i dont like the green one but i really like the blue one

thoughts on the Elder Scrolls races


  •  V I K I N G S
  • probably eat nails for breakfast
  • without milk
  • seriously though these guys have some issues with people drinking milk
  • their fashion sense is basically strapping as many dead animals to themselves as they can
  • punch each other for funsies
  • resolve polictical conflict by via shouting contest


  • commonly called high elves because they’re so fucking tall
  • fab
  • superiority complex
  • do not engage in magical combat with them because you will lose
  • will not rest until they have complained about everything


  • smol
  • chillest of the elven races
  • outdoor enthusiasts
  • archery skills to rival legolas
  • won’t eat their vegetables


  • furry
  • Khajiit likes to speak about themselves in 3rd person
  • nomads
  • it’s not breaking the law if no one sees you doing it
  • their hands are their weapons. no seriously they got claws
  • their king is chosen by the moons. I’m serious


  • like building empires
  • not very good at running empires
  • rich bitches
  • still sad because they lost sir patrick steward and his son sean bean
  • slapfights with the altmer 24/7
  • longing for the day when they will get their shit together


  • Edgelords™
  • their eyes are red their skin is blue they’ll probably set fire to you
  • ghost whisperer(s)
  • their gods tend to hold grudges
  • seriously dont piss of their gods they will fuck you over
  • kind of in a bad place after most of their homeland literally exploded


  • politics
  • will sell you for one cornchip
  • kind of the elves’ unwanted bastard child
  • secretly really good at magic
  • don’t like their rural cousins in the Reach very much


  • will knock you on your butt
  • P I R A T E S
  • What’s that? You wanna invade their homeland? I’m sorry your authority isn’t recognized in Fort Kickass
  • wanna see a magic trick?
  • no
  • no they don’t


  • lizard
  • can breathe underwater
  • history of getting fucked over by the dunmer
  • tree huggers
  • i still dont understand why their women got tiddies. but they do
  • maids: lusty


  • mean green killing machines
  • literally trained from birth to hand your ass to you
  • isolate themselves a ot
  • not that they have to try because they get shit from literally everyone
  • master smiths
  • their god may be a bit of a dick sometimes but he looks out for his people
  • resting bitchface

junebuggu  asked:

i... dont get all of this, really. the mcelroys have repeatedly explained that the graphic novel is NOT canon for the character's designs, and taako is literally blue because he is a magical elf? it was not made with antisemetic connotations, and not only that, but when was it ever stated that taako should be jewish. or mexican! in fact if they made them any type of hispanic people would get even angrier because of the names. why can't people just enjoy things?

cool! i’m happy to explain.

firstly, taako (named after tacos) who is on the quest to create the taco (established in here there be gerblins but not left there!) should be, or rather, better be, or rather, is mexican because if not, they are using a culture as a joke. that’s not alright! unless he is mexican, it doesn’t make sense for him to invent mexican food or have the name ‘taako taaco’

also, just so we’re clear: taako is a sun elf! they have “bronze-colored skin and hair most often of copper, golden blond, and black”. having him be green - or blue, or purple, or whatever - doesn’t make sense. 

anyway, to the point of “people would get even angrier because of the names’ - why don’t we try actually asking these people who would apparently hate it even more? here’s one response, and here’s another. heck, here’s another. people wouldn’t get ‘more mad’ at all, because he’s not treated like a stereotype. here’s the thing, we shouldn’t assume. no one should just Assume that people are gonna hate a thing before they do it, especially in regards to like… representation. like that’s not their problem, it’s yours for not just asking them. 

so, why can’t people just enjoy things? well, the adventure zone presented and continues to present itself as something that tries to do right by its fans, especially in the representation department. i wrote a thing about it here, at least in regards to race, but the basic thing i’d like people to take away from it is this paragraph

Saying ‘there’s no canon design’ for a character means nothing when the graphic novel, the merchandise, the posters, the zine - these all feature white designs. You can’t say you care about representation - how important it is to you - when you don’t represent anyone. You can’t say you accept all designs when the only ones that seem to be accepted all look the same. You can’t say there is no default when white is the default.

on twitter, @fraanziawhine made some really good points about how the representation in taz, like, works. and it’s not great. the mcelroys get praised for being empathetic, for being kind, but while i believe they try, they don’t ask for help with things they don’t know about - how to do race and lgbt rep for instance - and they do it wrong.

and you know what? it boils down to this: why are they more willing to make someone green than to make them brown? 

fans of colour continually talk about why this is important, how to do better by us - and we do it well. regardless if we are ‘polite’ (spoon-feeding) or ‘angry’ (you know, like, the emotional humans that we are) we have repeatedly tried to get through to the mcelroys and say ‘hey, you might want to do this, if you’re so interested in doing it’.

taz celebrates its ability to bring all kinds of people together. however, it kind of seems like only a few kind of people are welcome.

Visit Me - Loki Laufeyson x Reader Soulmate!AU

Prompt: Soulmate!AU Where every time someone goes to sleep they relive their soulmates worst memory.

Summary: Y/N hates sleeping, she hates the dream she is always forced to have. Every night she goes to bed to feel this overwhelming feeling of fear, coldness and rejection. Imagine if she realized that her biggest enemy is the same man reliving her worst nightmare.

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader (SOULMATE!AU, there’s not enough of these out there.)

Word count: 3.5k


A/N: i came up with the prompt myself but if someone did b4 me I’m rlly sorry for not giving credit
Bucky request will be uploaded tomorrow 👍🏼



The air was cold. You continued to look around you but found nothing but emptiness, lifting your hands to see the chilly blue color take over. Your heart began to race as you quickly set down the mysterious glowing object that appeared in your hands. A voice is called out from behind you as you turn to the familiar face. It was an old man, someone you didn’t recognize. He was yelling, his words wouldn’t form and you couldn’t understand him but you knew he was angry. Suddenly you felt anger rush through your body, but it’s soon taken over by rejection, misplacement and disappointment. You try to lift your hands to your head to grip your hair in agony but you couldn’t; you weren’t allowed to do anything but relive the worse moments of your soulmates life. The old man quickly fell lifelessly and you felt your body jolt awake.

Sweat formed around your body as you sat up and placed your head in your knees. The worse part about reliving your soulmates nightmare when you sleep is that you can actually feel what they’re feeling. Of course you aren’t going to naturally feel upset when you don’t necessarily know what’s happening. Another horrible part is that they never show who your soulmate is; they may show parts of their body, like their hands, but nothing for you to truly recognize them. One you meet your soulmate, their horrible memory is replaced by their most cherished memory, whether it’s the moment they met you or the moment that keeps them alive. Most of the people you knew had already met their soulmates due to them being around the age of 25-35 but you, not so much.

Your soulmate had a weird memory, and by weird I mean not like what everyone else has. Usually people have a soulmate where they consider their worse memory as a fight between their family, a death or maybe even something they did that they strongly regret. You? Your soulmate turns blue and yells at a man before he falls to the stairs as if he lost every ounce of life in him. Most of the time people would laugh at you when you told them your nightmare, most of the time they’d tell you it was ridiculous but it was your soulmates worst memory and you couldn’t change that. You’ve been having the memory for years now and not once have you ever thought of a way to explain it.

The horrible memory also was a huge motivation for you, so it had its advantages. You always thought of the possibilities of your soulmate actually being human, I mean no human is just going to randomly turn blue. You tried to think of examples and the only one you were close to comparing him to was the infamous Hulk. He could turn from a simple man to a huge, raging green monster. Or so that’s what the rumors said. You heard about the mysterious man and the mysterious hammer falling from the sky, and you heard about how S.H.I.E.L.D. covered it up. You assumed they had a lot to do with the worlds beyond Earth and that’s why you took so much interest in them.

You didn’t only take your interest in S.H.I.E.L.D. because of your dream, but because of your own worst memory. There was a man that you couldn’t describe, a man you were searching for. If anyone could find this guy, it would be S.H.I.E.L.D., they could find anyone. This man you were searching for took away the only thing you cared about, and he wasn’t a ordinary citizen. He was a monster. A monster who had no emotions and killed on sight, that’s why you dedicated your life into finding him.

It was your fifth year of training to be the perfect assassin and you were declared to be in the top five greatest worldwide. S.H.I.E.L.D. was highly impressed with you, it usually took over 15 years of training to be on the level you were on, but you were just highly motivated. Your motivation was to meet the man who has lived his life in constant fear; someone you have lived through night by night, feeling and enduring his pain. And to meet the man who killed your brother. You knew your soulmate would be reliving the moment you saw the soul leave your siblings body, and you knew he would feel the same pain as you, he would be the only person in the world who is capable of saying ‘I know exactly how you feel’.

