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God I know, those Mexican stereotypes make me cringe, I’m Mexican-American


GOD,okay,the trailer aside Disney already doesn’t have a good track record w/me when it comes to Mexican representation. Like,hey,who remembers the last time they tried their hand with this? With Marco Diaz?

As a character,I like him! As Mexican representation,I want him 10 feet under!! He’s our Mexican American representation who can’t speak spanish,is pretty much a LOT more pink-ish brown than just tan,has parents who look like THIS




Tbh i dont know if this was Mish himself’s idea or not but this joke is old and it isnt funny. They can keep their pranks and jokes for their private time together. This is like Mean girls but worse because this isnt even highschool guys why are you guys bullying him and make fun of what he does? How is his kindness a topic to even joke about if you really respect him as a human, yes human, human being? And on my opinion, Mish is very protective of Castiel and he knows even the character will be back, his death hurts. How is that supposed to be hilarious? Maybe they just got carried away by the situation and Mish had to play along because eh he is an actor, maybe they did it on purpose, i dont know and dont want to know. I just want this shite to stop, its not professional for one thing, and its not funny at all, its just not.

So Shepard’s about to meet Papa and Sis Vakarian and Garrus takes her aside and is like ‘ok look I might have neglected to mention one tiny little detail about you’ and Shepard immediately assumes it’s about her being a human. Shepard is like “I’m PRETTY SURE he’ll notice??” and Garrus says “Not if you don’t say anything!” and Shepard is like “??????????” but by that time the family has shown up 

Solana does a quick aside to Garrus like “does dad know she’s a spectre? You know he HATES spectres right?” and Garrus says ‘It’s cool I told her not to mention it’

So Shepard approaches Papa apprehensively but manages to introduce herself and Papa actually responds warmly. Shepard cautiously says “soooo…you don’t mind that I’m a human” and Papa laughs like “Of course not I’ve worked with plenty of humans’ and Shepard laughs and is like ‘Well I guess it also doesn’t hurt that I’m the first human speCTRE!!!’

Papa is instantly super unamused but Shepard doesn’t notice and she just keeps on going  “by the way I was actually the one who encouraged garrus to leave c-sec and try to be a spectre HAHAH because sometimes RULES AND LAWS just should be broken am I right?”

Only then does Shepard notice Papa Vak is practically twitching with rage and Garrus is appealing to a higher power for a Quick Death

Cut to everyone at dinner and the whole time shepard had just been nonstop backpedaling, “Did I mention how important following the law is?? WOW being an upright citizen is just tops hoo boy, you know I think spectres shouldn’t have any freedom also support your local law enforcement HAHA right???”

Meanwhile Solana’s just like 


how to release your anger because you accidentally bought outdated armor; strangle someone!

First Kiss and First Date - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by @penguin-moiCould you do an imagine where you and the pack are having a Fourth of July or Christmas or Halloween party and they trick you and Liam into kissing or hugging or something along those lines because they think you two would be a good couple and then you guys end up falling for eachother dispite being friends since like 1st grade… PS: I really really love your blog and imagines sooooo much!!!

Word Count: 2,334

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader 

Author’s Note: Yes, I totally use a small A Walk to Remember line/moment for this but I couldn’t help myself because it was perfect for this prompt. 

@penguin-moi let me apologize for taking so long with your prompt. I tried to incorporate everything you asked and I hope you like with what I came up with. Thank you for loving my imagines. xoxo.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist 

Group Text: Banshee, Alpha, Werecoyote, Kitsune, & Human

Banshee: What do you guys think of Liam & Y/N?

Human: I like Y/N. She’s a cool girl. Liam, eh, he can b an annoyin little runt sometimes 

Alpha: I don’t think she meant individually

Human: Oh… 

Werecoyote: wat did she mean?

Banshee: Together. Romantically.

Kitsune: Awwwwww they b super cute 2gether

Human: No. Absolutely not!

Werecoyote: she does like him

Alpha: he likes her 2

Kitsune: They only give each other the heart eyes. It’s obvious to every1 but themselves.

