i dont know why hes at the olympics

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Ok, let me understand: The 100 didn't tarnish its reputation by having a showrunner bully one of his actors (Ricky), have a white female character IN BROWNFACE AND A BINDI, employing a PA who bullies fans and makes racist comments, and The 100 certainly didn't tarnish its rep by killing poc Wells, poc Anya? And bringing in Pike as a poc to be the Big Bad? I'm so glad the only bad thing that happened was that Jrat baited you (which he did, he's awful).

literally nobody is saying that this is the only bad thing the 100′s ever done. this is just what’s currently being addressed and its what that article was about. if you want to speak out agains the racism in the show be my guest, you’ll have an entire army of fans ready to help you trend shit. or if you wanna just send anons turning the issues into the oppression olympics, i guess you can do that too.