That night was the last night you experienced the horrible nightmare, for it was the next morning when someone from outside of earth decided to declare war to all humans. That morning you received a call from Nick Fury, surprisingly. You both weren’t close but he knew who you were, what you ranked and how to contact you if in desperate need of help. It was your month off, you were promised a break in a normal house that was off the grid but it was soon turned into another mission.

“We need your help, (Y/N). The team is in no position going against another race lead by a god. Some of our best members are under his trance and we have no solution other than recruiting and preparing to attack. I know you have the opinion to reject my offer but if you do and the world ends because of that-”

“You wouldn’t be contacting me if you weren’t desperate for help, it’s boring being here alone anyways. I’m in.”

You were being guided into the base beneath Stark Tower before reaching the final door. The man opened it up for you and pointed into the room, signaling for you to enter.

“He can attack any minute, Captain. We need to suit up and wait until he attacks!” A raging redhead was loading her gun and placing them in her twin holders while simultaneously yelling at a seated super soldier.

“You want us to be sitting ducks when we could be evacuating the city? Do you really not care about their lives, Natasha?” His face was stone-cold, not once ounce of emotion besides annoyance.

“That’s not what she’s saying Capsicle, she’s trying to say that if we do happen to evacuate the city and they happen to attack us while we’re surrounded by innocent citizens, well, then that’s a bigger chance for them to be hurt. They should be put into hiding, evacuation isn’t the best idea.” The well-known Tony Stark walked out from behind a corner with his whole suit on besides the helmet, eyeing down the blonde man.

The door slammed behind you as the man who once was holding it open had left. The whole teams eyes raced to whoever had just walked in.

“Good, you’re all suited up. I assume Fury let you know the plan?” Tony eyes down your black army pants, spandex and the mask covering your face.

“Yeah, but it sounds like the face of America has something else in mind?” You tilted your head at the angry man who sighed before standing up and putting on his mask.

“Yeah, but nobody is agreeing with me so we’ll just stick with plan A.”

“Good, because your plan wouldn’t have worked anyways. I don’t know where that army is coming from but I’m guessing their coming soon.” You saw the rolling of his eyes as you took the side of everyone else.

“What makes you so sure?” Tony gave you a questioning look before grabbing the helmet on the table.

“Considering they’re coming from space or some type of portal, the weather would somehow change, right? That’s what happened when Thor originally came here, and that’s what’s happening right now.” Tony held out his hand and a projector screen popped up, showing the current weather right outside the stark tower.

“Thor, how long did it take for you to reach earth once you started to travel here?”

“5 minutes, tops.”

“How long ago did you see that, Agent ….” Starks eyes travelled back to you as he trailed on the word.

“(Y/L/N). And about 4 minutes ago.”

“Grab you weapons, looks like we have a war to attend.”

“So we’re just suppose to trust her? We have no idea who she is.” Bruce stood up, staring at Tony and pointing towards you. He was underdressed, but you guessed the hulk didn’t need armor anyways.

“Fury sent her, have some faith or prepare to kneel beneath the rock of ages.” He laughed at his own joke before everyone evacuated the room.

By the time you all reached the top of Stark Tower, a portal had began to open and allowed a foreign army to enter. As if on cue, everyone had ran and separated before defending the city. You were side by side with Steve and Tony, completely destroying every Chitauri in your paths. It seemed never ending, minute after minute new enemies came to you. After a good hour of fighting, everyone was beginning to get tired.

“Loki is on the dock of the tower, the mechanism that is keeping the portal open is right above him.” Thors voice boomed into the earpiece.

“I don’t think I can.” Nats voice is heard before being joined in by Clint. “Yeah, me neither.”

“Is anyone free enough to go visit Reindeer Games?” The annoyance was heard in Starks voice as he found off more enemies.

“I’ll do it, anyone want to help me get up there though?” Realizing you were the best fit to go and face the leader of the pact, you figured ‘why not?’.

“Why borrow a ride when you can steal one from the other side?” You may not have been able to see Hawkeye, but you could practically hear the smirk on his face.

As if on cue, He had knocked down two of the Chitauri’s on a flying vehicle with an arrow. Noticing the motive, you ran toward Steve who boosted you up from his shield; just in enough time for you to land and take control of the flying saucer, riding up to the Tower.

It was hard to control; you had to admit that. Instead of properly landing, you crashed into the window of the tower and fell to the floor of the outside dock. The ear piece that connected all of the avengers thoughts fell out and landed under the crashing machine. You silently cursed under your breathe knowing that they would get worried by not being able to contact you or hear your voice.

“Oh? And who may you be? I must say, just from afar I can definitely tell you’re more interesting than the others.” A playful voice beamed out from the building.

Talking was never an option during a fight; it was either a distraction or just dark entertainment for the other side, so you grabbed out both guns and started shooting straight at the mans head and torso. With a flick of his scepter, the bullets turned around and flew towards you, but you stood up easily and dodged them.

“You humans really are pathetic; you think that stupid machine will come even close to killing me?”

“You’d be surprised.”

You figured any gun or weapon wouldn’t work on him, so you went straight into hand to hand combat. Throwing punches at him only for them to be dodged with his tesseract and magic thrown back. You were quite surprised by how good he was at close up fighting, but you weren’t even close to showing him your true nature. With a swipe of your legs, he fell to the ground, scepter falling out of his hand and out of hands reach. You delivered a few punches to his face to make him more tired and less able to move.

“My, my little one. You don’t seem afraid of me at all! That’s sure it a surprise… and a relief. But you’re rather angry, aren’t you?” He leaned up on his elbows before wiping blood from his lip. You stood up from his body and laughed at his pathetic attempt of manipulating you.

“I’m not angry, only one man in this world holds my anger and that isn’t you.” Your hand reach behind your back before pulling out a katana and pointing it to his neck.

“You can’t blame me, I can’t even see your face. But do tell me, who holds your anger?”

“What’s the point in telling you?”

“Either I win this war and make you my slave or I spend the rest of my life rotting in a cell, I suppose no matter what there is no reason to hide it from me.” He wasn’t wrong, and you didn’t care. You supposed it wouldn’t do any harm, and it would be a good way to distract him.

“I don’t know who the man is. I know he has long brown hair, a mask to cover his face and a huge metal arm with a red star in it. He killed the only thing I loved right in front of my eyes, so he holds my anger.”

His eyes widen completely, eyebrows colliding together in shock. His mouth practically collided with his chest, and you had no idea why.

“What? Do you know the man?”

“Every night I refuse to sleep, but when I do… I have a dream that’s oddly similar.”

In that moment you completely froze, face full of shock, but of course he wouldn’t know that because of your mask. Did he not know about the whole soulmate thing? You always thought it was just humans who were forced to live with this horrible curse, but from the beginning you always wondered what if your soulmate wasn’t human. If he wasn’t, it would explain the dream and how he turns blue. But then again, it would completely demolish the rule where only humans are suppose to live the soulmate plague. It didn’t matter though; if he had your memory then it was his memory that replayed over in your head.

“The tesseract. That’s what turned you blue, right? And that old man who fell to the stairs, was that your dad? Is that rejection and misplacement the reason why you’re attacking all living humans?” The katana that was once in your hand was sliding back into the holder connected to your back. Your legs slowly carried you back in disbelief.

“How do you know that?” He straightened his back up before staring at you in bewilderment.

“You’re my soulmate. No fucking way, my soulmate cannot be such a cruel man, there’s no way… I don’t believe it.”

“What are you speaking about, peasant?!” He screamed at you after demanding for an answer. He really didn’t know about the soulmate rule.

“You seriously don’t know? Humans… humans are cursed to relive their soulmates worst memory when in a deep sleep. I always had a dream where I would hold this glowing box, the tesseract, and it would turn me blue. Then I’d see a man yell at me before falling lifelessly to the floor. I’d feel rejected and like I didn’t belong, I’d feel every emotion that man was going through just like how you relived mine. You had to! You had to have dreamt about that man killing my brother, that’s because we’re soulmates. Two meant to love each other until death.” His eye squinted towards you before taking all the information in. “Maybe it’s not just humans who have this curse, maybe it’s for anyone as long as their fate aligns with a human.”

“I suppose if I was suppose to love any human, I’d prefer you.” His eyes were staring at your mask, full of honesty. Ironic for the god of mischief.

“Oh no, don’t do that. Just because you’re okay with this doesn’t mean I am! You’re destroying New York and killing innocent people! God, out of all the people I’m destined to be with you?” Your hand collided with your hair as your other balanced onto your hip.

“Just because I would pick you over any other pathetic living human does not mean I am okay with it! But… you’re the only one who understands what I was feeling during that moment, correct? Just like how I understand how you were feeling when-”

“You’re saying that we’re the only ones that truly understand each other’s pain.”

“Precisely.” There was a moment of silence, a moment where neither of you knew what to say, what to do. What were you suppose to do? He was the leader of the side you were fighting against, the love between you both would never be able to exist.

