, I was asking exactly the same things  to other animation students on tumblr last year, because I was in the same situation. I was in a 2D/3D school, but that mainly focused on 3D. I was terrible at it, I didn’t like it, but most of all, my school gave me the impression that I didn’t have any chances or future in the animation industry (unless I did 3D during my career.) Each day went by, and I was losing confidence in my own work, ambition, and goals, and lagged behind my peers. (When you’re saying ’everytime I see animation students on tumblr, I want to do what they are doing’, I think every school have their pros and cons, no school is perfect.) And when you’re seeing the work of animation students on this platform, for most of them are posting and creating what they like, in addition of their classes, for themselves and their own pleasure.)

Many times my teachers talked to me in private, and many times they asked me if I was really fit for the Animation world, if it really was what I wanted to do, or if I was planning to reorient myself… (Anyway, I decided to quit this school), as the following year would’ve been full of 3D courses, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Even if other people tried to comfort me, telling me that everything would be alright, that I just had to sit and endure it, doing the minimum and then work what I really liked at home, that we only had two years left… I thought “if my friends can do it, so can I, right ?” But I had been so stressed out, struggling, putting impossible expectations on myself, that I didn’t seem to enjoy drawing anything anymore…)

Anyway, NOW I’m in a new school and… I’M DOING PRETTY WELL ! The main difference is that it focuses on 2D and experimental animation, so now I have more creative liberty with the workshops, the assignments, etc… And I like my courses, I’m feeling like it’s finally the right place for me, I regained my confidence, I’m happier, I enjoy my days much more, and I draw, animate in a completely serene state of mind, and with a lot of joy. I have teachers who are kind, dynamic and willing to work with us and to help us. And  above all, I feel like I’m pursuing my passion to the fullest extent now (even if sometimes it’s hard because there is a lot of work). I no longer have the feeling of being just a student sitting down, enduring something that I don’t like ; but working and learning everyday with passion, developing the artist inside me.

I’m sorry I don’t have any advices to help you, and i don’t know what I can do for you. I only can share my own experience with you. I asked to other animation students, and they couldn’t gave me an answer either ; there is none. It depends on you, your situation etc… You may think now that, because of your courses you don’t like animation anymore or that you’re not fit for it, but you’re wrong.

✨The only thing I can do is advise you to take care of yourself, to sleep, and to eat well. Surround yourself with people that care about you, do what makes you happy and what you think is good for you ! Take care anon (you’re not alone.)✨

(Everything I said is very subjective, and it’s different for everyone. For example, I know that next year I’ll work with 3D, but it’s different, I know that now I can do it, and I will. The mentality and the pedagogy are just not the same in my current school, and it’s for much better for me.)

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #8

My gosh, there’s just so much stuff you vetlings want to know, isn’t there? Well, knowledge is good, so here we go with yet another info dump as I try to answer a big slew of your questions in one hit.

Anonymous said: I sometimes get your patreon emails or an update on your blog while I’m studying/struggling in the wee-hours of the morning (vetmed). I’m in WA, so where-ever you are it’s also late/early. What are you doing up in the witching hours?

First of all, I am an AdultTM and as such I am permitted to set by own Bed Time. There are many reasons why you might receive notifications from me so ‘early’.

  • I have a blog post on queue every morning between 5am and 6am my time (so probably 3am and 4am your time). It goes up automatically, so I can see initial responses before I go to work.
  • I think Patreon sends its emails at the same time each day, regardless of when I post. I certainly don’t type there early in the morning.
  • Sometimes I’m on nightshift and can get kinda bored at 3am sometimes.
  • Sometimes I just can’t sleep, especially with the changing day/night cycles.

Most of the blog runs on queue, honestly. At least three posts a day do.

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before i begin this rant, i’d just like to say that i encourage you to kindly add your own two cents to this post. this isn’t just for me or the trans community, but for cis allies who are part of the skam fandom, too. as well, this doesn’t go entirely for the skam fandom itself, but for literally any side of tumblr with a predominant cis female ratio. now, this isn’t to put down cis females themselves; whatsoever, honestly. i’m not targeting anyone, nor am i pointing fingers. this is just something that’s been weighing down on my mind a lot lot lot lately. now, you may conclude this as just me whining, and that’s totally okay! like i said, your own two cents, friends. 

as an active skam blog, as well as an individual of the trans community (nonbinary folk, to be specific) i see a lot of, well, everything. there is absolutely no trans representation in skam yet, and that’s completely fine. as much as i would love to see a trans character, even if minor, i know that it’s a bit of a hard thing to pull off! i have faith in julie’s judgement, though, and welcome anything she brings. 

honestly, i’d like to talk about the tumblr side of the fandom as opposed to any other social media platform, seeing as it’s so big, and constantly growing. with that comes the topic of selfies, groupchats, and overall the making of friends. and that’s great! as a individual who has made tons of mutuals no thanks to the amazingly inspirational norwegian drama, i get it; i do. however, what i don’t necessarily get is the backlash that a lot of trans bloggers receive; for example, misgendering is a common theme. now, that’s quite unavoidable, rather unfortunately, but we can do so much with that. be kind, as well as courteous to your fellow trans friends, because misgendering, to put it blandly, makes us feel like utter shit. it’s okay if you slip up; to be honest, i do it all the time, even as someone so rooted into the using of they/them pronouns. it’s okay; don’t feel bad! however, please refrain from getting mad at them; you are, after all, the one who did it. remember that before you blatantly disregard their feelings.

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Twilight Imagine - Always

Requested by thevamps-1d-r5-fgl - “please just dont hurt Y/n (your name) can you do it with all the cullens and the pack from twilight and jane captures you and threatens to hurt you and so they come to rescue you. One of the cullens says please just dont hurt y/n but jane does and it makes you scream which makes them mad so they all attack her and felix and rescue you and your badly hurt so carlise helps you but later on your traumatized and you scream at night and they all help you through it and watch you through the night”
Thank you for your request!  I hope you like it!  (Also I recieved your other ask, yes I do write Harry Potter but I won’t reply to your ask because I want to keep it in my inbox for when I write the imagine) :)

Word Count: 840
Requests are open, all requests are appreciated!  I am in multiple fandoms, please send your requests here.  I also have a page for information about requests, what is open etc.  If you want to check whether or not your request has been received I have a page where I post all requests to be published, although it may take me a while to update it with time zones etc.

Although you didn’t know who she was, you could guess very easily what she was.  She moved impossibly fast, too fast for you to duck out of the way.  And she was strong, so strong that your struggles didn’t affect her at all, except to irritate her.  Her skin was like liquid nitrogen, the surface smooth and unblemished yet cold, so cold. 

