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this is inspired by ariana grande’s song :) if ya guys dont know the song, click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0-50nRyuy8

You and Ashton have been really good friends ever since he met you on tour. You really supported the band and youre one of a few privileged fans that had a strong friendship with them. You never thought that you would fall for the drummer boy. You were always into the vocalist and in fact you were very vocal that you really like Luke… But as time goes by, you started to feel something for Ashton. Your heart will always race so fast whenever he hugs you and kisses you on the cheek, even when he’s the first to text. Your listening to this song and started crying. You think that you look stupid then someone knocked on your hotel room door. You tried to wiped all the tears but your eyes was too puffy and red. You peeped through the hole and thank goodness it was Calum. You opened it

“ Y/N, can i-”

you just sniffed and asked “What’s that?”

“No, nevermind that. What happened to you?”


“Tell me, what’s wrong?” pulling you into a friendly hug.

“Im so stupid”

“Why?” pushing you away from him and looking at you with concern

“I think Im falling for…”

“Luke? I thought thast was just a joke?”

“No! Ashton… I think Im falling for Ashton.” You go inside your room and sat on your bed, Calum followed you.

“Oh.. why don’t you tell him?”

“What if he rejects me?”

“Nonsense! youre beautiful, charming and funny”


“Yeah.. dont be afraid, tell him.”

“okay… thanks cal.”

“anything for our bestfriend”

then he plants a kiss on your forehead and leaves you so you can rest, But you cant even sleep. You kept on thinking of the pros and cons of your plan on confessing your feelings for your friend. You decided to tell him tomorrow, 4 days before you go home.

The next day, youre really nervous because of your plan. You did to share your plan to someone so told Calum. You stayed in their hotel room, Ashton wasn’t there and the boys doesnt know where he is.  He is actually going MIA these past few days but you just didnt mind it even though it has been bugging you. He finally arrived and he got this huge grin on his face. All of you were wondering why so Luke asked.

“What’s with you ash? you seem very happy”

“I’ll tell you later. It’s a surprise” Ashton went to the room’s living room, you followed him so you can you do your plan. 

“Hey Ash, I need to tell you something…”



“oops, sorry I need to take this call.” youre already nervous, sweaty palms and the wait is just making you anxious. He was excited when he dropped the call the returned to you.

“Can we talk about it later? I need to show you guys something.”

“Sure.” Youre playing it cool so he doesnt notice it.

You went back to your seat next to Calum whilst watching Michael and Luke play FIFA. Then you hear Ashton calling you guys so went into the living room. Your heart sunk when you saw what he was excited about. It was Gemma Styles. You knew that they dated before so you already knew what was happening when you saw her. Calum was standing next to you and he knew what you were feeling so he put your arm around his to comfort you. Ashton started talking to you

“Well Gemma, you know the boys, that is Y/N”

“Hi.” You said trying not to let your emotions show

“We’re back together guys!” Ashton said excitedly

Everyone was pleased except for you. Calum was also but only because he knew your feelings for Ashton. You all returned to the bedroom and Michael and Luke continued playing. Calum was still sitting beside you and trying to comfort whilst Gemma and Ashton are sitted together with hands intertwined. You wanted to cry, your emotions clouding your head. Your heart broke into a million pieces, seeing the boy you love with somebody else is just a thing you couldnt take anymore. So you decided to head back to your own hotel room without being to obvious that you wanted to immediately go out of the room.

“Uhm guys, I need to go back to my room, I just remembered that I need to fix something.”

“Alright, see you tonight Y/N” Ash said. 

“Ya, sure. Nice meeting you Gemma.”

She smiled at you the you went back to your room. As soon as you entered the room, you cried so hard then you heared your phone rang and saw a text message from Calum.

“Im so sorry Y/N, I didn’t know he was getting back with her.”

You ignored Cal’s text and packed your stuff because you just can take the pain youre experiencing right now. You decided to go home 4 days earlier than planned. Before you leave the room, you sent Cal a long text message saying that youre going home and just tell the boys that you had an emergency at home. Then you left your room walking through the hallway and thinking that you will surely keep contact with Michael, Luke and Calum but you just need space from Ashton so you can move on from your feelings for him.

A/N: I really tried guys. Hahaha I am planning to make a Part 2! If this gets 10 notes though. Thanks for reading x (I’ll make sure part 2 will be better guys ;) )