i dont know why i did this tbh i cant believe i went through with it

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Janie can you talk to me about brienne? You dont think she will truly betray love of her life jaime do you? I cant help but think that would dishonor her and it would be awesome if she has to break an oath for the greater good as he once did. ❤


  • okay so, let’s remember one fundamental thing first: she was about to get hanged for him. she refused to make the choice stoneheart offered her, which means she already broke an oath she swore her for jaime. and that she was going to die so that she wouldn’t have to kill him.
  • now, she didn’t, of course, because she’s a nice decent person and she doesn’t want hyle and pod to die with her when they were just along for the ride, and we all know she lied her ass off to jaime to convince him to come alone.
  • deduction first: she’s indeed bringing him to lady stoneheart, because she wants to save pod and hyle, otherwise she’d be dead already.
  • other thing that we should take into account when discussing that situation: at the end of adwd, cersei asks kevan where jaime is. the focus is usually on the fact that she’s 100% sure that jaime couldn’t have gone off with brienne rather than go back to her, but what’s more important imo is that kevan says jaime went off with brienne weeks before or at least a considerable amount of time has passed since anyone had news of him. now, I don’t think that if either of them died but especially if brienne had killed jaime or let the brotherhood kill him, the body wouldn’t have been found? especially when they haven’t hidden frey bodies? like let’s be real, they’d have found his head already.
  • deduction second: whatever goes down with lady stoneheart, doesn’t kill jaime and doesn’t make him go back to his army.
  • now, what has jaime done when he was fifteen? swore himself to an insane king who he had to kill for the greater good and that was the tombstone over his assumption that knightly ideals/oaths actually mattered anything, since no one asked him why, no one realized that he had saved people’s lives and just labeled him dishonorable (this after he spent two years developing ptsd from the ripe age of fifteen wow), and killing aerys was what pretty much sealed the deal and turned him that bitter at the ripe age of seventeen.
  • except that then brienne - who’s like, eighteen or nineteen so very close to his kingslayng age in canon - went and kickstarted his knightly instincts again by showing him that True Knights TM Who Still Believe In Oaths exist, and when she comes to get him (lying) in adwd he’s… just, being very rational about all of that, and let’s remember that he managed to get riverrun to surrender without raising arms against the tullys therefore not breaking his oath to catelyn. ops.
  • now, while brienne kickstarted his knightly instincts, he also gave her a very healthy lesson in ‘the world isn’t black and white and oaths aren’t everything’, which she really needed, and we saw the results in affc - we don’t have her acok povs, but it’s obvious that it’s not the same person who swore fealty to renly and that she can see jaime’s point - and that’s she’s in love with him, but never mind. what brienne hasn’t had, though, is the moment where her vows are actually tested and she has to put them against losing what she loves and/or doing the right thing, which is… what jaime had to do with aerys.
  • and who is lady stoneheart rn? the person brienne swore herself to and who’s gone utterly insane and is not who she chose to serve anymore, and who’s asking her to choose between her oath and jaime’s life.
  • also, who loves parallels? grrm. he loves them a lot.
  • deduction three: brienne brings indeed jaime to lady stoneheart, but then instead of handing him over or killing him herself (which is most probably what they’ll ask her to do) she’s going to kill LS instead therefore LS becomes her aerys, which would come very close to make her lose a lot of force of will/her drive, except that who’s there and has gone through all that process already and has found out he doesn’t indeed have shit for honor? jaime.
  • now, in between the brotherhood, hyle and pod, someone is going to inform him that brienne would have died for him if other people’s lives weren’t at stake. I don’t think jaime’s been in the position of hearing someone’s willing to die for him lately or at any point in his life tbh. and if something would make you realize that you’re into someone but you haven’t realized it yet, I think hearing that they were willing to die for you might do the trick.
  • also someone is going to need to make sure she doesn’t feel extra dishonorable for killing LS (or better, putting her out of her misery) and like I really dig the idea that jaime might be there to make sure brienne doesn’t turn into him post-aerys.
  • given all of the above, I think it’s at least likely that this is what brings them together (I mean, if they ever act on their feelings it’s either here or nowhere, or at least later would be a lot more complicated) and somewhat likely that jaime never went back to his army (and he didn’t want to go back to KL in his last adwd chapter) because he’s off with brienne to look for sansa or something of the kind, but I’m betting money on the two of them plus possibly hyle/pod going to the vale or something of the kind after brienne kills LS aerys-style and jaime gives her some serious pep talk about her having done it not making her dishonorable since according to her he’s not dishonorable for killing aerys, right? right.
  • tldr: of course she’s not truly betraying the love of her life. and she’s definitely going full circle with the LS/aerys parallel, same as jaime’s gonna go full circle with his newly re-found honor/going back somewhat/as much as possible to the person he was before he went into the kingsguard (spoilers: not a bad one, let’s all remember that he wanted to be arthur dayne and turned out being the smiling knight ACCORDING TO HIS OWN WORDS), which means they’ll have gone through all the necessary character development they needed to move forward with their lives.
  • which, obviously, according to me means they’re moving on together but of course we shall see on that.

