i dont know why i watch this show

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I still cant believe, there are people who invest in this show and dont know about drug shit, like i cant believe someone came into ur ask and asked why n23 pisses a lot? like there are ppl who watch his show that nver been blackout drunk?

it fucks me up to think that there are perfectly healthy neurotypical people coexisting at the same time as me 

there are people who are HEALTHY?? just no strings attached, healthy people, and it seems so unreal

“Well that’s disgusting,
I feel bad for that poor kid”

“How are we supposed to protect our baby from hate?”

11 Reasons You Should Binge Pitch This Summer, Even Though It's Been Cancelled
Pitch had a very short 10 episode run which makes it perfect for a quick binge plus it is excellent. It may have been prematurely canceled but it is the best show that came out of 2016. Here are 11 re
By Sabrina23

stop sleepin on Pitch

If Skam US doesn’t have:
  • Jonas’s eyebrows
  • Mahdi’s love for waffles
  • Isak’s grumpy faces when Even’s not around
  • Even’s denim jackets
  • Sana’s wide variety of lipsticks
  • Magnus’ reactions when he sees Even
  • Even’s brow-raising
  • Yousef’s smile
  • Mutta’s beautiful soul
  • Eva aka the goddess 
  • Vilde’s smile when she puts her tongue between her tooth how cute is that
  • Girl Chris in general
  • Chris and her ice cream spoon game
  • Jonas’ anti-capitalism speech
  • Isak “i can look like a baby one minute and like a young adult the next minute” 
  • Sana’s “is your nose bigger than your dick?”
  • Eskild the guru advising dad
  • Linn’s “what is happening” facial expressions
  • The ballooon squad in general
  • Magnus’ “that’s smart Isak….wow…wow”
  • Even’s “take desperate to a new level”
  • Even’s desperate level aka the iconic paper dispenser scene where everything started
  • Isak and Sana as the biology > flower > best buddies
  • Noora and Vilde’s tortilla moments
  • Noora and Eva’s love story speaking Spanish
  • Isak “i’m not gay…maybe i’m a little gay”
  • mannen i mitt livet scene + 5 fine frøkner 
  • the exact same o helga natt scene
  • the minutt for minutt scene 
  • yousef giving sana a flower
  • yousef looking at sana in that deeply in love way

(more to be added)


The Supercorp Fandom™

Ok, i just feel i have to get this off my chest, especially for the younger/newer users on this site. Supercorp is /the/ most toxic fandom i have ever seen in the 5-6 years I’ve had this blog. I’d even say that some of them are worse than superwholock at the height of its popularity. I just don’t want younger users seeing this and thinking it’s normal, IT’S NOT! Please, please, please don’t use the the supercorp fandom as your basis for how to approach other fandoms. They bully and attack and have no regard for the well-being (mental or emotional) of people who don’t agree with them over a tv show. It’s pathetic and sad and i just hope it hasn’t affected too many young users

Me with my (guilty) ships
  • Me: Eh what is this fandom
  • Me: Looks cool so far on tumblr
  • Me: Let's check out some of the tags
  • Me: Oh, this is a ship?
  • Me:
  • Me: Fanfic library:804 Headcanon Likes:3098 Gallery about to combust and still counting
  • Me: *Also starts to draw fanart*
  • and i still haven't even watched the actual show yet wtf

I dont even know why I made this. 🤹🏼‍♀️

I’m not even into Jake. 🐺

But this is what he looks like in my mind whenever everyone goes gaga over him. 😽

Please do not watch the second season of 13rw when it comes out on Netflix.
I get it, we all were curious about the first one and watched it to be able to give researched and justified criticism, at least that’s what i did and I believe that is the reason the show was watched by so many in the first place. But now we know it’s shit.
Do me a favour: don’t give it a second chance, dont watch out of curiosity, dont hatewatch it. Don’t give them a reason to produce anymore of this horror.

hey frands whats good netflix show i finished binge watching 13 reasons why (i liked) the OA (dont know how i feel about that one) and dear white people (I liked) and since sense8 season 2 wont be out til friday even tho ive been waiting my whole damn life !!!!!!!!!!!!!! idk what to watch now?

Daily #1,625! This is why I generally don’t watch TV. Once you start, you can’t stop!

(And since I know someone will ask, I watched Adam Ruins Everything and we finished Castlevania.) 

what i ship and why

• klance - it was the first pairing that made sense to me while i watched the show. its really gay and cute and as long as i stayed on the friendly side, i never got into discourse. it and shklance are the only ships i read fics for.

• kallura - i know this ship is pretty looked down upon, but just now i started shipping it. i think it could be v cute and soft? like if allura teases him all the time and keith goes all embarrassed and red. i honestly dont see why people hate it so much?? maybe ill make fanart in the future!

•  allurance ( platonic!!! ) - while i dont think allura and lance would make a v good couple, i do see them acting very family-like. i really hope to see allura warming up to him and being an older sister figure. i think she could really help him through his insecurities and tell him why he’s so great!

• allura&hunk ( i dont know the ship name ) - idk why but i think theyd just be v soft? and cute?? like theyd have cheesy little dinners together and they would try each other’s foods from earth and altea.

