i dont like strawberries

straight ppl complaining about the comic having no impact on lore and being a waste of time are so…. like did you forget about the Junkenstein comic… 

like beyond Tracer dating Emily we now know that Lena doesn’t need her chronal accelerator strapped to her chest at all times, Sombra knows Mccree exists, Torbjorn has kids and still hangs with Reinhardt, Hanzo doesn’t walk around with titty out all the time, Genji and Mercy still keep in touch, Jack has some mystery person from his past he misses, Amelie still mourns her husband, and Reaper has some mystery family he’s creeping on (sister or brother maybe?). everyone is still doing something beyond overwatch vs talon

like shut the fuck up there’s so much that’s revealed in this comic and everyone is already talking about it but you’re so triggered over Tracer to pay attention.

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“We used to sell her strawberries,” I say almost angrily. What am I angry about, though? Not that she brought the medicine, surely.
“She must have quite a taste for them,” says Haymitch. That’s what nettles me. Its the implication that’s something going on between Gale and Madge. And i dont like it.

Her lips tasted like strawberries.

Okay, so um. Miss sergle, I drew something for u.
Its ah, basically a copy of that hijabi girl u drew some time ago, the one based on apples!
I really love your art, because you try so hard to include a variety of places, in skin color and body types and its just so very, very nice of you to do that, and I really appreciate u drawing girls in hijabs for this reason, cause I’m a Muslim myself, and I know just how much some of my Muslim friends appreciate people drawing or including Muslims in their stories which is a lot believe me, especially if the Muslim girl kicks butt
Out of the three hijabis you’ve drawn, I found the apple one the cutest and most easily drawable, so… I did it in my own style, and added a few stuff, like the cap (most hijabis wear these caps underneath the hijab) and the freckles.
So, um, if u want I can take it down, cause its basically urs in the first place!
A-Anyways, I hope u like this, and I wish u the best of luck in everything! Thank u!