i dont like ..... school .

the weirdest thing about getting older is watching slang words that used to mean something transform into entirerly different meanings…

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everyone's talkin about injuries and im like: there's this hotel/restaurant in tacloban leyte called "XYZ" and i was so friggin hyped i ran straight to the elevator and almost squished myself,, i dont think anyone even noticed ;-; there was also a time where fell on rocky cement in school and my entire knee was bloody,, the wound nearly covered my whole knee but i still had to go to school the next few days so i wore a big bandage over my knee and hid it with my knee-high socks XD haha

OH DAMN for me i would walk around with a bandage everywhere my body and say “I SURVIVED IN WW2”

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i came out to my friends rlly seriously like i made them circle up around me and one of them was like 'oh god pls dont tell me youre pregnant' and i was like uh actually Just The Opposite and another of them was like 'CALLED IT' but rlly lovingly and my quietest friend like looked me in the eyes and told me that if anyone at our school said anything mean or looked at me sideways, she would kick their ass into 2121

listen i LOVE FRIENDS this is what u DESERVE all the love all the support (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕good friends


Most of my posts are probably queued so dont expect this to be up to date with everything d: I will reblog this everytime I add something new!

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april study challenge / 27/04/17 - What’s your favourite thing to do outside of  school?

for a while now i’ve been LOVING going for walks. i love spending time in beautiful nature surroundings and just chilling. i just love discovering new places in my area. sometimes living in a big city makes you feel like you know all the places you visit all the time but truth is theres more you dont know than you know and i’m so lucky to live around the outskirts where we have lots of forests and cute places YAY.

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DXM is a dream but i cant talk about it with anyone because everyone who does drugs acts like an elitist and they're like "lol thats a pathetic highschool drug" but like fuck of? I really enjoy it? it gives me waves and waves of euphoria so there.

i dont get people who say its a “high school drug” but i also really dont like it personally because it has like………no positive effects for me in general but everyones different

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Help it's 1 am and I may or may not have had a tea and soda that were both full of caffeine before I came upstairs and I'm not really tired???? Idk man I don't have school tomorrow so uh??? Just read fanfic or what???

i mean?? if u dont have school just watch a movie or smth or whatever u usually do or do smth productive like homework for the next week or some assignment u might have?? 

in this situation i just watch bob ross and try to go to sleep at 3 am at least

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what are some of your fav dnp vids and why? (i feel like i sound like a school test rip)

japan ditl- soft, japan, love, iconic

making of tabinof- their love is so raw and domestic !

baking videos- innuendos and food

we’re moving out- dont think this needs an explanation


Hey, so, i’m all for this sudden trend of neurotypicals using fidgets and stim toys (mainly fidget cubes and spinners bit still), like its helping normalise them, thats great, but PLEASE be respectful with how you use them.

What i mean is, like, dont treat them like “toys” or fun little novelties. For example, at my school those little hand spinners blew up, and id bought one too. It was really helping me focus in class and relax, but all of the nts who had them were, like, playing with them in class. and by playing, i dont mean fidgeting, i mean “lets pass this around all my friends and mess about with it instead of working” which lead to them being banned. 

Now they’re confiscated on sight at school, and teachers are beginning to do similar things to other stim and fidget toys (ive seen two stress balls and a fidget cube be confiscated just bc their nt owners were showing them off to all their friends and disrupting the class by messing about with them)

If nts keep this up, then nds will have an even harder time stimming in academic spaces, due to stim toys largely being banned

So please, if you’re a neurotypical, or even if you’re not tbh, dont treat stims like toys and end up getting them banned.


infodumping about the ocean

  • Someone in the hallway: (calls a kid gay)
  • Me walking by: I'm gayer

DREAM AU!!i cant decide if lance would wear akane normal school outfit or pants so?both

pls dont tag as genderbend!

i’m at that point where i try to study but i physically can’t bring myself to so i get really stressed and i dont know if i care too much or i dont care at all but it makes me overwhelmed and all i want to do is sleep