i dont know why i did this bye

you know what i can’t stop thinking about??? when andrew took neil’s hand off the beanbag and placed it on his chest when he still wasn’t ready for that

and neil, my beautiful asshole child, knows that andrew isn’t ready, knows how important an actual "yes” is to him aND fuck i just?? someone else might have just taken that as a “yea cool i’m letting you touch me so go ahead touch me” but it’s not like that and like neil says “he wasn’t sure which one of them andrew was trying to convince” i mean sh i t that makes my heart hurt ?? was andrew trying to convince himself he was ok with neil touching him so soon was he trying to convince neil he was ok with it when he clearly wasn’t for neil’s sake i don’t??

but then– “i won’t be like them i won’t let you let me be” neil lets andrew know he knows it’s still too soon and he will respect andrew’s boundaries until a clear yes is said and i am just….really emo….

ok why do Jinyoung and Bambam look like they’re gossiping in class & got stopped by the teacher:

jinyoung: “bitch let me tell you the TEA on what that hoe JB did the other day – yes he’s still fucking youngjae! i KNOW!”

jinyoung : “girl YES he really tried to act like he didn’t take me out for meat just last night…”

bambam: “bitch wait! I thought he took you for Ramen, don’t lie!”

jinyoung : “that ain’t the meat I was referring to!” [insert loud ass class-disturbing cackle]

2 minutes later…

teacher: “okay imma need ya’ll to shut the fuck up and focus on these F’s yall got instead of that “T” or whatever cus ya failing”

jinyoung : [is hurt af] “….he really didn’t have expose us like that tho.”

what the signs say to their bestfriends

aries: “did i even ask for your opinion?”

taurus: “are you gonna eat that or?” 

gemini: “wow” 

cancer: “why don’t you love me?” 

leo: “ok but you know you want to hear my opinion anyway”

virgo: “square up”

libra: “square down” 

scorpio: “i dont even know why im friends with you” 

sagittarius: “bye bitch”

capricorn: some weird inhuman noises 

aquarius: “what’s your problem anyway?”

pisces: “weirdo”

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but why would you be anyone's fp on here? You have to develop a connection first. Youre just a person behind a computer screen. That'd be weird.

lmao first of all this is super rude???

and also you obviously dont know a lot about fps cause you dont need a connection first. and its not weird if someone did. even if you did have to have a connection, i have a lot of mutuals on here.
but anyways an fp can be literally anyone you have an emotional attachment to?? like a fictional character?? lmao bye get off my page

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