Banshee: Exactly. Which is why I have an idea.


Alpha: wats the plan? 

Werecoyote: R u sure we should play matchmaker w/ these 2???

Kitsune: Leave it to Lyds. She knows what she’s doin

Banshee: Get here an hour before the BQQ party to go over the plan.

Alpha: Sounds good 

Werecoyote: c u then

Kitsune: can’t wait!

Human: still don’t like this….

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the signs when they realize they were being played by a fuckboy/fuckgirl

Aries: HA, you are sooo missing out *suddenly becomes 10x hotter?*

Taurus: well this sucks man look how much time i just wasted on this

Gemini: ‘eh, whatever’ during the day and then overthinks at night and cries 

Cancer: *mopes around* why don’t they love me 

Leo: pshhh *in so much denial* little did you know i was playing you…. hahahaaaaaaa yeah so i dont even care

Virgo: well OUCH that’s pretty rude but i’m still gucci i got my own back

Libra: but i really liked you we could really make this work come on 

Scorpio: well fuck you asswipe! but can you still fuck me or is that not a thing

Sagittarius: tbh you were too basic for me anyway but that was still pretty fucked up

Capricorn: wow, nice lol i dont have time for these games fam bye

Aquarius: lmao bitch please i know im fire, ur loss

Pisces: okay…. but like lowkey i’ll still wait for you though

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Can Sans turn into a bodied blaster like Papyrus did?

“eh, i dont think so. if i could of gone dog on us i’d had done so already. although, heh…”

“we don’t know why it’s happened. papyrus only told us the bare minimum so… heh heh
… i don’t know what we’ll do. i’m… scared.”

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 62 Spoilers

~At Shoueisha~
Shiono: How old are you?
Eto: 14….years old
Shiono: hmm… (Its quite thick, around 500 pages i guess?)
Shiono: (I still have preparation for that gathering dinner and need to find Yamada sensei to discuss)
Shiono: You look like someone who can write
Eto: Yes, please be frank
Shiono: Let me think. Your expression is a little too long. But, for your age, you are quite good. This is my namecard. If you have any more drafts please contact me
Eto: ………Wont you read it now?
Shiono: Do you know how many pages is this, well I dont know but I still have things to do
Eto: But its only been 15 minutes
Shiono: In our field, “15 minutes” is a long time… So I will keep the draft first. Thats all for today!
Eto: Yes…. I understand

~In the office~
Chief: What is this Shiono?
Shiono: There was a high school girl just now and she brought this draft
Chief: Can I take a look
Shiono: Sure~~
Chief: …… *read through*
Shiono: its quite good for her age, ohya where should we go for the gathering?
Chief: Did you read through this properly?
Shiono: Yes I did
Chief: Are you stupid!? *dramatically grab on Shiono’s collar*
Chief: You are throwing stacks of cash into the toilet!!!
Shiono: Eeh….
Chief: Go and find that girl right now!!
Shiono: Yii…. Yes…!!

Eto: And i thought i could get some money with it. Sigh… *few coins on her hand*
Eto: Daily salary
She passes by an accident scene where a police is asking questions of someone who is involved
Man 1: I told you, its that guy who crashed onto my car first!
Police: Yes yes I see. Please follow me to the police station….
Man 1: I have urgent things to do right now!
Eto approaches the other guy who is in the car
Eto: Erm… The police is calling you
Man 2: I need to go too…?! What the hell…. *gets off car*
Eto steals his wallet *wow LV wallet*
Man 2: Didnt you ask me to wait in the car….! …..what? You didnt call for me?

~At a temple??~
Eto with two ghouls
Ghoul 1: Amazing, what can I do to earn this much…
Ghoul 2: Eto really is different from us…. When she fights those doves she is good too
Eto: (I need more strength more numbers, else I cant win against “them”)
Eto: (Mother…) *while reading a book her mum left her??*
Eto: …..I wont run away like Kuzen (father) did…

~Outside Shoueisha~
Eto: (I need to get back those drafts) What should I do
Shiono: You! You!! Why didnt you write your contact number on the drafts!! *running towards Eto*
Eto: (Here comes the stupid one) Because I dont have any
Shiono: Eh!?

