i dont know why this comment hasnt been liked

i came into this fandom right around a time where there was some drama going down, so i only saw the vagueing. but. you know. if you wonder why there isnt a whole lot of m/m or f/f content or why people keep it under wraps or arent super active…just like. think about it. think about how someone made a mod, went through the vigorous work of scripting and whatnot to actually let you marry as m/m or f/f couple in fo4, just to be met with death threats and massive downvoting to the point where the original creator abandoned it. think about how fo4 fandom loooved to say the fo4 companions were bi and if you dont like seeing them in m/f then youre biphobic anytime anyone commented that they’d like to see more m/m or f/f content of them. think about how i’ve been randomly hounded by anons for saying arcade is canonically gay and shipping him with women is homophobic.

fandom hasnt been exactly the most hospitable place for it to begin with.