i dont know why im saying any of this

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before i knew i was trans i despised the colour pink and wouldnt be caught dead wearing it, now that im out its practically all i want to wear but i cant because im worried about what people think, the only reason people call me by the correct pronouns is because of the way i dress and i dont want to lose that. all i know is once im able to transition my closet is going pink

I dont see why you cant wear it if you want to. Plenty of men wear pink and they arent suddenly misgendered because of it. You may have heard the expression ‘real men wear pink’. If anyone hassles you over it just say that. It is used for breast cancer awareness so you could always say you were wearing it in support of that. Or of course state that you are not interested in their gender roles and stereotypes and that pink is just a colour like any other is. It doesnt inherently mean anything on its own

Its difficult with stereotypes with it being a stereotypical ‘feminine’ colour but things change all the time. It used to be the exact opposite, blue was for girls and pink was for boys. It also used to be boys who wore dresses and heels

You can of course wear pink as a man. It can take a bit more confidence to pull it off but if its done well it can work with style. Maybe dont go over the top with it but use it in a softer sublte way or as highlights/accessories which can stand out without being too much

I avoid pink because I dont like it. Not because I care about what other people think, if I liked it I would wear it regardless if I wanted to. I dont because I genuinely dont like it. If you like something and want to do it then you shouldnt let other peoples opinions stop you. Its down to how you feel about it though. If it was between that and being misgendered (if people would genuinely misgender you over a colour you wear) then which you did would depend on what mattered more to you. If its an assumption though that people will misgender you because of it then I suggest you try it out and see. That may not be true at all and you can do both. Be confident with it and own it. You dont have to go head to toe pink but it can be done in a more subtle way. I think it would be worth trying to wear something you wanted to and see how it goes. If it did cause you problems then you dont have to do it again. You will likely never see those people again. You may be surprised and it go well then you could feel better in not having to worry about being misgendered and being able to wear what you want to

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hetalia as things me & my friends have said
  • italy: do u wanna just nap in the backseat
  • germany: haven't you had ENOUGH italian??
  • japan: i love fat pussies. im talking about ur pet cat
  • england: i had a nightmare where the principal told me i couldnt go here anymore because i was too pale
  • france: what the FUCK do u mean ur taking spanish and not french WHY???
  • china: stop being white
  • russia: *casually makes a gun out of legos*
  • canada: they say to make friends be confident but loud confident people are the people i dont wanna be friends with
  • prussia: course i know ur not gonna be preoccupied w every and any girl that walks in, but i am not just any girl have u SEEN ME??? IM GORGEOUS
  • romano: i gave this guy the finger for cutting me off and he had a kid in the car who looked me in the eyes im so fucking happy
  • spain: tbh i only started dating him for his ass

I’m so confused how people are upset about coco,
Like,its an animated movie about the day of the dead,
saying its a rip off of The Book of Life is like saying The Nightmare Before Christmas ripped off Rudolph the Red Nosed raindeer for being a stop motion Christmas movie

“Dean: Are you sure Y/n is going to like this?

Sam: Of course she will. Have you ever listened to a word she says?

Dean: Of course I do. Why would you ask me that?

Dean: Sometimes I do and at times I dont. I mean she can say so much

Sam: And your brain cant take any more information

Dean: Ye-bitch

Sam: Jerk

You: Dean this looks gorgeous

Dean: All for you. I thought we should get away from hunting and have some alone time

You: I love this and Im happy Sam suggested this

Dean: He did not tell me to do this. I planned it all out

You: Its ok, I know he said something about me loving winter and the northern lights. I love it because I get to spend this moment with you.

Dean: Ok, he did suggest the cabin but I planned out everything else

You: Im excited

Dean: Good because I want everything to be perfect. Especially being here with you.

You: Being with you is always perfect”

You close the gap between you and the rest of the night is spent star gazing out on the deck. While the both of you enjoy the northern lights, something Dean hasnt done in a while and he loves the moment. He loves being in the moment with you. You thanked Sam for slipping the idea to Dean and happy he pulled through. You always wanted to spend a weekend with Dean, just the two of you alone. You loved Sam but you needed the alone time with Dean. Sam couldnt be more understanding. He is just happy he could have some peace and quiet. He always wanted to catch up on read and thats what he is able to do now.

Do you know what i mean when i say that sometimes i dont have any feelings or emotions? im not in a good mood or a bad mood. i just sit there, by myself, and think. i overthink sometimes. i think about what has happened, what will happen, and what could have happened. i think about whats wrong in my life. i think about how i can get myself out of this stage. i think about why i got here in the first place. i think about everything and anything. u dont understand do you? noone does.

honestly if any of u see me reblog from someone whos rly problematic or just a bad person like?? tell me?? dont just assume i know about them and still decide to follow them because most of the time i have no clue wtf is going on lol

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is it wrong that im constantly embarrassed by my lack of communicating skills? like im 20 and im still scripting and i still never know how or what to say to people in any situation. people always laugh or look at me weird when i dont communicate well and i spend the rest of the day thinking about how embarrassing i am. its why i usually get people to talk for me but since im older now people dont want to and see me as lazy or childish

I’m sorry that you feel so embarrassed about how you communicate. Scripting and having difficulty talking to people can be hard to deal with in a world that says that anything other than neurotypical communication is wrong. However, your way of communicating is completely valid. Even if others laugh or look at you weird, your communication is still valid and good. You don’t need to meet NT standards to have value or to be valid. I hope that one day you are able to accept yourself and not feel so embarrassed by your way of communication.


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Kingcadash :o!

