i dont like nella at all


Popular artists don’t owe you attention. I don’t care if you reblog and like all their posts, or send them tons of asks, or submit til your heart stops- THEY. DONT. OWE. YOU. ATTENTION. These are real people, just enjoying what they do- and you are being absolutely gross when you send anons like “why are you ignoring me I send you so many asks and submits!” You forget these artists usually have quite a big following- and can’t answer everything. Or they just don’t want to! Like I said, artists don’t owe you anything. So stop guilt-tripping behind anons, and being bitter because your favourite artist doesn’t want to be best friends. Be kind you fucks.

worldflower  asked:

for the meme: Turin, Maeglin, and Thorin

• get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester,

• get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours

• get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds

well fuck this is hard

Well thorin has a piss poor attitude and im not a fan of him at all, dont want to spend a lot of time with him, lets go elevator with thorin

if I do ANYTHING with turin i am guarteeed to befall hardship. almost. unless im just some vague-interaction with him like turin and nellas, in which she turns out fine. so let’s go with mcdonalds with turin. so what if he burns down the place? i’ll get a new job.

maeglin is pretty harmless but also very smart. i say pretty harmless because like the fuck is he gonna do, tell melkor we have a lab?? nah son. this guy is a scientist he would be GREAT to work with. i’d love to have maeglin as lab partner