i dont like him make him go away

mkay i dont want to make this all klancey but the “so instead of accepting people into my life, i push them away before they… reject me” bit…. like… this is why keith was so excited for lance to get out of the healing pod after the bonding moment. he felt like the one person that rejected him most was FINALLY accepting him, he felt like maybe things were getting better and this lifetime worth of loneliness was finally going to be gone because lance of all people accepted him and said they made a good team..!

so when lance said it didnt happen it must have hurt, a lot.

but with the latest progress - with lance of all people going to comfort him and back him up and a seeking him out for advice, of everyone to get advice from - hopefully keith will start realising that even if he’s rejecting people, lance (at least) is always going to be there for him, and it isn’t just a “keith” thing

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Why do people like Bakugou? I've not finished the series yet, but does he get a redemption arc or mellow out or something later on? Idk I'd like to know why the guy who told Deku to kill himself and bullied him and others has so much love.

y’know, the mangaka himself, horikoshi, once said in an interview he’s actually surprised at how much people ended up loving bakugou, because he was written to be such a horrible, unlikable person. and well, i mean, he is!! but imo, unlikable people can make for some of the most interesting characters in fiction.

first things first, bakugou is a very problematic individual, there’s simply no denying that. he’s loud, obnoxious, aggressive, extremely rude, and yes, he once even told deku to kill himself, which is a truly despicable thing to do. but something that’s very important to understand about all this is that he’s actually very rarely, if ever, praised or rewarded for this disgusting behaviour. his rude outbursts are, more often than not, played for laughs at his expense, his callous actions have cost him on numerous occasions (and it’s happening more as the story progresses), and almost nobody in the class likes him as a person. everybody thinks he’s horrible and unpleasant to be around, and his old friends from middle-school are even shown calling him out shortly after telling deku to kill himself, saying that he went overboard. (as well as deku remarking to himself that it was a very stupid and awful thing to say).

but in spite of all his terrible, negative traits, this boy is also really strong, and smart as hell. he’s got the 3rd highest grades in the whole class, meaning he’s serious about his school work, and he’s unshakably committed to his goal of becoming the strongest hero, and he’s got the strength, fighting skill, and drive to back it all up. he’s constantly trying his absolute best, and while his UA classmates all think he’s a complete asshole, they DO respect his strength, his keen intellect, his skill for tactics and battle, his passion for victory, and it actually inspires them to get them fired up, wanting to do the best that they can do as well, whether they like him as a person or not.

in answer to your question, i think one of the biggest factors playing into the fans love of his character is his backstory. he doesn’t have your typical tragic backstory that an angry, aggressive character of his archetype usually has. there’s no dark, traumatic past. no villains killed his family or anything like that. 

basically, bakugou is mentally ill.

katsuki bakugou was a gifted child who was told constantly from a young age that his quirk was amazing, that he was amazing, and he grew up believing it, believing he was better than others, and it warped him. he grew into a self obsessed, cruel, obnoxious child with a superiority complex, believing himself to be the best and that everyone else around him was just trash. his ego, so twistedly convinced of his own ability and superiority, he detested the idea of ever needing help from anybody, which fed strongly into his hatred and, yes, fear of deku, the only person in his life who ever treated him differently.

“you looked like you were asking for help”

and then he eventually enrolled at UA, and the little world he’d been living in finally came crashing down around him as he was sucker punched with the reality that this whole time he was really just a big fish in a small pond, and his superiority complex began to violently twist into an extreme inferiority complex. the rug had been pulled out from his feet and he was now surrounded by people who were just as capable as him, if not more so, and who, rather than worshipping him as the coolest kid with the coolest quirk, actually thought he was a kind of a douche.

not to mention deku, who he believed to be quirkless and the one person he hated the most, suddenly had a powerful quirk as well, and was now able to compete with and even surpass him in ways he never imagined. had deku been playing him for a fool this whole time??

all this clashed very harshly with everything he had come to believe in so strongly, and, understandably, caused him a lot of extreme confusion, anxiety, resentment, and most notably… Anger. his whole life has turned upside down and he has no idea how to handle it. so, being the person he is, the person his life up until this point had nurtured him into becoming, his natural instinct is now to blindly act out very… (excuse the pun)… Explosively.

he figuratively (and sometimes literally) blasts away anything and everything that doesnt agree with his perceived image of how things should be. he’s spent his whole life believing he was the best so FUCK IT, now he’s GOING TO BE THE GOD DAMN BEST!! his classmates dont like him/make fun of him/think he’s a dickhead?? WHATEVER, SHUT UP YOU DAMN NERDS!! I DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU ANYWAY!! deku, the useless, annoying kid from his childhood is now standing in the way of his goal of being number one?? DEKU YOU DAMN NERD, I WILL DESTROY YOU!!

but… what has this aggressive and anti-social attitude actually achieved for him so far?? honestly, very little… in fact, this behaviour has been doing him a lot more harm than good in the long run, not just professionally, but for his own safety, and his mental health too. (i’d absolutely go into a lot more detail here but you mentioned you’re not up to date so i don’t want to spoil too much)

some people might say this all just sounds like an spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum, and i guess on some level, that’s probably true. but in my opinion, the bottom line is it’s not his fault. taking something all might says about him in chapter 121 and expanding on it slightly, i believe bakugou ultimately ended up the way he did through the failure of his upbringing. the failure of the adults in his life. if he hadnt been told so continuously from a young age that he was amazing, and then left unchecked for so long, if maybe people were more firm with him about his behaviour from a young age, perhaps he may not have grown into such an angry, messed up person.

but in spite of all of this, as i mentioned earlier, this boy ain’t dumb. he’s smart as hell. it’s taking him a long time to realise it, blinded as he is by all his confusing emotions, and it’s taking him a long time to work through his issues and do anything about it, but he is changing. slowly. slowly, but believably.

bakugou, in my personal opinion, is one of the most interestingly written characters in the series, and it’s been very fascinating and rewarding to watch his gradual development over the course of the story so far. he certainly hasnt done a 180 or anything, he’s still a very loud and very angry boy, but he’s slowly beginning to change in a number of subtle, nuanced ways. bakugou now is remarkably different than bakugou as you see him in chapter 1.

one last thing to consider, is how relatively early we are in the story compared to the grand scheme of things. i believe i heard somewhere that horikoshi once said a while back that the story was roughly 20% done, which lead people to project the manga would run for approximately 500+ chapters, at least, and we’re only at 146 now at the time of this writing. 

bakugou is the 2nd most important character in the story after deku, the protagonist. so much of their development is built around each other, and it wouldnt make sense, narratively or realistically, for a character like bakugou, the way he is and his overall importance to both the story and dekus own development, to change too much in too short amount of time. a character arc like bakugou’s is one that will be played out slowly, but surely, and most importantly, satisfyingly. he will change. little by little. he is changing. he has changed already, and he will continue to change.

sorry this got really long, i just really like bakugou. i understand where some people are coming from when they say they don’t like him. that’s completely fair, liking a character is completely subjective, especially a character as prickly as bakugou is. but i just hope those people know he’s more than what he seems.

Wedding Sabotage au Feat. Laurent and Nik teaming up

This is an outline of like????,,, one scene and yep lemme kno if u actaully would want this bc lmaoo……*wears sunglasses to hide the tears*

  • Auguste and Damen grew up together as friends and had brought the families together after a long time of low-key petty rivalry. Laurent grew up with Damen but was much younger than both Damen and Auguste. Damen had all the qualities of a hero from his books (that and he was *que 11 year old blushing smaurent* “super pretty”). Well this crush never went away, to Laurent’s dismay, because he knew Damen would always see him as a little kid.
  • Laurent was 19, turning 20, and finally going to try and tell Damen his feelings. To which gets stopped dead in his tracks when he comes home and Damen is there, sweetly tipsy with a beautiful blonde on his arm.
  • Laurent is very bitter, and after two years he is, how do you say, extremely bitter.
  • Laurent is at the engagement party for Damen and Jokaste.
  • He is standing next to Auguste, in a circle of party goers who are all celebrating and congratulating Damen
  • Laurent is in a particularly foul mood
  • Nikandros who is also in this small circle of “assholes” (as he would put it) he is also a very bitter best friend
  • Anyways Damen leaves to go find Jokaste (she walked away to talk to other guests or something) and he kisses Laurent on the cheek before leaving and drags Auguste with him
  • Laurent’s mood worsens,,,, he gotta fight w someone and Nik is the closest victim
  • Ahh Nik and Laurent what a relationship they have had

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so Aaron, what do you make of this registration? Obviously he's not going on tour right away haha but it does help the rumours he is about to drop an album... I really think it would be a terrible business decision to drop his album before Dunkirk premiers. It would undermine him, and it would look like he didnt take that role that seriously, which is far from what I think he wants... it would truly make him look bad, and that be awful. I just dont know what is happening.

In theory, I don’t agree that it will make him look bad if he releases music before Dunkirk, I just think he has to be careful not to release it too close to Dunkirk.

Okay, so this is what a classic album campaign looks like (usually over the space of a year):

Month 1: Album announcement and single 1 audio

Month 2: Moderate press, moderate promo and much hype; single 1 video

Month 3: High press, high promo and very much hype

Late Month 3: Album release

Month 4: Single 2 and PRESS! AND! PROMO! TO! THE! MAX!

