i dont like the sizing on this :

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thoughts on p21 expanding to 35 people first how can molly long possibly do 35 privates a week with all the other stuff she has going on? also expansion is good except when you like double in size and all the kids are not at the same talent level she's obviously going to spend a considerable amount of time working on the new kids to get them up to speed with season 2 kids and that's going to take more time that she doesn't have bottom line i think she's sacrificing quality for quantity and money

i think you’re being a bit presumptuous. 1st of all, what company does privates for every single kid each week? i dont think that even happened last season. and she does most of her traveling during summer and early in the season and is always there for her company the rest of the time. also, i think it’s kinda off to stay the kids coming in arent at the level of her kids from last season. sure they maybe dont have her choreo style nailed, but from the kids i’ve heard are joining they are quite talented. it’s it’s not about working to get everyone on the same level, dance is about each kid continually improving. 2 years ago people were saying all kinda of negative things like molly was too young to handle her own team but things have gone well, and they have a new regular teacher this year so i dont see an issue with her expanding if she feels it’s the right time. 

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Can you recommend people who have a6 bullet journals? (I don't see many or maybe I'm just missing them) (I feel like an a6 would be easier to carry around and I want inspiration) thank you xx

sorry dude i dont know of any!! i dont rly notice bujo sizes to be honest 😅😅 i only focus on the spreads

one of my favorite things about wicked is how the bubble dress has increased in poofiness through the years

like, here’s kristin chenoweth

the bottom half poofs out a little, but not much. its just a little wider than her shoulders. now, here’s kara lindsay (current glinda)

its like 3x the size of kristin’s dress i dont even understand how she can even walk in that dress

  • Connor: i love the fact that like… if you wanted to you could throw a chair… stool…. lamp… medium sized houseplant… even a lightweight table…. theres nothing physically stopping you from throwing furniture around, only social constructs and your own cowardice.
  • Evan: Don’t! Hurt! Your! Plants! They love and trust you all they are doing is being cute and green and making oxygen for your sorry ass to breathe
  • Connor: they dont “love” me or “trust” me. they know im a bastard and i know they are too and both of us are fully prepared for the day one of us kills the other
Bts reaction to you being chubby

Request:  i-dont-understand-adulting :Hi! :) Is it possible to ask for a BTS reaction to as having a chubby gf (especially the parts of their body they love the most)? Please and thank you!

Love yourself. It’s important. Remember, I love you too. Li


You were looking in the mirror, worrying about your figure and what are you going to have to do to narrow your size. Jin knew that, but he didn’t liked it, even one bit. So, he just smiled and told you: “Baby, there is a Greek Goddess looking at me from the mirror. Wowww, she’s almost as beautiful as me. Almost.” To which, you’ll laugh.

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Yoongi will also adore your thighs. He hated that his were bones with no meat, but yours were perfect. Lovely and giving the sweet vibe he loved. Your whole body was a temple he adored, a religion he followed gladly.

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Namjoon lived for them thighs and booty. He had a saying “Magnificent booty and thighs make a good person, great. So my baby girl, I would kindly ask you to never lose weight. Thank you.”

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Hoseok loved food, you loved food, but there was a difference. Hobi had abs, you had fluffines. He was getting really sad when he saw that you wanted to eat, but afraid it will affect your weight, don’t eat. Most of those times he’ll ask you one and the same question. “Baby, with what are children sleeping- action figures or teddy bears?” baffled by the question you’ll answer “Teddy Bears.” “Exactly. I also want to sleep with the most exclusive teddy bear on the planet. You. Hobi loves you. Now eat.”

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Jiminie loved your tummy,because you had a tummy. With all the pressure he was under, he was really happy to see that you were living with a tummy without listening to them negative people and proud of yourself.

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Tae loved your cheeks. He loved them so much, because they were chubby and he could kiss you and for him it felt like he had kissed a cloud. And clouds were close to heaven. Right?

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Jungkook will ignore all your attempts to disgrace yourselve and will praise you however and whenever he could. He loved you and size doesn’t define love. And he made sure you knew it.

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4/38 <3

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In your tags for the post about exploding cucumbers, you said something about a plant that casually catches on fire??? Is this real???! If so can you please tell me more about it?

ok so like 45 people are messaging me about the plant that casually catches on fire and its completely real. its called Dictamnus albus and its a casual perrenial that super pretty and nice and people keep it in their gardens: (x)

what makes Dictamnus albus so notable is that in the summer, it covers itself in a super thick oil thats like?? flammable. its actually so flammable that you can light it and watch it briefly ignite without it harming the plant. heres a demonstration:

we still dont know why it does this. like a few theories are:

-its an accidental effect as a byproduct to the oil, which helps the plant in a completely different way

-it encourages wildfires to help kill off the stuff around it to reduce competition

-it causes wildfires to help kill off the stuff around it to reduce competition 

because of the small size of the resulting fire, however, its kind of hard for me to imagine that it could cause a wildfire. i could totally see it perpetuating a wildfire though, and having something to burn off might help protect the plant from destruction in the fire, too. 

OTP Idea #873

Person A is an incredibly small person that happens to play the guitar, which is almost bigger than them. Person B is much, much bigger than Person A, and like to play the ukulele, which is about the size of their forearm. The two like to do duets, and occasionally try switching instruments to see how well they can play the instrument that actually fits with their body size.

Bonus points if they can’t play the other instrument at all.


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it’s a shame they dont got “pet cats, but bigger”

like they got dogs in all sorts of cool sizes but we cant make cats bigger than cats because “ooh they’ll kill us” or whatever

bullhockey, i say. if human beings can make the species Canis lupis familiaris in to different shit like the Mastiff and the Pomeranian and have it still be the same animal, we can make cats that are dog sized and have them not be dangerous