There was another one with her, another vampire, although you never saw his face before the blindfold was over your eyes and the cloth in your mouth to muffle your screams for help.  Your desperate, sobbing screams went unheard.

Even though you knew it was useless to try and keep track of where you were going and to count the turns, you did it anyway.  Even though they moved with superhuman speed you tried to keep track of the lefts and rights, repeating them in order in your head like a mantra.  It gave you something to focus on, something other than what was surely your impending death.  Would it be quick?  You doubted it.  Surely they would enjoy sucking the life out of you, draining you dry.  Unless there was another reason for them taking you.  Unless it has something to do with the Cullen’s, or the pack.  But who would want to do something like that?  Then it hit you, the Volturi.  An icy shard of fear rooted itself deep in your stomach, buried beside the rest of it, an ever building pile up that would soon consume you, even as you tried to stand strong and brave.

They heard them before you did, and stopped, ripping the blindfold from your eyes and the gag from your mouth, holding you by the throat as they appeared in the forest.  All of them were there.  Every last member of the pack and the Cullen’s, banded together again.  It didn’t take them long, although with their superior senses and abilities that was to be expected.  You could see the fury in their eyes, and knew that yours showed only fear, showed only pure, undiluted terror.  The hand at your throat was ready to move, to snap your neck maybe, or rip out your throat, they could certainly do either.  You reigned in the sob that so desperately wanted to escape, and blinked to force back the droplets pooling in your eyes.  You had to stand strong.

Carlisle was the first to step forward, his hands raised in a placatory manner towards the girl holding you.  “Come now, let her go.  She has done nothing wrong.”
“I am well aware of that Carlisle.  Did you get my message?”  Her voice was clipped and steady.  A nod from Carlise answers her question.  “But you were too late weren’t you, she was gone when you got there.”
“Let her go.”  The wolves were growling and snarling, but holding still.  You heard her laugh then, the noise high and humourless.  “Or what?”  She tightened her grip slightly.  “Go on and tell me, what will you do if I refuse to let her go?   What will you do if I hurt her?”  The growling raises in volume and she laughs again, throwing you to the ground disdainfully, pain cracking through your leg as you land awkwardly.  “Please.”  Alice’s voice is soft.  “Just don’t hurt {Y/N}.”
Jane laughs again, an agonising pain spreading throughout your entire body.  “Ooops.  Too late.”  The pain rips through you, every inch of your body screaming in pain, so much so that you don’t notice as you begin to do the same.  Your limbs are taught, your back arching as you writhe, guttural screams wrenching from your mouth.  Then you see figures leaping over you, although you cannot focus on anything except the pain.

You must have blacked out at some point, because when you are awake the vampire and her friend are gone.  The pain is still resonating throughout you, but there is a sharper pain in your leg and neck.  Carlise is assessing you, and the cold wind whips at your bare leg.  “There seems to be a break.”  He mutters, and everybody tenses.  “It will heal.”  He sighs, and reaches underneath you to lift you.  “Let’s get you home.”

You wish you could say that it all ended then, that that was that.  But it wasn’t.  You saw them every night in your dreams, and woke up panting, your limbs aching from straining and stretching while you battle the phantom pain.  It haunts you, and not just the pain.  The fear is always there, lodged deep inside.

They took turns watching you, staying with you, doing their best to help you.  The Cullen’s mostly as they don’t need sleep, but the pack insisted on taking their fair share of turns.  There is always somebody sitting in your room as you drift to sleep, and always somebody when you wake up, screaming and thrashing.  There is always somebody to hold you tight, keeping you tethered while the dream and the fear and pain that comes with it ebbs away.  Always.

I’ve seen many differing opinions on the finale of SKAM and thought I’d throw my hat in the opinion ring.

First thing you should know is that Even is my favorite character. That doesn’t mean I don’t love and adore Isak too (I really really do) but I connect with Even on such a deep personal level. But this post is me defending my smol butter bean Isak because people are coming for him and Mama Bear ain’t having it.

People are upset with what Isak said in his conversation with Eva about him and Even. There are claims that Isak doesn’t love Even as much as Even loves him. I’ve seen anon after anon harping on the fact that it sounded like Isak has accepted that his relationship won’t last. 

Well that is not what I took from it at all.

Eva: “So is he the man of your life?”

Isak: “I don’t know.”

Eva: “He’s not?”

Isak: “Is it important?”

Ironically, I think this is a really important. Isak is not saying that Even is not the man of his life or they are not meant to be together forever. Isak is saying that all that matters, is right now. And right now Isak is deeply in love and committed to Even and their relationship. Isak is doing everything in his power to make sure that him and Even are together and that they are okay. Isak acknowledging that it might not be forever and that it could end at any moment doesn’t take away from that. He’s realising that’s what makes every part of it, good and bad, so beautiful and real. It makes the good great and the bad terrible but it’s worth it.

Pretty words and fluff are great, I am here for it but give me real tangible action any damn day. And that’s what Isak is doing. He’s showing his love and commitment every minute of every day that he is in this with Even. That to me means everything. They are building a beautiful strong foundation for a relationship that could last the distance. So I don’t understand people questioning or doubting Isak’s feelings for Even. 

Ummmm, did we watch the same show? Did you see how devastated Isak was when Even called things off and then kissed Sonja? Did you see Isak not sleeping properly? Did you see how depressed he was when Sonja told him Even’s feelings were because of his mania? Did you see Isak crying on the phone to his Dad telling him that things between him and Even were over? Yes, Even told Isak he loved him (via text) and that was amazing but maybe Isak isn’t ready to say it back just yet. And it’s okay if he isn’t. But he sure as shit is showing Even he loves him no matter what, no matter how big the challenge. He’s in it. If that ain’t love, I dont know what is. 

I’ve also seen people talking about Isak being controlling when it comes telling Even he can’t have any of his weed because it isn’t good for him. Again I didn’t see it that way, I didn’t see it as controlling behaviour. Isak is acting on what Sonja told him about weed being bad for Even so I understand why he did it. It wasn’t about controlling Even, it was about protecting him. There is definitely a conversation that needs to happen which they couldn’t have at the time because they were in the middle of a party. Maybe neither of them smoke or maybe Even can handle smoking a small amount recreationally. Again, it’s a conversation they need to have. 

I did appreciate that Isak used humor to break the tension in the moment. It reminded me a lot of Even earlier in the season when things would get too real or heavy and Isak shut off, Even would break through that Isak’s walls with humor. Never would have thought sucking dicks in the dark and aluminum legs could make me so nostalgic but here we are. Now Isak throws in Even’s Mom hiring him to be Even’s caretaker/boyfriend to break the tension. I thought it was a great throwback/parallel moment.