anyway. these were my two cents, thanks for the attention. ;)

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Ahhh if you ever do feel like drawing BakuSero I would just about die because I love that rare pair soooooo much and there is next to nothing for it

Holy shit I thought I was literally shipping that ship by myself, but here you are, amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway don’t worry I’ll definitely draw something for it sooner or later anon, I love it way too much to never give in haha

Anon said: my day started out terrible but your sero and kaminari saved the day (like most of your drawings do) ty ily

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super glad to hear that!!!!!!! I hope the rest of your day will be as amazing as it can be, anon!!!

Anon said: A) why isn’t it franswers? B) Kaminari has a habit of just watching (unbreakable) things just fall if he fails to catch it or it slips out of his hands. like he doesn’t move to get it, he just watches it fall with a blank face

A) that’s a great question that would deserve an equally great answer which sadly I don’t have??? like, why isn’t it franswers??? it should definitely be franswers t b h - B) yes and also I feel Kaminari a lot. Like, mood and also same. As usual hahaha

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Call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me) Ch. V

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jaethelame: so about last night

jaethelame: did we uh ya know

jaethelame: do the uh

jaethelame: the thing

jaethelame: pls answer im lowkey freaking out do you remember what happened last night???

nursedowoonie: uh hyung
nursedowoonie: you sure you got the right chat..?

jaethelame: ah fuck
jaethelame: not again

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Anti-SJM Survey Results, Pt. 3 (Long Answers)

**Please, if you’ve somehow stumbled upon this post in the normal tags or by some other means, please just ignore it. I am in no way looking to offend or upset any fan of Sarah’s works or the works of any other author. Thank you.**



This part is the one I’m really interested in! At the end of the survey I put a long answer question where anyone could say anything else they wanted. I don’t really have enough energy to edit or anything, so these are just the raw answers. Thanks everyone for participating and supporting this survey by the way, it’s been really cool! This post is incredibly long by the way, I am honestly blown away.

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do u have any like hcs or cool thoughts on Trans girl Keith?? bc i like the idea of Keith as a Trans girl but haven't seen any meta on that hc

um! i dont have meta per se, because i dont think anything in canon points to it, its just a Feel i’ve got… and idk if my thoughts are especially Fun, but! i have A LOT TO SAY IM SORRY THIS GOT REALLY LONG

