i dont like it but ok

other things that need to stop in the ST fandom in 2017

  • people asking charlie and natalia if theyre dating
  • people asking charlie and joe if theyre gay
  • people asking charlie natalia and joe any questions pertaining to their sex lives whatsoever
  • people calling david harbour daddy on instagram

ok heres a small thing for drawing freckles bc i keep seeing artists just putting dots wherever they Feel Like It and as a freckly boy i feel Personally Attacked

  • try to avoid putting frecks on places that clothes would go a lot
  • dont space them evenly 
  • dont draw freckles on a Fresh Born Baby 

thank u for ur time

as a trans person i’ve never been comfortable using the bathroom that aligns with my gender identity, even though at this point i’m mostly considered to be ‘passing’ but now im terrified that i will in fact never be comfortable enough or feel safe enough to do so.

McMcMcree: idk if other people do this or not but i like snackin’ on raw spaghetti.. I KNOW ITS WEIRD and i cant stop


Genji: i want tattoos, but im worried that my father wont approved it so… i draw with markers instead. (i tend to get bored easily with the patterns so havin a marker tattoo is great.)

(these r the ones that i manage to save.)

oh and i also want a ear pierce like hanzo’s (it will hurt like hell doe)

Hanzo: (ok this is serious.. ehem)

-try not to give a lot of facks to somebody… they might not appreciate it

-dont be so facking awkward dammit

-dont fall in love to easily lol

-learn how to handle money ffs.

so, my small corner of the internet is almost at a follower goal of mine, and to celebrate, I’d like to do some blog aesthetics/compliments (if anyone’s interested)


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(Lowkey the first guy reminds me of a werewolf and for some reason the third reminds me of Hunk from Voltron)

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Voltron au

BITCH I HAVE BEEN WAITING MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE FOR THIS AU..,,,,, OK so im going to do a version where i say which lion i think the would pilot, even if they dont match the original pilot well? but just hear me out


  • yellow lion
  • he’s not like sturdy or anything but like….he love he friends
  • also i see him as more of a defensive pilot than offensive? and thats kinda the yellow lion?
  • he uses big strong lion to BODYSLAM


  • RED! LION!
  • he is big COURAGE boy 
  • temperamental AF like he lion
  • grrr!!!


  • green lion!
  • smort smort smort gorl
  • girl PALADIN for a girl LION
  • i love GIRLS
  • inquisitive personalities 


  • black lion >:)
  • making him the leader of voltron…i know, i know
  • the most level headed?
  • he seems like the most leaderish boy to me idk


  • fun loving boy in he fun loving lion
  • but also sad on the inside
  • sad like blue
  • the blue lion

me on a dating site:
*fills out literally hundreds of questions so the site knows who i agree with on important issues like religion and women’s rights*
*puts a basic description of my interests & what i’m looking for in my bio*
*as an afterthought adds that i’m making an rpg*

men who see my profile:


i was tagged by @ask-witch-namjoon​ & @ask-witch-jiminie​ ( u tagged me on my other one, im gonna do it here bb hehe lov u )

1. Are you named after someone?

yep!! well its not just someone but also something.. the something is my first name, and the second name is someone lmfao

2. When is the last time you cried?

last last night(?), i overthinked and stuff and i got emotional listening to certain songs

3. Do you like your handwriting?

NEVER. its ew ;/ but ehh they tease me its a doctor’s handwriting hahaha i aint complaining coz i wanna be a doctor

4. What is your favourite lunch meat?

tbvh i love all meat, but lunch.. i’ll have to go with chicken.. esp mcdo chicken or jollibee chicken or inasal chicken

5. Do you have kids?

does friends count? >w< i have a gc on twt where i am their mom and the another one in kkt where im considered a mom too lol and i have 2 shih tzu tho i consider them my brother/sister 

kidding aside, nop!

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

sure why not, im p open for new friends! 

7. Do you use sarcasm?

sometimes, im not really good with sarcasm that much

8. Do you still have your tonsils?

im p sure yes???

9. Would you bungee jump?

okay! i have a funny story on this one >w< i tried bungee jumping once! and tbvh that bungee jump isnt even that high! like i swear its just not high and tbh the fall was machine controlled so not rlly that u’re free falling n sht.. but i got rlly scared wtF like i got scared i was on the top porch for so long i let the others behind me go first! i mean im already at the top and its a hassle to go multiple steps down so i just readied my self.. after there are no more customers behind me i did it.. damn i even prayed.. and like i said it was machine controlled so my fall isnt that fast or sth, but the fact that you’ll jump on ur own made me go mad //// but I did it anyways, and when i got down i cried.. I CRIEEEDDDD.. ToT i guess i was relieved.. but YUP i’ll def try it again, maybe the one in singapore/sokor.. someday

10. What’s your favourite cereal?

HONEY STARS & FRUIT LOOPS! i sometimes eat them without milk

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

yups, just a lil bit

12. Do you think you’re a strong person?

im in the middle of strong & weak

13. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


14. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

their face and how they carry themselves

15. Red or pink?

pink… i dont like hot pink or rlly neon pink.. pastel pink def a fave

16. What is your least favourite physical thing about yourself?

my thighs..

17. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now?

im just at home right now so im wearing a pjs // orange, and blue for my house slippers

18. What was the last thing you ate?

adobo!! idk if you guys will know it ahah

19. What are you listening to right now?

spring day by bts

20. If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

baby blue / sky blue

21. Favourite smell?

im all for cherry blossoms perfumes, thats my fave! but any floral scent is a good one! i dont rlly like fruity smell / scent

22. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

my dad

23. Favourite sport to watch?


24. Hair colour?

medium brown i guess

25. Eye colour?

dark brown

26. Do you wear contacts?


27. Favourite food to eat?

uh… THIS IS HARD… I LOV ALL FOOD?? but comfort food is french fries + ice cream! i could eat ‘em all day

28. Scary movies or comedy?

i’d prefer scary movies, but i dont watch it alone!!