Also Month 4: Tour announcement. 

Month 5: Press, promo, hype.

Month 6: (small voice) press, promo, hype.

Month 7: Tour kick off and single 3

Month 8: Tour

Month 9: Tour

Month 10: Toooour but also single 4 and a bit of promo

Month 11: Tour

Month 12: I mean, you can keep touring if people are still coming, why not?

Month 13: Single 5, if you reckon anyone will buy it.

So the question is, if Harry is launching the campaign in April, where will Dunkirk land? It comes out in July which is month 4 and as you can see from my ultra scientific chart, that’s ‘PRESS! AND! PROMO! TO! THE! MAX!’ for the album.

Releasing the album a month before the film and whilst you should be promoting the movie is a bad shout. So my view on it is that if he’s going to release music, he needs to do it either now (February) or in August when the movie promo is over. If he announced the album now and put out the lead single, come July, he’d be in month 6 of the campaign which is “(small voice) press, promo, hype” and arguably his quietest month album-wise.

But that’s just my two cents, and plus, in the age of Beyoncé-ing an album, who knows what the campaign will look like?

The bottom line is: whatever he’s doing, he needs to start speaking about it. The mystery man act isn’t doing him any favours.

father + husband!park woojin

summary: what would having park woojin as a father and husband be like? 


  • i think woojin would b a great dad honestly and a husband
  • his proposal would be super cheesy. he’d have some cameras around but its pretty private
  • its the cutest thing ever
  • he’d be an aMAzing husband
  • treats u right
  • there are some arguments in between about like jealous n stuff
  • since i think woojins a pretty jealous cutie pie
  • but there wont be quite a lot
  • he knows how to treat u and his kids right!!
  • tbh the genes would probs be mainly from him sorrybut
  • like maybe one of his kids having his snaggletooth?? CUTE
  • one of them having his rapping skills yes
  • and duh,
  • you’d have a talented family
  • kinda runs around the house
  • probably would have a pet
  • his kids love their hyungs/uncles/oppas ??? lol
  • would get jealous over them lol
  • he’d take his wife imma just put ‘you’ lol and kids to some behind the scenes
  • sometimes you dont tag along to photoshoots n stuff“where’s y/n?” daniel asks
    “she didnt want to come. she didnt want to know the spoilers” woojin says
    “i see- OOF! hi little one,” daniel feels a kid smash on his broad back
  • sometimes you dont want to bc spOILERRRRS
  • everyone in wanna one is a great uncle lmfao?
  • ong makes ur kids laugh so much they could probably die
  • “whos ur favourite uncle?” wanna one members gather around
  • “uncle ong!” ur kids say in union
  • woojin laughs
  • he’d be very caring, keeping an eye on his kids or he’d ask a staff member
  • “thats right” cocky ong says “ah u all are so cute! come give ur uncle ong  a hug!”
  • but tbh all the kids would probably like all their uncles but ong is lowkey #1 in their hearts lol
  • SO
  • what happens around the house?
  • obviously the wanna one members come around. lowkey just for the kids tho
  • the kids are fuckin terrified of jaehwans laugh like one time jaehwan was chasing them and laughing lol
  • and ur daughter was like “dad!!! tHERES A PSYCHO IN THE HOUSE!! MUMJSDHRHCH”
  • they love daehwis hair so much
  • “kekkeke,” your daughter laughs as she plays with daehwis hair
  • obvs they love ong bc hes so funny
  • ong tells ur kids jokes and then they pass it on to u and woojin
  • and ur like
  • they live for minhyuns looks like they always touch his face lmfao
  • when u and woojin are on a date or something u leave them with their fave uncles and they adore jisung so much bc hes like their next mum 
  • jisung: shall we go out for dinner??
  • ur kids: H*CK YEAH
  • ur kids love jihoon. so fucking much. they make jihoon do nae maeum soge jeojang 25/8
  • ur daughter is probably the one who has a crush on jihoon
  • “jihoon oppa! do u have abs???”
  • insert daniel giggling in the background
  • jihoon gets shy and says yes until ur daughter lifts up his shirt
  • your son(s) aim to be as sweggy as guanlin, so they look up to him very much
  • “u-uncle guanlin!! am i $weggy yet???”
  • jinyoung often gives ur children piggybacks
  • “uncle jinyoung!!! piggyback??”
  • jinyoungs on the floor as he just gave them one each, breathing heavily, “ah…”
  • now, to daniel
  • they like to go to daniels place bc yknow, cats
  • “uncle daniel!!! dye ur hair blue!!”
  • “okay cutie.” daniel pinches their cheeks
  • whenever u and woojin have to let ur children stay at their place
  • and they like to snuggle on sungwoon and make him sing them to sleep
  • woojin takes care of u a lot ok
  • if ur sick he makes sure that youre eyed on 24/7
  • the sweetest husband ever :’)
  • like woojin might not be experienced but he definitely learned some advice from jisung mum
  • if it was sickness he had no idea about jisung and google are his first priorities lol
  • the kids tend to hug u and always say: “get better mum! fighting!”
  • the kids love playing wanna one on tv
  • probably would do their greeting
  • “daddy!! teach me ur greeting!”
  • “you do this: all i wanna do, wanna one!”
  • they do it along with him and its sUPER CUTE
  • you find woojin having the cutest moments with ur children, like when they make cookies and theyre like messing up the entire thing and woojins like “ah! dont do that love!”
  • and he does the same with you, hes so thankful for u as his wife 
  • like playing uno and when u lose ur children go boo but then one of ur kids are like “dont say that to mummy! it hurts her feelings!”
  • you laugh bc of how cute
  • woojin just smiles widely bc Hes dying loWkey
  • Ok this is gonna get a bit angsty:
  • obviously being married will have some arguments
  • but i guess the arguments would probably involve the children like their grades, hanging with other people and not acknowledging the other person whos feeling neglected, jealousy
  • maybe his kids would feel mad at him too
  • and you as well 
  • like coming home extremely late, which is likely woojin since you only do day shifts
  • “daddy.. you weren’t at dinner,” his son says
  • “im sorry..” he knows that you’re upset bc you cant be seen
  • “where’s your mum?”
  • “shes upstairs”
  • woojins a little bit upset
  • “are you mad at me?” he asks his son
  • “a little bit.. but we’ll sort it out”
  • if its a big reason to fight your children would find out immediately bc of the shouting and they all begin to cry
  • and you and woojin turn to them
  • “g-go back upstairs, munchkins,” you say
  • “n-no.. why are you and dad fighting?” your daughter bursts into tears, “we dont like you fighting like this..”
  • “i-its just.. a couple thing.. dont worry, okay?” woojin says, “we’re just… overwhelmed..”
  • your daughter runs away to go upstairs crying and you and woojin feel guilty, you couldnt help but shed some tears
  • “please sort it out..” your son sighs before going upstairs too
  • ok, so when its you that makes woojin upset:
  • sometimes you’re a little bit stressed and woojin wants to calm you down but you kinda snap at him
  • “y/n, calm down-”
  • “how can i calm down, woojin?! this is so important to me and if i don’t do it right-”
  • you stare at him, your gaze softening
  • “im s..sorry i uh..”
  • “i get it. you need time alone.” he walks to the door and slams the door behind you
  • just know that woojin will always be there
  • he loves u and his children very much
  • will actually do anything his children says
  • he loves them so much
  • sometimes when ur children have bad nightmares u all snuggle in one bed
  • so cute
  • supposed to be non idol smh me smh me smh me kill me
  • ALSO just saying just bc i find gifs on google does not mean that i steal these gifs! i dont credit gif owners but just know the credits go to them :)
Teasing Touches.

Request: I saw your request for raunchy requests and I had something I thought would be fun.
Either Steve or Bucky and my thought was the reader and him could be having a competition to see who would give into the others teasing for sex.
I was thinking maybe some public foreplay

Warnings: Unprotected sex (use condoms people), filthy mouthed Bucky. Blowjobs and frusterated Bucky!