  • she kinda gradually figured it out in her like, mid-late teens? (i hc keith as 19) from being on sorta bad parts of the internet. like, there are a lot of trans girls who gradually find themselves through hanging out in fetishizing 4chan threads, unfortunately… i feel like she stumbled across that bc of going there for like, video game threads or whatever, i think practically everyone went to /b/ a couple times as a teenager just to see why people talk about it
  • she doesnt have “girly interests” really so it takes a long time to realize that her body dysphoria is still valid for being trans, and not just a “fetish” or something, the way people online treat it… meeting pidge was a big step in helping that worry
  • shes generally a really private person, so she feels like theres a strong divide between ‘boy keith’ and ‘girl keith’, and like ‘boy keith’ is genuine, but she’s not bigender, she’s a girl… she comes out really slowly, to one person at a time, once she feels like they know her well enough to really understand her as just a Person, not like, “a boy who does/likes x”
    • like, even if the other person is also trans or very accepting, it’s less about concern for Coming Out As Trans and more concern about being ‘vulnerable’ by letting them past the “quiet rough impatient pilot boy” version of her. she’s very private about a lot of things but gender ties into a lot of it because ‘boy keith’ is a standoffish public mode and ‘girl keith’ is a real self
  • she came out first to some online friends, most of whom are also trans; they probably met through some obscure embarrassing like, teen mechanics forum, or a video game fandom, and unknowingly stuck together as Future Trans Kids
  • the first person she came out to irl was shiro, when they were friends pre-kerberos; they hung out a lot doing stuff like dirtbike racing in the desert, and shiro was open about not really liking masculinity stuff, and keith felt a bit like shiro could tell there’s something Not Boy about keith but never treated her weirdly for it, so it felt safe to come out. obviously shiro was accepting and later decided he’s nb (tho i cant decide exactly what sort)
  • hunk was probably next? hunk is easy to talk to, i care a lot about him reaching out to keith, and tbh keith has kind of a crush on him… they spend a lot of time together in general (or at least, a lot by keith’s standards), so hunk noticed her feeling a little strange and stressed around pidge after pidge came out and asked why
  • keith has some inferiority trouble about pidge at first, because pidge Always Knew and is already transitioning, while keith figured it out “late” (teens is still young but you know how it feels) and in a “weird”/”gross” way and couldn’t imagine trying to come out to her foster family (they probably wouldve been.. well-meaning. theyd understand eventually but still be frustrating at first and probably tell her to wait to do hrt as an adult), and feels anxious about the fact that transitioning would be Visible and draw questions… she sees pidge as the Good and Real type of trans and herself as fake and gross. but after admitting this to hunk he assures her that it’s still valid and that pidge herself wouldnt think of someone else as fake or lesser for having a different process
  • so keith decides to come out to pidge and they gradually get closer and become really sisterly; it definitely reassures keith that neither of them are very femme and both have “male” interests. she learns some hacking and programming stuff from pidge, and helps pidge and hunk work on modifications to the lions and stuff
  • lance is last because… i love lance but he did not react very tastefully to pidge coming out, and, the way he interacts with keith specifically is really macho from the start. keith feels like she definitely has to be Boy Keith with lance all the time, because lance treats her as a Boy Rival. she tries to be friendly with lance (the cradling thing, which lance shut down and tbh that hurt her feelings because.. keith doesnt reach out a lot..) and they spend time in proximity because theyre both close to hunk, but it’s harder for keith to get very personal with lance, because of the macho antagonism stuff. 
  • but once shes out to everyone else it feels sort of frustrating and messy to be closeted with Just lance, especially like.. with the voltron mind link.. (i wish we had more info about how deep that goes, though.) so she decides to trust lance and try to take friendly initiative by coming out to him too. probably overly casually, or she maybe gave the others permission to start using she/her in front of lance finally. hes confused and kinda fumbles his reaction but apologizes quickly and thanks her for trusting him
  • akdjks this is so long already sorry so uhh allura and coran basically just find out by everyone else referring to keith differently (she doesnt have very strong one-on-one relationships with them yet, so it hasnt come up), and theyre cool with it
  • once she’s out to everyone she starts changing presentation gradually! because tbh so long as her teammates support her she doesnt have to care at all about human gender standards/impressions, or feel weird about strangers noticing changes
    • she actually cuts her hair shorter, rather than growing it out, because the mullet was kind of a dysphoria thing– maintaining a lazy shitty haircut because you dont know what you actually want to look like, or are afraid to pursue it
    • they find a way to synthesize hrt for her, for gradual body shape changes
    • she used to prefer to keep her arms/chest pretty covered, but knowing that people believe in her gender, and knowing shiro is nb and Mega Ripped, helps her comfort and she wears tanktops more
      • when she grows boob she is Free with it. does keith look like someone who would wear a bra, ever,
    • she doesnt like makeup that much because she doesnt like.. textures, or having to wash it off, but a bit of eyeliner and highlighter helps her look how she wants to. she just leaves it on for days. her skin isnt great and she wont let lance help with that bc not washing her face is her right

uhh!! i THINK thats it. thank you for asking and giving me an excuse to organize all of this, it helped me solidify a few details so im grateful!!

Happy 5th birthday to my blog!

ok so my blog turned 5 and i wanted to make a little appreciation post because i love you and your blogs all so much, i’ve changed fandoms and urls so much in the past five years but most of you have stayed and i met so many new people and i became such good friends with a lot of you and you’re all amazing!!! (i put it under a cut bc it got way longer than intended whoops)

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Rant/pep talk. If you dont agree just ignore this. Dont take me srsly either lol

Just few words of encouragement for you aspiring/amateur/hobby artists. If you dont call yourself an artist and consider yourself more of a “person who draws/writes” thats fine too but remember that being an artist is not only a job title, or something you do pretty often. You just are okay. Everybody can be an artist!!! Kindergarteners are artists!! YOUR PLANT IS ART

Anyways where i was going with this. Ah right. This is just coming from the heart ok and I’m gonna be blunt about it. If you think that the notes on your art posts reflect how good you are THATS BULLSHIT. And i will admit it ok but i feel salty about some posts of mine which didnt take much effort gaining more popularity than the ones i spent lit DAYS. (I feel salty about other ppl too lol I’m human let me be) so I’m like WTF Tumblr ppl? so anyways one of the reasons why i think (personal opinion coming from personal experience dont hate me for this) its bc of how a fandom works. A lot of fanart get more popular than original work so lets face it. Its more of a crowd interested in the same topic than individuals looking for original stories. And its also one of the reasons why i stayed as a fanartist or created original stories but with ALREADY existing characters. Ya i need to make friends somehow lmao