The reason I think that they are going to be fine is because they fit so perfectly together. Even is the romantic. Everything is big, cinematic and epic. He’s the artist. The filmmaker. The storyteller. Then you have Isak who is the realist. The producer. He loves the concept/story but he’s trying to figure out how to make it a reality. Being with Even forever is a beautiful concept but how do they realistically achieve that? And for Isak that means not thinking/worrying about where they are going to be at the end up in twenty years. For Isak it’s taking everything day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and dealing with things as they happen. That is extremely smart and mature way to look at a relationship. 

And in return Even makes Isak want to be part of that epic story. Whether they get their happily ever after or not. Even makes Isak want to live and love and experience the entire human range of emotions and experiences that Isak has suppressed and avoided for so long trying to hide who he is. They balance each other out so well. They save each other. What a gift. I actually physically hugged my laptop screen after watching the final clip because I was so happy, content and emotional. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but to me it was the epic love story and ending just solidified everything I had felt over the course of the season. I can’t wait for season 4.

but let’s talk about leah for a moment.

her boyfriend goes missing for two weeks and most people give up on searching for him. she ignores school and ignores her parents warnings, sneaking out of the house to go look for him in the forest herself. when he comes home a few short weeks later he is more muscular and looks different, almost older, more mature. his skin is burning hot. he never tells her where he was and she finally learns to respect it because she worries that he had to deal with awful things and she shouldn’t press it. he’s a bit distant at first, like he is scared to get too close to her. he drops out of school and is nowhere to be found at random times of the day. soon his friends jared and paul join him, dropped out of school, muscular, looking a bit different. there are rumors that they started a drug gang and leah refuses to believe them and holds back even though she wants to tear out people’s throats when she hears them whispering. but things fall back to somewhat normal and she finally introduces her best friend to the man she was ready to marry when she finished school. and sam looks at emily like he used to look at her. he avoids her until he has to tell her he can’t be with her. then he’s with emily not long after she is injured in an awful animal attack.

then she loses her father and becomes a shifter herself. it hurts more than it should because she feels 100% responsible for his death, because in the books it is said that she blames herself for being the first female shifter and thinks that the shock of that killed him. to ramp that up, he had to have seen her shift for that to happen. which means she was probably arguing with him about sam and emily, saying that she shouldn’t judge them so harshly. so she phases and watches her father die before her eyes. she can’t reach out for him and can only howl, she sees she has paws and believes its a nightmare. but then sam comes into the house stark naked and yanks her silver furry ass into the forest and phases back to himself. he’s compassionate and tries his hardest to calm her down – tries to convince her that it wasn’t her fault. but when she does phase back she goes to the hospital to find out that her father is dead. sam’s heart breaks for the girl he still loves, the girl he wished he didn’t have to hurt and stays by her side to console her and she’s too distraught to push him away.

but she has to deal with him going back to emily after that and deal with the fact that the legends are true and that means that imprinting is true and nobody but emily could have done anything to aid the situation. but even if she had had the strength to push him away or say that she only wanted to be friends with him – his love for leah would still be second to his love for emily and she wouldn’t have been able to deal with that either. she has to hear his thoughts constantly, how in love he is with emily. she probably even catches glimpses of their intimate life together from time to time. she sees emily through his vision as he explains to other shifters what imprinting is really like – hears the explanation jake ends up telling bella. has to sit through dinners at emily’s place and the bonfires and see sam and emily happily exchange kisses before her. and he proposes to her within a year, they’re living in a house that she should have been sharing with him. she has to deal with the sometimes silent judgements, about how kind emily is compared to her and how good her cooking is – even though leah can cook well too because it was one of the things she and emily loved doing together.

on top of that she has to deal with the theories about how a woman shifted. people say she may be somewhat hermaphroditic, or there was some flaw in her genes that made her more womanly than she should have been because she was supposed to be a man. then comes the heartbreak when she’s supposed to get her period for the first time since she started phasing and it never comes. was she barren? is that why sam imprinted on emily instead of her, because even though she has some of the most powerful wolf genes within her she simply wouldn’t be able to have his children to spread it on? because she refuses to believe that their love wasn’t real – that emily was simply a better match for him. then for the first few months of phasing the boys drool over their glimpses of her naked frame and she has to see the fantasies that play out in their minds in her own when they can’t help themselves.

during the time of the newborn war, she hasn’t been in the pack that long. all of this is relatively fresh and she lashes out to make everyone leave her alone – but it ends up in them (understandably so) lashing back. she doesn’t want to get close to anyone because she has lost sam, emily, and her father and doesn’t think she could handle it anymore. so she doesn’t let others care for her and tries not to care for them herself because it would hurt too much when circumstances took them away. surely, something is starting to stir between her mother and charlie around this time as bella becomes closer to edward and less present at home. and it pisses leah off because they should still be grieving over her father. charlie will not replace her dad and he shouldn’t even be looking at her mother that way – and how could she look at him that way? maybe nothing concrete happens until after this time – but she can sense it. so, she basically feels hopeless. she doesn’t are if she lives or dies, but she wouldn’t actively do anything about it.

so she tries to take on that tick because she does believe she’s strong enough – and it’s really not a loss to anyone if she’s not. she isn’t being reckless to prove herself, she is just doing what she’s supposed to without worrying about herself. not to mention her packmates nor the cullens saw it first and she couldn’t just sit around and let it harm someone else. jake pushes her out of the way and nearly dies – she has something else to feel guilty for . but she knew jake didn’t do it for her, believes in her heart that he was trying to prove to bella that he would do anything for her. maybe he is starting to feel  as hopeless as she does too. so she tries to play it off and tells the boys she could have taken it and gets yelled at by both paul and sam. that stings, it always does, when sam looks at her fueled with anger. she stands alone as they fix jake because no one wants to look at her. if she hadn’t been reckless he wouldn’t have had to step in. it’s her fault and she knows they all think it. his screams as carlisle rebreaks his bones tear her apart.

when she escapes sam’s pack to join jake’s ( i dont give a fuck what meyer says) she starts to fall for him, despite her best efforts to keep people away. she lets him in, empathizes with him so he doesn’t cast her back to sam’s thoughts. he says she’s less annoying that paul, even when seth said she ruins everything when she showed up. it hurts her when she sees him crying on the steps after bella’s heart stops beating. either she dies or she’s worse than dead to him – and the way he loves her it’s so much worse than her pain with sam, because at least he’s alive and not a tick. she holds seth back because she knows it’s better to grieve alone for a little while. she is much too afraid to tell him how she feels, hopes the little crush will go away because he’s her friends’ dorky little brother for christ’s sake. but then he imprints on renesmee and she’s bested again – it hurts, more than she thought it would – because maybe it wasn’t just a misplaced crush. he was kind and compassionate and she was lying when she said she wasn’t impressed when she’d seen all of him depsite her best efforts.

