i dont know why he is dressed like this

*record scratch* *freeze frame*

Kangmin: yup, thats me. you’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation

We Don't Talk Anymore (WMatsui)

J : we don’t talk anymore~ we don’t talk anymore~ we don’t talk anymore~ like we used to do~~ *sings bitterly*

SKE48’s members : *stare*

J : we don’t love anymore, what was all of it for?? *sings*

Ryouha : *whispers* is she alright?

SKE48’s members : *shrugged*

J : cause even after all this time I still wonder, why I can’t move on? Just the way you did so easily~~ *still singing*

Akarin : *bites her finger worriedly*

J : dont wanna know, kind of dress you wearing tonight, if he’s holding onto you so tight, the way I did before~ *sobs*

Minarun : our ace had gone mad *nods*

J : I overdose… should’ve known your love was a game~ now I can’t get you out of my brain~ ooh it’s such a shame. *picks her phone* *clicks gallery* *reviewing the old wmatsui pictures* *sobs*


R : *lays on her bed* I just hope you’re lying next to somebody, who knows how to love you like me~ *sings*

Ruby : *stare*

R : Every now and then I think you might want me to come show up at your door~ but Im just too afraid that I’ll be wrong *sobs*

Ruby : (Is she still sane??)

R : dont wanna know, if you looking into her eyes~ if she’s holding onto you so tight, the way I did before~ *sings* *sobs*

Ruby : (my master is crazy!) *barking*

R : I overdose… should’ve known your love was a game~ now I cant get you out of my head, ooh it’s such a shame *tears rolling down her cheeks*

Ruby : *wiggling its tail*

R : *playing Two Roses Song* *Dances with Ruby*


WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore~

SKE48 members : they don’t, they don’t~

WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore~

SKE48 members : they don’t, they don’t~

WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore like we used to do~ we don’t love anymore, what was all of it for? We dont talk anymore like we used to do~

Shippers : you guys don’t talk anymore~ you guys don’t talk anymore~ you guys don’t talk anymore and it’s killing us~

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hello, just curious. i know you see jesse as trans (which is awesome, because you draw him non-sexualized, like an everyday trans guy doing normal stuff) but do you think he experiences dysphoria? im a trans guy myself but my dysphoria is so bad i can't wear anything remotely 'feminine' but i find dresses really beautiful, which is why its interesting to see you drawing a trans man wearing things like that. i know some guys dont have dysphoria, but i was wondering about your thoughts on jesse?

ill be honest, i didnt think about this that much
but id like to think that in the future the Situation is better for LGBT ppl in general so 
mayb he does sometimes, but he has a good support system

BTS: Suga - As A Boyfriend

A/N How did you not see this coming? yoongi is the perfect mix of rude and tough past AND soft and must be protected - it’s my ultimate weakness. I just hope you enjoy this long ass drabble hahahah

Originally posted by minpuffs

  • Where do I start. I must do this right.
  • Getting into a relationship with Yoongi before he reaches 30 will be tough luck I swear. Good job, if you managed to do it because I genuinely think of him as someone who wants to focus on his work just to prove to others (And to himself) that he can succeed in this field.
  • But you sure as hell can be best friends and idk how you guys might meet but let me tell you, Suga is the kind of person you can meet after 5 years and you can pick up from where you left off.
  • Very awkward meetings in the beginning until he finds common ground with your shared hobbies. Say you like to read or you enjoy music too much, he’ll cheer up and start getting into the conversation more.
  • This harabeoji is tired 24x7 please let him live. You’ll have to make sure he remembers you exist in the first few months by constantly checking up on him.
  • “Have you eaten? I mean 3 meals. That’s proper eating. And no, snacks don’t count.” “Yes. I did.”
  • “Have you been sleeping well? Jin said you’ve been working a lot I’m worried.” “yeah I got some shut eye no big deal im good.”
  • “You feel like taking a break? I could come over sometime… i don’t know do you want to?” “No it’s fine.”

Originally posted by jinful

  • The entire relationship seems like you’re doing too much, but its only because it’s the beginning and because you try to make up for the lack of communication he provides, he’s gonna close up more.
  • when you go out of the country for a business trip or something or visit home and he realizes he actually misses you checking up on him all the time. The first time you’re not around (physically or virtually) he realizes just how much he needs your reminders. He forgets his vitamin supplements, he forgets to eat or sleep or take a break and jin jokingly says, “idk how y/n kept you alive.” and yoongi will mutter to himself “I never realized she was doing so much.”
  • When you come back, he’s already outside your apartment and you’re a bit shocked because suga doesn’t just show up like that. You let him in, growing utterly quiet because something is definitely wrong. You sit him down, getting two cups of tea because by now taking care of him is just second nature, and he starts the entire conversation awkwardly.
  • He has a whole lecture prepared for why he is so sorry that he didn’t realize how much you did for him before, he’ll work hard at the relationship, he’ll be the best boyfriend ever, he’ll make more time for you. He kind of just rambles on and on and on and you’ve got to stop him sometime in between.
  • “Do you think so little of our friendship?” You were careful with your words. He needs to be reminded that before you’re his gf or you’re an ARMY, you’re his best friend. That’s not going to change. You don’t expect him to change or up his boyfriend game because that’s not what friends do. Friends compromise and accept you for who you are.

