i dont know why it has that caption

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wait i dont quite get L's tweet. we know that she cropped both N&C to not shade C but why the caption about Virginia but its not really abt Virginia? has anyone analysed this? and with her recent snapchat of "where are we going?" which is a famous ot5 moment before. why is she bringing all these past references? it's driving us slowly INSANE.

I found that weird too. But I have two hypothesis:

One, she’s just trying to be funny, like a weird kind of joke. Like since they just performed in Virginia (I assume), then she’s supposed to post a pic of them in Virginia, but instead, she posted that tb picture that’s totally unrelated to Virginia. So she joked about it not being related.

Which brings me to my second angle: why did she all of a sudden post an old ot5 pic (albeit, cropped)? My theory is, MAYBE, she misses that moment when the pic was taken. Maybe that was a fun ot5 moment. Or memorable stuff happened then. Of course she couldn’t post an ot5 pic, for reasons we don’t really know.

That “where are we going” vid was too similar to Camila’s vine , and yeah it made me think for a few seconds that Lauren was being a bit nostalgic, and a momentary hope washed over me, that maybe, hopefully, they’re patching things up now or idk?

I saw a post somewhere that says Camila made a new playlist and there’s a song that says “I want you back… I’m ready for both of us now… Blah blah”, BUT IM NOT SURE IF THAT IS VERIFIED. I checked Camila’s playlists, I didn’t see it.

BUT, I’d rather not dwell on this or over analyze it. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar lol. Waiting for things to unfold is more fun 😂🌚

  • nj: what's wrong with Jimin?
  • H: apparently kook didnt greet him on twitter..
  • nj: where's kook?
  • h: in his room probably plastered in his computer again
  • j: *sighs as deep as the ocean*
  • H: yah! jiminie! you ok?
  • jm: ofcourse hyung im fine!
  • h: (goes to jk's room) dude why you doing jimin bad today? its his birthday and you havent greeted him---- we all did you know
  • jk: i know, im about to post something, just cant pick the right photo
  • h: (looks at the photos jk has lined up to posts) sees all nsfw photos with rated spg captions..
  • *enters nj*
  • nj: what's happening? (hobi shows pics)
  • JK: *protesting* but hyung?!?
  • nj: fine! this one! only this one! *points at the safest photo, just jk nibbling on jm's ear* also change the caption!
  • jk: what's wrong with " gonna make him scream later?"
  • nj and h: man! hold me, im about to kick this kid's ass
  • nj and h: (checks phone, both mouths dropped to the floor while reading kookie's twitter post " YOU KNOW ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN LATER BABY, CANT WAIT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE" *tongue emoji*
  • nj and hobi: JEON JUNGKOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!
voltron social media au

im too lazy to draw these/make photoedits….so have some headcanons instead

  • allura’s @ howallurrring
    • has no less than 200k followers on any platform, but she mainly uses instagram and has like 300k there
    • pretty snarky overall, routinely shuts down men trying to argue against feminism 
    • has a running joke where instead of posting a picture of lance’s face she just shows his ear or his leg or something and tags him as ‘”leg”
    • she travels a lot and posts pics of places shes been/her home of altea/royalty shit/galas/the mysterious man she refuses to call her bf
  • shiro’s @ t-shirogane
    • rarely posts pics of his face, but when he does it gets over 1000 likes and a slew of comments
    • has yet to figure out snapchat, so all his sc story’s are him doing mundane things ie feeding his dog, reading a book
    • allura gets 99% of his photo creds…..its like theyre together a lot….alone…hmmm interesting….
    • his favorite thing to do is take weirdly zoomed in pics of keith/tweet quotes from keith without any context
      • k: “imagine knives….
        shiro: ”…ok and???”
        k: “no thats it. just imagine knives.”
  • keith’s @ keithkogane
    • what the hell is an instagram
    • mostly on twitter, he just figured out how to retweet things and we’re all very proud of him
    • basically Jaden Smith 
    • “Can You Believe There Are So Many Stars But I Am Not Dating Any Of Them” —@keithkogane
    • now he posts a lot of pictures of lance with captions about whatever weird shit was going down at said time
    • his bio is always, without fail, a quote from hunk that’s usually something like “hugs not drugs –the greatest man of our generation @ hunkules” and hunks always his header
    • sometimes he just quotes picture of aliens/monsters at pidge with no context 
  • lance’s @ itslancetime
    • he insists that his username is a pun but literally no one gets it
    • half his pictures are of him doing something stupid with the caption “PARKOUR”
    • his avi is always either him and hunk or literally just hunk
      • also uses hunk quotes in his bio
    • will randomly make posts like “hunk garret is better than all of us” and keith favs, retweets, quotes, screenshots it
    • one time pidge called him Leg McClain instead of lance and no one has called him lance since
    • posts lots of pics with his family/likes to randomly make shoutouts to them
    • gave up on explaining himself and now just tweets the shrug emoticon whenever someone @s him
  • hunk’s @ hunkules
    • likes to post pics on beach
    • likes to post pics of animals
    • likes to post pics of his friends
    • everyone has at least one instagram pic of hunk hugging them really tight and spinning them around 
    • basically….Thomas Sanders
    • he’s also really big on vine and half his jokes are just telling people he thinks theyre pretty (and said person swooning in response)
    • his most liked pic to date is the one of keith, lance, pidge, shiro, and allura in matching “in hunk garret we trust” shirts
    • he’s a soft bro 
  • pidge’s @ pidgey
    • her snapchat is literally just hours of matt doing/saying really weird shit with shiro just shaking his head in the background
      • alternatively, shiro responding in kind with equally weird shit and pidge, off camera, “i need a fucking vacation”
    • likes to take pictures with robots (and also of robots)
    • cut her hair really short and then responded to every “you look like a boy” comment with “wow thanks my brothers a boy this really reminded me of him”
    • responds to every picture from keith with “ALIENS ARE REAL!!!!!”
    • refers to matt as “matt” and shiro as “taller matt”
    • no one can tell if her conspiracy theories are genuine or not
      • pidge: “throwback thursday is just the governments way of cataloging on the pictures you never posted on the internet before”
        shiro: “pidge…………why……….”


