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I don’t know much about the LoZ but from what I see Sidlink shippers aren’t playing around they’re 100% serious to make their ship sail and it shows cause the art, fics and headcanons are fascinatingly beautiful and some dedicated shippers have even done intensive research for reasons and every time I check out their tag I keep feeling the shippers’ uplifting energy which is pretty contagious if you’re not careful

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fuck! why don't you just quit? you keep talking about how you're quitting and then you change your mind! TF? you are the whiniest bitch I have ever see on tumblr just kys! that's why no one leaves comments! your fics are garbage, like you're garbage so why not do us all a favor and leave?

You’re such a fucking coward!!! (1/3)


I DONT KNOW OKAY?! I just can’t decide! so thanks for the feedback! (also fuck off! i don't need you on my blog anyways!)

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Hey toni! So boy goerge continues with the ziam tweets. He even tweeted the article about him shiping them. He basically mock the articles purpose, i think? But i dont understand if he's ironic, shady, looking for promo. I always have a hard time to understand people's tweets anyway. But why he keeps tweeting about them?

Hi anon,

Yeah.  I know Jasmine had an ask about the fact that he’s doing the Voice overseas I think. 

These are from today….the one re the article which is yahoo celebrity which we all know is total tripe and was a headline that read ‘Boy george admits he ships Zayn Malik and Liam Payne’ 


Then this  +

That’s for THAT gif from 2014.

And this +

The main concern I’ve had is about Liam and Zayn, as long as it doesn’t overly concern them and they’ve had stuff that’s made more media than this before as well and its not exactly receiving  loads of attention even on his twitter then its pretty harmless. 

But we’ll see. There doesn’t seem particularly to be any malice in it really so far at least. 

Hugging Astro from behind

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It was thirty minutes before one of Astro’s biggest stages. I mean, of course they have performed before, but never for an audience of 30,000+ people. Jinwoo’s nerves were clearly getting the best of him as he was pacing around, muttering his rap in Clap Clap. You being the great girlfriend you are, decided to come up behind him and hug him!

“What was that for?! And, can I have another one?!”

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In trouble (Scott Mccall Imagines)

Request: is there anyway i could get a cute scott imagine where youre a winchester and your dating scott only your brothers dont know so when they find out they flip their shit??? (ps i love you… i mean your blog… no i dont)

 A/n: aww thank you! I love you too x

 Sometimes it’s great to keep a secret from your brothers. Afterall they don’t need to know everything that’s going on in my life. They can get way overprotective and when they do, everyone ends up running away or dead.

 That’s why i can’t tell my brothers anything. If Sam and Dean Winchester finds out their little sister is dating someone, they’re going to make the guy run away.  Dean and Sam are the most sweetest brother ever but when it comes to boys, they’re literally like the devil.

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I cannot stop listening to the song “Every Shining Time You Arrive” by idk who and I really truly can’t decide if I hate it or love it but right away the guitars caught me and they’re very ‘Verticle Horizon’ and when the piano starts up at the end I get goosebumps on my legs so there’s that.

Mr. Mikaelson - Elijah Mikaelson

“Booth! Y/L/N”

Your head shot up. O’Connor was stood in his doorway. The rest of your colleagues looked up wanting to know whether two of his favourite detectives were being fired. Confidently, you pushed your chair out and got up and walked into his office, taking a seat opposite his desk.

Once Booth was sat beside you, he shut the door and threw down two manila files onto the desk.

“This is your new case. Serial killer making his way across the south. You two will be stationed in New Orleans. Your task is to apprehend him at a gala being held by the Mikaelson family, if he attends it“

“I have to go to New Orleans with him?”

O’Connor nodded, amused.

“Uh, Y/N, you might want to read the file.”

You flipped open the first page. Your undercover identity was on the first page, it didn’t seem all that bad until you saw the relationship status. Married.

“No fucking way. I am not being fake married to him.”

