i dont know why i decided to do this

Be More Chill - pt. 3

ive seen this “what if there was a be more chill reprise where michael sings for jeremy?” thing
and decided to just write the entire song
cause why the hell not
now, i know some parts might be a bit off with the melody, but i tried my best so bear with me!


also, im on mobile, so formatting sucks.


Be More Chill pt. 2

[Jeremy, spoken]
Michael, what are you doing?

[Michael, spoken]
Helping my friend.

[Jeremy, spoken]

Ooh, everything about you is so wonderful!

Everything about me is so terrible…

No! Everything about you is so full of life!

Everything about me makes me wanna die…

No! Jeremy, can’t you see? Buddy, just listen to me.. Listen to me!

Everything about you is just so freaking wonderful!

I love everything about you!

Everything about you is just so alive!

I could never live without you.. You’re not so left out or unsure, you’re not that lonely anymore!

Everything about you is so cool
And wonderful

[Jeremy, spoken]

[Michael, spoken]
Repeat after me. Please.

[Jeremy nods. Michael starts singing.]
Everything about you is so wonderful!

[Jeremy, quietly]
Everything about me is so.. wonderful?

Exactly! Everything about you is so full of life!

Everything about me is so.. full of life!

[The music fades as Michael and Jeremy hug.]


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If Laurens were an animal, would he be a ferret or a honey badger?

ok so like 6 different people have given me their varying opinions on Which Animal John Laurens Would Be and i dont really know so.. its time to

here are ALL OF THEM!!! with this new visual evidence the People can now decide on john laurens’s one true fursona

i forgot what john laurens looked like halfway through drawing these so. have some animals with little clothes and lil ponytails






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Get together needed

*a cackle is heard in the distance*

I just remember how fond I was of Ponyo’s Dad, Fujimoto, from the Ponyo movie. I mean yeah he was the ‘antagonist’ of sorts, but he’s this doofy once human, now wizard who lives in the ocean with his many fish daughters and loves a giant sea goddess. Not to mention he looks like a sleep deprived mess of a wizard (My favorite kind) And just decided one day to 'fuck the land, I’m gonna go live in the sea. Just fuck land. Fucket.’ Not to mention his stupid crazy ginger hair all over the place and the thing with wearing pinstripe suits in terrible colors, I just love him so much, permit to get passionate for a brief moment:


Imagine him getting mad at sailors who say 'Ahh….the sea is a harsh cruel mistress, but she’s my mistress…’

'Uh excuse you-The Sea is my WIFE and I will THANK YOU not to TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT’



'Babe, we’ve got dozens of fish daughters, what about them?’





'Your husband is a mess.’

'yeah but he’s my mess. and I love my hot mess. Looket him doing sciencey things with the fish.’

*Fujimoto falling off a boat screaming*



Imagine him visiting begrudgingly for Ponyo’s birthdays. He just sits grumpily in a kiddy pool. Grown ass man. Sitting in a kiddy pool. In a suit and tie.


Granmamare just petting him like a cat.

'this is my husband. He is smoll and floofy. I must take good care of him. Sometimes he forgets to eat stuff and to sleep. He floofy and fragile and sometimes he stands on rocks and yells at seagulls to stop pooping in the sea. I love him.’


'Why did you decided to live in the Ocean, Fujimoto? I meant besides the fact to be closer to your giant sea wife.’

'I can avoid taxes easier this way.’ (I now believe that all the Ghilbi Wizards are notorious Tax Dodgers, please see Howl’s Moving Castle, he literally lives in 3 diffrent towns at the same time)


'Humans are disgusting’

'Fujimoto, you were human once.’

'I know, and It was gross, I hated it.’


'How many daughters do you have’


’….Is that a bad thi-’

'Shut up, I love it, don’t talk to me or my 1,290 daughters ever again

Ok so we all know keith would in fact give up everything to help people in anyway he can right? right ok so imagine-

Keith as a blood donor with O negative blood, Keith donating as much as possible without hurting himself before the whole voltron thing.

Keith overhearing Allua and Coran worrying over if using ancient atlean donated blood in the healing pod will affect the paladins negatively when they have to use it and Keith mentioning to them that he’s a universal donor and offering to let them use his blood, after telling them how blood donation works on earth.

turns out keith really is a Universal donor as his blood can also be used for several alien species in the same way it works for humans and among those species includes atleans and galra (and also arusians and some kind of slug alien among others? Keith isnt sure how he feels about that)

Hunk once walked in on keith having his blood extracted and panicked for a good five minutes before he was told what was going on and why it was happening, then Hunk became really interested in what was going on and listed off facts he new about blood and medical stuff like how to replace a liver or a heart.

