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so i guess this might turn into a series which i dont mind at all cause these are so fun to make, i hope you all enjoy! sorry its so short btw,,, also hello im reposting this because it flopped so hard last time ( “who can say where the roads go” ) and NCT DREAM FIRST WIN!!

  • we already know that he is the 1/3 of the most precious cinnamon rolls to ever walk the earth (the other 2 being chenle and sicheng)
  • hes so caring and considerate of everyone but especially you
  • he always sends you good morning/night texts
  • “good morning, how did you rest?”
  • “eh, i slept okay, hbu?”
  • “wHY JUST OKAY?”
  • “cause i stayed up watching scandal.. dont judge me” (or another show ya know i just rlly like scandal)
  • “aWWhh how cute, anyone get murdered that episode?”
  • “nah”
  • hes super affectionate
  • you guys hug constantly but its never more than platonic
  • he constantly messes up your hair but you dont mind cause hes adorable
  • its like your thing between you and him
  • hes always resting his head on your shoulder and vice versa
  • “Y/N LETS WATCH _____”
  • “renjun, no.”
  • “waeeeeeee?
  • “ CAUSE you cant understand enough english, you just laugh when i do.”
  • “SoOoOoO!!”
  • whenever he gets bored in class he draws moomin on your paper
  • and youre like “bro wtf i have to turn this in”
  • “itll be a present for the teacher :)”
  • you always go to him with your struggles and hes so good at listening as well as gives great advice and always knows what to say
  • when things get hard for him, he usually goes to you or his members
  • he even rambles in Chinese even if you may not understand it you don’t care because him getting out all his feelings makes him feel better.
  • you guys have movies nights all the time!
  • its like a ritual
  • and when you need an escape from all that stresses you out you know you can just run to the dorms and forget about whats happening outside those walls
  • “hey can i come over? im really stressed”
  • “of course”
  • and you just expected him and the boys but oh how wrong you were
  • turns out all your favorite snacks were on the table
  • along with a dvd of your favorite films as all the boys were surrounding the table
  • “come here dork” they would say and pat you on the back.
  • and when things cool down and theres no schedules you and renjun go to amusement parks
  • and you both try so hard to get that big bear but you both fail miserably
  • “psh i didnt even want that ugly bear”
  • “just a few minutes ago you were saying you would rather die than admit defeat”
  • “you’re right, pass me another ball renjun”
  • and when the sun is setting you like to go by the han river cause thats the best place to see a sunset
  • and yall eat ice cream and think “what a life”
  • but despite his busy schedule you guys talk every single day because your friendship is the most important thing to each other
the signs when they realize they were being played by a fuckboy/fuckgirl

Aries: HA, you are sooo missing out *suddenly becomes 10x hotter?*

Taurus: well this sucks man look how much time i just wasted on this

Gemini: ‘eh, whatever’ during the day and then overthinks at night and cries 

Cancer: *mopes around* why don’t they love me 

Leo: pshhh *in so much denial* little did you know i was playing you…. hahahaaaaaaa yeah so i dont even care

Virgo: well OUCH that’s pretty rude but i’m still gucci i got my own back

Libra: but i really liked you we could really make this work come on 

Scorpio: well fuck you asswipe! but can you still fuck me or is that not a thing

Sagittarius: tbh you were too basic for me anyway but that was still pretty fucked up

Capricorn: wow, nice lol i dont have time for these games fam bye

Aquarius: lmao bitch please i know im fire, ur loss

Pisces: okay…. but like lowkey i’ll still wait for you though

Dark Fate Azusa Maniac 03 Translation

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*Yui and Azusa Walking; Then Come To A Stop*

-Scene: Forest-

Azusa: … … … …

Yui: Azusa-kun! Hey, Azusa-kun!

Azusa: … … … …

Yui: Hey, what’s gotten into you? Why did you suddenly drag me here… …

Azusa: … … … …

Yui: Azusa-kun… …?

Azusa: … …Tell me.

Yui: Eh.. …?

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Althea’s backstory

It will be extremely upsetting if they do not handle this abuse situation well, but I’m betting on this particular line..

Salazar Guevarra : Kasalanan mo rin ‘to anak eh. Bakit ka ba(pa?) hindi ka pumili ng iyong mapapangasawa?
This also your fault, my child. Why did you not choose who to marry?

So I’m still holding on to the idea that Althea marrying Tommy is her trying to be “normal”, and that she chose to be true to herself after all the abuse. It’s not that she chose to be a lesbian because of Tommy, but because she realized that she can’t pretend any more.

And sadly, that’s not far from reality. There are a lot of queer ladies in the Philippines who would do that, who have done that.