“It’s just this once.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“Anyway, this guy is good at computers. we had new phone numbers created and managed to create you social media accounts that span the last 8 years. There are more files and case information being dropped off to your homes along with the both of you in about 20 minutes"

“when are we leaving?” you asked, closing the files and massaging your temples.

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Really? You tell us the night before?”

“We knew you would say no and now you have no other option but to do it”

“I hate you O'Connor” You sighed getting out of the chair and leaving his office.  

You logged off your computer and grabbed your bag. Booth followed suit and you both went to your apartments. 

He facetimed you while you were packing.

“Did you know we had an argument that got me kicked out of my apartment?“ 

“Damn, they were thorough.”

“It makes keeping cover a whole lot harder when you have all of these details to remember.”

“Which is why they’re sending their best undercover detective and one that it slightly more above average.”

“Hey, you’re great undercover too.”

You showed him your middle finger to the camera and he chuckled.

“Our hotel rooms going to be a single double bed. So don’t bring any sexy pajamas.”

You looked up and gave him a ‘really?’ face.

“Why dont you just keep it in your pants. You’ll be sleeping in the bathtub anyway so it’s fine.”



“So this guy? Do they know if he’s going to be there for sure?”

“Well from what I’ve read, they’re keeping the best closest to his last murder location, the further you go, the shitter the detectives. So if he’s not in New Orleans, then we get on a plane to the next place he’ll hit.”

“I hope he is in New Orleans, I don’t enjoy flying.”

“We also have to question these Mikaelson people, O’Connor managed to get them on our side using information that we don’t have clearance on.”

“I thought we have clearance on everything?”

“Except that.”

“Look, I need to wax my legs so I’ll talk to you later. Don’t be late tomorrow morning”

“Yeah, OK. “

Booth ended the call and you went to deal with your leg hair. 

The next morning you left for the air port. The station had given you and Ryan some pretty good seats. The flight wasn’t too bad, you mostly slept through it and you were sure that Ryan took some pictures off you while you slept. Once you touched down you woke up to Ryan’s hand placed on your cheek.

“We’ve landed baby”

You gave him a weird look until you remembered you were undercover. you smiled and got out of your seat. A car was waiting for you outside. You and Ryan acted like a sickly sweet couple with him opening the door for you. Once you were in the car you were surprised to see two men sitting down.

“We’ve been waiting for Mrs. Read.” the one with light hair and full lips spoke.

You were confused.

“It’s going to take-”

Ryan was cut off when he saw the two men.

“And you Mr. Read. Please, take a seat.”

He sat down next you opposite the men.

“I assume that you know that we are the Mikaelson brothers.”

You had seen their pictures in a file and made the connection. You nodded while Ryan shook his head.

“Mr. Read, you should be as attentive as your wife” the other brother said.

“We aren’t married. My names Y/N Y/L/N”

“Nice to meet you Y/N, I am Elijah and this is my brother, Niklaus.”

“Call me Klaus.” He said smirking.

“You may know that we have invited this psychotic killer to our party, but rest assured we will have our own security preventing you any harm”

“Yes, and you will have these men outside your bedroom too”

“I thought we were staying in a hotel?”

“Oh yes, but my brother and I decided on another option, we will keep you and your ‘husband’ safe”

“Yes, it seems we will be spending a lot of time together, Ms. Y/L/N” Elijah commented.

You couldn’t say that you wouldn’t like it. Elijah was a handsome man, his suit gave him a mysterious millionaire vibe. Throughout the car ride, you sneaked glances at Elijah. Once or twice you made eye contact but he smiled at you rather than looking away. 

An hour later you arrived at a house in the middle of the French Quarter. 

“Welcome to the Mikaelson home”

You got out of the car and stared at your surroundings. Ryan took your hand and you pulled it away.

“Were undercover again now take my hand and act like your having the time of your life” Ryan hissed.