“What do you want me to do about that? I’m still going to be on the side of humans. Just because you’re my soulmate does not mean I’m going to just abandon the avengers and take over the world with you.”

“I didn’t expect that.” He sat up completely before pinching the bridge of his nose. “I was actually hoping you’d stay loyal to them, I would not want to love someone who could turn their back on their allies so fast.”

“Love? You want to actually try to be something? How is that even possible? What can I possibly do?

As if on cue, the portal closed after hearing a loud explosion. You were too busy thinking about yourself and Loki to realize that there was still a war going on.

“Goddamn it! I’m so selfish, I shouldn’t have-”

“Don’t worry love, I lost.” Your eyes widened at the words coming out of his mouth, you looked back at the man. His eyes were closed and his knees where bending against the floor.

“How could you be for sure?”

“Look.” His finger pointed to the window, to the largest building in eyes sight.

Every Chitauri that was latched onto a building had fallen to the force of gravity as if their life was being sucked out of them. The many Chitauri Leviathan’s that were roaming the city fell lifelessly into any tower in their way. After a few moments of staring out of the glass wall, the team landing on the dock. The armor covering Tony was completely beaten and the others looked drained of any energy left in them. As they walked in they noticed loki laying on the floor, eyes shut and knocked out.

“Good job, Agent (Y/L/N). I have to give you props for being able to knock a god out.” The captain had given you a salute before walking toward Loki’s unconscious body.

“Amazing, (Y/L/N). You managed to win against my brother!” Thors rock hard arm wrapped around your shoulders before giving you a squeeze.

“Yeah.” You muttered before eyeing down the God that was declared as your soulmate. His lips somewhat curved at the edges, he was pretending to be knocked out so they didn’t realize you were talking to him the whole time, other than fighting him.

After many minutes of talking of what was going to happen to him once he woke, he decided to pretend to wake up to face everyone with a weapon before him. Thor had scolded him before putting chains around him, ensuring he couldn’t escape. Before he could place the muzzle over his lips he looked at the floor and spoke his last words.

I just wish for you to visit me, that’s all.

“What, brother? What do you mean?”

He refused to respond and gave his brother silence. Thor sighed before placing the muzzle over Lokis face. He may have been the villain, the man who tried to take things for his own selfish reasoning but you couldn’t ignore the fact that you were meant for each other. You both knew that; and you both knew this wasn’t the last time you would see each other. It may be hard visiting him considering he is going to be taken back to Asgard, but you wouldn’t just give up. Loki would serve his punishment and face the consequences. And until then, you’ll be finding out a way to visit him, just like he asked. Not because you felt bad for him, not because you loved him; but because you both were set together by fate. That had to mean something.

You watched as Thor carried him to the dock, holding his chains in one hand and Mijolnir in his other. Lokis eyes connected with your figure, trying to memorize as much as he could, because in the end all he knew was your last name and your worst memory.

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Smut hoe is back? *temporarily*


I’ve been working on this fic for like ever. and I never finished it.  And tonight  decided to. The *smutty* part isnt that good but whatever. I did it.

“Bottled up”

You x Jackson Wang (GOT7) 

Feat best friend Bam Bam (non-sexual friendship)

Rated M 


One Shot.

*Disclaimer*: If you dont like smut dont read it.  Just dont do it. 

“You didn’t have to pay for my flight! What the hell Bam!” You yelled on the phone with your best friend Bam Bam.  You had discovered a notification in your email that your round trip to Thailand was booked. Only you didn’t book anything yet.

“Just think of it as a late birthday present,” He said laughing.” “I can afford it love.”

“Yeah but you know I’ve been saving up to come to Thailand! I got the money silly.”

“Use it to go shopping!” He said, chuckling in the phone.  You hated when Bam Bam paid for you. Especially because you work.  Sure he was your best friend and an idol, but you didn’t want to use him for his money. Your eyes rolled. You wanted to make it up to him but had no idea how. The boy had everything. He was the fashion king so you couldn’t buy him a new outfit. He’s already ahead of the fashion game.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,008

Warnings: fluff, maybe a swear word? but really just entirely fluff

Prompt: AU. Painter reader and Mechanical engineer student Dean Winchester. Reader decides that Dean gets to be her canvas today.

A/N: Betad by @taste-of-dean like two weeks ago, this fic has just been sitting waiting for me to post it but I got sidetracked by phxcon.

Originally posted by deanwinchestar

Y/N was in her favorite button down - the one that was covered in oil and acrylic colors, flicked, smeared and dotted in all different places. It was previously her fathers, though she had stolen it from his closet when she took her first art class her freshman year of high school. Dean always knew what was happening when she wore it.

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Human Aren’t The Only Beings Who Need Comfort

Imagine comforting an upset anti or dark (gender neutral reader):

“You don’t even need him,” Anti sneers in a fit of rage, anger bubbling over as his pupils widen to consume the whole of his eyes, “all you need is me.”

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him this worked up about something; longer still since it’s come so out of the blue. Anti, you’d found, was sort of a creature of habit when it came to his emotions. If he was upset about something, he’d pester you like a bored cat. If he was happy he’d have you join him in pulling pranks or pointless video games. If he was angry he would disappear for a while, how long of course, depended on how angry and just what state he came back in depended on what made him that way. Of the times he started to lose control like this, you could count on one hand the times that it wasn’t caused by one thing: Fear.

A knife materializes in his hand as he gestures with a snarl at the man standing beside you, hand in your own. You can feel the room getting colder by the second, lights flickering slightly as Dark stiffens next to you. Carefully, you squeeze his hand before stepping between the two powerhouses with a soft expression. You know he’s afraid and if the look on his face is anything to go by, he’s hurting, so you keep your voice gentle as your hand covers his, “I need you both. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here.”

That makes him faulter, eyes flickering as his face twitches just slightly. It was a hard learning curve at first, but you could tell now that you were getting to him.

“Can you please put the knife down, Anti? I want to be able to talk to you and I don’t think it’s going to be just you if you start glitching,” carefully, you brush your thumb over the back of his hand feeling it clench and unclench in minor movements, “I want to talk to you, baby, but I need it to be all you. Please?”

He grits his teeth, shoulders slumping slightly as the knife disappears once more. His chest heaves with the effort of staying in his own body. Instability. You can already see it forming in the ridges of his brows and the way the tendons in his neck jump; being a tulpa, you thought silently, wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Sure, you got the amazing powers and were nearly unkillable, but that also meant anything that your believers didn’t agree on about you could make you… well…

Squeezing Dark’s hand, you drop it, focusing solely on the green-haired man in front of you. Your fingers skim lightly over his jaw and he leans into your hand like a needy cat, eyes falling shut as you step closer to wrap him into a tight hug. Anti’s frame shakes against yours, arms coiling around you too tight. You’ve no doubt there will be bruises later and the thought makes you worry even more. How afraid is he? “Can you talk now, baby? Or would you rather lay down? I can hold you until you feel better,” you keep your voice quiet, trying not to give him too many options just yet. That would only make him worse.

Anti nuzzles his way further into your neck and breathes in how you smell, overlayed with how Dark smells on your skin and his chest tightens with the thought of loss. He couldn’t lose… you. Couldn’t lose this. “Bed,” his voice is mostly static even to his own ears, but he tugs you long after him as he starts to walk away, knowing you’ll get the picture as he does. He lays on the wrong side of the bed, taking up the space Dark usually occupies and making you laugh softly. Petty. Both of of your boys were incredibly petty.

You lay down behind him and he grumbles something you don’t quite catch as your arm wraps around his waist. “Tough lucky, baby; You’re the little spoon tonight,” you say with a soft smile as you kiss his shoulder. As much as neither he, nor Dark wanted to admit it, being a little spoon to you is a secretly coveted position that is held in too high a regard to complain about so vocally. You didn’t do it very often, sure, but you knew how loved and safe being held like this made you feel and to be able to give that to the men you loved in return was no small act in your eyes.

“You haven’t tried to text me in over a week,” Anti’s voice is still static-y when he speaks, but he’s falling back into himself the longer you hold him like this, “I asked you to talk tonight and I find you coming home with /him/. After he said-” his nose snarls and he lets out a low growl cutting himself off.

Your eyebrows knit in confusion. You’ve been texting him for days. He was the one that wasn’t responding. You almost say as much before pressing your face into his neck, voice low as you ask, “After Dark said what, baby?”

“Maybe you didn’t need me anymore,” he spat, words sounding like acid to anyone foolish enough not to realize where that anger was coming from.