so yeah, leah is bitter, but you can’t sit there and tell me she doesn’t have reason to be.

lil spongebob the musical things, june 10th 2016

so i saw the last spongebob show in chicago and thought i would make a lil masterpost of things that happened while i was there, so masterpost under the cut! (this is so long i’m sorry)

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To all the new ruspolers/anyone even remotely interested in ruspol

I am so happy that you all are interested in this little niche fandom. It’s super weird and its real life (which I think is cool but it’s given many people an excuse to talk shit and call us horrible people). I am assuming that you have somewhat gotten past that, since you are cruising the ruspol tag. Anyways…

Most of y'all (myself included) got into ruspol initially because of the weird/interesting/horrible person that is Vladimir Putin. He is one of the world’s most powerful men, and he has one of the most interesting pasts and personalities to try and analyze and “figure out”. Of course, with Putin comes Medvedev, the most adorable bear in Russia. Of course, Putvedev is the ruspol OTP. Putvedev all the way. Anyway, there’s also Surkov, associated with Satan, sunflowers, Tupac, etc, etc. 

I know there are other figures people love (mostly within the Kremlin aka part of the ruling party of people) like Mikhail Abyzov, Nikolai Nikiforov, Sergei Ivanov, what have you. 

It’s important to know though (and it makes it even more interesting!) is that Russian politicians exist outside the ruling United Russia party. United Russia likes to degrade Opposition members by calling them middle class whiners who are useless and have no direction. While this may be true to some extent, this is a tactic used by the Kremlin to silence any opposing viewpoint. The Opposition is also not just one party, and it’s usually just used to refer to anyone outside of the United Russia party (which is still a super recent conglomerate party, but let’s not complicate this for the time being).

Anywayyyyy, what I’m getting at is that there are other figures to read about, enjoy, fawn over, or completely hate, depending. This includes but is by no means limited to:

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

most of you probably already know who Khodorkovsky is, but just in case, he used to be Russia’s richest man and an oligarch. For a while in the 90s he and the other oligarchs were pretty much running the country because Yeltsin was so sick. Then Putin locked him up in 2003 because he dared to expose corruption apparent in the Russian government. Khodorkovsky spent the next 10 years in jail, and was only released this past December as a gesture of “good will” by Putin, but it was most likely so Putin could patch up his shitty image before the Sochi olympics started. Also he’s super cute and super passionate about his country.

Boris Nemtsov

Nemtsov is currently a member of the Russian Opposition, but he used to be in higher offices back in the 90s. He started out as the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, and was even deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation for a hot second in 1998. Many thought Nemtsov was going to be picked as Yeltsin’s successor, but obviously Putin was eventually picked over Nemtsov. Since Putin took over, Nemtsov has been sequestered to an Opposition position, decrying Putin’s ways fromt he sidelines. Don’t get me wrong, Nemtsov is a HUGE asshole, always has been and always will be. But he’s also super hot, too, and has a bunch to say about the bullshit going on in Ukraine right now, so yeah, check him out. I post pics and other media of him fairly regularly.

Ilya Yashin

I don’t profess to know much about Yashin, other ruspolers do know more than I do. He is pretty damn young though (30) and a co-founder of the Solidarity Party, a Russian Opposition Party formed in 2008 with the help of Boris Nemtsov, Gerry Kasparov, and others. He dated Ksenia Sobchak (daughter of Anatoly Sobchak, former mayor of St. Petersburg back in the 90s, although Ksenia has currently made a name for herself in her own right) for a while and both of them got attention as the Opposition poster couple. Since then, however, they have broken up. 

Mikhail Prokhorov

I’m not sure what the rankings are now, but Prokhorov is definitely one of the richest men in modern day Russia. He owns an American basketball team among many other huge ass important companies in Russia. Prokhorov ran for the office of Prime Minister in 2012 on his own party’s ticket. Prokhorov often gets into trouble on account of the press-motivated idea that he is a womanizer. Back in like 2007 or so he got busted with a bunch of hookers at a ski lodge and he just didn’t give a fuck, because he’s rich as hell. There’s more than meets the eye to Prokhorov, though. He could just as easily take his billions and leave Russia forever, but he has decided to stay and help out his country, which is pretty damn admirable.

Alexei Navalny

Navalny is propably the most well-known Opposition member, at least the most well known one to come about in the past 15 years or so. A lawyer by profession (I’m pretty sure, correct me if im wrong), Navalny has been running an opposition blog for years now, where he digs up dirts on russian politicians and find the sources of their corruption. In 2013, Navalny attempted to run for mayor of Moscow, and he very nearly won. The ruling party, United Russia would never ever accept an opposition member as the mayor of the country’s capital, so in a “democratic election”, Navalny’s opponent (and United Russia candidate) Sergei Sobyanin, won. Last year as well, Navalny was sentenced with a bullshit charge of corruption (don’t get me started on the Russian judicial system) and was put on probabtion for 5 years from doing pretty much anything political. When this crisis in Ukraine fired up, Navalny was very vocally against it. Currently, I believe Navalny is in jail for doing exactly what he was told not to do. He’s a firecracker, albeit kind of a dumb firecracker.

Other figures who are interesting and deserve attention (but this post is super long so imma just post pics and descriptions now. You can google them or msg me if you have any questions!) are:

Dmitry Gudkov-Duma member and former member of A Just Russia Party (although idk how his Duma memberships is affected by him getting ousted):

Ilya Ponomarev-Also a former A Just Russia member, Duma member, and vocal opposer of Putin and his regime:

Anatoly Chubais- Once a huge mover and shaker in Russia in the 90s (he co-started Russia’s mass privatization after the Soviet Union collapse), Chubais is now the CEO of Rusnano, a government owned company specializing in nanotechnology. Chubais has no fucks to give at this point:

aaaand my personal favorite, 

Yevgeny Roizman- co-founder of an anti-drug foundation and former convict, now mayor of Russia’s 4th largest city, Yekaterinburg. Roizman is a historian by profession, and has shied away from outright deposing Putin’s policies. Just an all around badass:

Obvs there are more people, but I felt the need to make this summary post to show that the Kremlin is the hub of ruspol, there is no doubt about that, but it is by no means the whole of ruspol. There are many figures to keep an eye on, some who used to be big, some who may have not yet reached their peak political period, and some non-politicians who dabble in politics. It’s a fascinating medley.

Again, any questions you can msg me. I don’t know all the things, but I can sure as hell try!

Kaname's Abusive Love

I just wanted to share this with you. It is a kind of essay about how Kaname is basically the most abusive asshole ever written by me, and you can spread it if  you want. Sorry it’s all convoluted and messy.