You rolled your eyes and walked ahead of him

Elijah looked at you bewildered. He lead you into the home.

“Your room is upstairs, third from the stairs. I’ll assist you with your bags” 

“No its fine, I’ll do it”

“Are you sure, I mean the bags are pretty heavy” 

“I’ve got it, baby” Ryan slung a duffel bag over his shoulder and attempted to pull two of the heaviest suitcases up the stairs.

“Are you sure you can pull those up the stairs, they have all of my ‘weapons’ in them”

He grunted in respond and continued to struggle pulling them up the stairs.

“Allow me to help”

Elijah stepped forward and took the bags from Ryan’s hand and held one in each hand taking them upstairs with ease.

“Follow me”

You followed Elijah up the stairs. Their home was old, but it was beautiful. He stopped outside the door of your room.

“If you need me I am just two doors down”

You nodded and smiled. Ryan came up a few moments later with your clothes. 

“The room is pretty. And look they have a place for you to sleep” You said pointing to a therapists armchair.

“You’re funny”

“What can I say?”

There were a few days before the party which you and Ryan used to wander around the French Quarter. You shopped a bit and and found some bits and bobs.

It was the night before the gala when you couldn’t sleep, you didn’t know whether it was nerves or the idea that your stay with the Mikaelsons was finishing in two nights time. The bed was too hot and you were tossing and turning. You shoved the blankets off your body and walked out of the room, the cool air soothed your hot skin for a moment. You stood on the balcony over looking the courtyard.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

You turned and looked to see Elijah. His eyes roamed your form, covered only by a vest and shorts.

“The bed was pretty hot”

He chuckled.

“Yes, sleeping with another person does that to you.”

“Oh no, Ryan and I don’t share a bed. He sleeps on that chair”

Elijah simply glanced away and looked back.

“would you like a drink?“

“It’s two in the morning but who cares?”

He laughed and lead you to his room. 

I was neat for a guy. His bed only slightly messy and nothing but a few books was out of its place. His door for the balcony was opened and the breeze made the net curtains in front of them dance. The colour scheme was pretty neutral, mostly browns and beiges with some black.  

He held out a cup of bourbon, you took it giving him a smile. Your fingers brushed against each other making you smile inwardly. You took a sip and sat down on the small sofa.

“Most people find it too strong. I’d say you’re one of the only people that has managed to deal with my family’s taste for very strong alcohol.”

“Well, when you have a job like mine you tend to lean towards the more stronger drinks to get over the work load.”

You fell into a comfortable silence.

“So this gala your family holds how are you so sure he’ll turn up?”

“He cant stay away from an opportunity to murder people. And tomorrow night-”

“Its tonight actually since its two in the morning we are officially into the next day”

He gave a genuine smile.

“Ah yes, forgive me, and tonight is the perfect time. However the security here will make sure that no one will get hurt. They have superhuman strength.”

You chuckled.

“If only we had people like that at the station. Will there be dancing?”

“Yes, there is always a dance at a Mikaelson affair.”

“Well I will be far away from that, I’m terrible”

“Nonsense, its easy.”

“for you, compared to me, your dancing skills are probably those of a sixteenth century aristocrat.”

He got up and took your drink from your hands, pulling you up too. HE went into a corner of his room and Hotline Bling came blaring from the speakers.

“YOU listen to drake? No fucking way!” You began laughing uncontrollably. 

“Elijah. Mikaelson. Listens. To. Drake” you said betweens fits of laughter.

“Yes, I do. But all jokes aside, we must teach you how to dance.” 

He changed the song to a slower song. 

He placed his left arm around your waist and held your right arm up. You knew that you had to place your right hand on his shoulder.

“Now its one step back, one to your right, one step forward and then one step to your left.” 

You nodded as Elijah lead you through the dance. He pulled you closer to him so that your bodies were touching. He counted down from three and you stepped backwards and then to your right then forward and then left. You moved gracefully but slowly. You had never been much of a dancer but it was like you and Elijah were two pieces of a jigsaw, you just fit perfectly and your moves were in sync.

