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hi im not trying to be rude, im just curious so sorry im bothering, but why are you anti kin? i just want to know, sorry.

you’re not rude at all

christ, i used to have a link to a post i made, or at least thought i made about it. 

this post explains every reason (give or take a few) why i, and many others, are anti-kin. i dont feel like typing all this out because i just got home from work and im tired


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Ever since this 3rd pregnancy thing started, Gen looks like shes hungry for attention (lol, always). Its like having a little girl makes her different (how about his 2 sons?) And why is she insisting on that “Girls rule/Girls are the future”. When did she become a feminist? I pity her sons and husband. For her girls should rule the world.  Thank you for answering my rants even though some of it are old. There are some things that i dont know about her so thank you for this blog, for enlightening me. 😊😊

I swear to God, she had a baby girl and that all of a sudden made her a female. Apparently giving birth twice before didn’t make her a mother and having a vagina wasn’t enough for her to be a female. Apparently before Odette PPH and Human rights weren’t under attack. Also, she wasn’t able to be a feminist because she only had sons. It pisses me off that she acts she’s all for women’s rights but doesn’t do anything! She didn’t march, she doesn’t talk about it and she sure as hell hasn’t been using her voice like others are! She’ll retweet other peoples thoughts but God forbid she actually tells us what she thinks about something. 

Her sons are so screwed when they get older because they’ll think they have to raise their sister up but not themselves. Why can’t men and women be treated equal? Why does it have to be women are more powerful and men should worship us? Her daughter is going to grow up thinking she deserves respect because she has a vagina and should be offered more because she can reproduce. God forbid Odette learns the world doesn’t revolve around her and that she’s deserving of respect because she’s a PERSON. Cortese isn’t a feminist. Cortese isn’t a democrat. Cortese is a liar.

No problem! Feel free to come back with anything you’d like, we can talk about older or current things. It doesn’t matter to me :-)!

I hate it when people say technology is taking away kids’ childhoods
If anything, it’s actually giving kids more of an opportunity to let their imagination out

A lot of times when I let kids play on my phone, they go for the drawing app.
I watched a girl on the bus write a silly poem about her friends and then laugh as she made Siri read it
I hear children say to their friends “hey, FaceTime me later” because they still want to talk face to face even when they’re far away.
I see kids sitting, who would feel lonely and ignored if it weren’t for the fact that they’re texting their friends who are far away.
Children still climb trees. They might just take a selfie from the top to show off how high they’ve gotten.
They can immediately read the next book of their favorite series on their Kindles.
Most kids would still be up for a game of cops and robbers. Or maybe they’d google rules to another game they haven’t played yet.
When children wonder why the sky is blue, they don’t get an exasperated “I don’t know” from tired adults. They can go on Wikipedia and read about light waves and our atmosphere.
They show off the elaborate buildings they created on Minecraft.

Technology isn’t ruining childhoods, it’s enhancing them.


this was a lot funnier in my head


  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien