i dont know why the text is funny

  • Someone in the hallway: (calls a kid gay)
  • Me walking by: I'm gayer

Taehyung is the type to catch a butterfly because “look, pretty” but would forget to make holes in the jar so he just ends up showing you a dead butterfly.


much of protecting


what if bucky found out about phone hacking and started censoring his texts to steve in case theirs got leaked like:

Bucky: babe when do you get home, i miss you
Steve: I’ll be home soon, i miss you too ❤️
Bucky: oh yeah? enough to s*** my d***?
Bucky: In case we get hacked.
Bucky: if this gets leaked it means sign my dvds. my captain america collectibles.
Steve: you are the weirdest person i know

I hate when adults are like “why are u smiling at ur phone???? r u texting a BOY???” like chill ho maybe my friend said something funny maybe I saw a picture of a dog maybe Im looking at memes you dont know my life you dont know my story

Academic Ableism

So the professor who told the class all about my disability behind my back still hasn’t turned my grades in from the spring. If she doesn’t by Tuesday, I will receive an F and be expelled from grad school. I found this out Thursday night. I’ve been emailing back and forth with the head of my program and the head of her department. Even after having her boss talk to her, she still has not turned my grades in. Literally there is no reason for this to be happening. I turned them in TWO MONTHS ago. It was just two papers, both under 20 pages. I am talking to the dean now to try to get her to grade.

The head of her department is being really nice though. I think he is because everyone hates her so much. She’s going to get her tenure stripped and fired very soon. He wants me to get into contact with the dean and director of social equality about what she did to me this spring. Honestly, I had planned on letting it go but after this situation, I am raging all over again. How dare her put my entire academic career at risk after putting me through all that shit. Both would be so awful on their own. Also I had to pay my bill without financial aid because of her and I definitely could not afford it.

I have no idea how I’m staying calm through all this. Normally, I would be having panic attacks and sobbing. I think I am just so over ableism in college I can’t even. 

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u mostly reblog funny text posts and puns but i have this strange feeling like ur constantly screaming in the back of ur mind for help or something and i dont know why

u nailed it