i dont like that band

there was this song, right.. and like it wasnt bad, but i cant even remember the genre really… maybe like kinda of not-real house music if that makes sense.. either way its title was something like “dont tell mommy” or “dont let your mother know” something like that…. and like i dont remember the band but i do remember the album cover… it was like furries, in diapers, in like a gay bar??? i think… it was also like a pastey yellow.. the album cover looked grosss, either way i want to listen to it again, but i have no idea what the bands name was or the name of the song….

A reminder to maybe not throw things at Harry when he’s on stage performing or talking.. :-)

When someone mentions your favorite band, anime, fandom, book, ect.

hey yeah im excited about the thing too but pls remember that it really bothers pete, and probably the rest of the band too, when you tell them you hate them/want to fight them. i know its a joke and so do they but anxiety is a bitch and im sure thats nerve wracking. pls be kind no matter what happens <3

me: i dont like this mediocre band 

some rando who only follows blogs like ruinedchildhood: ummmmmm?? and???? not everything was made for you….why do you hate fun lmao

Sleeping Plants
Sleeping plant

“I don’t fancy yellow, but its what I think of when I’m with you” - Sleeping plants