i dont like that band

why do ppl mock The Indie Girl Voice™ so much when The Pop Punk Guy Voice™ is one of the worst and most grating singing styles ever

hey yeah im excited about the thing too but pls remember that it really bothers pete, and probably the rest of the band too, when you tell them you hate them/want to fight them. i know its a joke and so do they but anxiety is a bitch and im sure thats nerve wracking. pls be kind no matter what happens <3

me: i dont like this mediocre band 

some rando who only follows blogs like ruinedchildhood: ummmmmm?? and???? not everything was made for you….why do you hate fun lmao

Sleeping Plants
Sleeping plant

“I don’t fancy yellow, but its what I think of when I’m with you” - Sleeping plants


I’m gonna throw this here because I’m actually pretty proud of it, but here’s the video I made for my final project in my digital media class! Though making it took longer than I thought it would, overall it was a fun experience and very good practice. Enjoy!


we are very connected to your fans but in an odd way really. i mean most people i suppose connect to their fans internet wise, they actually connect to them and converse to them, have a dialogue, we don’t necessarily do that. but i think that…what i’ve found or what i’ve been told in trying to figure out what it is all about, is that people really really relate to this band because it is kind of an extension of a personality, of four personalities and i think people look for that and people like seeing themselves and relating to people. and i think people just relate to us, they relate to the things we talk about and its all delivered in what i suppose is considered to be infectious pop music and all these kids at the moment are living out their lives soundtracked to the 1975 and i think its because…they just, they get it, they get us. and to have so many people adore our music is…well i think its the reason why you do it isn’t it. - Matty Healy 

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Have you ever listened to a band called PVRIS (pronounced Paris)? I was curious if you'd listen to them and give your two cents on their music. In my opinion it's best to listen in this order: St. Patrick, Holy, White Noise, My House, Smoke, Fire, Mirrors, Ghosts, Let Them In, Eyelids. You & I is from the deluxe version of their album, and the new song Heaven they just released from their upcoming album (by the way the lead singer, she's an awesome little gay bean with green eyes)

Do I kn…listen, if I could tattoo Lynn’s face on mine I would. Holy is one of my Top 50 most played songs on iTunes. You & I is not far behind neither are the rest of the albums. All my faves are releasing new music this year and I’m SO HAPPY. While we’re at it, the directing in this video is fucking stunning.