“Oh, Anti, baby…” you squeeze him tighter, chest aching as you bury your face in the back of his neck, that’s what he’s afraid of. “That’s-… I’ve been texting you all week, first of all. I’d get you my phone to show you, but I think both of us need this more right now. You haven’t responded to anything I’ve sent you; I thought you were mad at me and trying to blow off steam before we talked.” You brush your hand through his hair, holding him tighter, “And I told you Dark and I were going out for groceries and snow cones and I’d talk to you as soon as I got back. If I’d known you were feeling like this, I would’ve talked to you first.”

He frowns, then goes quiet, becoming especially still. That part is a little… disconcerting. Most of the time, he at least pretends to breathe. Like this? He might as well be a corpse in your arms: completely frozen in time. Still, you hold him until he turns in your arms to look at you, his voice sounding far smaller than it has any right to. “I haven’t done anything wrong?” his pupils shrunk to a more human size, revealing the baby blue and septic green you’ve come to know so well.

“No, you haven’t. And even if you had, I would never do that to you purposefully. You know me, Anti, I’d want to talk to you about it.”

“I haven’t felt anything wrong with my phone,” he frowns, “Why haven’t I gotten any of your messages then Y/N?”

After that, it doesn’t take you both too long to figure out the culprit of this failed message scheme: Jack had gotten a new phone and by extention, Anti had as well. The perks of being a Tulpa, you surmised, were far out weighed by the downsides. He relaxes then, tense line of his shoulders going slack as he slowly falls into a light doze. His nose presses into your neck as you try to stifle a laugh. You don’t have the heart to wake him up like this.

Dark paced when he was anxious and by now, he nearly wore a hole in the carpet with his pacing. It’s moments like this that almost made him wish he hadn’t gotten rid of his cane to keep his hands busy. The groceries had been put away. The living room had been cleaned of broken glass. Everything had been set back into it’s proper place. And yet… and yet something is missing. The acute feeling of loss tugs at him like fingers in his ribcage. He wants, more than anything in this moment, to go to you and Anti and he is not a man to deny himself things. But what if you dont understand? You had to, of course. Or else you would understand in time. But… what if you didn’t now? Mortals were always so fickle about things like this. Dark moves silently, door to your shared bedroom opening to him without a thought. The sight before him makes him pause, however. You look so… soft. The sight of you curled with Anti on his side of the bed made a streak of possessiveness shoot through him. He would not lose this. No matter what.

You feel Dark more than notice him at first, the hair of the back of your neck raising at the feeling of being watched as a hazy sort of weight settles over the room. It feels sort of like ink being dropped into water at first, slowly radiating outward from him in a way you would almost call beautiful. You look over to him with a relaxed smile, lightly patting the bed next to you to ask him to sit with you.

Dark is cautious at first, but your smile causes something coiled tightly in his chest to relax just a hair as he perches himself on the edge of the bed. He watches you, expression on edge before all but melting as your hand curls over his.

“Is this why you really asked me to join you tonight?” You ask quietly, as not to wake the sleeping Tulpa who has you in his hold, “Did you think I was ignoring him too?”

“Of course not, Darling,” his voice is smooth, yet smoky around the edges in a way that makes the back of your throat burn like good whiskey. This feeling, you’d come to realize, only came about when he was trying to convince you of something he didn’t believe himself. “You’d have no reason to ignore him,” he continued on in the same purr.

“Has anyone ever told you that for a demon you’re an awful liar?” You asked teasingly, thumb rubbing over the back of his hand as you smiled, “Possibly the worst I’ve ever met.”

He frowned at that in almost a pouting manner, “I prefer the term, Eldritch Abomination, Y/N. I would find no reason to lie about something so… trivial.”

“But it’s not trivial to you, is it?” You watch him closely, pressing on even as he looks away from you, “In fact, I’d say it’s probably the most important thing to you right now, even if you don’t want to admit to that.”

He tenses at your response, skin greying even more than usual as the red and blue sides of himself distance from one another farther. You’ve struck a nerve, that much is obvious.

Your expression shifts just a little, more worried than teasing. You’re hoping the earnest tone you’re using gets through that thick skull of his. “You and Anti are the most important things in my life too, you know,” you begin slowly, pulling his hand to your face to nuzzle your cheek against it, “I wouldn’t leave you. Either of you… I love you, my dear. And I’m sorry this situation made you worry about your standing in my life, but I want you to know I’m not going anywhere.” You kiss the back of his hand as his split seems to settle into something more manageable. “And neither is Anti.”

“Why should I be bothered if the green haired wonder leaves?” He asks bristley. It wasn’t as if it mattered to him one way or another. “If anything it simply means more of your time to myself.”

You arch an eyebrow at him and his grumbling, “You know how I said you were a bad liar?”

That certainly earns you a scathing look. There was no lie. He didn’t care one way or the other. So what if Anti was out of your lives? For once maybe he could find a moment of silence. Part of him, though… part of him recognized the acute feeling of sadness the thought brought him. Their house would be… lonelier if Anti were to disappear one day.

Watching the emotions play out in the different parts of Dark should be qualified as a pastime of yours by now. It almost feels like watching the two halves of him dance. A sort of wordless conversation flowing between expressions. That, you thought, was easily one of your favorite sights. “I know you care about him too, Dark. And he cares about you,” you give him a small amused smile, “Why do you think he pesters you so much?”

“Because he’s a menace who thinks too highly of himself.”

“Or because he actually likes you,” your smile grows more amused at Dark’s response, but you sober quickly, continuing, “We want you here, Dark. And I want to talk more with both of you in the morning. But for right now the thing I want most in this world is for you to lay down with us… Hold us. Realize we’re not going anywhere.”

And for once… he listens.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a headcanon request- how would Sincerely Three interact with their soulmates in the AU where whatever one person writes on themselves would show up on the other's skin? Thanks so much! <3

omg this is cute and u said soulmate au and im automatically in love

gonna put this under a readmore

also im assuming u mean x reader but if u want like, actual ship Sincerely Three (because i love them a lot tbh), just ask again and be like ‘tris ur dumb’

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daisyelf  asked:

how do you generally go about picking palettes and stuff? i've always had problems using really bright n funky saturated colours but you seem to use them all the time n it looks great!

Ahh the way i pick my colors is i usually i make sure the scheme has complementary colors in varying values to keep that a of contrast and intensity without eye sear

 I dont usually complementary colors in large saturated quantities to each other cuz it produces an eye sear which i only use when i feel like it. They also dont produce a large value range so your eye have to work hard to just look at it.

For example my mock iz cover the main tones are orange, green and some blue! Dib is the theme for this ask today.

This provides a nice range of colors containing delicious contrast with minimum eyestrain. Also it gives a nice value range to work from since value provide contrast in itself and saturated colors are usually the same value when de-saturated.

so in short i will use multiple Dibheads to summarize what to do and what not to do.

Dib #1 is eye hell since he has not one but 2 ultra saturated complementary colors in his scheme so. There is no pleasant middle tone to give your eyes relief. Everyone is displeased, Your eyes water in terror and he rebukes your weakness.

Dib #2 has complementary tones (the warm tones in his skin and highlights contrast with everything else) and has some contrast but not enough  to recover your eyes from looking at his doppelganger Dib #1. This Dib is pure edge, since he is only 5 degrees from being either an eye disaster or a eye vacation. Edgy Dib #2

Dib #3 is the bomb and is very chill about it. He not only has a nice complementary color play in his palette but is colors also come in a wide range of values so your eyes are too happy to look at him. Dib #3 a cool drink of water and is happy to provide some relief from staring at the other Dibs. Everyone loves Dib #3.

Make your pictures super cool like Dib #3

Evan on your birthday Headcannons (Evan x reader)

tw: lots of fluff bc i love my sweet sweet baby boy

a/n: ok so i did one of these with connor and ig everyone really liked it bc it’s currently my most popular lol,,, i hope u guys like this one just as much !!!

-ok so at this point you and evan have been dating for a little over a year now

-u guys were dating last year during ur bday but evan was super unsure of how to treat you, he feels like he disappointed you even though you always reassure him everything went perfectly fine he still feels like he needs to make it up to you aw evan bb

-ur birthday was on a saturday this year and he was happy that he could spend all day with you without the stress of being around everyone else at school

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SOME DAY THIS PAIN WILL BE USEFUL. | d. hale aesthetic. 

anonymous asked:

oh my god i just read two rotten apples and holy fuck their relationship is so terrible i feel so bad for her goddamn idk why i feel so hurt but pls make jungkook suffer

anonymous asked:

yo… ik everyone will disagree wit me but the relationship in tra is just way too toxic like why do i feel like shit when even if im just the reader. im so fucking mad why is jungkook such an asshole n why is the oc so easy UDHDHJD

anonymous asked:

it fucks with my mind how horrible jk is to the oc in tra i didnt do anything productive today bc i felt like shit LMAO

drabble #3

COUNT → 3.519

GENRE → smut | crack

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | penis in mouth | explicit language | penetration | graphic dirty talk | dick riding | the occasional sarcastic quip

LINKS → 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 4.5COMING SOON

note → i didn’t have this in mind with the current story line of two rotten apples, which you can read the first part here. so kinda consider this drabble just like. i dont even know. i have no idea. i think as the story goes on. ill link the drabbles for where i think they are in the story. the other two happen later on so they wont be linked yet until more parts are released!!!!!!! anyway i wrote this in a state of anger and perspiration!!!!!!!!!!! if u dont like my characters. or dont like the story. u could just. consider this: close out of my blog and never come back. no one was forcing u to read this. so i didnt appreciate these msgs. i understand u were venting but u didnt even say anything positive about the story so how could u expect me to respond positively??? anyways g’nite

The skin of Elise’s knuckles lightened as her fists clenched on the kitchen counter. She’d been dicing onions for a breakfast omelette but Kale’s noises from upstairs were distracting her as they drifted to her ears from the vent above her head. The kitchen was directly below their shared bedroom, so she could hear every single sound he made, even the bed creaking under his weight.