•  shklance - its nice and cute i guess?? theres a lot of nice fics and stuff, one of my favorites being that one where keith and shiro are vampires and lance needs money and a roommate.

• lance&some random alien - i dont care if its a guy, girl, or a non-binary pal, i just want him to have a precious long-distance relationship while kicking space ass.

• shallura - i dont even know. its kinda cute??? maybe id prefer it v lowkey.

• shatt - i dont know much about it, but i imagine matt and shiro trying to fight over who the queer power couple is with keith and lance.

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A Book About Mental Illnesses: Chapter Titles

1) my drink smells a little weird and now i cant drink it (episode 19)

2) “my pencil is 3 inches from where i left it” and other reasons i know someone went through my stuff

3) im not saying it has to be perfect but if it isnt i might die

4) this song has been playing for 3 hours now and i can no longer tell when it starts or ends

5) if the feet on the keyboard arent flipped up while im typing im going to start crying

6) im failing 3 classes but at least im not hungry at the moment

7) if anyone touches me then one of us may die

8) am i a hypochondriac or am i just imagining that i am

9) I Saw A Cute Bug But I Swear Thats Probably Not Why Im Crying

10) Whats that sound? Whats that sound? Whats that sound? Whats tha

11) whoa neat when did i start crying

12)               ,,,              •`-‘•           ,         ,,

13) im too tired to sleep and have been for the past 8 days

14) yes i may be paranoid but that doesnt mean im wrong

15) ive changed my phone wallpaper 12 times in the last 4 minutes

16) sorry i dont remember todays date, can i make it up to you by giving you a dictionary definition to any word you want

17) i havent felt an emotiom in over 3 months but look at this neat slinky i got

18) ive been staring at this cornflake for ten minutes and i can see gods face in it

19) what are thoughts and how do i have them

20) it was 9 pm two minutes ago, what do you mean it’s 1 am

21) i know you were talking but i dont know why or what you said, could you start over (take 6)

22) i just closed my eyes and slid one dimension to the left

23) does target at three am still count as a liminal space if time doesnt exist around me anyways

24) i can always tell when ive seen or heard an actor before in a different show and today i noticed an actor from johnny test in my favorite movie and cant watch it ever again

25) i know what this word means but im gonna google it 8294 times just to be sure

26) my legs are floating 4 inches above the rest of me, send help

28) i read this thing 45 times before i realized i had spelled “illnesses” like “illmesses” and i can feel my soul leaving my body


30) you talked to me twice? i love you now

31) my friend used slightly different tone than usual, they obviously hate me and are plotting my demise

32) the ADD made me skip the long post and then the paranoia made me go back up and read it just in case it was important

33) theres nothing more important to me than liveblogging everything i do

not going to be nct related!! but i dont follow pd101 at all and i’ve never watched a single episode but i just heard that samuel didn’t get in and i just???? i’ve watched this kid grow up from seventeen pre debut days and he’s improved so much and i can tell he loves being an idol so much and what the heck i saw him cry during his performance i just???? man idk what to feel im glad daehwi got in and i know how the other trainess worked so hard to get into their places now but :-( imagine how samuel’s feeling rn goodbye im emotional

the fact that netflix still hasnt renewed sense8 for season 3 worries me so hey bitch @netflix i can wait 90 years for a 13 reasons why season 2 i literally do not give a single fuck about that show i hope to be 100 years old to watch that show so i can forget how terrible it is and that stupid ass cringe-y dialogue right away BUT I CANT WAIT EVEN A MONTH for a damn announcement that yall are renewing sense8 because that shit is needed badly i need to know if the sensates are all gonna hangout together and have fun and possibly have a meaningful/or random orgy after saving wolfgang just pls dont make me wait a long time like an announcement would help pLS GOD

some things to help someone who has body dysmorphic disorder and is having an Episode™

- try not to bring attention to their appearance. it can be hard when someone is saying “im so ugly” or “im so disgusting” constantly, but for me when someone is telling me “you look great!!” in response or people who go on and on about how beautiful i am it means absolutely nothing. not only will i not believe you, i don’t care what you see i care what i see in the mirror. for some people it helps to be reassured, but for me it is just frustrating

- remain calm and act like nothing is happening. i know that sounds weird but personally when i am having an episode i don’t want anyone to bring attention to the fact that im crying in the middle of a grocery store because i feel so ugly.

- try to keep the mood positive and talk about anything other than their episode

- seriously, don’t ask what’s wrong and don’t make them talk about it. it gets frustrating having to restate “i feel ugly” every time someone asks what’s wrong and i start feeling like people are tired of hearing it. DONT ASK WHY THEY FEEL UGLY. THE ANSWER IS EVERYTHING. THEY JUST DO

- turn on some kind of tv show or movie you know the person enjoys. it helps to get my mind off of it. personally i really like watching bob ross when im upset.

- PLEASE TRY NOT TO GET FRUSTRATED. PLEASE. i know it’s frustrating but please it will make it so much better if you just ignore the episode (not the person but the episode) and act as if everything is fine otherwise they’ll feel worse thinking you’re mad at them.