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Or maybe you can't deal with the fact that everyone isn't polyromantic and amorous and everyone who isn't is bad to you? Oh no everyone is being left out god forbid not liking everything!

race. is. a. social. construct.

as a wise tumblr user once said “ everything is a social construct ask a frog what time it is he doesnt know”

but guess what isnt

genetics my guy

there is no genetic differentiation that encourages sexual/romantic preference because of race

race is made up

it doesnt exist

theres just people with different shades of skin because of where human ancestors have lived on the planet and how that causes their vitamin take-ins to be different

sexuality on the other hand is caused by the female body releasing chemicals during pregnancy that feminizes males and may cause homosexuality but i have not researched the cause for males and intersex queerness

i dont even know why im nomasexual or nonbinary or polyamorous or panromantic, i have zero idea how i came to be this way but i know for a fact that it was the cause of genetics

[i mean other than my gender because that too is a social construct that has been around as long as homosapiens have]


hey you know what??

-ality is a suffix that means a lifestyle!!

like reality



and so on and so forth

you cant change reality

you cant change homosexuality/heterosexuality/pansexuality/asexuality/and sexuality

but you know what you can change


and you most certainly can change your views on it

gtfo my blog ya dumb bitch

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I don't know why but the post of Christopher meditating made me think "The black wolf stands guard protecting his sleeping pup staying vigilant and ready for any prey that might harm" i dont know im weird:/

That’s actually a kinda cool thought :) you’re not weird.


  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien


bizarre nightmares

@blesstale & @cursetale WHY must you catch me at my most vulnerable Hour! I was about to hit the hay when I heard a *BLIP* and it’s BOTH OF YOU! GEEZUS I swear! IT’S SO HARD TO IGNORE BOTH Y’ALL!

Anyway, have a TK reading a Bedtime story to Sanzu and Blu Blu~ BB seems to be enjoying it and I know Sanzu enjoys the thrill too, dont’cha, sanzu? TK just made a habit to read to papyrus every night before bed~ hehe

This needs some explanation. The werewolf is a Barbie doll that someone ?? glued fake fur to and added the fake eyes and stuff. On top of that they shaved the barbie underneath. The cat has Barbie hair instead of fur but the hair is like…attached permanently and purposely. It is not home made…..


My TwentySixteen

aka a bit of a shit year but i really got into clone wars and made 100+ gifs 

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