Keith seeing a alien clinic at a space mall asking for blood donations and immediately walked in there, had to be saved by the team becouse these aliens know nothing about how much blood is able to be taken from a human and keith is basically a gold mine of life saving blood, the alien doctors were very apologetic.

Keith gets a little loopy the first few times they draw blood becouse Allura and Coran dont have a exact measurement for when to stop and this leads to mainly him being sat next and leaning on a pidge or being put on a space couch to take a nap and chug a bowl of space goo.

the other paladins also donate blood to the castle blood bank, with less frequency since one paladin loopy on blood loss at a time is enough thank you very much but the information they gain from each donating blood in incredibly interesting.

Lance was the second person to start donating blood becouse he also was a donor back on earth and keith will not beat him at anything he swears on it, also it makes him feel better knowing they have the extra blood if needed and wont be short in a dire situation involving aliens keiths blood isnt compatible with.

Pidge is next to start donating becouse she’s curios about the process and also what her blood type is compatible with

Hunk goes next becouse he feels like he could donate more at a time then keith or lance and he is also very curios about what his blood type is compatible with.

Shiro is last, for obvious reasons and the whole team is there supporting him and his decision when he decides to do this (closes his eyes while the need is in him and listens to the teams encouraging words, best way to fend off medical horror flash backs)

Hunk- AB (compatible with both galra and atleans)

Shiro- A(compatible with most galra which adds another layer of horror to his imprisonment) 

Pidge- b(compatible with atleans)

Lance- O positive (compatible with a completely different list of alien species)

thank fuck they all donate regularly becouse the times they save prisoners from prison ships that require a blood transfusion is horribly vast.

I dont know why I did this all I remember is thinking keith would donate blood then things spiraled out of control

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no offence but if you’re a girl with a visible adams apple u are beautiful. keep up the good job u look gorgeous 

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Do you think that the lack of poc in tog is more... situational than racist? Nehemia is from Eyllwe and that's why she is black/brown, Nesryn is from the Southern continent and that's why she's not white. I always look for diversity in books but this didn't strike me as racism because i'm a slav and in balkan countries there are close to no people of color. Not because we're racist, but because no poc decided to settle in our lands. 1/?

2/2 We know that Adarlan has a tyrant for a king and I think if there were immigrants, they would’ve left when he started doing shit. And why would they want to stay in a conquered kingdom(Terrasen) and die or starve if they have a chance to be someplace else(relatives in their native countries). Nesryn’s father stayed because he had a business. Mixed-race countries happened after enslaving & conquering. I hope you dont see this as an excuse for racism, I’m just trying to offer a different pov.

This is going to sound really blunt, but it’s not directed at you. If SJM wanted diversity in her books, she would have put diversity in her books. It’s pretty clear she doesn’t want too much diversity (token bisexual character and a token immigrant character? That’s fine. She killed off all the rest and canonically made people of color slaves, for god’s sake (TOG). And nothing in ACOTAR is canon except Tarquin, Cresseida, and Varian are very dark skinned. More token characters.) 

It’s her world, which means she controls it, which means she can do anything she wants. And she’s chosen to make whites/Fae superior and minorities/humans inferior. She didn’t have to, but she did. 

What they don’t know, won’t hurt them

Originally posted by riverdalesource

A/N: This was requested by anonymous and I loved the request because we all need this in our lives. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “Hey, could you do a FP would include imagine where he fingers you under the table at the Cooper dinner. I dont know why but i need that in my life”

The reader is legal age (18/19).


It was the homecoming in Riverdale. Betty and her family had invited Jughead, FP and you to a family dinner.

“So, (Y/N). Are you going solo to the homecoming?” I took a sip of water before answering Mrs. Cooper’s question.

“Yes, I am. FP obviously can’t attend with me so I decided to go alone.” Alice nodded her head. Betty decided to turn the conversation around by talking about the Prom.

“Jesus, is she really going to question me all night?” I whispered to FP as he chuckled.

“Don’t worry about her. I’m going to try to sneak a dance with you at the homecoming.” I smiled at him before turning my attention back to the conversation that was happening around us.