“Should we increase the speed?”

“Am I ready?”

“Whenever you dance with a Mikaelson you are ready for anything.”

You laughed as he picked up the pace. 

“You need to spin under my arm.”

He lifted his arm up while still moving and you turned around, however you tripped over the rug and collided into his chest.

At that moment time stood still. You were encased in his protective arms while he gazed down at you. His eyelashes were long and fanned out. He had some short stubble poking out and a few freckles.

“I think that I’m going to kiss you”

“You think or you know?”

“I know”

He lowered his face connecting your lips prompting you to wrap your arms around his neck. It was bliss. His lips were soft and experienced. You nipped on his lower lip and snaked your tounge into his mouth. The brazen action lead to a battle of the tongues which Elijah ended up winning.

“Hey have you seen Y/N” Ryan asked, rubbing his eyes, stopping when he saw you two.

You pulled away from his lips but remained in the embrace.

“Uh doesn’t matter”

He scampered out of the room and you turned your attention back to Elijah.

“Where were we?”

“I believe we were here”

He reattached your lips taking you back to the euphoric feeling.

You awoke in Elijah’s bed, fully clothed.

“Good morning, Ms. Y/L/N”

“Good morning Mr. Mikaelson”

“Are you excited for tonight? For your last night in New Orleans?”

“I’m excited for the gala but I mean I’m not excited about that.”

He grinned.

“So you’d rather stay?”

You blushed a deep red.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I don’t want you to leave either. You interest me Y/N”

You kissed him once more and left his bed.


You turned and smiled


“Save me a dance?”

You smiled wider and nodded before finally leaving. 

You spent the rest of the morning preparing for the gala. Weapons had been hidden in different rooms, the guards had been briefed on what would go down, the police squad was set up three blocks from the home. Things were awkward with you and Ryan but you had avoided him to spare yourself from the conversation. 

Freya helped you get your hair and make up done. You were wearing a long red dress. It was strapless which gave you a crazy amount of cleavage, however, you made it work and a slit up to your mid thigh. Your hair had been curled and set to the side. you placed your ear piece on the side with the most hair so that it would be covered. Freya helped you with your make up, she made it quite soft on the eyes but gave you an amazing contour with a highlight so bright it was blinding. 

Ryan waited until the party was under full effect before coming into your room.

“He’s here. He’s the one with the blond hair and the red velvet suit.”

You nodded and smoothed out you dress before linking your arm with Ryan’s and walking out of the room. While you walked down the stairs you made a a mental note of all of the different escape points. The party was packed. There must’ve been a few hundred people gathered there drinking, dancing and eating. 

“Ah Richard, Alexandra! I’m glad you could make it!” Klaus exclaimed with a mischievous smile.

“Klaus! Well, Rich and I wouldn’t miss your party for anything” You replied smiling.

He chuckled lightly.

“Keep those cheque books open”

Ryan laughed.

“Will do, just expect most of it to be from Alex[A/N: When you cant be bothered to come up with names so you steal them from Quantico]”

“Well it’s been great catching up with you but I have other guests to attend to.”

Klaus left and Ryan picked up two champagne flutes and passed one to you. 

“You spot Haas?” He asked you while running his fingers up your back.

You nodded.


You turned and faced him.

“Leave for the bathroom, I’ll get him over here.” 

“Okay, don’t do anything stupid” He murmered.

You kissed him.

“Hurry back, baby” 

As Ryan left you downed your champagne glass and headed over to the bar. You leaned against it while snacking on some canapes until he approached you.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you before. I’m Caleb, Caleb Haas.”

“Uhm yeah, I’m a friend of Klaus’. Alexandra Read”

“Nice to meet you. If you don’t mind my asking, how comes I’ve never seen you before?”