There was one point where I was a huge fan of Kaname (I even used to ship him and Yuuki, I won’t lie), but that stopped during Vampire Knight’s second arc. I didn’t quite realize the extent of Kaname’s manipulative behavior until I saw him living with Yuuki, and, frankly, I was horrified. His relationship with Yuuki displayed every sign of abuse and neglect, and Yuuki was a textbook victim. I will say right off of the bat that I don’t believe it was Yuuki being stupid or that it was even her fault for staying with Kaname, but more on that later.

First lets give some examples of Kaname’s abuse; all of which would warrant an arrest in the real world.

- Constantly referring to Yuuki as small or childish in some way. By infantilizing her and mocking her attempts to rise up to her pureblood status, he is telling her that she is insignificant and wont last without him.

- Punishing her. That puts him in a level above her, as if their relationship is a hierarchy. Also, wtf? How messed up is it that he treats her as if she is an animal that has no sense of right or wrong and needs to be domesticated (Robin Thicke mentality, anyone)? Even worse is that he punishes her for the moments she decides to display an ounce of independence.

- Not allowing her to go outside or see her friends. Abusers often isolate their victims to better control them. But even some abusers have more mercy than Kaname, since they will allow an exception for school or work.

- Threatening to withhold nourishment from Yuuki unless she uses her fangs. This falls more into the category of neglect, but you get the idea. Keeping essentials is a form of control and a sadistic way of making someone beg.

- Admitting that her feelings are split and complicating them further by having sex with her in the middle of a love triangle crisis. This was very very selfish of him, especially since he knew he was going to kill himself soon after.

- Making Yuuki rely on him to a large extent, and then suddenty abandoning her.

- Physically harming Yuuki. Remember that time Kaname bit the shit out of Yuuki and she was surrounded by her own blood? Also that he mocked her after it? Did you think that was all romantic or that Yuuki deserved it? Well then congratulations, you are one sick bastard. Yes, you can argue that she’s a pureblood and that’s in their nature and she will heal, but would you treat your loved ones like that? I surely hope not. Not to mention all of the times he’s roughly manhandled her.

- And last on this list only because it’s getting too long, giving her “treats” to make up for the shit he does. All of his sweet words, and loving gestures, and that one time he gave Yuuki Artemis and let her free must mean he’s not abusive and loves her, right? Hell to the fucking no. It’s the oldest trick in the book to lure victims into a false sense of security so that they don’t leave the relationship/situation, because they think “Oh, well they were nice that one time so they must care for me”.

Looking at all of these examples, I’d say that Kaname is much more like Rido than Haruka. I’m really surprised no one has really talked about that.

Now, a shorter explanation of why Yuuki doesn’t dump the pretentious pureblood.

Four factors play into this: Guilt, familial ties, baiting, and Stockholm Syndrome.

Guilt: Yuuki is always being guilt tripped by Kaname, so much so that she wishes she wasn’t born at one point. These feelings of guilt about not being with Kaname for those ten years, and of leaving him to be alone again make it impossible for her to leave. Yuuki is at her very core, self-sacrificing for the interest of others. Her weakness (or strength depending on how you look at it) is being monopolized so Kaname can get what he wants. That’s just a shitty thing to do.

Familial ties: Yuuki feels a duty to Kaname and her parents to carry on as a pureblood and remain with her brother/ancestor/whatever-i-dont-even-know-anymore. It falls under that stupid saying “blood is thicker than water”, and Yuuki firmly believes that. It’s why she left the people at cross academy who were her family for the majority of her life.

Baiting: I won’t say much about this, because I already mentioned it. It’s giving a treat in the middle of all the shitty stuff someone does so they will stay.

Stockholm Syndrome: I don’t believe Yuuki ever loved Kaname romantically. I believed her feelings for him devolved like this: Family love at age 6, mere infatuation throughout her amnesia filled years, and Stockholm Syndrome bordering on obsession up until the time she found out she was pregnant. Being in stasis and just waiting to die 2 months after someone “dies” (for gods sakes, he only fucking fell asleep) is not love. That just shows how far Kaname got into Yuuki’s psyche and fucked it up. You may argue that she did the same with Zero, but that was vastly different. Yuuki felt she had lived long enough by that time, and she had a happy life with him. She didn’t do it out of guilt or even to resurrect Kaname; that merely coincided with each other. She did it because she loved Kaname as a brother, as someone who made it possible for her to be with Zero.

On a final note. Kaname had one quality that makes him less of a horrible sadist in my mind. That was when he finally gave his blessing for Yuuki to find happiness with Zero.


This.. Holy shit. This. Like I don’t even know how to respond to this.

I have 672 GIFS and it took me twenty minutes to even find a handful that could adequately convey my response.

Whoever sent this to me, like, take a freaking bow you awesome son of a gun and let me give you a medal of pure awesomeness.

Absolutely everything is perfect.

My god this is all too perfect.

And I’m sure as hell going to post it, because if I didn’t it would be like hiding Mona Lisa’s smile. Like sacrilegious. 


Oh. My. God.

On Seidou

A/N: This got long, I’m sorry for any possible mischaracterization I have no idea what im doing. Feel free to disagree.

So I’ve been a bit on a loss for the last week with the Seidou situation and his behaviour the past week - which turned out to be so frustrating that I got more than a bit upset about it, but with the new chapter and after reading this post (x) by coromoor i got a bit of a better idea for myself what is/could be happening right now.

What I want to focus on is the number that appeared on Seidous capsule in this weeks chapter a reversed 15 which is related to breaking free, detachment and reclaiming power.

Now how does this apply to Seidou?

Seidou obviously broke out of his role of being Tataras subordinate in a fast, relentless and effective manner - in fact so impressing that one cant help but ask themself: Why didnt he broke out sooner?

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Note: I am pointing out someone who needs it, this is just a suspison, but I have a feeling this is the person who’s been insulting Ciro and Brandon, you can read more about that, but this is just a feeling, no I am not accusing anyone.

Please go here before continuing to get the full story: here and here

If you do not like this, feel free to leave and ignore.

Lets start with this first comment. Yes Im breaking this down FOR ME! NOT TO BE MEAN. So please, feel free to leave, as I said up above.

  • “Because we obviously know nothing about her. Raph knows nothing about Mona or her personality. He only knows that she can fight. He likes her look. That’s not love. That’s lust.”

Well considering they are both reptiles, and not all human, these two acted on animal instincts, and in the animal kingdom, its kind of run on instincts. 

Now we know shes a high strong, shes blunt and to the point, which is why he likes her, she doesnt like taking other peoples crap, which is another quality he would like about her. So there are two quailities I just listed of her personailty. Lets also add in that, she is honorable, that is a quality they both share. Also, who cares if its lust or love, these two have been canon since 1980, since Raphael Meets His Match aired. Just letting you know on that infomation.

