i dont know why the subs looks like that

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Hi! There used to be like this rlly good smut on this page where jungkook is submissive and the girl is dominant and it was called like "be a good boy" or something like that? I can't find it anymore but I'm sure it was from this account. Did you guys delete some posts? Thank you!

it looks like be a good boy was deleted. 

i think this is the second time that this has happened, and i dont know why because i didnt do it on purpose and i dont think that anyone else did.

here are a list of other sub bts things we have, though

don’t move - jimin

waiting all day - jimin

a special treat - jimin

be a good boy - jungkook (gone for some reason??)

in the dead of the night - hoseok and jimin

pretty - jimin

faster - suga

striptease - suga

too soon - taehyung

too early - rapmonster

let mommy ride you - jimin

masterlist (sorted by kink)

-admin tal

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i just feel like telling someone: so i have a crush on this dude that SCREAMS *sub* and im so frustrated because as a sub myself i feel like i would be... unsatisfied? like i want someone that will grab my ass and my tits but this boy WONT EVEN LOOK ME IN THE EYES. i dont see myself with a shy person so why do i like this boy? ugh i need to go out and find me someone else. like i don't even know why i like him. something about him is interesting but i UGH im already- WHAT IS WRONG W ME (help)

so… i know you just wanted to tell someone, but I did kind of feel the need to give you feedback. Here goes. 

I strongly advise against drawing conclusions about someone’s sexual preferences based on how they act in a non-sexual setting. Being socially shy has no correlation with preferences as it relates to sex. 

Also, you’re going to be attracted to whomever it is you’re attracted to, and idk something about your message kind of rubbed me the wrong way, but it feels like you’re typecasting him and also yourself. However, I acknowledge that liking people is complicated and Things Just Happen, so in conclusion… best of luck!!!