A/N: I really went ALL OUT on this one. I hope you enjoy. It’s fucking filthy lol

Originally posted by itsfuckingvampire

Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, Captain America’s best friend (not without some shit from Mr. Birdman himself, of course), and most importantly, your boyfriend.
You met Bucky on a mission, I guess you could call yourself a ‘rogue’ assassin. Not necessarily a good guy, but not a bad guy either.
Infiltrating a Hydra base, Barnes caught you through his scope, and they stopped you.
Steve of course, Impressed with your ability to sneak into Hydra undetected, wanted to recruit you.
You thought about it for a little bit, then just showed up to the tower and agreed to be a part of the Avengers.
Bucky wasn’t so sure about you at first, after all, you WERE in a Hydra base. It took months of convincing him that you aren’t a goddamn spy.
The sexual tension between the two of you would make anyone gag.
Sam telling Bucky to just fuck already, Nat telling you you’re driving everyone crazy.
Nothing seemed to be working.
Until Steve sent you and Bucky on an undercover mission, acting as a married couple on their honeymoon.
It didn’t take too long at that point, you ended up fucking almost all night long about a week into your mission.
You were surprised you made it as long as you had.
So thats how we ended up where we are now.
Laying in your shared bed, your head resting on Bucky’s stomach, you press a kiss to his belly.
He looks down at you and raises his eyebrow.
“I’m boooored Bucky…” You crawl up his chest, placing kisses all they way up from his stomach, to his chest.
Nibbling on his jawbone, your lips find their way to his mouth, slipping your tongue through his lips.
As your tongues dance, his hands find their way into your hair. He tilts your head to the side, and kisses you deeper.
He takes one of his hands out of your hair, dragging his hand down your sides, resting his hand on your hip, his thumbs drag slow, lazy circles
on your hipbone. He moans into your open mouth, then drags his tongue up your open mouth.
“Fuck, Bucky…” Almost everything this man does drives you over the edge.
His thumb drags across your cheek, he smirks that stupid half smirk.
“Yes, doll?”
“You’re so fucking cocky.” You grin and roll your eyes in annoyance.
He grinds his hips against yours, and kisses you on the mouth again.
“You think so?” He drags your lower lip into his mouth and sucks on it seductively.
“In fact, too cocky.” You pull away from him, and sway your hips to the door.
“Woah woah woah, wait. The hell are you going, doll? You gonna leave me like this?” He makes refrence to his dick, straining through his sweatpants.
“You got two arms that arn’t broken dont you? One might be a little rusty, maybe.” You wink at him.
“Tell you what, Barnes. Let’s make a bet.”
He raises an eyebrow.
“A bet, doll? What kind of bet?”
“A…competition of sorts.” You turn on your heel and turn to look at him.
“I bet you’ll break before me.”
“Sexual tension, you know, little teases and touches, until the other person can’t stand it anymore and breaks. And we have rough,” You make your way back to him,
crawling up the mattress, “hot,” you drag your fingertips up his leg, to his calf, “Passionate,” you press your palm to his abdomen, and you feel his muscles contract against your touch,
“sex..” His head falls back against the headboard, groaning and arching his back, to thrust his hips up to try to get friction.
You jump back up, “Ah, ah,ah babe.” You leave the bedroom, knowing you’ll have this in the bag.


A few days had passed, and Bucky is about to lose his mind, Bucky has always had a pretty high sex drive.
Maybe it’s because he wasn’t sexually active for so long that his body is making up for lost time.
(Y/N), Bucky and Steve all just got back from a mission and the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
“Bucky, you alright man? You were kinda off your game tonight. That’s…odd…for you, to say the least.”
“I’m fine.” Bucky takes off his gear, when he’s making sure Steve isn’t looking, he reaches down and adjusts himself.
What? Can you blame him? His girlfriend is hot as fuck, they just got back from a mission where she’s in that damn cat suit and kicking ass.
He hasn’t gotten a good fuck in at least 5 days and it’s fucking killing him. Starting to affect his performance now.
(Y/N) walks by him, dragging her fingertips down his back.
“Look alive babe, we have dinner with the crew tonight, remember?” She smirks as she walks away, pulling off her catsuit as she goes.
Down her shoulders, as it cascades down her back, he watches her shoulder blades flex as she pulls it off. Before the suit gets past her ass, shes gone.
Bucky turns around and punches the wall with his metal hand. Affectivly punching a hole through the wall.
“Fuck!” He groans, his muscles are stiff, dick is hard, and he’s pissed off. Bucky is not fun to be around right now.
“Uh, Buck? You okay?” Steve cautiously peeks his head around the corner.
“No Steve, if you must fucking know, (Y/N)is playing this fucking teasing game, we haven’t fucked in almost a week and I can’t fucking stand it anymore!”
Steve is red as a tomato, obviously regrets asking.
“There, you happy now?!” Bucky leaves the debriefing room and goes to blow off some steam in the training room.


A few hours later it’s dinner time at the tower.
Bucky is in the kitchen with Wanda and Vision, trying to help in whatever way he can, trying anything to keep his mind off the frustration.
Meanwhile, you come in the dining room, in short shorts, and a tank top thats a bit too small for you. It’s not meant for anyone but your boyfriend, and you
dont know what’ll piss him off more, the fact that it gets him even MORE horny, or the fact that you wore it with everyone else around.
“Well DAMN, (Y/N) look at you lookin’ fine as hell!” Sam greats you in the dining room.
“Thanks Sammy, hey, you seen Buck?”
“Yeah…he’s in the kitchen. I don’t know what game you’re playing but I think you’re driving him crazy, he’s so hard to be around right now.”
You wink, “That was the plan”
Sam rolls his eyes as you make your way into the kitchen.
Buck is chopping peppers on the kitchenette.
'Fuck…something so hot about a man in the kitchen.’
He doesn’t know it but it doesn’t take much from him to get you…is frustration is yours as well.
Just knowing that you’re getting him so fucking horny and needy, HIM, Bucky Barnes, can do things to a woman…
You walk over to him, resting your head on his shoulder.
“Hey babe.” You kiss his cheek.
He looks down at you for the first time.
His eyes damn near pop out of his head.
“What the fuck are you wearing?” He grabs your shoulder and backs you up into a wall, blocking your body from sight.
“Are you insane? Why are you wearing this in front of everyone? Your body is for my eyes only, and here you are leaving nothing up to the imagination.” He
“Okay I’ll take it off…” You reach down to the hem of your shirt and attempt to pull it over your head.
Bucky grabs your wrist, but not stopping you quick enough. Your shirt falls to the floor.
“Are yo–”
“Hey, guys have you seen the bottle opener?” Steves voice comes up, he’s rounding the corner. He’ll be in here quick.
Bucky pushes you gently on your knees, and you scooch back underneath the cabinet. Bucky kicks your shirt back to you.
“No, Steve I haven’t seen it.” Bucky goes back to chopping peppers, like nothing happened.
'Oh..oh God yes. This is perfect.’
You reach in front of you, as quietly as you can, and pull Bucky’s zipper down slowly as not to make too much noise.
You can hear Bucky’s sharp intake of breath.
Once you have the zipper down you reach in his boxers and pull his half hard cock out of it’s confines.
He readjusts himself on his feet, to keep him knees from buckling no doubt.
You lick your palm, and stroke his cock a few times, for good measure you know. You pull his now fully hard cock in your mouth.
Starting at the base of his fat, long cock, you lick a long stripe up to the tip of his cock.
You catch the drop of pre-cum that drips from the tip. He’s so painfully hard…in fact, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him so hard.


Bucky can’t believe the nerve of you.
Sucking his cock, in public, under the counter?
'Oh God…she’s gonna be the fucking death of me.’
“Um, Buck..are you okay?” Steve starts to make his way around the counter.
“Don’t come back here Steve,..the onion is pretty strong back here.” He rubs his eye to make it look bad.
“Oh, okay. We’re all out here watching football if you’d like to join up? And have you seen (Y/N)? She hasn’t been around in a few minutes…”
'Yeah, shes sucking my fucking cock under the counter.’
“No, she left I think.”
“Oh…okay, it’s just you in here now, think you can handle it?”
“Oh yeah…i’ll be fine.” Steve leaves.
“Fuck, finally….” Bucky reaches down and grabs a fist full of hair, and slowly rocks his hips forward, thrusting his cock into your mouth.
“Oh, God baby…fuck your mouth feels so good.”
“You better be quiet, Buck…wouldn’t want anyone to know whats going on down here would we?”
He bites his lip, his head falls back.
“S-stop baby, you’re gonna make me cum.”
You do stop. You don’t want him to cum yet, not like this.
“Put your shirt on, doll. We’re going to bed. Fuck dinner, we’ll order take out.”
You do as your told, and sneaking out of the kitchen you hear Bucky say he doesn’t feel too good, and is going to retire for the night.
You manage to keep the trip up to the room PG. Somehow.
Once you get to your room, Bucky backs you up to the wall for the second time tonight, and brings his mouth to your ear;
“Sucking my cock in public like that baby? You’re such a bad girl..God I don’t know how I didn’t cum in your mouth, but I’m so glad I didn’t.
I need you now, we’re going to fuck, and we’re going to fuck hard, fast, rough…I don’t wanna hear anything but the sound of my balls smacking against your ass..”
You almost came in your panties right then and there, holy shit.
You turn yourself around, and brace yourself against the wall.
Bucky tears your shorts and panties off in one swift movement, and you’re too caught up in the moment to care.
You hear him rustle with his jeans, as he pulls his cock out of his jeans.
He rubs his cock up and down your soaked cunt, teasing you.
“You like being teased baby?”
“Please, Bucky…Please fuck me..I can’t stand it..I need it..”
“Yeah? You need my cock in that tight pussy of yours? It doesn’t fucking feel good to be teased this bad, does it?”
“N-No, I’m sorry Bucky..I’m so sorry…”
“Yeah, I know you are baby…” With that, he shoves his thick cock into your tight heat. He doesn’t even give you time to adjust, he just starts thrusting as
fast as he can, desperately chasing an orgasm that he’s been deprived of for a week.
“Fuck I love the sound your cunt makes while I’m fuckin’ you.” He tilts his head back, and moans.
“Fuck, just listen to it baby…” He grunts and starts moving even quicker, and brings his right hand up to cover your moans, so you can hear your soaked cunt
taking all of his cock.
“Fuck that sounds so pretty doesn’t it?” He slows his thrusts, as they become sloppy, knowing he’s so close to coming.
“Shit, tell me you’re close doll..”
“S-So close Bucky…oooh God I’m gonna fucking cum…”
He picks up his pace to get you there, and you simultaneously cum.
He stills inside you, while he shoots his load into your cunt.
You spasm around his cock, milking him for everything he’s worth.
He pulls out, watching his cum leak from your pussy.
He leaves to the bathroom and returns with a wet wash cloth to clean you both up.
“This was fun…we should do this more often..” You wink, out of breath. He picks you up and takes you to the bed.
“I don’t fucking think so…”

Holy….Shit. I enjoyed this.
I have sinned.