Washing her hands quickly, she grabbed a nearby towel to dry them off before heading towards the long, twisting marble staircase leading to the upstairs hallway, following the grunts and groans of her beloved husband.

As she peered into the bedroom, she gasped at the sight before her. Kale was lounging on the mattress, a rose placed between his succulent lips and a single cut from one of the thorns garnishing his lower lip. He probably should’ve cut all the thorns off before placing it in his mouth but he was never the smart one. His chest glistened under the light of the full moon, even though just a few seconds ago, Elise was making a breakfast omelette and typically those are made in the morning. She just didn’t have a good concept of time and made breakfast omelettes at night and steaks at eight o’clock in the morning.

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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Characters: CastielXPregnant!Reader, ft. Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1135

A/N: Drabble request from anonymous – “Could you please do an imagine where the reader is pregnant with twins (boy and girl) and Castiel is happy yet worried cause the babies are Nephilim.” Well, this one went in a bit of an interesting direction. Fluff, descriptions of child birth (nothing super intense), perhaps ever-so-slightly angsty in the middle, and then even more fluff, cause fluff.

Originally posted by princesscas

“She’s an angel.” Castiel stared awestruck at the sticky squirming pink newborn held in his trembling arms.

“Yeah man, she’s beautiful,” Dean agreed, squeezing his friend on the shoulder before aiding in the angel’s awkward attempt to swaddle his infant daughter. Dean grimaced at the total ineptitude of Cas’ swaddling ability, gently prying the baby out of his fumbling arms to wrap her securely, “No offense, but she’s lucky she got her mother’s looks.”

“No Dean,” Cas corrected, shaking his head, tone disbelieving, “I mean she’s an actual angel.”

“You mean?” Dean’s jaw slackened askance.

“She’s not a Nephilim.” The wash of joy and relief flooding Cas’ expression was short-lived, drowned out by your renewed screams in the adjoining room.

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Yuri on Ice Fic Rec Pt 1

I don’t know how many parts there are going to be but let’s start out with some favorites!

it’s the life we’re living now by vivevoce - Mature - Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky - Chapters: 7/7


“… Did you know you still give me boners?” Yuri asks seriously. Otabek is startled into an incredulous snort. “Don’t laugh, you asshole! It’s tragic and inconvenient and probably going to last until we’re old and can’t get it up anymore.”

“I’m touched,” Otabek replies tonelessly. “You have such a way with words.”

“Yeah, I know.” Yuri grins, all sharp teeth. “Feel free to swoon a little closer into my arms. And on top of my crotch?”

“Fuck off.” Yuri can hear Otabek’s grudging smile, even with his back turned.





This is honestly such a wonderful fic, anything by her is incredible but this is the fic that really shoved me down the Otayuri rabbit hole

A Different Kind of Coaching by Nomanono - Explicit - Victor/Yuuri, Yuuri/Yuri/Victor, Otabek/Yuri, Victor/Yuri, Yuuri/Yuri, Otabek/Victor - Chapters: 27/?


Yuri decides he wants to give himself to a special someone, and luckily knows two people very well equipped to help him train so that, like all things, he can be the best at it.

Almost every single chapter is smut, it’s a guilty pleasure and all of it is really well written. If you ever wanna read something kinky, this is definitely the best fic for it.

O. Altin by HugsandButterflyKisses - Teen - Otabek/Yuri - Chapters: 1/1


Yuri Plisetsky’s life gets thrown out of order when a hot neighbor moves in next door. Unfortunately for Yuri, his new neighbor also happens to be a serial killer. Yuri is convinced he is going to be the next victim. So, there’s that.

This fic is literally hilarious it made me smile so wide my face hurt so if you need a good laugh (in the best possible way) it’s amazing! 

Match Made By Phichit by SociallyAwkwardFox - Teen - Victor/Yuuri, Leo/Guang-Hong, Michele/Emi, Sara/Mila, Otabek/Yuri, Phichit/Seung Gil - Chapters: 1/1


Five times Phichit plays matchmaker for his friends and the one time they play matchmaker for him.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I love Phichit being a wing man and the ending is so sweet and ugh this fic is really cute.

These Words Are Not Enough by mousapelli - Teen - Leo/Guang-Hong - Chapters: 1/1


With fourteen time zones in between them, Leo and Guanghong find every way they can to cross the distance.

Honestly this fic is so great. Music incorporation, so much research about different time zones and things, pining, cuteness, ugh I cry every time! Anything by mousapelli is awesome tho sooooo

take a picture (it’ll last longer) by aozu - Teen - Seung Gil/Phichit - Chapters: 1/1


Phichit takes a lot of photos.

And by a lot, Seung-gil means a fuck ton.

THIS FIC MAKES MY HEART SWELL WITH JOY I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Just everything about this fic makes me smile ugh my heart

Wildflowers by axona, Lulubean - Teen - Yuuri/Yuri, Phichit/Yuuri, Otabek/Yuri - Chapters: 10/10


These won’t be the last tears he sheds over Victor Nikiforov, but he has hit a point where they stop and leave him numb and dazed.

“He…that was my first kiss,” Yuuri whispers, staring down at his open palms on his lap helplessly.

Yurio makes a noise like he’s just been punched in the gut, and he growls something in Russian that Yuuri doesn’t bother translating. He only looks up when Yurio squats in front of him, firmly and unapologetically taking hold of Yuuri’s empty hands with his own, intense blue-green eyes staring at him.

“You deserve better than him.”


wyd? by tootsonnewts - NR - Otabek/Yuri - Chapters: 1/1


Ever since the coffee shop incident, Otabek personally sends Yuri every single one of his snaps, which are literally all the same three things: Otabek at the gym in a sleeveless shirt, Otabek on a run in a sleeveless shirt, Otabek in his bed in a sleeveless shirt, and JESUS CHRIST, does this guy own anything else?

Or, Otabek is a fuckboy and Yuri can’t deal.

Fuckboy Otabek, need I say more? This fic is incredibly hilarious i got my entire life throughout the entire thing

we laugh, we fumble, we take it day by day by waitingforareason - G - Victor/Yuuri - Chapters 1/1


When it comes to taking their son on the ice for the first time, Yuuri is worried, Victor is patient, and everyone else is helplessly intrusive.

This is honestly one of my go to fics when I wanna be happy. It’s so precious and I love it so much. The child they adopt is so freakin cute too I wanna pinch his cheeks

Unexpected by CelesteFitzgerald - Teen - Otabek/JJ - Chapters 1/1


Since childhood, JJ had told his soulmate everything about his life. JJ’s soulmate on the other hand was not one for sharing. They turned down all of JJ’s offers to meet up. But JJ knew they still cared and that they would meet eventually. He didn’t know that “eventually” would be at the Grand Prix Final.