29. Last movie you watched?

max steel!! 

30. What colour shirt are you wearing?

yellow :>

31. Summer or winter?

winter.. i lov coldness that makes u feel warm.. so winter

32. Hugs or kisses?

def both!! but im always down for hugs a lot!

33. What book are you currently reading?

im in a fanfic phase right now aaahhh i stopped reading the book im reading, but its “unearthly” (about fallen angels and stuff)

34. Who do you miss right now?

my heart is cold, i dont miss anyone at the moment

35. What is on your mouse pad?

i dont have a mouse pad….

36. What is the last tv show you watched?

errr are kdramas considered a tv show? coz if it is, its goblin! ;)

37. What is the best sound?

PIANO… it’s just so calming?? but um i also love the sound of water.. even if its rain or the beach waves.. i lov it

38. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

idk them?? i mean i know the beatles but i havent actually listened to any of their songs so idkkk

39. What is the furthest you’ve ever travelled?

los angeles! my butt hurt from seating in the airplane

40. Do you have a special talent?

um.. i draw?? hehe

41.Where were you born?

manila, philippines!


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i think there are obviously concern trolls who just like to stir drama, larries who dont want harry to do well unless it has to do with Louis and others who do not want to do harry do well and are open about how they want him to fail so he goes back to 1D. But there are also really harry fans who are nervous and i think it is ok and normal. i get butterflies when the people i love got important things to do. i want him to kill it. i have faith he will kill it but still nervous for him x

Idk….i guess my faith in him overrides 99.9% of my nervousness for him. He just has something about him. I dont think ive ever been so completely captivated by one person in my entire life. Im just all in for harry.

saltysandcastles  asked:

hello! i would like to request some good ol' fluffy cuddling headcanons for Narancia! or just fluffy headcanons in general! whichever you prefer! thank you very much :>!!! (and dont hesitate to ask if you have a question about making your oc! i love to help as much as possible!)

I went with cuddling headcannons I hope that’s OK! And thanks for the help with the ocs dude I’ll be sure to hit you up if I have any questions (^v^)

- Cuddling With Narancia is a bit like cuddling an overexcited puppy. He moves around a lot, whines when he wants something, and he’ll burrow his cold nose into your neck
- He wants to blast his music as loud as possible and you just want to relax so the two of you compromise and he gets to play his music at a reasonable level so you can take a nice nap while he hums along and plays with your hair
- When the two of you lay down to watch a movie it takes a few minutes for him to settle in. Then during the movie he gets up multiple times for snacks and bathroom breaks, coming back to fling himself down next to you, snuggling his face into your side
- When Fugo assigns him homework his likes to sprawl across your lap and complain about it, wrapping his arms around your waist and mumbling his complaints into your stomach as he somehow manages to get even closer
- Even in his sleep he moves a lot. You fall asleep laying side by side and when you wake up in the morning he’s somehow managed to entagle his legs with yours and tuck half his chest underneath you with one arm thrown carelessly to the side and the other resting on you

yall literally go whole puthy out, wig submerged when yall see a nonblack person who knows just a little bit about the struggles of all black folks!! like wow bich they have a little bit of common sense, ok, do they need a cookie, a trophy? lmfao like i dont know how many times i have repeat this but stop rewarding nonblack people for doing the bare minimum lmfao??????

raven4fun replied to your post: Do you have any male to female transgender…

That’s cool as yo. Although when it comes to trans people, we try to steer away from using terms like mtf and mtf. Just use transwomen and transmen. TY ;)

I am trans (ftm), aka why I make more trans guys. I tend to use the ftm/mtf terms most often cuz it’s short and sweet. I understand if people don’t use them tho, but I use them and the transman/woman terms too. 

My 12X13 Opinion.

Family Feud… Okay, so, not my favorite. Seems like no one really liked it, but really people, every and I mean EVERY season since S1 has had shitty fillers,.. it doesnt mean the show “has to end” .. dont like it, dont watch it. Period. As long as J2 want to keep doing it, and people still want to watch it, complain if you need to, but saying it should end means only one thing….. you enjoy making people angry or sad. The Simpsons have been on for almost 30 years, I think its stupid and I dont watch it, but hey, lots of people enjoy it and the writers keep writing, so good for them! Rant over…

Ok so, too much flashing back to the past. It’s kind of a thing this season. Not a bad thing all together, but its getting a little monotonous, and coming up with all these new spells to do exactly what we need to fill holes in canon is annoying too, but hey how about using Gavin going back to die on the boat, be an explanation as to why they suddenly dont have the same POTUS as us?

What I did like though, besides Sam looking super good :) is he still let a little badass come out. Grabbing Rowena’s arm “Sit” was pretty hot, gotta say. And I liked that he told mom “broken ribs and burnt feet” were among the reasons they dont trust them. Sam doesnt normally stick up for himself, as we saw with everyone else who has tortured him, eventually he has to work with them, and he doesnt give an argument. As we can see from next week’s trailer, he will probably get talked into working with them, but, at least it’s a step. It was pretty cold of Rowena to let Gavin die as revenge for Oscar, but to be honest, I dont really want Crowley and Rowena to be good guys and bffs with the Winchesters. Yeah, they may need favors from each other sometimes, but really, Im having issues with Sam and Dean being so chummy with the King of Hell and the worlds most powerful witch. Anyone with me on that? 

So on a scale from Bloodlines to Swan Song, im giving this one a 5. There have been worse episodes, but soooooo many better ones.