This is part 2 for Monsta X. Check out part 1 for the BTS version. :)

Monsta X


When he notices it he would ask you why you are covering your mouth everytime you smile. After your explanation he would be quiet for a while and burst out something along the lines of:

Shownu: “I understand but I still dont get it. Your so pretty when you smile.”

He would probably try to make you believe him by reasoning that there are parts of him he doesnt like but doesnt hide because he knows that you do. 

what a cutie I love him


Minhyuk: “What do you mean you dont like you smile? But its so pretty!”

This sweet little puppy would be showering you in compliments from the day he heard your reasoning for hiding like that. He`d constantly remind you of how your laugh sounds like angels singing to him, or how your smile lights up a whole room. And he wouldnt stop untill you are super confident of yourself.


Would notice right away and try to make you smile or laugh trough various ways. Even going as far as doing aegyo to get you to smile. When you hide it then he would quickly snatch your hands down and tell you that you dont need to hide.

Y/n: *hides smile*

Kihyun: *takes your hands* “No no no, no hiding anymore. Your smile is beautiful just like you.”


Another confused bunny here. He would probably be a lot like shownu and not really understand how you could think about your smile like that. Especially since your smile and laugh are one of his favorite things about you. He would sit you down and just straight up tell you that you are wrong and that your smile is amazing.

I.M: “Y/n, I know we can all be insecure about things about us sometimes, but your laugh is litterally one of my favorite things about you! Please dont hide that.”


Did this boy even listen when you told him that you dont like him hearing you laugh? Nope. He was too busy getting lost in your eyes. He is a hopeless romantic so when he heard how you dont like a part of yourself he doesnt miss a beat to make you feel better about it asap. He would be the type to tickle you and purposly do lots of things so you have to smile. And then he`d hug you and tell you how gorgeous you are. 

Wonho: *gif*

Y/n: *smiles*

Wonho: *hugs you while sweetly whispering* “You are beautiful, every single part of you.”


Aegyo mood at 100% He is determend to make you smile as often as possible by being the cutest most squishiest thing in the entire universe. like seriously stop it jooheon You wont have any other choice but to laugh and smile. In addition everytime he gets to see you smile and hear your laugh he would be super excited making it hard to have any kind insecurities anymore.

Jooheon: *gif*

Y/n: *smiles*

Jooheon: *freaks out* “OMG y/n that was gorgeous. You are so pretty!”


Probably the most chill out of group. He would carefully listen to you explain why you hide it but at the end he would also tell you his own idea about your laugh and smile, which is that it`s his favorite sound. He wouldnt want to pressure you to anything but would often encourage you to show him a smile or a little laugh. Which would be the best part of his day no doubt.

Hyungwon: “Will you show me a little smile?”

Y/n: *smiles*

Hyungwon: *tries to stay calm but inside his mind it`s replaying for the rest of the day*

Look What You Made Me Do//Negan

((warnings: LOTS OF CURSE WORDS, mentions of violence, Negan being Negan))

(Y/N’s P.O.V.)

Love-Hate relationships. Made by satan himself, if we’re being honest. 

Staying at the Saviors’ compound was honestly one of the best things to happen to me. 

Except for Negan. 

He was indeed God’s gift to women, in my personal opinion, and he was not nearly as awful as people make him out to be. 

I’ll admit that I had a serious thing for him and he had even told me upfront that he felt the same way, but no matter how much I liked him, I couldn’t get over the fact that he had multiple wives and treated me like just another notch in his belt. 

He treated me as if I was just like anyone else. And that was the farthest from the truth. 

Everyone here knew I was a badass and no one dared mess with me. I was almost as feared as Negan. Almost. 

With me by his side, and only me, we could rule the whole damn world. But no. He has to be difficult. 

So, I decided I was way too tired of being called ordinary and being just another face in the crowd. 

So I changed everything. 

I put on dark makeup, a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, grey jeans, and combat boots and started walking around the compound whistling. 

I looked like the female version of Negan. 

Every head turned while i walked down the corridors. 

Negan had made me turn myself into who I was on the inside. 

I grabbed my gun that I kept in the hot-spot in the compound and I swung it over my shoulders. 

I get to Negan’s room and I knock on the door. 

He opens it with a disinterested look on his face, but that changes fast when he sees me. 

“Y/N? What the fuck happened to you?” he asked, looking me up and down. 

“I was tired of being pushed around by you and being treated like another wife. So I got smarter and harder. In the nick of time too. I was afraid I’d have to start threatening those whores to get away from you. I feel fucking grand. Like I’ve been resurrected. But, you made me do this.” I smirk and step closer to him. 

I lift his chin with my finger and make him look me in the eyes. 

“Look what you made me do.” 

Those words seemed to be magic. Instantly he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me hard. 

“Ah ah ah. I dont want anything to happen between us until the rest of the wives go.” I pull away and smirk. 

“Darlin’, you can have anything you fucking want.” he says breathlessly before kissing me again. 

Glory Glade P1


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Shawn mendes imagine

Hey love! I was wondering if you could do 37, 38, 66, 74 and 158 From the prompt list? With shawn 💞
37. “Dont dare touch me.”
38. “Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment?”
66. “Pack your shit and go. get out of my sight.”
74. “I can’t believe you’d do this to me.”
158. “You take one more step towards me and i will knock you on your ass.”
You and shawn had been together for about 3 years now and 1 year ago you asked him to move in with you and your husky (husky’s name).

You had been happily together for that amount of time that it suprised you considering you never had good luck with guys before

Your were now 27 and he was 28, he was still doing his singing carrer on the down low while you were a well, high-paid photographer

You had been offered your job about 5 years ago when they saw your instagram account and how you handled it

You soon became one of the top gret photographer’s in the world and you had worked with a lot of celebrities

You job was how you met shawn.

It was also how you met your best friend josie.

You three were inseparable, you all did everything together.

“Bye louise!” You yelled to your manager as she closed up the studio

“Bye y/n! Say hi to shawn for me” she yelled back

“Will do!” I said as i opened the car to my jeep

I was originally ment to fishish at 7:00pm but we got let out and hour early wich i was releaved for

“Hey y/n!” I heard a voice yell as i began looking for my phone

“Oh hey harry!” I said to the one and only harry styles as he cane up to me and handed me my phone

Harry and i were teamed to be together for this magazine shoot

We have been working together for about 3 weeks and he was a really funny guy and we were immediately best friend’s

“Oh thanks! I was just looking for this!” I said as i smiled at him

“Yeah louise found it and said i had to rush it to you” he said

Him and louise had been together on the down low for a few month’s wich was funny to watch them try and makeout without anyone knowing

“Ah! Well thanks harry, ive gotta get back home to shawn and im sure louise is wanting you around” you said with a wink

He grinned and nodded saying his goodbye and running to his girlfriend’s arm’s

Shaking you head you got in your car and began your journey home
“Babe im ho-” you stopped yourself half way as you saw there were clothes scattered along the floor

Closing the door you placed your bag on the rack and made your way to the sofa and picked up a bra

Looking at the black and purple lacy details you immediately knew it wasn’t your’s

Walking to the stairs you stopped on the third step as you heard sound’s

Not sounds, moans

‘He’s cheeting on me’ you thought as you continue up the stairs

Standing outside your shared bedroom door you stood hearing the sound before having enough and slamming it open

This caused shawn to fall off and the gurl to sit and wrap herself up

What supprised you was who the girls was

Your best friend.

You best friend was in the same bed as your boyfriend.