Soulmate AU where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate’s.


anonymous asked:

i wasnt around for ot12, and i wanna know more about luhan so i figured why not come to you, LuhanStan69, for information????

ok well first of all, the name luhanstan69 is…. .…. .. .  . horrific and i want it tattooed on my ass .. .. . and second of all …. i was also not around for ot12….. but i can still show u the world (im so sorry just…….click on the bold links,,,,i didnt mean for this 2 happen)

ok so : my man… first name han last name lu and it means dawn deer and he really fucking looks like a deer?? his eyes are so big and sparkly and his features are really delicate and soft but don’t be fooled he really takes no prisoners and will fight literally anyone (here is him yelling at a saesang driver who was recklessly driving, like he really doesn’t take any shit one time at the airport he showed the fancameras that a saesang was calling his phone also the song Roleplay exists in which he basically tells his saesang fans that he will Fuck Them Up if they keep trying him,,,…,.,. a legend if u will) he was born april 20, 1990 and technically he’s a taurus by some calendars and aries by others but he said fuck it im an aries and whatever he says is law so he’s an aries. 

mmmm he’s an extremely talented vocalist and dancer (he was main vocal for m and their lead dancer also the visual). im not sure how familiar you are with exo m but I will recommend moonlight and what is love as songs that really show off luhan’s vocals from his exo era. as far as dance goes this is a classic mmm also his solo from the lost planet for the star is a treasure that must be preserved tbh. um anyways ya luhan was the bomb in exo m but he’s also the bomb solo!! his last exo concert was the 140921 tlp in beijing and he left exo in october of 2014 due to lack of support for luhan’s career and obvious health issues (if u watch fancams from his last stage u can see his face is swollen on one side and pictures of his eye being fucked up and he was having really bad chronic headaches i think i dont remember exactly also he fell down during let out the beast and is clearly in pain sorry im not trying 2 write a defend luhan leaving piece but this info isn’t really circulated now so it’s easy to write off him leaving as for just money or whatever)

and then luhan took a break!! he recovered his health in his home beijing and came back with : That Good Good say what u will abt the song either it’s ur style or not idc but the choreo is nice and his face is….stellar.. from there luhan worked toward releasing his album Reloaded which sold like hotcakes :( my baby :( The Star™️ and he started to truly become The Star™️ once he became a member of Running Man China (now titled Keep Running due to S Korean/Chinese political issues) and began to take on movies like The Witness (he also did the ost for the witness titled Medals which blew tf up and was used for the Rio 2016 Olympics) and Time Raiders. he then held his first !! solo !! concert !! in early 2016 aka the Reloaded series ft. three absolutely beautiful hair colors: mint/blue/green pink purple and some ridiculous wardrobe changes and he kicked ass :( and his fame in china rly skyrocketed like this man….endorses the entire planet (off the top of my head he is/was the spokesperson/endorser for: kfc, crest, lenovo, some bike company thing, puma, cartier, coke, sony, gap, lancome, l’occitane en provence, canon, kung fu panda, star wars (he got his own star wars song like exo has lightsaber but lu got the inner force….iconic), ummmmm what else idk i can’t remember anymore oh wait ADIDAS he literally was just announced for adidas today….an icon mayhaps?) anyways ya hims the Shit in china and he’s like the king of weibo?? like he holds a guinness world record for weibo….amazing

ok moving on to my :( favorite part …. when he put out catch me when i fall in oct 2016. This is it. This is That Song tbh. This is when he became the King of Aesthetics and Music. The MV is beautiful and so are the lyrics (i really encourage you to read the lyrics for the song bc they really show a lot about luhan and i fell absolutely undeniably in love with him when i read them). And from there he litralee cannot be stopped im not gonna make u read my opinion on all of them but his absolute best releases since then (keep in mind im talking abt in the like 7 months….he has put out so many songs AND mv’s for all of them plus teasers it’s really insane) are skin to skin , what if i said , and on call . truly … the mf king of aesthetics. i expect his next full album will come out probably around july/august…he’s really been building up to it with his mini albums so it will probably be more or less a repackage of all of those minis but ya !! keep ur eyes peeled!!

beyond his performance stuff he’s really the most passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and talented guy. He works so hard like it is astounding. He is so incredibly inspirational and i really just think he’s a good person and frankly i would trust him with my life. He really cares for his lufans and wants them to be safe and happy even international lufans like he puts english subtitles on all of his mv’s and now his bts videos also have eng subs like…..he doesn’t have to and yet? he’s there….doing it all. he also has fan events for his bday like one year he had a soccer event on his bday and made it livestreamed so that fans at home could watch too  :( he’s just v thoughtful :(

TL;DR: luhan is the sweetest boy on the planet and he just wants to make aesthetic bops and play w cats and live his life happily and freely. he is the most precious thing to me and he deserves all the love in the world. also he is a human meme and Lu is his magnum opus if u want to see more of lu i highly recommend Running Man (this is his first ep, and these two are my favorites) and episodes 2, 5, and 9 of exo showtime are my favorite lu episodes. u can catch him in the movie The Great Wall w matt damon and a bunch of v famous chinese actors and singers lmfao i just got it from redbox the other day lu is so cute um also he’s in a cdrama rn called Fighter of the Destiny which is all eng subbed on youtube the cgi is like ridiculously cheesy kinda power rangers feel but his face and sweet acting…..it’s enough 4 me….anything luhan does is enough 4 me

Second Chance - Part Eight

Originally posted by queeniessgoldstein

Guys, I’m posting this from my new home in Florida! Whoot-whoot!

Thank you so, so much for your patience with me. My life has gotten incredibly hectic, and it’s taken me a while to be able to update. But it’s finally here, chapter eight of Second Chance! It will be a while before chapter nine comes out since I’ve got to unpack and apply for jobs and get settled in here. Thanks to all who have commented on this fic or messaged me–I still jump for joy when I get a notification that someone’s said something about it! Let me know if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters! Special thanks to @sannvers who is busy with band camp and still managed to edit for me.

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 7,466

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

Tagging: @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli@hobbithorse19@leah5684 @princessbelgoof @captainskyline @theoncergames@geeky-girl-394@were-allstoriesinthe-end084 @brooke-supernatural16@certainasthesvn@jordyhaley @superlokidwholock @smilesnjh @prongspower@bitchingqueenoferebor@scarletdarkholme @hemmingbaes @bae-kage @areuslow@lovelylpevensie@uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s @moonbeams-and-pie @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @superwholockedrosx @panda-reads-stuff @ultimatetrashlord@elenawrit@the7thsilence @blackxthexbeast @rainwing-galaxy @arkhamsnight @imoyu-trashblog @martapetrovic @ciaprincess @juggernaut-jones@fangirlx26@fangirlx26 @epicfallenismine @izzymaria1994 @loveablelulu13 @malfoy-milkovich-royalty @kylorenlover15 @banana-cat @withouthannah @stone0502 @shiroyuki18 @thestrugglesofateenagedirtbag @lainris @banana-cat @samaxraph99 @honey-badger-dont-give-a@daisiesflower @afairytaledreamer @flufycorn384 @lovelyturtle36 @kairi73 @aerondrage @softbcky @pnchingwalls101 @chalatea @crowleysfavoritehuman @afairytaledream @silverwingedfox @asymmetrical-flower-child @my-whataguythat-gaston @elyza-jeanette @migirl323 @soulgirl518 @betterlattethennever @bonemarrow-writes 

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college boyfriend!mark;