  • “it’s pretty sad that this show teaches kids that beauty matters the most. Most of the female characters are there only for the franchise and only to be love interests.”

Really? Cause, from what it taught me that girls can kick ass. Looks shouldnt matter the most, I think thats what you took from this show. Mona is a lizard, yes she can be pretty in the eyes of the beholder, but to others, these girls can be ugly as hell and still be amazing. THEY ARE NOT JUST LOVE INTERESTS.

Im so sick of people using that as a reason, no, These girls are surely NOT JUST THAT. If that was the case, they wouldnt get so much love that they do, they get more love then hate, why? because they have likable personalities.

Lets take a look at these girls, shall we?

  • Karai: Complex story, rebel, smart mouthed female ninja who’s quick on her toes, and was reunited with her father, only to have it taken away from her, again. Her mother was killed by the man who kidnapped her and made false stories up about her REAL father, just so he could keep her.
  • April: A half human/half kraang. Psychic powers. High strong, stubborn and a firey red head. Was a normal girl until the Kraang kidnapped her dad, after reuniting with him, it didnt last long when he got mutated. twice. Puts up with ALOT of stuff in her life. Her mother lost, her father always gone, the only friends she has are guys, her best friend turned out to be Kraang Prime. Oh lets not forget that this season her powers are growing, and getting better as this series progress.
  • Renet: Saved time itsself from being destroyed by Salvanti. ((Forgive me for misspelling his name)) spent six months looking for the turtles, saved them once again. Shes clumsy, a dork, a legit fan of the turtles. She kicked ass when it was much needed, quick thinker, and a total sweetheart.
  • Mona: Shes a second in commant, a lutinent. An honorable warrior. Head strong, at first she was quick to judge, but soon came to realize that the others may not be so bad. She teamed up with the turtles, and fought side by side, both times now. 

We still dont know much about Mona, but that doesnt mean we wont know anymore. Also, these personalities and qualities dont matter huh, since I guess they’re just love interests. or just here to please the franchise. No you know what, April 2012 has more of a personality then the 1980s April. So please dont start that bullsh*t with me, because thats just it, bullsh*t.

  • “Girls aren’t useless, you know. Mona’s character is pretty good. She’s badass and I don’t hate it.”

But wait, didnt you say that these girls are just to be love interests? Oh wait, MOST. Whoops. 

  • “I hate their rushed and forced relationship.” 

Okay, I am not trying to change your opinion or whatever, but Im gonna let you in on a secret…..THIS RELATIONSHIP WAS NEVER FORCED. you wanna see forced? Leorai, Miket, hell even freaking Apriltello is forced. Why, because unlike the other 3 pairings, we’ve seen Raph and Mona together, before in the 80s series. Which is why it feels natural, just in a different version. 

The relationship rushed? now see thats where it depends, Raphael didnt just like her off the bat, vice versa. They both were trying to kick each others ass. And then, it hit him…..literally. Relationships are different in many ways. For example… Apriltello, one sided love, Donnie has been infatuated with this girl since season one. It took 3 seasons for these two to kiss, and they are still not together. The difference is, April and Donnie like to beat around the bush, while Mona and Raph are very blunt and up front characters. He told her, she told him, they both grew fond of each other. Lets not forget that we gotta think about how long they have not seen each other. Raphael even said that he didnt even think he’d ever see her again, so yes they reunite with a few kisses.

  • “And this joke has gone too far. We all know it’s a joke. It’s not funny anymore. It’s sick. Joke about teen pregnancy? AND about Raph giving birth or something like that? That it not funny.”

See this is why Ciro and Brandon troll you, because you take EVERYTHING seriously, like wtf bruh. Raph giving birth? Really?

  • Go ahead and block me, post my comment or whatever. No matter what, this show is not TMNT anymore. 

Last time I checked, the logo said “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and it was about 4 turtles. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo….Unless the names and logo changed….

  • “Kids aren’t interested to see turtles and aliens kissing.”

I maybe 21, but mentally im 15, and deep in my heart Im 10. Hell even when I was that age I wanted to see people kissing. Your just to immature to handle that bull, or you…just need something else to enjoy in your life….

  • “Please don’t start any more wars and try to improve the show. That’s your job, isn’t it?”

Bruh, he can do whatever the hell he wants. He does this sh*t because people like you in this fandom make it to easy and fun to troll.

  • “Ps. I do appreciate your work on the show. And I still want to watch it. But I can’t anymore. And I’m not the only one. That’s disappointing” 

Im positive your the only one bruh….wait…nevermind, there will always be crazy rabid fangirls like you in every fandom you see. You appreciate his work so much that this is the second time you complain about either the girls or a shipping. Hell it had to do with the show. That I remember…wait, i have a screen shot of it.. 

Not joking, her second time. Which is why I have a feeling… Well at least she was a bit more mature this time…((And yeah, I just did that sh*t))

No someone bullying a writer and a creator of a show is disappointing. Along with fans like you who take this kinda crap way to seriously. Like bruh, take a pill, drink some ice water, and chill.

This is literally sad. Brandon cant even joke about this kinda crap without one of you fans making this into a sensitive sob fest, let alone stand up for himself without being gained up on without others knowing the FULL story, 


 I take bullying very seriously and hearing that Ciro and Brandon are being bullied, over this Ramona bullsh*t? Really? Its not their fault you dont like it! So why even bother? Do you not have a life outside of the internet? Im just wondering. Sometime this fandom, just…really amazes me sometimes, and not the good kind…

 I love you guys, THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. But the actions you guys do sometimes, it just breaks my heart…

Welcome to the horrid Internet Miki. 

Well this can go badly for me, or positively for me…whelp nice knowing ya Miki!


Discussion: Here

Hate: Here

As usual

To who it may concern or hi cuteosphere/dragondicks

As i messaged you i was raised by a single mother. Taught by her and by many life lessons to accept others. I worked and took care of elderly people as well as handicapped people. Was member of a youth parlament fighting to acknowledge rights of children/teenagers, them being treated well. Our topics involved equality, hatred against foreigners and acceptance for every member of society too.  I work in retail now. On a daily basis i see a lot of different and not always good social behaviour and I call people out for it.

When i started and i had gained some knowledge someone turned to me instead of my female colleague by saying that she wouldnt know as much as i did. Told him everything i knew and he was happy. As he thanked me for the exeptional advice/informations he had gotten from me i turned to him with an angry face and told him „You know im new here and everything i learned i know from her.“ The smile turned into a rather shocked face and with a small voice he said he was sorry and left with his purchase a bit later.