Staring shocked at you she immediately got up and began making her way to you

“You take one more step towards me and I will knock you on your ass.” I said causing her to stop

She began asking for my fogivness as i stared at shawn with angry eye’s

“Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment?” I said to her causing her to shut up

“Or better yet here’s your shit. Get out of my house and my life.” I said passing her, her clothes and glaring at her

She began starting with the 'please forgive me’ shit

“It was his fault y/n” i heard her say as she pulled her last piece of clothing on

“Are you really Going to ruin our friendship because of his fault?” She asked

I looked at her like she was dumb

“It takes two to tangle. You know that. I dont see any alcohol around so this means your sober.” I said to her

She stood there opening and closing her mouth

“I repeat. Get the fuck out and dont come back.” My tone was deadly wich caused her to back away and walk out

Hearing the door slam i Turned to shawn who was now stood in a thin sheet wrapped around him

“Pack your shit and go. Get out of my sight.” I said turning away from him and making my way into the kitchen

I heard his footsteps after me and as i turned to walk into the kitchen he grabbed my arm

Yanking my arm away i turned to him

“Don’t dare touch me.” I said with a calm but deadly tone

He looked at me with pleading eye’s

“Please listen to m-”

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me.” I said cutting him off

“It was a mistake, i swear she came on to me!” He began yelling

“Yes but it takes two to tangle” i said grabbing food out to make myself pizza



I was done. I now ahd no best frined or a boyfriend

“Get changed and get out. I wont be here tomorrow so you can come and pack your stuff then. Untill then i dont want to hear or see you again. Got it!” I said making my way to the front door and opening it only to find harry and louise at the steps about to knock

They looked at me and then shawn who was just slipping on his last piece of clothing

“Get out.” I said with no emotion left in my voice

I turned to harry and louise as they walked in and sat on the couch

“Please….don’t do this….i love you” shawn said as he was on the front step

“You love me? Ha if you loved me you wouldn’t have fucked my best friend. Im sorry shawn that you were so fucking dumb to do something like that but i can gurentee that i will never forgive you. But im sure she’ll be waiting for you. Goodbye shawn.” I said and slammed the door as he was about to say something

Turning my back to the door i slid down it and finnaly let the tears fall

Feeling hands on my shoulders i looked up at harry and louise who were giving small smiles

“He’s not worthe it. Were your best friend’s now.” Louise said as she whiped away my tears

“Come on we brought stuff to make pizza and other munchies and movie’s” harry said like a little girl and walked into the kitchen

“I swear he’s secretly a girl” louise said as she helped me up causing me to laugh

And that night we cooked and ate while crying over sappy movie’s.


Ive known Fionn for quite a while and we’ve become close.
Closer than I’ve ever been to anyone.
I was the makeup artist for the show ‘him’ that Fionn was in last year.
We instantly clicked and the day we met we went for dinner.
When i say dinner we went to the KFC near the set.
Since then every weekend we do something together whether that be going to the cinema or going out to a bar.

Tonight we’re going out to our local bar which we’ve been to many times.I wore a baby blue dress with blue heals and my hair was straight.
I wore simple makeup with a blue lipstick to match.
He had beer and i had my usual red wine.

We were enjoying the music ,making the occasional small talk and sipping on our drinking.
The i casually looked towards the door and saw my ex Alex walk through the door.
Thankfully he went to the bar without noticing me.
I was obviously uncomfortable because i felt fionns hand on my forearm and he ask 'hey you alright love’
Then i looked at the bar and was faced with alex looking at me and walking towards me.

Without even thinking i turned around put my right hand on his left cheek and kissed him.
It took him a minute to process what was going on and he kissed back.
I pulled away,put my hand on his chest and whispered in his ear.
“my ex Alex is over there and i dont wanna talk to him” he smiled and said “lets make it believable then” he kissed me and pulled away.
He sat back with his arms open,i took the hint and smiled at him.
I put my head on his check and my arm resting on his stomach.
He kissed my forehead.
I dont know was he doing it cause alex is here or he actually liked cuddling.
About a half an hour later fionn went up to the bar to get another beer for himself and red wine for me.

I looked at him and he was talking to Alex.
They talked for about a minute then they shook hands and went their separate ways.

Fionn came back with the drinks and had a big smile on his face.
I took the drink off of him and said “what are you smiling about mr whitehead” “be bought it”
He sat down,grabbed his beer and put his arm around my shoulder.
I relaxed into him as he took a drink of his beer.
He left down the beer on the table and put his hand on my thigh.
I dunno if its a blessing or a curse that i wore a dress.
His index finger drew shapes on my skin.
We left the bar and about a half an hour later we were on his bed watching some random show.
He spoke up and said “maybe we should try” “try what exactly”
With a smile on his face he said “us,together” ,a smile crept on my face and i said “lets try”
He took hold of my hand and led me to sit in his lap.
He kissed me.
One kiss led to a full on make out session.
We eventually fell asleep in eachothers arms.

important quetions
  • Kirishima: bro, you think Bakugos gay?
  • Kaminari: IDK bro, I know how you could find out though!
  • Kirishima: HOW?!
  • Kaminari: go up to him and say, you gay bro?
  • Kirishima: no.
  • Kaminari: or... you could ask every one else in our class what they think.
  • Kirishima: Yes!!
  • Kaminari: I was kinda kidding.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Hey Jirou!! Do you know if Bakugo is gay?
  • Jirou: why would I care and why do you ask?
  • Kirishima: Just curious.
  • Jirou: I dont know. He dosnt really seem that type.
  • Kirishima: what type?
  • Jirou: you know the gay type.
  • Kirishima: There are different types of gay? What type am I?
  • Jirou: You'er... OOHHH that actually makes a lot of sense.
  • Kirishima: What does?
  • Jirou: Im just gonna go away now.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Yo Midoriya! You'er close with Bakugo right! Is he gay?
  • Deku: Kacchan?
  • Kirishima: Yeah! him!
  • Deku: well I went to elementary school with him and middle school and I dont think hes ever liked anybody, boy or girl, that I can think of.
  • Kirishima: Ever?
  • Deku: nope. why do you ask?
  • Kirishima: No reson!
  • Deku: Oh!... I am so sorry for you, Im sure you'll get over him soon, if you'er lucky.
  • Kirishima: Why do you say that?
  • Deku: No reason
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Kouda! you know Bakugo right? very angry very spiky? do you think he's gay? you know into other guys?
  • Kouda: ...
  • Kirishima: right thanks
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Todoroki! My man! Blasty McSplode gay? is he?
  • Shouto: Did that sentence make any sense to you, because it didn't to me.
  • Kiri: Bakugo. Is he gay?
  • Shouto: See that made much more sense. I don't know.
  • Kiri: Great.
  • ...
  • Ida: I don't approve of inter class relationships!
  • Kirishima: I just asked wether or not you knew if he was gay!
  • Ida: *disapproving look*
  • ...
  • Kiri: Hey Sero! you'er close to Bakugo right?
  • Sero: He once used me as a means of transportation. Is that what you meant?
  • Kiri: Did he seem gay to you?
  • Sero: out of every one part of that horse? no he was not the one setting off my gaydar. you were there to.
  • Kiri: true.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: hey Tsuyu!
  • Tsuyu: YES.
  • Kirishma: I didnt ask you anything yet.
  • Tsuyu: I dont care just yes.
  • Kirishima: Cool thanks.
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Excuse me Uraraka?
  • Uraraka: Yeah?
  • Kiri: You are one of the few people Bakugo possibly respects.
  • Uraraka: I am?
  • Kiri: Yes. Do you know if he's gay?
  • Uraraka: Do you want to ask him out?
  • Kiri: Why would you think that?
  • Uraraka: I can see the appeal, hes loud and strong and his abrasiveness is weirdly admirable, not to mention when hes not scowling hes not bad looking. I think you should go for it whether you think hes "gay" or not!
  • Kiri: ... Thanks Uraraka! To be clear you'er not interested right?
  • Uraraka: No. maybe if he wasn't an ass to my best friend, maybe if I didn't other have interests. *glances at Tsuyu*
  • Kiri: cool
  • ...
  • Kiri: Yo Momo! you'er VP is Bakugo gay?
  • Momo: *in a state of mental and emotional breakdown due to many things* YES HES GAY IM GAY YOUR GAY EVERYONE IN THIS DANMED CLASS IS GAY EXEPT FOR THAT GRAPE HEADED MOFO.
  • Kiri: Are you OK???!!!
  • MOmo: NO! im sorry.
  • ...
  • Tokoyami: Iv already heard. My answer is just go ask the guy himself, and possibly activate your hardaning before hand.
  • Kirishima: Great advice Birdman!
  • ...
  • Kirishima: Hey Shoji, you have great ears, have you possibly herd any clues to Bakugo's sexuality.
  • Shoji: ... Kirishima, if this is a very convoluted way of coming out to the class...
  • Shoji: Then ask him.
  • ...
  • Kaminari: So did you get any answers?
  • Kirishima: Nothing helpful.
  • Kaminari: I think the only person who's sexuality is now known by the entire class is you.
  • Kirishima: I dont care.
  • Kaminari: Actually the one person who isnt aware is probubly Bakugo.
Jakob  Chychrun Imagine - Day Off

Request : Could I request a cute Jakob Chychrun one where you guys have a cute lazy day, take cute pics, maybe he makes fun of your shortness and like you compare your hand sizes? and have your first kiss together :) 

this was really fun to write!! keep sending in requests:))

Originally posted by ryanhartman

my eyes opened and a killer headache made its appearance. i let lot a loud groan and looked over to my left at the night stand. the clock shined brightly showing the time as 10:30, jakob should be at practice right now, the apartment is quiet. 

i snuggled closer into the blankets of the bed that jakob let me sleep in and he being the gentleman he is took the couch. after celebrating a big 6-3 win against the capitals we all got carried away with the drinks and that’s how i ended up here with a mega hangover.

the door creaked open and some light came in making my headache worse. “here’s some water and advil for when your ready to get up” jakob gave a shy smile and put the two things on the bed stand next to me. 

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anonymous asked:

So like what if MC was mad at the members of the RFA+V+Saeren and they're giving the them the silent treatment. And the only way that they talk to the other is through the messenger app or through a third party (like another one of the members or Elizabeth the third for Jumin)

i had way too much fun with this one lol, thanks!