“I was out of the country and came back a few months back. and bumped into Klaus while I was car shopping.”

He laughed.

“Yo, bartender. anything stronger than scotch?”

“Caleb, dear friend.”

“Elijah! How’s it going?”

“I am very well. If it’s a stronger drink you’re looking for then we have some fine bourbon in the wine cellar.”

“Well, I think I’ll be raiding that wine cellar very soon” You laughed.

“Oh and Alexandra, your husband asked me to occupy you while he was taking a work phone call, care to dance?”

You smiled.

“Well I’ll head to that wine cellar then”

Caleb turned and once he was out of earshot you called for Ryan.

“Get to the wine cellar, now!”

“I’m already there. You stay up there and keep your gun ready if he runs.”


“We have to stay up here.”

“Very well, should we dance?”

You thought about it and pulled him behind a large potted plant that was being used as decoration.

“No, but there is something else we can do”

He smiled and pulled you into a kiss.

A few moments later you heard yells and running. You and Elijah sprang apart. 

‘He’s on the move.’

‘Copy’ you pulled your gun from the holster you had wrapped around your thigh and chased after him. Elijah followed suit and you both tried your hardest to apprehend him. You shot him in his leg in an effort to slow him down and Elijah ran forward and grabbed him.

'We have him. We need cuffs ASAP’


"I knew that I shouldn’t have flirted with you, but who can resist when you were basically calling out for me to show you some attention.”

Elijah punched him on your behalf just as Ryan came with the cuffs. He cuffed Haas and some police officers hauled him into the back of their car. It turned out that the whole chase caused everyone to leave the party meaning that your time in New Orleans was over. You went up into your room and removed all of your make up and brushed out your curls giving you wavy hair. A knock on the door distracted you from packing.

“Come in”

Elijah entered your room.

“So I see you’ve started to pack?” You chuckled lightly.

“Yeah,I guess my stay here is over.”

“It doesn’t have to be”

“I have a job to to, I can’t just leave it.”

“I already spoke to to Mr. O'Connor. He is allowing you three weeks leave.”


“Yes, I told you that you interest me, Y/N and I want to find out all that I can about you.” 

You turned and ran to Elijah who was leaning on the door. You launched yourself into his arms and wrapped your legs around his waist. You rested your forehead on his.

“So three weeks of just you and me?”

“Yes and if Niklaus becomes too annoying then I have somewhere else for us to stay.”

“That sounds amazing, Mr. Mikaelson”

“Indeed it does, Ms. Y/L/N”


I present you the RG 1/144 Gundam GP01Fb “Moon Ops.”!

This time I opted for a more clean look with less chipping and a subtle moon dusting. Speaking of the Moon, I’ve also tryed to build my first custom action base/diorama! I know it’s nothing special but I’ll improve, I promise!

Anyway building and painting this beast was a mix of emotion; I started with great excitement because it was my first RG, and in fact  was very fun to build and paint but I needed to be very precise and meticolous, trying to take less risks possibile because is extremely fragile! I dont know why, maybe the fault is mine or the paint is too aggressive but there are some points, expecially on the armor, that shows some little cracks, really frustrating… expecially if you think that I spent more than three months to finish it!

Anyway I’m really proud of my work and I’m pretty sure that the next time I’ll do better!

Sorry for the boring pose but I’m afraid to move it too much ^^’’

Thanks for your attention and keep building gunpla!

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What do you think about the "advanced tech looks like old tech" aesthetic? Like in the newest Wolfenstein.

the new wolfenstien is a fun game but I think it suffers from what I like to “call ID tech syndrome” 

aka tell me what the fuck half the shit on this armor even does 

please look at the fucking anything and tell my why there are so many, joints, screws, ridges, and glowing lights all over this fucking thing. Glowing lights on armor that cant even illuminate the area are fucking stupid anyway and I dont know why video games keep thinking technology = las vegas billboard lights 

I think it started with the doom 3 engine ID tech 4 or whatever the fuck it is because look 

look at the armor, the gun, the wall or just fucking anything. Its like a texture vomit. Everything looks like a fucking engine before they put the hood over it. Do people in the future just not bother with covering up the inner workings of all their shit? 

