i dont know why im putting so many tags

thanks to the beautiful @potaessium for tagging me in a game and the bops ✨ 

rules: put your music library on shuffle, list the first 10 songs, and tag 20 people (idek if i know 20 people here so ill tag 10-ish too)

zayn - BeFoUr

pabllo vittar - k.o. 

pitty - no escuro

the kooks - bad habit 

FKA twigs - two weeks

M.I.A. - P.O.W.A

frank ocean - chanel

daniel caesar - japanese denim

santana - maria maria ft the product g & b

drake - too good ft rihanna

this list was so random, i dont even listen to that many slow songs aksdnjdhf this is why im afraid of shuffle. anyways, you dont need to do it if you dont want to~ @nochujr @lovingyoungi @bfkook @arclire @cypher127 @suga-plums @that-lullaby @starvingwolves @awkwardlyjin


fucking harry and louis think they can just go to la at the same time and expect me to be OkAY?!!!!???!? HARRY BROUGHT TWO FUCKING BAGS AND WORE THE Coin bRaceleT AND LOUIS ONLY BROUGHT A SKATEBOARD. They think We dOnt know they Have a place together in LA  but THEY  are in love and i need to lie down