~headcanon requests closed at the moment~


  • MC’s giving him the silent treatment after he neglected them to play LOLOL
  • after playing the game he passed out in bed when MC was sitting up reading
  • he was woken up by the sound of their voice
  • “hey, Jaehee! are you too busy to talk on the phone for a bit?”
  • Yoosung’s eyes flutter open and he tries to mutter some words
  • “hey, sweet-”
  • MC holds up a finger, cutting him off
  • “oh my god, a cat hotel? that sounds ridiculous! you poor thing”
  • Yoosung rolls over, trying harder to get MC’s attention
  • he practically rolls into their lap
  • MC refuses to look at him
  • they giggle so loudly it sounds forced
  • “oh my god Jaehee, you’re so funny!!!”
  • “hmm? i didnt make a joke, MC…”
  • they were practically yelling
  • “yknow thats what i love about you! you’re just so…oh, whats the word….attentive”
  • “um….thank you?”
  • “oh, no problem! i just love the way you answered me call and when i said ‘hello’ you responded! i really just adore how you always hear what i say and the acknowledge me!!!”
  • “okay, alright….”
  • “see you? you’ve done it again! wow, Jaehee! so did you have lunch?”
  • at this point Yoosung realizes what was happening
  • he crawls over MC, bringing his face to their shoulder
  • “MC! please pay attention to meeeeeee”
  • “is that Yoosung?”
  • “hmm? i didnt hear anything?”
  • “but, MC, i could have sworn i just heard Yoosungs-”
  • “i dont know a Yoosung”
  • the boy groans loudly
  • “yes they ddoooooooOOOooo”
  • MC puts a hand on Yoosungs face and shoves him away
  • he bounces back almost immediately and starts peppering MC’s neck and cheek with kisses
  • “what are you talking about? of course you know Yoosung. and i can hear him, you know”
  • “i dont want to talk about that jerk right now!”
  • Yoosung continues to litter MC’s skin with kisses
  • “please” smeck “forgive” smeck “me” smeck “baby”
  • “it sounds like you and Yoosung have something to work out, and my break ends soon anyway. thanks for calling, MC. goodbye”
  • “Jaehee wait-”
  • but she had already hung up
  • taking advantage of a free MC, Yoosung grabs both of their hands and pulls them toward him
  • “i know i was an asshole earlier, but now im ready to give you my full attention”
  • MC blushes, avoiding eye contact with him
  • “b-but…i want your full attention all the time…”
  • Yoosung leans in and kisses them
  • “alright. you can have my attention whenever you want it”


  • MC got into a fight with Zen when he forgot it was their birthday cause he’s been at rehearsal 25/8 prepping for a show
  • in the middle of their argument, MC’s phone starts to ring
  • “oh, would you look at that? Jumins calling! probably to wish me a happy birthday!”
  • “MC, please dont answer that-”
  • “Hey Jumin! whats up?”
  • MC had already picked up the phone and was walking away from Zen
  • “oh, Zen? yea he’s doing fine. he’s out right now though, at rehearsal as per usual”
  • Zen sighs and follows MC
  • “please, baby, dont act like i’m not here-”
  • “oh, wow! thanks for remembering Jumin!”
  • they whip around and glare at Zen
  • “baby please let me make it up to you-”
  • Zen reaches out to MC but they skip away from him, simultaneously interrupting him
  • “i dont think im going to do anything special. i’ll probably just watch some movies and order take out by myself” 
  • they glare at Zen, he tries to walk toward them, they skip away
  • this process repeats and escalates until Zen is full on chasing MC through the house
  • “i’m going to catch you and apologize if it kills me, dammit!”
  • “MC? whats going on…?”
  • MC’s breathing heavily
  • “nothing…Jumin. i just really love talking to you!”
  • “well unfortunately i think i’m going to have to hang up now”
  • at this moment, Zen corners MC in their bedroom between the bed and the wall
  • they shout, and try to escape Zen by jumping over the bed
  • it fails miserably
  • MC lets out a little squeal as Zen wraps his arms around them, trapping them in his lap
  • he grabs the phone and tosses it just out of MC’s reach
  • “i’ll never forgive you, Zen!” they shout dramatically
  • “oh, really? that’s a problem….”
  • Zen holds down the squirming MC with little effort
  • “then will you forgive the tickle monster?”
  • MC’s life flashes before there eyes for a second before Zen starts tickling them
  • they laugh uncontrollably until finally they manage to get out the words “i forgive you”
  • Zen releases them
  • “i really am sorry, cutie pie. i promise i’ll never forget again”
  • MC looks down at the bed, face bright red from being tickled
  • “i forgive you, Zenny…”
  • “whats that? did you just call me Zenny?”
  • “no! shut up i hate you!”
  • Zen laughs and pulls MC back into his lap 


  • Jaehee was so busy with work that she hadnt logged into the messenger all day and didnt answer any of MC’s calls and now they’re MAD
  • it was around 10 PM when Jaehee finally got a chance to log into the messenger that day
  • she hoped that MC would be there to cheer her up after such a stressful day
  • Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom
  • 707 and MC were both already talking
  • “woooOOOAAHH!!! whos this?!” -707
  • “Jaehee Kang…? i havent heard that name in years…..” -MC
  • Jaehee sighs as she types
  • “i apologize for being so absent today. i’ve been quite swamped with work” -Jaehee
  • “well gee Jaehee i got work coming out of my ears but i cant help but come here and chat with MC B)” -707
  • “oh, Seven! you truly are an angel!” -MC
  • “MC, i trust you had three meals today?” -Jaehee
  • she gets no response from them
  • “OH! about that lolololololol! MC says they dont wanna talk to you so i’ll repeat any message u needa get to them :D” -707
  • Jaehee rubs her temples, feeling a headache forming
  • she wishes she could just talk to MC directly but this was better than nothing…
  • “please tell Jaehee i skipped breakfast today but it was just cause i slept in” -MC
  • “MC says they ate every meal but breakfast! tsk tsk” -707
  • “if they want, i can bring them some breakfast on my way to work tomorrow. i’d like to see them soon” -Jaehee
  • “Jaehee says you should be punished for skipping the most important meal of the day …… :o” -707
  • wait, what the hell??????!?! thats NOT what she said!
  • seven will literally never do anything right
  • at least this is a chatroom where MC can still read what she said
  • “omg, really??? Jaehee is so mean!! >_<” -MC
  • no! fuck what the hELL IS GOING ON
  • Seven! translate my messages correctly!
  • “ahhh! Jaehee’s so scarry! everybody run!!!!” -707
  • 707 has left the chatroom
  • MC has left the chatroom
  • okay, that was literally the worst thing that has ever happened to Jaehee
  • it’s late but tbh Jaehee is done PLAYING AROUND
  • in 10 minutes she’s at MC’s door with popcorn, DVD’s of Zen, hot coco, and fuzzy blankets
  • “Jaehee? what are you-”
  • “i know i must have worried you by being absent from the messenger today. will you let me make it up to you?”
  • MC smiles and lets Jaehee inside
  • the two end up falling asleep on the couch together


  • MC was upset with Jumin because he left for work that day without saying good morning to them
  • Jumin came home and tried to enter his room, but the door was locked
  • he knocked on the bedroom door
  • “MC? i’m home, darling”
  • silence
  • Jumin goes downstairs where the maid was folding some clothes
  • “have you seen MC today? i thought they might be in the bedroom but the door is closed”
  • “i talked to MC today. they told me to give you something, actually”
  • the maid stops folding clothes and walks up to Jumin
  • “this is from them”
  • she looks down, then looks up at him with an upset expression
  • “you jerk!!” the maid shouts, and smacks Jumin on the arm
  • shocked and confused, Jumin rubs his arm where the maid smacked him
  • “they…they told you to do that?”
  • “yes sir”
  • “will you…give them this?”
  • Jumin grabs a flower from an arrangement that was by the front door
  • “certainly, Mr. Han”
  • a few minutes later the maid returns, still holding the flower
  • “i have a message from MC”
  • Jumin nods
  • she throws the flower at Jumin violently and stomps her foot
  • “is this supposed to make up for letting me wake up alone?!”
  • oh, that’s why MC is upset
  • he thought they looked so peaceful sleeping that morning, he didnt want to wake them…
  • Jumin thanks the maid and heads up to his room again
  • he knocks on the door for a second time
  • “it’s me again, darling. i have another message for you but i dont think it’s one our maid will be able to communicate very effectively…”
  • MC opens the door just enough to poke their head out
  • “what do you want?”
  • Jumin leans forward to kiss MC, but they realize whats happening and slam the door shut in his face
  • “you aint slick, Jumin!!!” he hears them shout from inside
  • he sighs and leans against the door
  • damn :( he really wanted a kiss :(
  • he knocks on the door again
  • a few seconds later its opened by MC again, this time wearing a mouth mask
  • “yes?” their voice was muffled underneath the mask
  • Jumin tries his very best to be suave
  • “i’m sorry about not waking you up this morning. i just thought you looked so cute sleeping…like my own little baby lamb”
  • Jumin raises his hand to MC’s cheek, gently pushing his thumb underneath their mouth mask to expose their lips
  • “you…you really think i look cute?”
  • Jumin, staring at MC’s lips, leans forward
  • “yea, really cute”
  • he kisses them, and this time MC actually lets him