I was listening intently to the questions Alice had been asking FP when I felt a hand on my inner thigh. I took a sharp intake of breath as FP just continued to talk naturally as if nothing was happening. The feeling of his hand began to rise on my thigh. A knock came to the door and we all stood except Alice. Betty went to get the door as Hal, Betty’s father walked in.

“FP. What are you doing here?” Hal questioned, walking fully into the room.

“Alice invited me. I’m here for Jughead.” Hal nodded as his eyes shifted down to me.

“And who might you be?” I smiled before outstretching my hand. I felt FP shift closer to me, his hand trailed under my dress before gripping my bum. I gasped quietly before speaking up.

“(Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I’m Betty and Jughead’s friend and I’m also FP’s girlfriend.” Hal’s eyes widened at my last words.

“You’re dating FP? But you look so young.” I giggled at his words.

“Don’t worry I’m eighteen. It’s legal.” Hal nodded before taking the seat next to me. FP removed his hand from my bum as we all took our seats. FP’s hand went back to my thigh but this time it went higher. I felt his hand inch higher and higher, I began to get wet at the thoughts of what his fingers could do. Soon enough, FP reached my pussy to only realize I wasn’t wearing any panties. He quickly leaned over to whisper into my ear.

“No panties, huh? Fuck baby girl, you will be the death of me.” I instantly got wetter, if even possible at his words. FP’s hand spread my legs as his middle finger dragged up my slit. I bit my lip and gripped the table at the feeling.

“So, (Y/N). How did you and FP meet?” I smiled at Hal before beginning to answer his question.

“Well, I live in the trailer park as well. I lived with my dad but he was shot and he passed away. I was attending Southside High with Joaquin and we would always hang at the Why-” I almost moaned at the feeling of FP’s finger slipping inside of me. I coughed to cover up any sound before continuing. “Sorry, as I was saying. We would always hang at the Whyte Wyrm where my dad was a Serpent. I had seen FP a couple of times before Joaquin formally introduced me to him and we got to talking and now here we are.” I said with a fake smile, glancing over at FP he plastered the same fake smile before nodding in agreement with my story. FP added another finger as I took a hold of his arm, gripping it.

“So, FP. Why would you date someone so young?” It was now FP’s turn to speak, he continued to pump his two fingers in and out of me while talking.

“Well, I wouldn’t usually but when I met (Y/N) … It was like love at first sight. I felt as if I was eighteen again.” I smiled at his words, he immediately began to pick up the pace so unexpectedly that I let a moan slip. Everyone stared at me wide-eyed. Including FP.

“Sorry, I banged my knee.” I felt my climax begin to rise as I dug my nails into FP’s arm.

“Are you alright? She’s so clumsy sometimes.” FP said while I smiled nodding my head. FP slipped another finger into me. Adding it up to three fingers in total. This brought me to where I needed to be. I bit my lip so hard I made it bleed. No one had noticed because Alice and Hal had been arguing. FP glanced over at me, my pussy tightened around his fingers as my release took over. I leaned over to FP as I whispered into his ear.

“Fuck, FP!” I whispered-yelled biting onto his shoulder. FP chuckled before slowing removing his fingers, lifting them to his lips. He licked them clean without anyone noticing. I tried not to moan as I watched him in awe.

“We should get going. We don’t want to be late.” Betty said standing. The rest of us stood in agreement. FP wrapped his arm around my waist while I leaned over to whisper into his ear.

“I can’t wait for later.” I bit his earlobe as he chuckled.

“Oh baby girl, this is just the beginning.”

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i'm really curious why you draw elves the way you do, i dont think i've ever seen anyone draw them like that before

Well, so here is the thing:

I have a tendency to draw characters I like as snufkin. Like not exactly, but they definitely tends to go towards it. So when I listened to Taz, I realised that Taako would be extremely gratful to make a snufkin of! He is even a travelling wizard, hat and all!

So I decided that I should definitely NOT draw him like snufkin. To challenge myself you know? And to make sure that I didn’t accidentally slip down that hill, I decided to use another character as visual reference! So I chose the Fillyjonk. (Who DEFINITELY doesn’t look like snufkin)

I tried some designs with noses and trying to make a human face, but it just felt. weird. some staright up terrifying. Then I saw a friend who went with a really stylized nose for Taako, so I decided that I’m my own boss! If I don’t want a nose then I don’t have to do one!