AL!! i know i’ve said this so many times, but the biggest point i wanna make here is that your presence on my dash is just. a very significant one? to the point where if i dont see any textnados (ive always wanted to use that word jfsdklfjdslkfds im laughing) on my dash i have to go to your blog if i’ve missed you (timezones :/) to see what’s poppin over there.. im also glad we r friends on snapchat so i always know what’s poppin in Denmark (it looks like a very cold, weird?????* place and i want to visit! its on my bucket list now bc of you.)

and before i go on about harold i want to talk about your art like wow….. i’ve only been following you since 2015 maybe but your art style has evolved so much! in such a good way! i hope you open up some kind of store soon cuz i would so love to have stickers from you. it’s so perfectly fitting for harold . i love harold. world’s most memorable and iconic OC. i talk about him with @heroiris and @predoviciu behind your back ask them abt it. in this house, we love harold,

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

😗 ats… tough

1. my friends call me a human encyclopedia cause im smart
2. for some reason ppl tell me all their secrets even if i dont kno them n idk why they do but i like whatever vibe im giving off that screams “secret bank” i know s o m u c h s h i t
3. my freckles in the summer
4. im okay at drawin
5. i make rly good tea/hot chocolate/coffee/any hot beverage im just v good at it

i really dont like getting all serious but i wanted to say something about the whole jin thing. i have major body image issues and being told by one of my friends that im a pig would be.. not fun. obviously none of us know the whole story but from what ive seen, ive formed a couple of opinions. jin calling jimin a pig was wrong. ive seen someone saying that he now deserves all the shit he gets and thats the most untrue thing ive heard. he apologized, and tbh i dont think he meant any harm whether he inflicted any or not. sending him hate for it is so not the way to deal with this, if anything we should be trying to make sure hes informed of why what he said was wrong. also make sure we send jimin love, of course we should always do this but especially now. sidenote: if you send people hate for having their own opinions of this situation youre a special kind of ugly, if you disagree with someone kindly explain why


i dont know why
any body sings
naked in someone elses be d i borrow
wonders if u came
back fo rme
laughter makes the wyrld spyn
im dizzy w missing
a short walk to beach
a roll over into arms
a mountain of trash is still a mountain
i keep digging myself
a swimming pool
but every morning i
wake up
and the hole has been filled w dirt
they say the harder
the struggle
the better the wine
i mean nothing i mean
your voice makes me cry
i mean teh digital representation
of you saying something to me
makes me deluge
washed away
happy as a clam

  • what my fp says: i'm going over to (insert family member here)'s house tonight.
  • what i hear: i am lying to you to make you feel better and im actually hanging out with friends tonight because they are clearly more important to me than you are and you should kill yourself lmao.
  • A: why do you stay single
  • me: because
  • A: go find yourself a boyfriend
  • me: ok where
  • A: just start dating
  • me: logically speaking how should I shoot if I dont see any target to aim
  • A: you'll never know if you dont try, if you don't match just break up, that's the point of dating
  • me: so you're saying i should start shooting blindly at random people
  • me: this is a failed logic and i hate how it seems like im the insane one in this situation

i tried to lock torbjorn out before but he broke in. i coudltn find any way he entered but i walked in and he was just, there all my windows and doors were fine .. i try to  get a restraining order and everyone i talk to in order to do so won;t i dont know why they  just look me in the eye and say “im sorry. i cant do that”

people like “man i wonder why ameripan isn’t more popular?? they’re shown together so much and have a lot in common!!” like. we all know why. most people dont like japan enough to bother thinking about shipping for him. some actually just headcanon him ace which is totally cool, i’m talking about the people that just genuinely don’t care for him. america is SUPER popular, so obviously people are going to ship him with another popular character (england, russia, france, etc). japan just isnt loved enough for people to want to ship him with anyone, so they’re just like “oh ,ameripan?? hahaa yeah no just brotp….. totally my super-real brotp…”

Hey Taylor,

I know you will probably never see this but it’s worth a shot I guess?? I just feel like I really need you right now. Out of all the people, I always lean on to you for advice. I feel like and mostly know that my family hates me, the people who are supposed to love you. Why? Why do they hate me so much? I try so hard to bond with them but they don’t even try to act like they love me and I’m so done with myself and them. Why am I stuck with them? I can’t even remember the last time my dad smiled at me or pretend to care about me at all, and there is no question that my sister would probably run me over. Sometimes my mom is nice to me but every time she says “I love you” you could tell she doesn’t mean it. I don’t have any friends in real life I could talk to and I JSUT DONT KNOW ANYMORE. IM SO DONE WITH EVERYTHING. Everyone is just disgusted by me and every one hates me and I don’t know why? Why can’t I just be like what they want me to be like? I really don’t try to do anything but they always find something I did wrong. Everyone wants me to be perfect and no matter how hard I try I will never come close to that. I feel so low and done and I don’t know what to do. Why does no one love me?

me talking in my mirror 2 david bowies ghost
  • david bowie: should u need me.... for any reason at all..
  • me: i need u david
  • david bowie: you....u do??
  • me: i dont know why but every now and again in my life for no reason at all..i need you.. all of you
  • david bowie: Oh you do??? thEN WHY DIDNT U SAY SO
  • *bowie and all his alter egos come out of my mirror and we party til we're purple*

Stop holding entire fandoms accountable for the actions of a few. This isnt some group project at school where we can just take aside whoever is causing problems. There are hundreds to thousands of people in fandoms, and I have no clue why you think I have any say in how they behave. Not only can I not control them, but it isnt my job to do so. I dont have the power over others, and im not going to subject myself to petty arguments and online abuse, especially when I know it wont change anything