Many drawings will get to 10k+ and it’s sometimes due (but absolutely NOT the only reason) to it being cute and simple, a relatable comic, A POPULAR SHIP, a trending style, or a good ass headcanon that will break many hearts. BUT they face cons too like having their art reposted shit ton of times or badly edited and resized in a horrible way or just ppl hating on them bc they dont agree. I feel for you. And its not like they intended to be that way ok MY POINT is to talk about how a fandom behaves and not shit on artists OK I LOVE ARTISTS THEY ARE ALL COOL BUT I FEEL INTIMIDATED. Ok bye

(Not like I’m saying they dont deserve all that bc there are actually ppl w super cool stuff and styles that deserve so much more and they EARNED it. every single one of heir followers and note. They worked their ass off, studied, practiced everyday, been doing it for years, etc.. I started drawing since i was a kid and just practiced hard a lot so i get to defend myself lol)

And some people (me included) think that a drawing reaching over 1k notes is a milestone. I mean it is!!!! My shit got seen by prob over 500 ppl in the whole world holy shit!!! My mom would never believe this!! but dont get hung on trying to reach a notes count quota!!! Because many reasons THAT YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER play a role on how your posts are being reached. Either someone is followed by a popular blog and their stuff gets spread like wildfire, it’s /aesthetic/ and trendy so they are a hot topic, it’s released p fast after some ep aired (ie drawing what happened in the ep that just broadcasted 10 min) its like fresh bread just out of the oven and still warm. The amount of hashtags used since they contribute to how searchable your stuff is. And then the elephant in the room. THE FANDOM ITSELF. Yes I’m talking about gay sports anime. And others ahem.

AGAIN I’m not blaming the artists themselves, you are all cool keep doing your thing. Its their choice what they decide to draw for. If you suspect some of us decided to draw a fandom just to be popular or be noticed or wtv LET US BE. ITS OUR LIFE. If we are not hurting or offending you then you really dont have anything to complain about. Ahem I’m getting myself dragged off topic. Try to not be sleep deprived my children this is what happens.

BUT YOOOUUUUUUU. If you are discouraged bc of notes, popularity, or the type of ppl following you (if its p*rn blogs then I’m rly concerned) STOP!!! AND LOOK AT ME!! WELL JUST KEEP READING!!! YOU ARE VALUABLE. EVERYTHING YOU PRODUCE IS AMAZING BC BEING ABLE TO CREATE SOMETHING FROM YOUR IMAGINATION IS LIKE TOTALLY AMAZING. DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED YOUR ENTHUSIASM OR ABILITY TO DO SOMETHING!!!! When I’m a rotten old tomato i will be HELLA PROUD of all the shit i drew in my blossoming years. Like “look at all the sad and horrible drawings i did kids. YES ALL BY ME. Nobody believed this headcanon but i went and did it!!!”

Nobody or nothing should stop you from creating art!!!! GO WILD MY FRIEND. Go do what your heart desires do not let NUMBERS decide if you are worthy of exposure or friends or tags we are all big nerds at the end. DRAW WRITE CREATE WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD. IF YOU DONT THINK YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH well let me tell you you will always be your harshest judge. You are the only who knew what went through the process and what mistakes happened. And nobody is perfect tbh not everybody can be beyonce. And THAT IS FINE. I go to sleep knowing I’m not her but i still get up and do my thing!!!

It’s a pill hard to swallow sometimes for some of us. That we want to know where we lie, how popular can we be, how many ppl can we attract, why are we not like others. It’s ALL FINE BUDDY. I sometimes cant ignore it and worry about it too. But then i show my friends the smallest of my crappy doodles from middle school AND THEY ALL THINK ITS AMAZING. Well not all. Again we are all not beyonce. So whatever the internet says irl could be a diff story. But how did that compliment happened?? (i like praise and attention ok i said it it helps my self steem dont judge) BECAUSE YOU CREATED SOMETHING

Ok this is my pep talk to you all. Be proud of what you create. Share it w others if you want. Just start. That’s the biggest hurdle sometimes. Taking the initiative. Sometimes we just need a small push so I’m writing this to push you. Imagine what you could create some years later if you just dont give a shit and improve w every creation you make??? AMAZING RIGHT MY MOM WOULD BE PROUD she will judge tho she calls all my drawings pikachu