  • MC’s pissed cause Seven spent four hours that day shopping for groceries and came back with only honey buddah chips and dr. pepper
  • Seven had tried talking to MC but they locked the bedroom door
  • maybe they’ll let him talk to them through the messenger….?
  • he logs in to find that Zen and MC are both in a chat room
  • 707 has entered the chatroom
  • “Zen, what did you have for lunch today?” 
  • “oh i had a light lunch today since i’ve been so busy. it was pretty much just rice”
  • “wow, rice??? it must be nice to have some rice in the house!!!!!!”
  • “yea, um…i guess it is. but didnt Seven just log in?”
  • “who?”
  • “MC, please come out of your room T_T. i’m so sorry!!” -707
  • “huh? are you guys fighting?” -Zen
  • “what are you talking about? its Seven…” -Zen
  • “MC’s pretending i’m not here because they’re pissed i didnt get food today” -707
  • “AHH! WHO ARE YOU??” -MC
  • “MC, maybe you should just talk to Seven” -Zen
  • “i dont really know where Seven is right now, but if i did i would probably ask him why he wants me to starve” -MC
  • Seven, whose standing right outside MC’s door, shouts so that they can hear him
  • “i swear i dont want you to starve. i just suck at grocery shopping”
  • Seven’s phone vibrates with a new message
  • “and i’d tell him that he has someone to take car of besides himself, now” -MC
  • “but you can tell him….he’s logged into that chatroom….” -Zen
  • “Zen, tell MC i’ll take her on a dinner date tonight and tomorrow we can go shopping again” -707
  • “well, MC? do you see that?” -Zen
  • “see what??? is it a hacker???!” -MC
  • Zen sends a distressed emoticon
  • “Seven just texted me and told me he’d take you out to dinner tonight” -Zen
  • “really? he said that?” -MC
  • “yea. i have to go now, my agent is calling. umm, i hope you and Seven work out whatever the hell is going on” -Zen
  • ZEN has left the chatroom
  • Seven sighs and leans against the door, his head making a thud sound as it hits the door
  • “are you really taking me to dinner?”
  • Seven can barley hear MC’s small voice through the door
  • “yes, of course. and tomorrow we can buy groceries for the next month”
  • Seven hears some rustling sounds
  • suddenly the door opens and Seven falls into the room
  • he looks up from the ground to see MC dressed up, looking like they’re ready to head out
  • “okay, you promised!”


  • V accidentally spoiled the season finale of MC’s favorite show for them
  • he’s been trying to talk to them all day but they keep ignoring him and he’s super confused
  • and he super hates it
  • he just wants to speak to the love of his life and :( hug them :(
  • hoping for some advice, V logs into the messenger
  • Yoosung and Zen were talking
  • it was just the usual Zen trying to give Yoosung girl advice
  • V has entered the chatroom
  • Zen and Yoosung both greet him, but before he can say anything about MC Zen has to leave the chat for work
  • so….then its just V and Yoosung….
  • which was fine, but V would rather talk to Zen about his MC-related problems that Yoosung
  • MC has entered the chatroom
  • “Yoosung! i’m so glad you’re here!” -MC
  • “hey, MC! how are you this fine afternoon? :D” -Yoo
  • “MC, i’m glad you’re here. can we talk?” -V
  • “i’m going well! i’ve had a quiet morning and i’m making some lunch right now. i trust you had lunch, Yoosung?” -MC
  • “funny story, i raged all morning and totally forgot about breakfast and lunch T_T” -Yoo
  • V starts to realize he is now being ignored by both Yoosung and MC
  • “if you want, i’ll help you with lunch, MC” -V
  • “YOOSUNG! you should go eat something right now!” -MC
  • “okay, i’ll go eat! thanks!” -Yoo
  • “wait, before you leave i have a question for you” -MC
  • “whats up?” -Yoo
  • how do you feel about spoilers?” -MC
  • Yoosung sends an angry emoji
  • I HATE THEM! my friends used to spoil games for me all the time :’c ” -Yoo
  • “i know, right? anyone who spoils a game OR SHOW for someone else is the worst!” -MC
  • “is this about that conversation we had earlier about the TV show…?” -V
  • “anyway, i’ll get that lunch now. call you later, MC!” -Yoo
  • Yoosung has left the chatroom
  • ……
  • i hate you” -MC
  • MC has left the chatroom
  • V, now realizing his transgressions, goes into the kitchen where MC was cooking lunch
  • “sweetie, i’m so sorry about spoiling your show”
  • MC ignores him
  • “if you want, you can spoil that one show i’m watching. havent you watched it all already?”
  • V desperately tries to get back into MC’s good graces
  • they turn to him, arms crossed
  • “charlie dies”
  • V tries not to think about the fact that charlie dies in his favorite show and hugs MC tightly
  • well……..at least their talking to me again


  • MC’s PISSED because Saeran always hogs the TV and never lets them watch their shows
  • Seven and Saeran were watching TV on the couch when MC came into the room and grabbed the remote
  • “hey, Seven! mind if i change the channel?”
  • “not at all. go for it”
  • MC sat on the other side of Seven
  • “um, i do”
  • Saerans voice overshadows the sound of the TV, and MC turns it up
  • “hey! i wanna watch shark week!”
  • MC continues to ignore Saeran
  • “um…MC? i think Saerans trying to talk to you”
  • without taking their eyes off the screen, MC responds to Seven
  • “was he? i didnt notice?”
  • Saeran stands up
  • “yes you did! how could you not notice?!”
  • “Seven, can you please tell Saeran that i’m trying to watch my show and his loud voice is annoying me?”
  • Seven turns to Saeran
  • “hey, MC wanted me to tell you-”
  • “i heard what they said, ass hole”
  • Seven lifts up his hands as a sign of surrender
  • “hey, MC! i’m just going to keep yelling till you talk to me!”
  • “Saeran, i dont think-”
  • “fuck off, Seven”
  • Seven knows he should probably leave the room at this point but this is getting too interesting
  • “Seven, please tell Saeran that they more he yells, the less I care”
  • “Saer-”
  • “that doesnt even make sense!!!!”
  • Saeran moves closer to MC, now standing in front of Seven
  • the more he tries to get their attention, the closer he moves
  • until Saeran is completely leaning over MC, his hands on either side of them as he leans against the couch
  • “Seven, can you tell Saeran to get out of my way?”
  • as MC speaks, the look directly into Saerans eyes
  • suddenly Saeran smushes his lips into MC’s, kissing them
  • Seven opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out
  • “d-do you fucking see me now?”
  • MC looks at Saeran
  • “i dont know, will you let me watch my shows now?”
  • “yea, whatever”
  • “cool”
  • MC grabs Saerans shirt and pulls him into another kiss
  • “now will you please move?”
  • “yea…whatever”
  • ..


  • tumblr post: Pearl has made a lot of mistakes with steven, largely because she's still upset about rose's death and doesn't know how to be a parent
  • me, nodding my head: good post op
  • tumblr post: pearl is a terrible person who wishes steven was dead and has literally tried to kill him, she doesn't love him at all
  • me, backing away slowly: bad post op

Amidst all the bullshit about Rowan being abusive, I think people sometimes forget that it can be…you know, nice for your partner to be protective and a lil jealous. Personally, I like it when the people I’m dating want to protect me. Obviously this protectiveness can’t inhibit my daily life and my ability to make choices. But I’ve had partners who pulled me out of the way of oncoming traffic. Who texted to make sure I got home safe. Who had me walk on the inside of the road so if a car hit us they would be hurt and I would be okay. Rowan’s protectiveness of Aelin has always seemed to be in a similar vein: he just cares about her safety. I don’t find that abusive in the least. Also, lets keep in mind that he never attempts to take away Aelin’s choices. He listens when she has him go save Dorian in EoS. He listens to her when she goes to Adarlan without him in QoS. In both cases, he knows aelin is in more danger without him there, but he doesn’t violate her will power or take away her ability to choose. He just…lets her be Aelin. 

And now onto his jealousy of other fae: again, I’ll make it personal. I’m a pretty jealous person. I like it when my partner feels similarly jealous. Too much jealousy can certainly destroy a relationship, but thats not what we see in EoS. We dont see Rowan ever suspecting Aelin of wanting other males. We merely see him get a bit antsy about other fae checking her out or looking at her. It’s a bit overdone in my opinion, but I get the sense that it’s reciprocal. 

Aelin feels similarly protective and jealous of Rowan. We definitely have evidence that she is protective of him when it comes to Maeve (she has him released from the blood oath). And can anyone imagine Aelin being happy if another fae hit on Rowan? Yeah, she’d be pissed. But she would never suspect Rowan of cheating on her or anything. 

The jealousy that exists in Rowaelin isn’t the type of jealousy that in my experience harms relationships. It’s just a bit of “hey we just mated and i love you and I would die for you and i dont like the way that strange man is looking at you.” There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, for someone like Aelin, who has essentially never had anyone who knew her 100% and wanted to be with her forever, this protectiveness might feel good. It shows that rowan cares for her. And this is the girl who lost her family, lost her home, was abused by her care giver, lost her first love and best friend, was enslaved for a year, lost her other best friend, was rejected by her second love interest, and was convinced she was worthless. She has never had anyone stand by her and protect her. Aelin has been the only person Aelin can rely on since she was 8. So imagine how wonderful it feels to her to have Rowan, her mate, who has pledged his life to her, stand up for her and protect her. 

