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maybe astral or yuma in a2 or b2 for the clothes meme? :00


Yuma: Quick Astral, make a nice pose to take a pic!

Astral: –What do you mean? Yuma—? when you an alien and don’t know how to act when taking pics

I’m sorry for taking so long with this  ORZ I’m too slow;; But I do hope you’ll like this!

Yuu probably fell while ‘KATTOBINGU!’ that’s why he’s all bruised and wearing band aids;;

For the art memey: Click!

picture this: louis is flying to the UK, Harry is in the UK, they both attend to the Brits together, they walk the red carpet together, they pose for pictures together and suddenly at the red carpet, they just,,, hold hands, like they just subtly grab each others hands and pose for the pics like that. everyone goes wild, the photographers breaks a finger from clicking too many pictures, the interviewers are speechless, louis and harry are out and free and i am obviously dead

Fake It

Pairings: Dean X Reader


You have to pose as Dean’s girlfriend for a hunt and you let all your feelings out

Warnings: None?


You buttoned up the checkered flannel over your black tank top as Sam explained to Dean about a vampire nest targeting couples.

“So we can trail a couple till a vampire snatches them up.” Dean asked sipping the beer he had in hand.

“Use them as bait?” Sam questioned raising a brow.

“I’ll be bait.” You said pulling your hair into a bun, trying your best with the lack of a mirror. Dean and Sam looked at you with a questioning look. Dean looked you up and down shaking his head.

“Yeah, no. You’re staying here sweetheart.” Dean pushed himself up from the chair.

“What? Why?”

“The vampire targets couples .” Sam repeated, obviously annoyed.

“I know dumbo, I can just pose as one of your girlfriends. Simple.” They stared at you, not speaking. “Oh come on it’s not like it’s real. I just dont want anymore innocent bystanders to get hurt.” Sam and Dean shared a look.

“Okay…we’ll go to the bar then tonight.” Dean finally said. You smiled happy with yourself and sat in Dean’s seat in front of Sam. You grabbed some newspaper articles off the table and read over them.


You held Dean’s big hand in your two hands fiddling with his fingers. The two of you sat on bar stools at the counter next to each other. Sam sat beside Dean, but kept to himself. Dean let you play with his hand as he glanced around. The two of you had been pretending to be a couple for a few hours now, and the vampire still hasn’t shown up. You didn’t have to fake anything because of your actual feelings for him. You just assumed Dean faked. He was a good actor.

“Hey Y/n, you think the vampire is actually here?” Dean muttered looking at you, but looked down at your hands, how small yours were compared to his. A small smile played on his lips.

“Maybe we need to up the couple thing to make this believable…?” You questioned entwining one of your hands with his. Dean squeezed your hand lightly and nodded. Sam was busy talking to some girl by now.

“Limits?” Dean raised a brow locking eyes with you. You shrugged.

“Anything that works. It’s just a hunt after all.” You faked a smile and hesitantly leaned up, leaving a kiss on his cheek. Dean tensed up as you took your hand away from his and rested it on his cheek. You trailed light kissed along his jawline. He groaned very lightly, barely audible. Dean rested a hand on your waist, his grip tight. You moved, leaving light kisses by his ear.

“I think I know who it is.” You whispered wrapping your arms around his neck and looking him in the eyes. His hands rested on your waist, a smirk on his lips.


“Blue shirt, black hat, guy over to the right of us.” You nodded. Blush covered your cheeks and neck. That’s the closest you’ve ever gotten to Dean before. Dean nodded getting up and grabbing your hand.

“Come on darling.” Dean joked smirking. He pulled you outside the bar, not seeing Sam anywhere. You looked down the alleyways you guys passed on the way to the impala. Once at Dean’s baby, you could see Sam sitting in the passanger seat. He looked up when you two approached and got out.

“Guys where were you?”

“Inside…we got the vampire’s attention.” You said confused.

“I got it already no thanks to you two lovebirds. Can we go?” Sam sat back in the passanger seat closing the door. You shrugged opening the door to the back, but Dean pushed it closed.

“Uh Dean?”

“Y/n I know you don’t have any feelings for me since this was just for a hunt but I actually like you and not in the one night stand kind of way. Not that you would be a one night stand but-” Dean was cut off from his rambling by you putting a finger to his lips.

“Just shut up, I like you too darling.” You mocked him from earlier. He rolled his eyes.

“Can we hurry up before I pee my pants on your precious leather seats Dean.” Sam yelled from inside the Impala. You shrugged getting in the back, an innocent smile on your lips. Even though you were freaking out on the inside.

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so you've done: fave kiho pics, quotes and moments?? how about top five fave kiho moments that KIHYUN's the dominant one? looking at wonho and stuff?? does that make sense

lmfao yall are really finding ways to make me continue this top five thing with kiho skjjskjd and yeah it makes sense, let’s get it.

#1 - listen i love this one bc like why does he find everything wonho does so hilarious like ksjksjd look how smiley and happy he is with wonho being silly next to him i’m really :( // full gifset here

#2 - this one really ksdjfjj i love it, first i love that personal space?? they dont know ha. and then ki watching wonho do the pose and doing the same thing all cutely i’m just wow // full gifset here

#3 - so to put into context since this isnt a gif but like wonho teased him first and then ki just HAD to retaliate and he just had to aim for that spot and they just had to be giggly and smiley and i just had to collapse :) // full video here

#4 - once again, an example of ki finding wonho absolutely hilarious without wonho having to do anything?? get you a man that finds you funny without ya having to try??? also his smile aimed at wonho really warmed my frozen heart once again // full gifset here

#5 - this one right here okay listen you might think it’s not ki centric but i just love how wonho’s being annoying and ki just gives him the look like pipe tf down hoseok and lordt wonho’s smile after i love high cut for blessing me with this // full gifset here & full video here

au where arthur is a wizard that leaves magic society to teach english literature 