For me it doesnt matter who you are. I will fight for people who get bullshit and i accept people regardless of gender, age and whatever they look like. My problem is not that you post about sensitive matters because you do and there is some art i can and will agree with. Like this for example:


On the other hand if its something you dislike you think its the worst but you dont take 5 minutes to just talk to or consider why the artist did it.

The zebra comic was about people using such a terrible situation as an excuse.This is not okay but it was never about a race issues. It is pretty easy to understand and the author later confirms it with the above message.

Sadly my brain is keeping most written and spoken words by a person that i ever came across. Thats why i reacted and said that about south park because at the time i believed that you wouldnt even get an episode about gender issues that in the end even stated it by word that people should be accepted the way they are.

Now i fear its even worth and you are fully aware of what it states but choose to not acknowledge it just because of the way its presented to you.


And this is another reason. Approching activism from a selfish angle?What are you even talking about?. I write to you with no idea whats going on. Yet you go on about all the bad stuff and just so you know people get called out for certain art.

Another thing i never wrote (thanks to tumblrs message system) was the fact that you cant just start deleting whatever you dislike. There is bad stuff on the internet but if you start to purge it how long do you think it will take until some other stuff gets deleted/blocked as well? The internet should not be censored unless people break laws with the content they upload.

Acceptance/equality is something society, schools and politicans need to talk about a lot more. Bad behaviour needs to be something we reject. At the same time this kind of behaviour should not be a shield for your personal witchhunts. Not only that but someone who puts dragondildos on a rainbow dash toy and draws this(and okay so you hate boys and not men):

should really consider if they are the one to talk. The way i see it someones art should be deleted because its not helping to make it a safe place for everyone.You see what i did there?

You could be selfish or really narrow minded (maybe both). You could be believing that you can change people by demanding they act the way you want them to. In the end what makes me write this is that someone who is gifted with talent got so bitter. It makes me sad and angry when people dont take the time to think about others and instead just shove their believes down someones throat.

The comic in my opinion was very clear on what it had to say and yet that was the reaction:

Do you think this is okay? I really dont and if that is how you like to see people react you are a lost cause.

Well and maybe you should just ignore stuff you dislike. Putting efford into it might have been a wrong phrase for that but reacting to these posts just brings them more attention. That is the reason why this will be my last efford writing to you. I will however respond to you as you have shown me the same courtesy.


Dont pretend your cause is the better one. Take time to read why someone makes a certain piece of art/writing/music. Ignore it if its something not to your taste. Dont pretend its the cause of all evil in the world.

Hey everyone! So I recently reached 1,400 followers, so I thought I’d do a writing challenge to celebrate! Here are the rules:

  • You can write reader insert fics or non reader fics, doesn’t matter to me. I like the variations.
  • The fic can be about any Supernatural character/actor you choose, just tell me who it is when you select your prompt(s)! For example: Dean x Reader.
  • You can write for any ship you want as long as it’s Supernatural related, of course.
  • Fics can be smutty, non smutty, angsty, fluffy, etc. Do what you want, really.
  • You have until Sept 30th (USA time) to enter in the challenge and choose your prompt(s). You can choose 2 max. Prompts are listed below.
  • The final submission date will be October 30th, so you have a little over a month to work on your fic.
  • Lastly, tag me in the fic and have totallysupernaturaloneshotsfollowercelebration in the tags.

Here are your list of prompts! There are 50 total. Like I said, 2 max. As people claim them, I will be tagging their names next to the prompts they choose. If need be, I will let people use the same prompts, but most likely only two people per prompt, but it does depend if everyone who wants to enter gets a prompt or not!

  1. “You did not just do that.”
  2. “How am I supposed to trust you?!” @nachthexeuniverseand @growningupgeek
  3. “Yeah, you take that shirt off.” @crazysocklovingfangirl
  4. “Uhm. I don’t know what to say.” @sassysupernaturalsweetheart
  5. “You wish you could handle me.”
  6. “Fuck me already, dammit.” @sammyxorae
  7. “You just took our love and tossed it in the trash, so yeah, I’m pissed.” @bideanismykink
  8. “Loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it?”
  9. “Wow. Can we just for one moment pretend that you’re not a huge douchebag?” @wayward-mirage
  10. “Are you always stupid or is today a special occasion?” @bideanismykink
  11. “It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man.” @matt10nt
  12. “Silence, you uneducated peanut.” @wayward-mirage
  13. “It may not be much, but it’s yours.”
  14. “Is that what you thought you were doing? Helping?”
  15. “I always had a need to be something more than human.”
  16. “Maybe we should just kiss to break the tension.” @sammyxorae and @hudine
  17. “Pay me enough and I didn’t see a thing.” @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester
  18. “It’s okay, you don’t have to love me.” @impalapossible
  19. “I’ll find her and bring her home, I promise.” @i-dont-understand-that-url
  20. “I’m not really surprised that you murdered him.”
  21. “For some reason, I’m attracted to you.” @foxtail-lizey
  22. “I wasn’t expecting it to be so… huge.”
  23. “Silly girl, do you think I actually loved you?” @sammys-angel and @crowleysplaythings 
  24. “How did you even find me?”
  25. “…And then there’s you.” @i-dont-understand-that-url
  26. “Excuse me, which level of Hell is this?” @fangirl-faye and @rubysworld-world-stuff and @thekeybladeninja
  27. “Well, that was one way to do it.”
  28. “You are going way too slow. Speed it up a bit.”
  29. “You here to finish me off, Sweetheart?”
  30. “I didn’t know that was you.”
  31. “You’re telling me this why?”
  32. “Stick it where the sun don’t shine.”
  33. “Well, Kitten, that’s all about to change.”
  34. “I’m in pain and it’s all your fault.” @mostly–supernatural
  35. “Why the hell are you quoting Star Wars?” @blackhoneybucky 
  36. “If only you knew…”
  37. “Why don’t you come over here and make me? Oh that’s right, you can’t.” @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll and @theinsandoutsofcastiel
  38. “Holy shit he is going to kill me.” @crazysocklovingfangirl
  39. “How about you stop hitting on my girlfriend, you pretentious douche?” @hunters-r-us 
  40. “Well, that’s a one way ticket straight to Hell.” @sammys-angel
  41. “That totally came out the wrong way.”
  42. “Are you trying to seduce me? Because it’s working.” @notnaturalanahi
  43. “All that for a stupid key?! A key!”
  44. “Who would’ve thought you’d be the kinky type?”
  45. “I’m sorry I punched your face, you were the closest thing to me.” @mostly–supernatural
  46. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” @angelwingspaintedinthesky
  47. “Oh my God! I-I mean… Never mind.”
  48. “On a scale of one to Australia, how dangerous are we talking?” @fangirl-faye​ and @poemwriter98
  49. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this…” @clever-girl-velocistar237
  50. “No. Not you. Anyone but you.” @sassysupernaturalsweetheart and @poemwriter98

I can’t wait to read all your fics once they’re complete! You can of course post and tag me in them before the deadline!

