i dont know why i posed like this


this is really late but here’s the boy @lyuushuu

picture this: louis is flying to the UK, Harry is in the UK, they both attend to the Brits together, they walk the red carpet together, they pose for pictures together and suddenly at the red carpet, they just,,, hold hands, like they just subtly grab each others hands and pose for the pics like that. everyone goes wild, the photographers breaks a finger from clicking too many pictures, the interviewers are speechless, louis and harry are out and free and i am obviously dead


So I dont really have any finished art to share but I figured id show some Undyne sketches. Cause best gay fish and fave character and I am determined to find a way of drawing her that I like which I cant seem to do. Bleh xD The doodles range from two weeks ago to most recent(yesterday)
I may finish these at some point


i want your secrets

(yeah well screw off basically uncle why’d you shoot my friend why not just ask politely seriously??? rude much???)