i dont like it but ok

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

why are people so petty about lauren zuke liking lapidot that they have to redraw the little drawing she did with amedot out of pure spite ??? its cute if you’re redrawing something like that with your preferred ship because you want to, but doing it purely to piss people off that don’t agree with you is just immature


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hey lumi, can i ask you a question? i know you're not straight so i figured maybe you could help me somehow lmao? so i know i'm a lesbian but i find some boys attractive but they're like.. all celebs but i think a part of it is like, the superficiality of celebrities?? the fact that we only see small manufactured parts of them but i saw that it was super common among lesbians. but like i'm really really not into boys. do you think i'm still a lesbian? sorry for that and ignore it if you want :)

hi anon! im pretty young and i also dont identify as a lesbian so i dont know if im the right person to answer this question. i dont want to misguide u or give bad advice.

i think ill @ some ppl who might be more suitable to answer this than i am. i hope its ok!

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like, me going ‘wow these content creators dont make me wanna fucking kill myself’ isnt putting them on a pedestal!! appreciating effort and people who are willing to try and learn–knowing damn well there are content creators who outright refuse to learn that outnumber them times a thousand–is ok!!!! being positive and hopeful that there are people out there who make shit that wont dump on your existence and who care about your feedback is okay!! 

you dont have to be miserable all the time to be taken seriously!! its ok to be fucking happy about shit dear lord if we’re gonna talk about culture on this website can we talk about how, for some fuckin reason, ‘be critical of the content you consume’ has been twisted to mean ‘you can’t ever be happy about any kind of effort or content and must always be waiting for your favorite people to disappoint you or you’re a dumb naive child’

like!! i’m brown, autistic, mentally ill, chronically ill, lgbt, a CSA and abuse survivor, and a woman!! trust me, I’m let down and hurt by content creators I love ALL THE TIME! I have to abandon creators and media I like for becoming too harmful for me to consume CONSTANTLY!! so can I please, please celebrate small victories where I can get them so I dont have to be miserable always?? for fuck’s sake,

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Someone said to me that they think I might be Ace.... But, like, ok. I have never had a crush (not even close) on anyone. And the few times I have kissed people It was not like I read or see or hear (it was like normal? like if you dont ask for it I wont care??) But every time I see a couple or a romcom I kinda want to have what I see. And I'm not oposed to contact and sometimes even have desire (not for a specific person tought) I'm really confused :(( and I know nothing about assexuals or so.

Hi sweetie! All of these things only seem contradictory because we live in a world that is dominated by heteronormative logic and rules, which force us to think and feel inside very small boxes. But the things you’re describing? All of those things are perfectly okay and perfectly real, and they can totally go together! Here’s a link with a lot more explanations about the beautiful possibilities of the ace spectrum! I’m sending it along with a lot of love and a reminder that you are valid and real and wonderful!!! <3 <3 <3 http://cupcakearrow.tumblr.com/acearothings

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Ok, I dont know u personally, but I follow u since a bit of time tho... About that anon question, well, there is no way anyone would talk to u that way. We all, are pretty fond that without u (scanlators in general) we would not be able to read these awesome mangas, so why should we upset u?. But there is no way a person like you (able to start a war for the smaller things) could stay so calm in front this rudeness. I really think something here is pretty studied and not natural at all.

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I honestly dont think there is enough conversation about how to process and deal with negative parts of yourself or bad shit you’ve done and grown on from. Like everyone talks about self examining and learning and developing as a person on that sorta base level but when someone is like “I did bad shit, I have changed now and it can’t change what happened but Ive come to terms and forgiven myself and am radically accepting myself and refuse to be defined by others perspectives and standards” you kinda hear the room go quiet cause accepting, addressing and healing ugly parts of yourself is still like… .taboo?

Like mate, I did some hecked shit when I was a teenager. I was being abused and neglected with stories that make people go white when I tell them but its not an excuse for repeatedly threatening the lives of close friends or for being rough with the hoarded animals I was forced to care for without any of the things I needed to do it (my abuser kept 100+ cats in a room the size of an average bathroom and I was the only one who would give them food/water, cats in a small space RUSH an open door and I would be punished if they escaped so I routinely booted cats in the face to keep them from getting out and I STILL feel torn up and guilty about it over ten years later even tho there was nothing I could have done then) but like….. for me to be like “I did these ugly things” and not want or accept pity for it (”oh but its okay because-”) and to just own it as something I did and a wrong way I was that I have since grown away from while actively loving the person who did that and putting these bad things to rest within me is so important to my recovery and like

We dont really get to talk about these things cause culture and espeically tumblr culture is so black and white with a narrow view of recovery and mental illness and receipt culture. Its either youre ‘good’ or ‘bad’, you step out of line or admit something you did was wrong and youre now THAT and only that and it hurts so many people with ‘ugly’ mental illness symptoms and shit cause you cant express your anger or admit you did things wrong before without condemning yourself and UGH