Originally posted by mayfifolle

  • soooo mark strikes me as the type of guy you’d wanna date in your early twenties
  • he’s like the sweet gentle type that you date for a long time, take home to your parents, plan your future out with ya feel
  • unlike the rest of my boyfriend scenarios, i really like the idea of mark being like normal mark
  • not famous, going to school mark
  • now you meet mark bc you two happen to take a really obscure class together
  • like,,, there’s maybe ten people in the entire class (you’re kind of lost as to why it even exists tbh)
  • but hey, it’s the only alternative for another class you didn’t make the roster for, so you’ll take what you can get
  • on your first day there, there’s only like three people in the entire lecture hall so you’re confused af
  • you end up walking up to the first person you see and you’re like “yo, i’m here for my class but i think i have the wrong place”
  • the person’s head is hung down as they write out something in their notebook
  • but then they look up
  • you’re momentarily shocked by how pretty this person is bc like… damn
  • he smiles like “oh hey, yeah this is the place. don’t worry, it’s this small all the time. i’m mark” 
  • and he holds his hand out for you to shake and as soon as you touch palms you have to hide your shocked expression bc!! boy has some soft ass hands!!!
  • besides the callouses on his fingers his touch is as gentle as his smile
  • you tell him your name through a strangled breath and he repeats it to himself before smiling at you again and you’re still trying to figure out how someone could be this nice and beautiful
  • “do you want to sit next to me? i can help you catch up on anything you need help with” he offers, but he’s already pulling out the seat next to him and how could u refuse hah..haha
  • you plop in that seat so fast
  • you two end up going over his notes for all of three minutes before he starts inquiring about you and your major and your plans for the future
  • in fact you two are so lost in what you’re talking abt that you only realize the professor is there when she drops a book on yours and mark’s desk with a raised eyebrow like “yall done”
  • you and mark are blushing so hard lmao
  • throughout the whole class tho, you can’t really focus on anything besides mark beside you
  • you notice every time he moves, or every puff of breath that leaves him when he’s focused on writing down the professor’s words as she barrels through her lecture at lightning speed
  • when the class is over, you’re all over the place bc you only managed to capture half of what she said and you couldn’t put any of the information you had into something comprehensible
  • you stand next to your desk with a pout on your lips, not noticing until his breath is on your shoulder that mark is peeking at your notes
  • “that doesn’t look very… that isn’t exactly… do you need some help?” mark is so disheartened looking at your notes that he literally can’t help offering his own to you
  • but you’re so thankful and you’re like “thank you thank you!!! how can I repay you?”
  • and mark is pretty adamant that you don’t need to pay him back, that he’s just being a helpful classmate, but then as you’re taking pictures of his notes he just,,, “do you wanna go on a date? i-i mean a study date. you know. to study. the material. for school”
  • of course you can’t say no to the cute blush on his cheeks and the stutter in his words and omg is he biting his lip what the fu
  • “totally!! i’ll give you my number and you can text me whenever you’re free” 
  • you two exchange numbers and you’re on your way
  • this turns out to be a mistake bc it’s only twenty minutes later when you’re headed to your next class and all you can think about is him
  • your hands keep fiddling with your phone and even your friend in that class is like “are u good”
  • you wanna text him so bad tbh but like you dont want to be weird or anything
  • and then like as soon as you get out of class to go get lunch your phone buzzes and you nearly get whiplash from how fast you look at your phone
  • mark: are you busy later? its never too late to start studying
  • i mean… you just got out of that class like two hours ago but oF COURSE MARK YOU’D LOVE TO
  • you’re not even surprised when the entire study date turns into you two just getting to know each other
  • he tells you about how he loves music, how his roommate jackson is always trying to get him out of his shell and it kind of hits you that mark isn’t the type to do things like this
  • the fact that he’s stepped out of his comfort zone to hang with you is so endearing that you kind of just sit your chin in your palm and watch him lovingly as he talks about his interests and you’re pretty sure “i’m so attracted to you??” is written across your forehead but you don’t even care
  • at the end of the date, he walks you back to your dorm, and before you can disappear into your room, he grabs at your hand gently
  • his hold is unsure, but he looks determined, even if he’s incapable of making eye contact
  • “was it just me or was today more of a date than it was studying?”
  • you just nod, your smile widening as he rubs the back of his neck when his palm grows sweaty in yours
  • “would you… maybe like to do that again? the date part of course. i mean we can study too if you’d like, honestly as long as we’re hanging out-” “I’d love to mark”
  • it’s official, you’re dating!!
  • you’re surprised how quickly you fall for mark too
  • weeks pass and you two basically spend every waking minute together
  • if you aren’t physically beside each other, you’re texting, or calling, or thinking about the other
  • while you two haven’t had the talk abt official titles, you secretly look at each other like that
  • it’s only evident one day when you’re talking to jackson, in his and mark’s dorm room while mark gets dressed for your date
  • jackson is telling you how he’s known mark for a while now and he’s never seen him act the way he does when he’s with you
  • “i think he’s really serious about you… but are you serious about him?” jackson asks, and you can’t hate him for asking bc you know how protective he is of his best friend
  • but his question is so out of the blue that you take a minute to think about it, your mind kinda lost on you as you try to think up a satisfactory answer
  • and then it all becomes clear to you, like a cloud parted over your feelings
  • “i’m really serious about him. it’s early but… i think i really want to be with him for a long time. he makes me feel so warm and happy and he’s not like any guy i’ve ever known. i feel like mark… is the one”
  • and then a smile cracks across jackson’s face before he turns his head to something behind you, and you turn your attention over your shoulder to see mark smiling with literal stars in his eyes 
  • “you were right mark. she passed my test”
  • when you realize what’s going on your cheeks immediately start burning, and you deliver a few blows to mark’s shoulder but even through the pain and complaining he can’t stop how happy he is
  • he keeps the cheesy smile the whole night oml you have to kiss him just to get him to stop
  • besides mark being the cutest boy ever he’s also a little (big) shit
  • always playing some kind of a prank on you
  • one time he convinces you he’s turned your favorite white sweater green with a picture of said sweater looking bright lime 
  • and you’re so mad but he just smiles at you and flutters his eyelashes like “im sorry, you still love me right??” 
  • and of course you’re still mad but you reassure him with a forehead kiss and then he laughs and goes “i didn’t ruin your sweater, youngjae helped me photoshop it so it looked like i did”
  • he gets so many bruises that day
  • but his friends make up for it by teasing the shit out of mark
  • his friend jinyoung has a plethora of embarrassing stories about mark that you could just sit there for hours listening to how mark broke his finger playing bop it
  • mark’s youngest friends, dance majors yugyeom and bambam and computer science major youngjae see mark as the older bro of their friend group as mark is the oldest, so they kinda see you as their older sister
  • therefore, you are not unaccustomed to unannounced visits from the three at all hours of the day
  • yugyeom is always asking you to criticize his dances, bambam always asks you to help him study, and youngjae honestly just comes over to sleep bc his roommate is super loud and he never gets a moment of peace
  • in return, you use them for everything
  • all you have to do is say “do this” and they’ll do it bc they love u so much and they have to pay you back somehow for how much they bother you
  • even when mark is over and you two are trying to have some time alone they’ll still stop by and won’t leave despite all the urging to
  • the amount of times you have to call either jaebum or jinyoung to save you has gotten out of hand
  • but even then you don’t mind bc honestly they’re like family to you now, and you love them too much to ever hate being around them
  • in turn, mark is really aware of how special you are to him and he makes sure he lets you know
  • if you’re sick, mark is skipping all his classes to take care of you
  • even if you protest he cannot be persuaded
  • if he really can’t miss a class or has an exam tho, he’ll send one of the boys to take care of you and of course they do so at the drop of a hat
  • makes sure you’re caught up in schoolwork, and always offers to help you study for big tests bc he knows you have a hard time doing so by yourself
  • if you’re too lazy to go grocery shopping he has no prob going out and doing it for you
  • he’s just such a doting bf like he doesn’t mind doing whatever you need done
  • even tho he doesn’t always say “i love you” with words, you can tell just by how he treats you
  • he says i love you when he asks if you’ve gotten enough sleep in the middle of class, and when you shake your head no, he lets you nap and promises to explain the lesson to you later
  • he says i love you when he makes you dinner bc he knows you’re too busy with homework to make it for yourself
  • he says i love you in all of his own little ways
  • but when he does remember to say it, it’s always said with such warmth and fondness that you have to take a second to collect yourself from the utter cuteness before you say it back
  • overall, mark is a loving, caring bf and he’s the best never let him go

other boyfriend!got7:



Top five worst Sonic Archie issues

So a while back me and @greenyvertekins​ talked a bit about our favorite Sonic Archie moments, I was thinking of doing a TOp five/top ten favorite Sonic archie issues but honestly the moments I and Greenyvertekis mentioned were pretty much my favorite/best issues. So if you want to read here! most of them are also from the best written arcs so …..

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to do a top five WORST Sonic arche issues instead? :) (warning Im from the Netherlands so my English is bad, feel free to spell correct me!)

Number 05 Issue 172

Going pretty low in the list because despite this being one of  my least favorite issues it should be noted that this was the start from the comic getting better and better at this point, this ugly-face just was the blacksheep from that collection.

Not only was the cover a bad reminder that the comic was seen as bad-furry-romance-drama which I really hoped the comic wanted to distant itself from it, the entire issue is a sadlyalso  bad-furry-drama. It starts off with Amy Rose confronting Fiona Fox about the rumors that she heard from Tails that she is cheating on Sonic with Scourge, (the Green Edgy Sonic recolor) Now the story of Fiona Fox is a pretty sad one, she never had much of a character to begin with. She was first introduced as a robot in her child form to lure Tails into a trap. It turns out that Eggman based her off a real person: Fiona Fox who someway or another was left behind by Mighty and Sonic in Eggman’s prison and she manage to escape but stil holding a grudge and got angry at them for it, That is mostly what I remember her from in the past issues. From then on she would just be background character number 55 a freedom fighter with no dialog, the only times I sort of remember her was that she liked the idea of using guns, and that Sonic was afraid for Tails to be rejected by the too-old-for-you girl Fiona.Sonic wanted to talk to FIona about this issue and she mentions she still thinks SOnic is selfish for leaving her behind but that his sacrifice in issue 125 made her change her mind somewhat, That’s it. Now the weird story behind Fiona is that Karl Boilers planned to use her as a second-love interest for Sonic after Sonic broke up with Sally. Sonic was supposed to enter a relationship with Amy Rose shortly after the Sonic/Sally break up. (Keep in ind that Amy Rose back then was still 10 years old mentally at that time YIKES.) and Fiona for whatever reason was to become a rival to Amy for Sonic’s affections. Now Ken Penders apparently interfered with this idea and Karl and Ken changed it into…Fiona Fox becoming Sonic’s girlfriend instead…out of the blue….out of nowhere. At least with Amy you knew she had a crush on Sonic but with Fiona? why would Sonic ever enter a relationship with a girl he hardly interacted with and with a girl his best friend was crushing on? ..moving on various issues later and writer Karl Boilers and Ken Penders were no longer on board and new writer Ian Flyn entered into the picture it was by then far too late to clean up this mess and I could tell from the comic’s writing that Ian wasn’t sure what to do with Fiona, he tried to give her a more Sally-personality with a bad history but that felt tripped and forced. He knew he had to break the two characters off and he thought the best way to do that was to reveal that Fiona Fox became a bad-girl who fell in love with Scourge due to the events off Sonic 150 (dont worry that issue will be brought up later)

Not only did this came out of no where, it felt forced even if Fiona had no character it felt like she really was just a pawn of a writer not sure what to do with her. It also didnt help that the issue ends in a weird anticlimatic way  and in the next issue most of the characters dont even talk or seem to be phazed with Fiona’s betrayel and  Sonic would be slightly flirtatious with Sally and Amy in the next issue too, (Really Sonic you just got dumped.) The issues saving grace is a cute side story with Amy Rose and Julie Su training together and some decent/good art overall.