Here look at an enemy from quake 2

You can clearly tell what it is, its clean, and simple, you will probably remember what this design looks like.

Now here is the same enemy from quake 4

please tell me what  half the shit on it even does, or how does it look different from the other 20 fucking cyborgs that all look like this. Do you think you are going to remember what his fucker looks like? 

And now here is what wolfenstien does 

you might be thinking “oh! they took the armor off this robot dog and now we get to see what is like underneath! cool!” except no, this is how it looks in the game, the fucking nazis looked at this and said “yeah ok this is finished, its not like every single grain of dirt is going to get stuck in all this shit or anything” 

Maybe I am just nit picking and honestly if such designs were used sparingly they would probably look good in contrast with everything else.

But when everything looks like this

its just a fucking mess 

listen: theater AUs

–we’re in an improv troupe and yES making me confess my feelings in front of everyone is definitely an abuse of “yes and” you asshat AU

–ive heard u warming up in the studio next door every day for the last year and im starting to think you’re making it sound extra sexual just to fuck with me AU

–you’re the fight choreographer and im really bad with swords can you give me extra help, yeah meeting this weekend to rehearse sounds great, oh sorry im holding it wrong can you position me also ive been certified in stage combat for years but you don’t need to know that AU

–what happens in summer stock stays in summer stock AU

–we’re in romeo and juliet and you’re one of the lovers, i know im only playing “third montague” but wanna run through the balcony scene anyway? AU

–if you don’t stop flirting with me during sound check i swear to god I’ll cut your mic AU

–im your director and it’s your job to follow my Vision even if you think it’s stupid now stop arguing with me oh my god the other actors are staging a mutiny I KNOW you’re responsible AU

–we read together during auditions and we really hit it off except you got cast and i didn’t, guess i better join the run crew AU

–i work wardrobe and ever since dress rehearsals started you’ve been coming to me complaining about something or another not fitting right and asking to be remeasured but im starting to think you have other motives AU

–this production of hamlet is going horribly wrong AU

–we’re in the seagull and i? guess it’s romantic that u brought me this dead bird?? neither of us is playing nina or konstantin i dont??? AU

–you take “the method” way too seriously AU

–im pretty sure you know i have a crush on you because you keep making ‘sexy’ faces at me from the wings while im onstage and it’s really unprofessional ive gone up on my lines twice already why do i even like you AU

–actor/tech director

–actor/prop master


a karkat with a lollipop as requested by an anon for some odd reason that i will never guess *wonk*

okay but for real i really dont know what youre gonna do with this

maybe youre planning on overthrowing society with this picture

or maybe using it to harvest somebodys kidneys and sell on the blackmarket (not sure why you would need this picture for that but im sure you have your methods)

anyway i accept tips on the donation button on the top of mah tumblr page 

i also take more requests. yup thats right. just dump those babies in there and ill fill them out as soon as i can. just keep in mind i can only get about two done a day so please be patient B33 (<—davepeta emoji. deal with it)

I didnt know any of this negative crap about David Bowie until ystdy. Its more than enough to deal with him dying. Then I hear these horrible things, what the fuck is wrong with people?? Why do they feel the need to post things like that on a day when so many people are grieving. I dont know if I should believe it or not and I certainly dont wanna research it to find out more. Not yet anyway. You people are cruel and have no respect for your followers. Why couldn’t you let us recover a little before you bring out the hate you obviously thrive on. Yes I know I’ll get hate for this.

I said last night that i would provide an explanation for my absence. here goes.

under a cut because i dont want to flood anyones dashes. I also dont know how long this will be, so, yeah.

warnings for mentions of self harm and suicide.

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