Finally, if Aelin and rowan truly had an abusive or unhealthy relationship, there’s no way that Rowan would be okay with Sam. He goes with Aelin to Sam’s grave!!! He is very respectful of Sam’s memory and she shares this with him and he takes care to be kind and thoughtful towards her about it. She trusts him enough that he is the only person she brings with her to Sam’s grave. The first time she ever visits it. And Aelin, similarly, isn’t pissed about Lyria. She figures out that her and rowan are true mates, yet out of respect for his past with Lyria, she doesn’t say anything. Inside she is likely screaming with joy, but she doesn’t say anything because she doesn’t want to pressure him.

So y’all, get it out of your head that Rowaelin is abusive. Yes they are jealous and protective of one another. But this works for them, neither has an issue with it, and it isn’t done in an unhealthy or abusive manner. In fact, they are 100% respectful of one another’s past relationships, something that is extremely healthy. Also, take into account why someone with Aelins history might want to feel protected and loved. 

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you don't have to answer this b/c discourse tm, but do u think that lance will actually have a character arc this season

i don’t mind you seem really genuine to know, and i know a lot of people are worried about this particular thing, and i lived thru the Laxum Discourse™ so im immune to all other discourses now lol

the thing is that i think lance will get an arc. that’s for sure, because jeremy’s pretty much already confirmed it. but the thing is, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily going to be a long arc or one that’s solely his own. at first i was more confident that he’d get a decent one, one that isn’t perfect because the vld writers are non latinx and straight so yah, but one that was okay. one i could live with.

hearing about how k(eith) is going to take on a leadership arc, have more backstory unfolded,  and  have angst about shiro leaving again leaves me thinking that lance’s arc is going to be overshadowed or directly tied into k’s. keith having an arc isn’t bad. in fact, even though s2 he got most of the attention, the arc didn’t really do anything for his character. we still know next to nothing about his galra heritage, how k and shiro met, anything about how he spent his time on earth, or how anyone reacted to k’s galra reveal (sans hunk and allura for k’s storyline). it was rushed and poorly handled and i think k deserves a better arc than what he got, especially because of how allura was treated because of it.

however, k having a significant storyline usually means that other chara’s arcs are going to suffer for it, bc we already know this from s2. even shiro, one of the characters who got more screentime in s2, got shafted because his trauma and his storyline only ended up tied into kickstarting k’s. (except for the black lion arc, which only lasted half an episode. 10 MINUTES OUT OF THE ENTIRE SEASON LOL.) like why was one of the most distrustful characters so eager to find a galra who probably tortured him until the very last second of his escape? why did he turn snappy on allura bc she dared to criticize or doubt ulaz’s loyalty when he had been nothing but supportive and needing her opinion throughout the rest of the show? why did he delegate k to take over as leader without even discussing it with allura first? he got screwed over writing wise for k’s galra arc and the future leader arc too.

now in regards to lance, i feel like his arc may tie into k’s. maybe he’s his right hand man (and i hate that, bc that’s not co-leadership at all and makes him subservient to k anyway bc k ultimately is the decisive head of voltron now and has to make the shots. plus it takes away from allura and HER leadership capabilities AGAIN lol) and THAT’S what the voltron staff meant by him taking more of a leadership role. lance and k are supposed to respect each other more, but is it mutual respect, or is it lance taking care of k and his feelings the entire season. (i liked the comforting scene dont get me wrong but it could easily go into that territory and im nervous.) we just don’t know. is his insecurities going to be related to k being a leader and him taking over the red lion and then the team dismisses them bc it has to happen this way for the sake of the universe or whatever? who knows.

all i can say is that while i’m excited for s3, i’m toning down my expectations in regards to how they treat lance. this isn’t really the make it or break it season for me, bc my hyperfixated ass is going to finish this until the end, but i will say i personally don’t think we’re gonna get the lance arc we want and that it’ll probably tie in with k’s in some way. i mean with all the shit that they’re apparently going to show in s3 in regards to k, it’d be impossible not to think that in such a short time span as 7 episodes.

FUN House

Warning: Clowns, Perverted  clowns.

Happy Reading Dollies!!!

I loved  writing this.

Based off season 1 episode 3 Fun Town.

Going to the carnival with Tig was an experience. He was so much fun to hang out with. Thats why you loved him.
“Lets go on the tea cups Babe please”? You begged Tig
“We’ve went on them like four times already”. “Lets go into the FUN House”. He pulled you.
“Okay as long as you dont make fun of my funny shapes in the mirrors”. You laughed
“Scouts honor”. He held up his hand.
As you two were walking you bumped in to Jax and Bobby.
“Hey guys”.
“Hey Y/N, Tig”. Bobby said.
“Where are you guys going”?
“To the FUN house” Tig said
“What are you doing Jackson”? You asked
“Trying to put this clown fucker in the water”. He laughed
You shook your head. Jax tried three different times to dunk the clown missed every time.
“Look at that, the pussy biker cant put the ball in the hole”. The clown said. “Feel sorry for your woman there, she might need a real man to fell her holes” He said pointing to you
“THATS A BOZO NO NO FUCKER”. Tig yelled pushing the button to dunk.
“Ahh come on guys I didnt mean anything by it’. The clown protested
You stood there in shock, how could someone for child be so perverted.
"Listen here you sick motherfucker, you dont disrespect my lady”. “You’re going to apologize to her”. Tig said as he pushed him back under water.
“Sorry lady that your man can find the right hole to make you scream like I could”. He laughed.
Tig flipped. He had Jax step on the clowns shoulders as he held him down in the tank.
“You sick son of a bitch, your going to regret saying anything to her”. “You missed with the wrong outlaw boyfriend”. He yelled.
You looked around, people were watching. You were afraid that someone would call the cops.
“Tig just forget it, come on”. You tried pulling him away.
“No, he’s died”.
“Tig if you kill him, you cant prove him wrong”. You smiled devilishly
Tig stopped and thought about it. “You’re right”. “Jax, Bobby lets go”.
He pulled the clown up, as he was trying to catch his breath. “If you ever look, think or even speak about my Old Lady again”. “I’ll kill you”. Tig dropped him
You grabbed Tigs hand leading him away. “Thank you for being my hero”.  You kissed his lips.
“That fucker needed to keep his mouth shut”. “He shouldnt say that about you”.
“You showed him okay, can we forget it and have some fun please”.
“Yeah, lets go”. He pulled you to the FUN house.
You were half way threw the house when you looked over at Tig. He was sulking.
“Whats wrong Hun”?
“Nothing”. He brushed you off
“Alexander Trager, tell me whats  wrong”. You stopped.
“That asshole, he just just pissed me off”. “Maybe hes right”.
“You have got to be fucking kidding me Alex”. You put your hands on your hips.
“Babe look at me, you’re the fucking king of orgasms”. “You can make me scream, rip out my hair and cry from ecstasy just by touching me”. “Thats how good you are”. “Dont ever think your not good enough”. “You are plenty and you can give more than you’ve got”. You reassured him.
He smiled. “Thanks Dollface”. He kissed you.
“Really thats all, I guess I just have to show you”.
You looked around and found a area that was discreet.
Pulling him inside. You pressed your backside on Tigs crotch grinding, Tigs hand went to your hips. As you rolled you heard Tig grunt.
“Come on Doll”.
Turning around you undid his zipper pulling out his cock. Leaning down you lick from base to tip. He moaned. Sliding down your pants. You bent over as Tig pushed your panties aside and pounded in. You screamed at the fullness.
Tig pounded hard and deep. “Thats it Daddy, let everyone hear what your doing to your Little Girl”.
“Fuck Doll, You’re so fucking wet”. He grabbed your breast.
“Fuck your pussy hard, Daddy”. You screamed
“Your pussy feels so good around my cock”. Tigs head went back, eyes rolling.
“Can I come Daddy please, OH GOD”.
“Come for me Y/N”. His thrusts became harder and faster.
You gripped on to Tigs thigh as you came to keep steady. Screamin to the top of your lungs as Tig hit your G-spot over and over. Coming for the second time. Feeling Tig twitch inside you. He came squirting  his seed in your dripping pussy.
“Fuck me”. Tig said as he pulled up his pants.
“Can you wait until we get home, I cant walk as it is”. You laughed, fixing your self.
He slapped you ass, finding your way out. You saw the others. The two of you running up to them.
“Where  have you guys been”. “You missed or more like heard a great show”. Jax laughed.
“What do you mean”? You asked blushing.
“Some couple was fucking in the FUN house”. Juice said laughing.
“OH God”. You said
“Well you wanted everyone to hear and that they did”. Tig pulled you in for a kiss.
Reminding Tig that you loved him and he was the one for you. He took you home and showed you that he loved you too. You can say that your favorite place to have sex is in the FUN house at the carnival.

Let me make it up to you (Jooheon) SMUT

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Request: Heyyy I really love your blog. Take your time with requests and you have a great blog! Okay im a ho for Jooheon smuts so can i request one where you two get in a bad argument and he see leaves for a little while, but when he comes back he sees you crying so he gets all dom yet really romantic and gentle to make up for making you cry. thanks~~

IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER! Ill make it somewhat long bc I told you “tomorrow” but its been like 2 weeks i think…….

I hope you like it~~~

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