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Preference #50: The moment he realizes that he loves you

Harry: It was a long trip home and Harry had finally dozed off as you stayed staring out the window with your earphones in your ears, just enjoying the scenery outside while the music took you to another world. 

“Mm-huh. [Y/N]?” he asked with a startle- awaking from his sudden nightmare, looking over at you as you continued to stare contently outside.
He closed his eyes in relief. You were his best friend, anything bad happening to you like it had in his dream was an absolute nightmare.
“Oh. Morning sleepyhead.” You turned smiling as you unplugged the earbuds from your ears, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Nightmare.”
“What about?” you asked, genuinely concerned, he still looked spooked.
“You. You got hurt. Badly. You were dying. I-”
“-It’s okay Harry. I’m here. I’m fine. Just staring out the window. It looks beautiful outside doesn’t it?” you asked looking back out the window, hoping it’d calm him.
But instead of looking outside he instead kept his attention on you.
You were beautiful. You were wonderful. And you always knew what to say.
He felt that feeling again, the feeling he’d felt for a long while now, but he didn’t know what to make of it. You were best friends.
“What are you looking at?” you teased, and he suddenly began to blush profusely.

Liam: He decided to get home early and surprise you, however this would’ve been helpful news to you as you were in the middle of an “intense recording session”, singing that certain tune with a passion.
You would rarely ever sing in front of him.
You didn’t necessarily feel confident in your ability.
You were so immersed in your song you didn’t even hear him walk in.
Instead of interrupting, he stood just leaning against the doorway, watching and waited for you to notice.
You weren’t terrible, but you sang with such passion, and that’s all he noticed.
You sang with strong emotion and your own inner power. You were gonna own this song, and in your own way, you were doing just that.
He suddenly felt as if he were in a trance of some sort- unsure why, and only realized it once you had finally turned around and watched your face fall.
“Oh shit. How long were you there for?” you asked anxiously turning red.
He smiled shrugging his shoulders, “It doesn’t matter. You were wonderful.”
You continued to blush, “Oh. Shut up you.” as you couldn’t bear to look at him further.
He walked over pulling you into him by your waist.
“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed.”
“Well I must be freaking adorable. I can’t believe you just saw all that.” And you buried your face into his chest, and he suddenly felt a warm feeling inside of him he hadn’t felt before, but it felt right as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you even closer.

Louis: He was fast asleep on the couch- that was until he had awakened to the feeling of fingers trailing lightly through his hair.
With his eyes still closed he began to smile, causing you to giggle. You knew he always loved it when you did that.
“Oh good you’re awake.” You exclaimed happily as you continued to look at him as he kept his eyes closed and his smile still present on his lips.
You waited for him to open his eyes, however, they remained shut as he then turned away from you in an attempt to go back to sleep; hearing his playful snores caused you to roll your eyes.
“LOUIS!” and you began to shake at his shoulder watching as he finally tuned over, his eyes finally meeting yours. “Come on Lou. I know you’re tired but you’ve been asleep forever now. I’m lonely.” You began to pout.
He looked at you and just smiled, you were always cute when you acted like this, and he finally sat up in place.
“I’m lonely. I’ve missed you. And your stupid tricks.” You laughed lightly.
“Hm. What you call stupid tricks I call ‘making life more interesting.’” He teased further.
You stuck your tongue out at him and a little sense of realization had hit him, but he wasn’t exactly sure what he had realized.
He just suddenly realized how special you were.
You smiled and leaned in to give him a quick kiss, “I’ve missed you.”
He suddenly was at a loss of words as all he could say was “I missed you” back.

Niall: You sat with him on the couch with his arm wrapped over your shoulders, having a serious fangirling moment and you couldn’t stop yourself, even with your boyfriend in the room. You always tried to contain yourself around him at least; thinking Niall didn’t care about what was happening in your fandoms, especially when it’d entail talking about your other (many) crushes- but this time you didn’t see yourself stopping- you were just too excited.
He just watched you as you talked. The excitement in your voice, the brightness in your eyes, the big smile on your face. You talked as if the words couldn’t come fast enough, continuing to explain almost every detail you knew, having to catch your breath at some points.
He just smiled. You were adorable in the few rare times you’d show this side of you to him, and he wished so much that he’d see you like this more. Especially since he could be that way a little too.
“Oh god. I’m sorry baby. You don’t care at all about all this.” You finished, looking down and away from him blushing with slight embarrassment. It just caused him to smile wider as he gave you a light kiss to your forehead, “Don’t worry [Y/N] I’d never get bored at hearing you talk like that.”

Zayn: You lay fast asleep. The light of day not disturbing your heavy slumber as Zayn had just woken up himself and turned, surprised to still see you there. You were always awake before him, and these times were rare.
He lay on his side, his elbow propped on the pillow and had his head resting on his hand as he began to watch you sleep. You- possibly in a wonderful dream, or just happy to finally have a moments rest.
He just gazed over the bed sheets as you hugged them close to your body, the soft sunlight glazing against the sheets and your skin. He pictured what it’ll look like when those eyes of yours would open, and you caught him staring at you. He looked at your lips and saw how soft they were and suddenly wanted so badly to kiss you in that moment.
You were absolutely beautiful. In every possible way. And he felt overwhelmed at the fact that you were his.
“Zayn?” he heard breaking his daze, “What are you doing?” you yawned.
“I’m just staring at you.” He replied simply.
“That’s creepy babe.” You laughed, looking at him, still in your comfortable spot on the bed.
“I can’t help it. You’re just so beautiful.”
You felt your smile widen as you pulled the sheets up to your face to hide your blush, just causing him to fall for you more. 

More DR3 spoilers and observations

Now that I’ve finally watched the 6th episode, there are some things that doesn’t add up. There are also some things that make sense after watching the new episode. By that I mean, some of my previous observations does hold a meaning to it and it isn’t just any wild coincidence that they made. Actually, right now it’s best for us to believe that anything, whether it might look insignificant at first, is actually a puzzle piece that would paint the big picture.

I’ll just be putting in my speculations/observations BECAUSE THE NEW EPISODE WAS A WILD RIDE AND I NEED TO GET THIS OUT OF MY SYSTEM

LOTS OF SPOILERS plus images under the read more.

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(I really recommend reading this on AO3 because the character text color makes reading much easier–long post under the cut)






TEREZI: Y34H 1 H4V3 NO 1D34

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