And it would be weird if Taako was the only being with a snout in the universe, so I decided that all elves would be like that!


Why are you trembling in front of me like a scared little mouse? ( )

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yousef constantly fucking up doing things and being a dork to the point sana's mom comes her and asks her like why from all the people she decided to be with yousef and she's like i dont know?? and mom asks her when she knew she's in love with yousef and she answers "well maybe the moment he told me he wants 12 children" and mamma bakkoush is like "sana, remember how you were younger and you told me how handsome and strong your future man will be?" and sana is like "shush forget what i said"


but mama bakkoush loves yousef and knows sana couldn’t find better person to spend her life with because he is such a good person and loves her daughter unconditionally but lmao that would so happen im crying t 

send me cute yousana / the balloon squad / the bakkoush siblings headcanons !!

So yesterday someone named @la-petite-marie decided to continue to give me shit for my post on yoonkook and im going to make this post once and for all to point how the person’s behavior was both delusional and rude (bc its getting too long to write out replies) and why he or she should really cut the shit.

Please do not read if you are easily affected by drama.

THIS PERSON decided that I dont know a thing about yoonkook dynamic bc I said I would write a fic about JK pestering Yoongi with his affection and Yoongi being like nooo and Jk ignoring it and literally wanting to carry the agressive Yoongi around. NOW IM GOING TO SAY WHY ATTACKING ME FOR THIS IS DELUSIONAL (this person also told tell me to not tag the post as Yoonkook bc he or she wasnt happy with what i said)

I dont know what your idea of aggressive is but clearly I wasnt going to write yoongi as some violent guy who cusses JK out. And dont fucking tell me that Yoongi is always soft for Jk and that i need to stick to it because welcome to fanfics. Again its fictional. There are no defined answers and thats the beauty of it and if you cant grasp your head around it, I worry about you.

My story idea was about highschool JK who goes after much older Yoongi and yoongi initially not taking any of it. YOONGI MAY BE SOFT FOR JK IN REAL LIFE but in fanfics they dont have to start off knowing each other. They dont have to be in BTS and live just like how they do in real life so congrats youve just just gotten pissy over a start of a work of fiction without bothering to think about the context or where ill take the story. Youve just passed judgement which is something you yourself stated you dont like.

Back to aggressive. Im Korean and I speak fluent Korean. I also speak fluent Daegu dialect bc ive both lived there and my mother is from there and know all about the culture. You may think what does this have anything to do with this…and I will tell you why. Yoongi speaks very aggressively and subtitles do not convey that. In fact, men from Daegu and Busan (Gyeongsan province) are expected to act in a colder manner towards the people they love compared to people from Seoul. Clearly I can pick up on speech pattern done in Korean and actually convey his personality accordingly, so do NOT tell me I dont know what Im talking about and if you think that aggressive speech pattern correlates to actually aggressive behavior then wow you clearly have not met enough people.
On a similar note there is a reason why Jimin is usually portrayed as a cute soft “bottom” among i-fans, while in Korea hes portrayed as the strong willed, biting person no matter who hes paired with. YET do I ever give shit for those people who portray jimin a certain way? NO. Why? Because I can respect people’s differences when it comes to information they come across.

Being a shipper isnt a title. You dont go to school for it and get a diploma out of it. Youre not given the role of some shipping ambassador or diplomat that lets you dictate how a ship should be perceived and if you actually think like this jesus holy hell thats like saying dont talk about apples because i only like oranges and yes lets read that again to see how ridiculous it is. Being a shipper of a certain pair doesnt give you the right to tell other people off for their opinions and if you dont understand this concept than oh boy life is going to get HARD for you when you realize that the planet is filled with people with different opinions. Again no one owns the tag and the only time people are allowed to complain about it is if its wrongly tagged. My post was about yoonkook so I will tag it yoonkook. If you are going to be a baby about it then thats on you and I have zero sympathy for you.

The rule is simple. If you dont like then dont read. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but know that its a two way street if you start talking shit. Get off your high horse. You giving yourself that entitled attitude is like me saying Ive known kpop for longer so you dont know shit. Would I ever say that? No. Why? Because that would be fucking stupid.

So do NOT come at me with that kind of shitty attitude. I dont have patience for the likes of you.

Anyway….I must say. This is the first time someone has given me shit for characterization of all things lol.