  • matt’s @ mattpew-holt
    • meme queen
    • seriously, please stop him
    • if Neil DeGrasse Tyson and birdsrightsactivist had a baby, that baby would be matt
    • literally goes from posting an in depth discussion on dark matter or blackholes or space travel to posting a pic of shiro falling with the caption ‘DAT BOI COMES…….AND THERE HE GOES”
    • his snaps are 50% shiro 50% pidge
      • matt: hey shiro what time is it
        shiro: uh like noon–
        matt: time for death to free us all from the chains of existence
        shiro:……..ok but same
      • matt: you ever wonder why we’re here
        pidge: you ever wonder how i havent actually murdered you yet
    • he’s never met hunk. he has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt.
      • sam holt also has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt. matt posted a pic of them wearing the shirts and @ed hunk and said “i dont know you. but i trust you” 

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I don’t get why so many people these days are anti sharing their recipes... it really doesn’t make sense to me. Instead y’all want us to purchase an ebook for a recipe when you can just as simply add it into the caption section or whatever. I dont know everybody has to make a profit off of everybody or everything I suppose these days.

I don’t think you really understand…everything in life can’t be free. I can’t simply create free content all the time because then I would have no income…and thus would no longer be able to create content “for fun.” I already put out PLENTY of free content with my blog, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts. I don’t think it’s rude at all to put a little more time and effort into one project and charge people for it. If you don’t want to buy it, there no obligation to. But I think it’s a little naive to assume that I can constantly create content without ever having to monetize it

@the anon who has been sending @d–oki all these messages about me ‘reblogging my own caps’, let me make one thing clear. Never in my life have I reblogged anything of mine. I would’ve ended this here but you apparently sent two messages to her (this and this) and it pisses me off so fucking much to see this. it’s embarrassing and humiliating, and it’s hurting my pride and I’m unfortunately a very prideful person. I don’t care if I sound like an asshole rn, cuz I am and Im going to stick up for myself before anyone actually misinterprets this. plus im glad Lyric is so understanding and she handled it so well so screw you for trying to tarnish my name because I’ve got wonderful people around me, and everything she said was so genuine and true and there is no reason for me to write this post except for the fact that I am a disgustingly prideful being and I do not like the idea of being mistaken.

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Its nice TOP is enjoying SNS, or at least trying his best at it. However I sort of want to moan at how there are already people not wanting him on it because he's breaking their perception of him or people who are saying how much "classier" he is than the other members and his posts are more meaningful. GD got so much ragging for liking (not even posting) similar modern art and called an attention whore for posting pictures of himself. TOP is just doing what the others have done and its

-aggravating that TOP is being just like his friends, but even more enthusiastic and with less filter (except compared to Taeyang) and people are using it to shade, making remarks that insinuate he posts superior material to others (“Not a make-upped face”, “No just glitzy stuff” - as far as design is concerned a furniture design is not much different to a clothes, car, jewelry designer). I’m just tired of how TOP is praised for stuff others get shit for so I just wanted to vent to someone.

i think a lot of it is due to the general public’s perception of T.O.P. He’s been very mysterious over the years, and built himself this image of this aloof, weird but sophisticated guy, so you know, now that he’s joined instagram, we’re all super excited to see more of what he’s like. He’s rarely spontaneous, he usually just speaks to answer interview questions or just dances, so, after all these years, to see him directly sharing what he likes and saying spontaneous dumb shit in the captions, well it’s amazing, and i think the fandom’s very excited about that - and that’s a large part of why he’s getting so many enthusiastic praiseful comments from fans for casual stuff :)) 

(he HAS gotten some hate for the nipple pic though, you know ? there have been a bunch of stern mom comments like ‘hey dont post stuff like this again’. but idk at this point he doesn’t seem to care much :) ) and ofc the fact that he’s opening up means some fans are going to be disappointed that he doesn’t necessarily fit into the image they built themselves of him, but eh, let that be their problem. I personally think it suits him and i’m enjoying each of his random updates and bizarre artsy captions 

TOP’s instagram and GD’s instagram are very different though ! Not saying any of them is better than the other - just, the ‘vibes’ are different and i don’t think the accounts are very comparable ?

the problem with GD is that since he went through some tough scandals early on, somehow some fans seem to think it has given them the right to immediately criticize whatever he does, ugh. it sucks that in the end it got so bad that he had to create a private account to be able to enjoy it fully. his weird or M-rated instagram likes and random uploads were tons of fun to see and cackle about. actually, in the end, the fact that he got a private account is the fans’ loss tbh, as we lost this fun means of bonding with him :/ hopefully he’s happy enough with the private account arrangement he’s got going on now.