…first of all im sorry
second of all im so sorry

BUT ALSO MOST OF ALL, SUPER SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE OMG… the holidays, they kicked me ass
DGM Secret Santa for @julierie, who wanted the Noahs celebrating w/the Earl as the Christmas tree
but then i was like

also even tho i loved the prompt I struggled with it… so much….
until a friend was like ‘bruh just draw them in random poses around the tree’
and it was at that moment that i realized the Noah family in JJBA poses was something i required in my life- and truly, i hope y’all appreciate that fact as much as i do

all tyki wants for christmas is peace


this is really late but here’s the boy @lyuushuu

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UR ART SYTLE IS SO SOFT AND ROUND AND THE EYES R SO WELL PLACED (AND IDEK I USED 2 STRUGGLE W THAT A LOT IT LOOKED LIKE SOME WEIRD ALIEN BUT I GOT SOME SNEAKY TIPS FROM UR DRAWINGS AND IM GETTING BETTER I HOPE U DONT MIND) and its so!!!!pleasing 2 look at it reminds me of like hot chocolate idek why and also like....Evening feel. some ppl have like. daytime/morning -looking art, urs is soft sunset. believe me. anyway i would literally die 4 u and ur art ur my biggest insp.,,,,,,,

anon you made me explode you know that i struggle so much with eyes and for you to compliment that gave me full blown life right there i had to take a break and pose in dramatic positions to get it out of my feelings and of course i mind you got tips from my art? and saying that im your biggest inspiration (lies) im deceased rest in denial

and hot chocolate with a soft sunset that sounds so nice its all ive ever wanted thank you so much i would die for you 


i want your secrets

(yeah well screw off basically uncle why’d you shoot my friend why not just ask politely seriously??? rude much???)


So I dont really have any finished art to share but I figured id show some Undyne sketches. Cause best gay fish and fave character and I am determined to find a way of drawing her that I like which I cant seem to do. Bleh xD The doodles range from two weeks ago to most recent(yesterday)
I may finish these at some point

EXOs Reaction to find out that you have a Dakimakura

sullisbae hellooo ♥ And thanks for your request I’ll try my best ! I think you mean Dakimakuras with pervert pillows right ? Anyway lets staart~ btw I wrote it as if you (reader) would be his Girlfriend i hope you dont mind ! >: 

D.O.: Why do you have something like that when you can cuddle with your boyfriend instead ? 

Tao: *hits you with your Dakimakura* 

That’s what you get for having a Pillow like that ! 

Chen: *laughs* You really cuddled with that thing ? 

Y/N: Yes I did Chen .. and I still do it ..

Chen: *doesnt believes you* Don’t lie .. He’s so ugly ! 

Lay: *stares at you and then stares at the pillow* *doesn’t know what to say*

Kai: He isn’t tall. He can’t even protect you when you are asleep why are you cuddling with him ? .. 

Suho: I know that I have a full Schedule but do you miss me that much that you have to cuddle with a pillow like that ? 

Kris: *tries to be calm when you show him but everytime no ones at home and he would saw the Dakimakura he would punch into it*

Chanyeol: [Internally] I didn’t knew she would like that kind of stuff..

Xiumin: *upset* Why do you have a naked Anime boy on a Pillow ? 

Luhan: … Jagi did you forgot that I’m here ? 

Baekhyun: Pfft look at how he poses .. I can do it 10 times better see ? 

Sehun: … *the day after, your pillow is destroyed* JAGII *calls you* I dont know what happened but you’re going to be very surprised .. 

Aiish sorry that it took so long pp ! I hope you liked it ! I tried my beest ! p v p


UP10TION Gif Reaction: When you wake up with cute bed hair

I like how you clarified that your bed hair was cute haha, thank you for requesting!!! <3

Also i’ve added a little scenario where they knocked on your door while you were sleeping so you answered the door with (CUTE) bed hair and this is the first time they’ve seen you like this

Jinhoo: *doesnt even say anything, just smiles and admires*

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Kogyeol: *asks you to do the flower pose and then laughs bc uR SO CUTE*

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Bitto: “I thought you’d look ugly but you dont..?”

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Wooshin: *starts talking and fumbles his words bc he’s caught off guard by your looks*

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Sunyoul: ‘you’re even cute when you’ve just woke up..?’

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Gyujin: “lookin’ good” *gyuwink*     …bye

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Hwanhee: whether you look cute or a mess, he’s probably going to laugh either way 

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why does no one talk about the way you draw mettaton in the video though?? i dont know how you did it but he looks a bit muscular but still feminine? GOOD SHIT

Oh, thanks!! My headcanon body type for Mettaton EX is that of a male ballerina. Have you ever seen their thighs?? 

Like shit son, those legs




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I know you think you're really attractive with your poses in some of your "selfies" but coming from a chick, you have a really boring face. You can find someone that looks like you at the mall or a local high school. It's like watching paint dry.

i guarantee youre no adriana lima either so why dont you just relax and chill out with the criticism 

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Viria that picture you drew of Eren? It was so beautiful! I dont know why you didn't like it :( Because its amazing! If you ever have some extra time I'm sure lots of people would love if you drew Armin like that! I know I would :) Because I know hes one of your favorite characters from snk and your art style is amazing! You dont have to but think about it :) I love you :)

It’s not that I didn’t like it, this one turned fine, it’s just these days I don’t feel like I can come up with any decent pose or any decent expression or a general idea and it’s kind of frustrating. Buuuuuuuut I guess I’d like to read some Armin related suggestions so maybe my inspiration will go back^^

I really want to draw Armin ahh

thank you by the way:)