Number 04 Knuckles the Echidna issue 32

Yes Knuckles does count as part of the Sonic series, and if the list would be Knuckles comic focused this would have been number one. Not only was this the last issue of probably the most boring arc I ever read It also nailed the coffin on the Knuckles series as it was canned after this issue. It introduced two very uncreative very Un-SegaSonic like characters: Monk and Hunter whose design and motivations are as generic as you can imagine. Ken Penders tries to make you feel for the Monk-character but I dont think anyone was convinced. I own this issue as well and HONESTLY I forgot I even read this issue as a child it was that forgettable, even in my Knucklesfangirl phase as soon as I finished reading the last 3 issues I forgot about it, It also doesnt help that the covers while nicely drawn by Galan were cluttered and too busy, Ken Penders did the book’s art and while he did a perfect job drawing Hunter his cartoon characters were always off-model and the way he draws large mangaeyes didn’t look well. In other words the art wasnt good either.

I only remember these issues  because of @hedgehogscantswim​ review, which I suggest you guys read into as they go into much greater depth on their blog on the flaws of the art, the character designs of Monk and Hunter and the overall big problem the last issue has.  

Number 3 Sonic issue 134

Oh Yeah let’s talk about the big one, let’s talk about the issue that caused many Sonic fans to drop the comic, lets talk about the issue that split the fanbase in half and what made the Sonic-Archie comics the laughing stock of Sonic spin offs for years to come until Ian Flyn joined and the much later soft-Reboot. If the Sally/Sonic/Mina love drama didn’t convince people that the comic had badfurryromance drama this issue sure did.

Sonic sacrificed himself in issue 125 to save the world,  but was transported to a different planet cause science, he survived and had space adventures with Aliens, met up with Tails parents somehow…(Really those issues are all a blur too me at this point.) he came back to Mobuis only to discover a year has passed since then, he reunites with his nowwithlonghair girlfriend Sally and by issue 125, Sally makes it clear to Sonic that she wants him by his side as she is sort-of forced by her parents to no longer be on the battle field. However Sonic cant possibly do that, he is the hero after all, he cant be tied down Sally clearry suffering from trauma after Sonic’s death begs him to stay by her side, Sonic  tearfully tells her he can’t and Sally takes Sonic’s rejection pretty well and says that she knows being a hero is in Sonic’s blood and decides to reject her parents wishes and join her boyfriend and the rest of her friends on the battle field.

No wait Never mind, she SLAPS him across the face and calls him Selfish and breaks up with him afterwards.

Not only did this issue came in the worst possible time when the Sonally/Sonamy ship wars was rampant in the Online Sonic fandom communities. The motivation and reason for Karl Boilers to do this was in such a bad taste as well. Karl who MOST Likely was aware of the growing popularity of the Sonamy ship and the hatred the sonamy fanbase had for Sally, from people calling her a marry sue, a slut because her lack of pants, ugly due to her brown color sceme, and other funny-horrible things because shipping is serious business, Probably wanted to win and be favored by a part of the Sonic fan base and had outlined plans to have Sonic and Amy Rose become an official couple in the comics. (Even if Karl wrote Amy Rose as a 10 year old mentally girl with a body of a 12 year old together with a 17 year old teen Sonic.) They had to become a couple. How to do this you ask? by breaking Sonic/Sally up and portraying  Sally out to be a selfish cunt of a woman, not only was this so disgustingly out of character and a slap to the face to the sonally and Sally fans, it was all to make the fans to transaction to the idea of Sonamy instead. It didnt help Sally’s position in the fanbase and she along with Chris and Elise would be among the list of the most hated characters where extreme Sonamy fanbrats now had valid proof on their side.It would take years for Sally to recover. To add insult to injury the only nice thing about the issue is the introduction of new artist John Gray (whose animish-cartoondisneyish style was colorful, pleasant and very pleasing to the eye! was more then needed at that time since the art quality standards was low back then. )John has stated he did NOT like working on this issue either due to the content and story. I am so thankful that Sally has been much better written for years now.

Number 02 Sonic Super Special issue 07 Crossover with Image Comics

Where to start with this, oh boy oh boy. I put this very high on the list because this has to be one of the worst crossovers spin ofss I have ever had the pleasure of reading. and I mean that the Powerrangers/TMNT crossover was more enjoybale that this mess. This is also very high on the list not only because the art was below average and many characters were off models but Mister Ken Penders used this crossover special to shoehorn his own ‘’characters’ from his comic book series the Lost Ones. (who btw got canned after only volume 01) his characters got the most attention out of everyone else. A image-comics with Sonic crossover already sounds sort of weird and silly but hey I am Spawn fangirl, I am intrigued. But I dont even get that.

(oh wait, this is fucking it, Spawn appears for about a page to say no to Sonic and then leaves thats it??) FOR FUCK SAKE….

Honestly @robotnikholmescomicblog​ gave this comic a great review and I suggest going to their tag of Ken-Penders-Why as they bring out most of the flaws of Ken Penders writing and they said it better then I ever will.

Overall the issue is just a mess, with shallowcheap cameos of image characters, Sonic and the freedom fighters being DICKS to most of the human characters for no reason, a very anti climatic ending and a giant commercial for Ken Penders doomed and boring characters that nobody gave a dam about) characters that he planned to use in ‘’The Lost ones’’ and Knuckles 20 years later. With a character hinting to become Knuckles’s greatest enemy yet with a very ugly boring design that could rivals Hunter. (btw none of these concepts go anywhere, Lost Ones was canned, and Knuckles 20 years later didnt come in fruition the way Ken Penders wanted.)

and number 5, worst issue Sonic issue 150

This is my most least favorite issues up to date and why you might ask

well for one thing the art is okay, I give it that but it doesnt even start with Sonic,

no we get a quick-reveal  of AntiSonic pretending to be the real Sonic flirting with all the girls in knothole

We get uncomfortable panels of Mina Mongoose almost cheating on her boyfriend with Sonic, Sonic and Bunnie making out and falling asleep next together, Sonic being creepy at Amy ect and none of the girls seem to realize that this is obvious not the real Sonic but ANti-Sonic. Everbody fails to notice that Sonic is  trying to flirt with all the girls he gets his eyes on. Only Tails seems to quistion it. Shows how much his own friends seem to know him. Or his own freaking family. The real Sonic is stuck in anti-mobuis and is busy trying to convince them that he is not AntiSonic, it’s very boring and dull. Also since the real Ant was stuck in anti Mobuis couldn’t he have tried to come back to his own world with Sonic? I dont know that just confused the heck out of me, The extra side story also doesn’t help, Its the conclusion to TailS ‘’the Chosen One’’ which was,,,pretty lame too with bland-art, and has the unfortunate of introducing the fanbase to the still-hilarious Titan Tails


So the stories are stupid, the art is okay and lame. Why is it so high on the list?

It’s THE 150 anniversary issue and this is how Karl and Ken apparently wanted to celebrate it? It also doesn’t help that the cover is really underwhelming and boring compared to the 125th issue but that’s it’s least of its problems. A short while later Ian Flyn and Tracey joined the team and Ken and Karl left. For the better. But talk about a lame way to celebrate a 150th milestone. What a waste. 

AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 2252

edit: part 2 here

Bitty has never been the biggest fan of confrontation. On the contrary, he spends a great deal of time avoiding most conflict these days. Even on the field, confrontation is Bitty’s mortal enemy, a fact proven by the way he freezes up and nearly passes out every time someone threatens to check him.

There is one place Bitty accepts (if not exactly welcomes) confrontation, though, and that’s in the safety of the lax house. Or, more often, the safety of the front lawn of the lax house when the pesky hockey team across the street starts trouble. Realistically, he knows his own team contributes to some of the bickering and fighting that goes on on that lawn, but more often than not it’s the hockey team who barges over uninvited to complain about this or that.

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