Ive been thinking a lot lately and putting things to rest for myself and I want to be a better person but not at the expense of myself and only -I- know who I am inside and out and why isnt their more media focusing on someone coming to terms with their demons and growing from them while loving the person who was hurting when they did those things like…………. we need to be taught how to do this at an eariler age so we stop internalizing ourselves as The Worst and just understand that we are human and learning to be human has speedbumps and shit

Hey everyone

So i guess im back now after being on a kind of break from tumblr and restricting and all that good stuff. Idk why i did it but i was happy until i started to gain weight so im back here. I realised that ana is the only thing im good at and if i wanna look and feel good abt myself i should just stick to it. I even forgot how to purge lol. Like my body wont do it anymore (i dont recommend doing this btw). Now i have to live with this cake inside of me for the next few hours ugh. Anyway i hope all of my followers are doing ok with their ana journeys or have recovered because i know this is no way to live

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why is ddlg a harmful coping mechanism? ive seen a bunch of people say it is but I've never seen anybody explain why, just that it's bad and harmful but i really don't see how. im a survivor, i enjoy cgl, it's never hurt me and it's been a positive thing in my life. i understand how it can be hurtful for some people, but i dont think it's inherently hurtful to everyone that participates in it, if that makes sense. i dont really understand where everyone is coming from

Ok so
Like in the simplest way: cgl is ageplay where the dom is older (in a caregiver role) and the sub is younger (in a child of caregiver role usually) so it’s a roleplay of abuse?

A lot of people involved in cgl also sexualize children’s things (pacifiers, stuffed animals)
Baby/child’s language is also used to sexualize things? Like main example that comes to my head is “princess parts”

There is also the problem of people in cgl cross tagging in sfw tags and taking kink out into public

It’s an unhealthy coping mechanism because if you were abused by someone older and/or a caregiver, and you take part in a cgl relationship you’re reliving your abuse/retraumatizing yourself?
Some of cgl kink while consensual also mirrors abuse where the little will act like they don’t know what the dom is doing and honestly that makes me want to cry???

There’s a lot more and better ways to explain but bottom line is if during sex one partner is “a child” and one is an adult there’s a problem.
(I don’t care about the “”“consenting adults in their own bedrooms”“” argument bc 1. A good bit of the community is very public with their kink, and 2. My and others victims abuse shouldn’t be sexualized)

This blog is 100% anti cgl, anti ddlg and anti age play in general so if you don’t see the problem with it I’d prefer you leave
(Example previous anon knew there was a problem with it and was seeking help; that’s ok)

I rrrreeeeeaaaaallllyyyy don’t want to start a lot about this on this blog, if I get more asks I’ll probably link some posts but that’s it.

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how did u first fall in love with midousuji

ok so when i first watched yowapeda and i saw him i went through a Weird Process of at first being like. ok this guy is gross. but then. straight soon after. i became somewhat. obsessed with him and fell in love. then i watched more. fell more in love. THEN MORE IN LOVE. THEN S2 HAPPENED AND his backstory made me really care about him. and. now everything gross he does is really appealing. he could honestly twist his neck around pull off his arms and beat people with them and i’d probaby still find him attractive i dont even know anymore. i would probably kill myself for midousuji thats how much i love him and kinda what a positive impact he has had on me

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Hey im new, can u tell me the jokes abt kirks Wah and 'the table and carrot 'jokes , and dav outta band and dude with no eyebrows? Ok luv u thx

SHORT REFERENCES HELP (useful if you’re new to this blog):

Kirk Wahmmett, Kirk and his love for wah, Kirk and wah 4 ever: Its because kirk hammett uses in almost every single one of his solos the wah pedal. that dude’s gotta be ill.

The table: aka james hetfield. as mentioned before, its all because of the song, the view, he says something that sounds like ‘’im the table’’ or maybe he says that, i dont remember, but yeah its because of that

Carrot: a.k.a Dave Mustaine. named carrot because of his vribrant, bright orange hair that resembles a healthy carrot’s color

Dav ur outta the band: refers to james hetfield saying that to dave when he kicked out of metallica. used as a phrase on memes to mock the situation or as running gag 

Dude with no eyebrows: dont you mean DUDE WITH SUPER HAIRY EYEBROWS??¿ : young Scott ian 

tbh my Fave trope is when a character desperately wants to prove themself to someone else so they throw themself into danger again and again until theyre almost dead but still they keep trying, and the only thing theyre thinking is “are they safe, are they ok” regardless of how much they trust each other and eventually its just like “DUDE ok i get it i trust you” but then they Dont Stop and then angst