~At a cafe~
: I didnt know you were from an orphanage
Eto: Yes because I dont want to let them know about this, and I dont have a phone
Shiono: I see…..alright!
Shiono: Here! *gives Eto a phone*
Shiono: I buy this under my name, just this as your contact then
Eto: Thank you
Shiono: ….I can see it. Your ability…future!
Shiono: I will make you into an incredible author!!
Shiono: I am Shiono Shunji….and you are?
Eto: Eto
Shiono: So its Eto chan, how about your last name?

~Outside Anteiku~
Eto passes by. Inside Anteiku, Koma and Irimi are arguing over who makes better coffee and ask Yoshimura
Yoshimura: Its a hard question, I think…. It should be Yomo
Both: Eeeeeeh….!
In anger, Eto twists her novel and throw it on the ground
Koma/Irimi: Its been a long day
Yoshimura: Yes, see you both tomorrow
When Yoshimura is cleaning outside, he saw the crumpled up novel and takes a look at it
Yoshimura: ……

~At Eto’s house~
Shiono: Sensei. Takatsuki Sense~~
He opens the door as it wasnt locked
Shiono: I brought some foods for you. Eh? She is sleeping
Eto is sleeping on the desk in her office. Shiono puts a blanket over her
Shiono: You need to lock your door properly~~ You have alot of weird fans you know
Shiono: Sensei’s working attitude is amazing
Shiono goes to the kitchen and opens the fridge
Shiono: ….?
Shiono: (What are these… Cases…. Numbers? They must be….dates right)
Shiono opens one of them and it was part of human’s face inside the case. Shiono closes the fridge after that.
Eto: Shiono kun….?
Shiono: !? *thump*
Eto: You saw it right…… *put on glasses*

~Interrogation room~
Sasaki: You may go back now
Shiono: ……huh……
Takatsuki: Shiono
Shiono: Ta…..Takatsuki san…… And I thought you wouldnt come
Takatsuki: ……sorry! For troubling you. You look so pale….are you okay
Shiono: Sorry!!!! *gets down on all four*
Shiono: Sorry sorry sorry sorry….. Sorry sorry sorry…. I…. I….
Sasaki: Takatsuki san, “15 minutes earlier” he confessed, your room did “contained something similar to human meat”…
Shiono: Sorry sorry…
Sasaki: Takatsuki Sen….. No, Yoshimura Eto. I hereby capture you with perhaps being a ghoul as reason
Takatsuki: Your “eyes” are getting good Young one…but, if you think you can win this, its better for you to first “keep your mouth shut”
Takatsuki: …..Shiono kun, lift your head up. I never thought of you to keep it in….. I dont blame you…. I dont know if I am “incredible”… But you did make me into an author

~Rue Island~
Hachikawa squad is fleeing
Hachikawa: Faster faster! We need to get back before the reinforcements are here
Hachikawa: ……Ayumu! Above you!
Ayumu manages to dodge the attack
Seidou: OH-NO. Hachikouuuu
Ayumu: Takizawa…
Mutsuki: …. (Owl…!)
Hachikawa: ….If Houji were to see you like this, I think he would cry out of happiness
Seidou: Aaaah– Wuuuuuu– Whatttt did you say?
Hachikawa: Crazy (A second rate original investigator getting his way like this)
Shikorae: You– *gets on Hachikawa’s back*
Hachikawa: Ah?
Shikorae: CHU 🙂
Shikorae lands a kiss on Hachikawa’s face

140602 Sukira Phone call to Eunhyuk:

RW: What did you do today?

EH: filming~

RW: for what?

EH: I can’t say yet.

RW: Earlier, Donghae-ssi..

EH: HE said it!???

RW: Yes

EH: Whatttt why is he like that?

RW: He said everything

EH: What… what is he?

RW: and it seems we’ll be able to meet you again soon

EH: eh?

RW: Soon..with Donghae Eunhyuk-ssi

EH: for what?

RW: You know..

EH: for what?