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Pictures of You (Luke Hemmings)

warning: this imagine contains a photo of fetus luke. continue at your own risk :)


You were walking around the park with your camera when you heard music coming from your right. You looked over and nothing was there – just a hill – so you decided to investigate. Once you reached the top, you looked around and finally found what you were hearing – a blonde boy with a guitar in his lap, singing softly for the people who took the time to stop and pay him any attention. You snapped a couple shots from the hill before venturing closer to get a better listen yourself.

As he was playing and you were shooting, you couldn’t help but notice the small grin on his face as he sang. It wasn’t because he was being photographed – he hadn’t even looked up to know you were there – he was just smiling because he was doing something he enjoyed.

It suddenly dawned on you that you’d seen this boy before – Luke, if you remembered his name correctly – and this was always a look he had on his face when you saw him playing. He usually had three of his friends with him, but today – for some reason – he was performing alone. You’d gradually gotten closer as the afternoon wore on, but people would keep walking and standing in front of you – either not noticing your camera or not caring – but you were truthfully starting to get ticked off, so you just shut your camera off and moved over to sit on the grass and listen to him play.

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“How I Write” meme thingy

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Is there a snack you like to eat while writing?

Honestly…not really. I’m a savoury sort of person, so chips and biscuits is my deal, but I always get salt or flavourings or even greasy crap over my fingers and it gets in the keyboard and on the mousepad and just ugh…no. Can’t really do that. I do sometimes take breaks to indulge in bad eating habits, though. I do, however, drink a LOT. Usually hot black tea with a crapton of sugar, but depending on the weather I could drink other stuff too.

What time of day do you usually write?

I am TERRIBLE with procrastinating, so I usually start out late morning or just after lunch time and then….get distracted by literally anything for hours on end. I seem to be most productive VERY late at night through to the early hours of the morning where most of the household is asleep, I have free reign of the living area and kitchen and there is no background noise, save from the occasional car outside.

Where do you write?

Back in the day I would be stationed at a computer desk with a tower, but my room is cramped and FREEZING in winter or a literal oven in summer. So more recently I’ve migrated to the kitchen table, which is nestled in a weird little alcove in my house. I also tend to be struck by INTENSE creativity when I should NOT be, like at work or during really bad events like funerals.

How often do you write a new thing?

This is…a problem of mine. I literally had the idea for the fic I’m doing currently in JANUARY. I haven’t even finished the first chapter. :/ I do get ideas fairly regularly but I force myself to shelve them if I’m already working on something important to me. Sadly, this usually ends with a lot of lost ideas. :[

Do you listen to music while you write?

I used to do it a LOT when I started out, in like the first 3 or 4 years? I was more focussed back then. Music inspires me so much, but If I try to write with it in, its usually incredibly distracting. I can occasionally get away with it if I’m playing it very quietly (and practically ignoring it) or if I’m playing something that isn’t super catchy (like nightwish or instrumental music) I get the most out of music by listening to one or two songs just before I start writing and letting my daydreaming run wild with ideas.

Paper or laptop?

I have used computers to write since…maybe 2005-2006? Back in the day my computer(s) were not very reliable so I took to a strange habit of printing out what I’d typed up and writing it into an exercise book. Buut since I finished school, using pens for any length of time hurts my hands (and my handwriting has degenerated) so I just use a laptop now. Its so much better - the editing alone is a HUGE reason to use a laptop, but aside from that, my fingers can move a lot faster on a keyboard than with a pen.

Do you have a special pre-writing ritual?

Ehm, its not so much a ritual as it is a series of procrastinations I usually feel the need to partake in? Get home, make food and watch one or two youtube vids (MiniLadd ftw), check facebook, check the news, do some buzzfeed quizzes, jump on tumblr and fuck around for way too long, perhaps listen to some music, get interrupted 1000 times by my mother for various irritating reasons…and then stare at a word doc with a blank mind for at least 20 minutes before forcing words to exist.

What do you do to get into the writing?

A couple of things will bring me inspiration and get the ideas flowing. Music is one - I might listen to a few songs (and occasionally sing as well) whilst indulging in pre-writing procrastination like tumblr and let myself daydream a little. (Also, doing this in the shower is fucking amazing because there’s no distractions) Also, fanart. Seriously. Most of what I write is fanfiction and I find that if I read too much fanfiction when I’m working on something, my work tends to absorb some of other people’s style or wording or ideas. I don’t really like that happening, but I struggle to avoid it. Fanart helps bring fresh ideas into my mind without doing that too much because I can see certain characters in certain depictions and my brain will tell me a story of how they arrived at that situation, or be inspired for other characters entirely. Art always seems to do this really well for me because it gives you a snapshot of a moment in time and you usually have to fill in the blanks yourself. Also, if I’m a little rusty on my topic of writing, I will play the game its related to, or binge watch the series, and never be afraid to look things up. I always seem to work better when its fresh in my mind, especially where canon character behaviour is concerned.

Do you have a reward system for word counts?

No. The value of my work is not relative to its length. I reward myself on completion, regardless of the size of the work. For me, its quality over quantity. That aside, I also struggle a LOT with meeting targets, so setting word count goals puts a lot of stress on me, makes it less enjoyable to write and if I don’t meet the word count…that would be a failure to me. When I set out to write a story, its about creativity and ideas and bringing together elements of a world, characters, places, events to create something beautiful, to touch the reader, to inspire, to make them feel joy, pain, fear, to take them to a world I see in my mind and share with them. It has never been about structure, about time, about numbers, about RULES.

Is there anything else about your writing process your readers don’t know?

Well, I guess there’s a few things. My English has gone to absolute shite since I left school, and sometimes my words get jumbled coming out of my head. I do my best to proofread, but there’s always something I miss. Don’t ever be afraid to point things out to me that don’t make sense (but also try to keep in mind that I write in Australian English so some spellings are different)

I don’t get around to posting much, and I know this is a problem. This is because a lot of the time my process is very slow. I try hard, but my working environment is full of disruptions and distractions. My home life is…difficult and my mental health can often be a block to productivity. There also isn’t an alternative environment for writing because I have physical and psychological needs to meet.

When I DO finish something and actually post it, YOU, the reader, are what keeps me going. Your views, your kudos, your favourites, reblogs, COMMENTS. If you want more of something? TELL ME. I will write it. Legit. Drop me an ask. I will find a way to incorporate it into a story I’m already writing, or I’ll write a standalone or SOMETHING. You want more dextro-amino romance? Done. You want demons possessing animals? Done. You want an all-women Stargate team? DONE. You might think you’re a viewer, looking at a picture that’s already been done, but no - you have a hand in this too. If not the current work, then a future work!

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“One of the armies asked Suga if they read the comments on the Bangtan Bombs, and he said that they did before, but due to the amount of “inappropriate” comments, they stopped reading them.“

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let’s all be more considerate and careful with our words please.

Edit; I know this is hard to control so why not on our side we leave more positive comments instead and tweet them stuff like “good work” or even simple “fighting"s to replace those nasty comments.


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youtube protip: how to get more views- include dan and/or phil in the thumbnail. even if they’re only in the video for a few seconds. heck even if you just mention their names once, photoshop them in. and there you have it, instantly more views


can i be real i am so sick of seeing posts picking apart chloe’s actions and painting her as this “manipulative” person and then see these posts with “oh poor nathan….we dont know the whole story….he might not be so bad uwu” with literally like 20+ notes just because you found some pills in his locker or because he was crying when he shot chloe………..like he still shot her wtf is yalls damage