Originally posted by bwiyowo

  • After this though, he does make more time for you and stops by your house more often and suddenly with all this change in the “caregiver” position he realizes little things about you.
  • Like how nervous you get before a meeting, how your family might stress you out or which friends expect too much from you. If you’re the kind of person who can’t say no to those asking for favors - he’ll notice. little things you know? How you NEED atleast 3 cups of tea in a day and you have a certain routine in the morning and if one thing goes wrong, you’re a bit pissed the entire day.
  • He’s going to love this phase and trust me, it’ll show in his songs too. When you’re just being you in the house, he’ll just watch quietly from the couch and you get concerned because “why are you so quiet? something wrong?”
  • “I like watching you be you. It’s relaxing”
  • If that’s not the sweetest way to say i love you, i dont know what will met your cold cold heart.

Originally posted by suga-of-daegu

  • YOUR DATES ARE SO VARYING ITS ANNOYING. One day it’s just a casual cuddle day but instead you guys head home (him coming from work and you coming from uni/work) and just crashing into bed and taking a nap. That’s what adult relationships are about. But some days you get dressed up and he shaves and puts on a dress shirt and  pants and you guys pick a nice place in a small town to visit because sometimes you both need to feel special and sophisticated.
  • but some dates are about going to an orphanage in daegu or an animal shelter and the both of you make a huge donation and just sit there and have lunch with the kids or play with the dogs/cats all day. you can’t help but feel so nice about the entire thing and suga feels like this has been a good day off
  • Basically he looks to you to refresh him and you look up to him to motivate you when you’re in a creative slump. Both of you come from different places and opinions (and ofcourse have things in common) but you guys provide each other with diff perspectives and it changes you. It’s amazing. the entire relationship is just so encouraging and productive, its amazing.
  • There will be days when neither of you want to see each other. The best part about you guys is that you’ve become really good friends through the relationship and because he’s so honest he’ll just tell it like it is. “Y/N i need a break for a while ok?” and no hard feeling, you get that. He needs to have his own time. He loves and encourages you to take some time off too.
  • He’s really into eating alone sometimes and just people watching and you admire him even more for it because how many adults can handle having lunch or dinner alone?

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • He’s a stubborn and mean asshole when he’s on a working trope so you’ll have to end up at his studio and make him eat. Some days you only eat like 5hrs after you get there because he keeps saying “i’ll finish this and we’ll eat” but he doesn’t make it out soon enough and you refuse to eat without him not because that’s the sweet thing to do or anything but because this idiot won’t take care of himself unless he knows he’s hurting someone else in the process too
  • him having the best cheer-me-up speeches ready because he knows what depression and anxiety feels like and he never wants you to experience that without the knowledge that hope is always present and he’ll be your hope.
  • having a marriage like relationship pretty soon. bra is optional and no cute nicknames because you’re “ya” and he’s “oi” and thats enough
  • you helping the kids (i mean the maknae line) out a lot even if some of them might be older to you.
  • he is pretty close with your family and places a lot of importance on maintaining a good rapport with his family because he’d like the same for you and his parents too.
  • being a totally different person around your family or his and you’re like “no stop being nice its creepy i feel like ive been lied to my entire life.” and him being sassy af because “EXCUSE YOU IM NICE DONT SAY SUCH MEAN THINGS GOD Y/N”

Originally posted by sugutie

  • sexual tension galore because both of you workaholics and lone wolfs hate to admit it but you love the idea of needing each other
  • he slips into bed really late at night and pulls you close, his arm winding around your shoulder and bringing you to face him, you unconsciously move your lips to meet his and you guys just keep kissing. soft and slow, in a very dream like state. its kinda blissful and you only realize it the next morning because oh hell bite marks. *blushes a thousand shades of red just thinking about it*
  • Sex is demanded for. “Y/N. YOU ME BED NOW.” and you can try and be sassy to get revenge on him but i don’t think it’ll work. haraboeji has a knack of throwing you over his shoulder and kissing you senseless.
  • doesn’t need lingerie or extensive foreplay just good for some lowkey pleasure centered sex because god life is already too fast paced and you’re home for him.
  • sex just means more to the both of you but that doesn’t mean you’re not KINKY AF ASSHOLES.
  • always making jokes around the boys about what goes down in the bedroom and yoongi faces perpetual second hand embarrassment but namjoon just FRICKING LOVES THE JOKES GOOD LORD BRING IT ON!
  • Jimin tries to kiss yoongi for fan service and you just straight up kiss him on the lips and they’re in the rehearsal space and they’re all staring but you just smirk and say “and that’s how you do it.” and jin finds grudging respect for you but kookie is a blushing mess because THIS IS SOME ADULT SHIT OK

Originally posted by beagletae

  • oh god getting shit drunk with him and coming home disoriented and all you guys can say to each other “is get it off fucking get that shirt off we’re having sex right now”
  • subconscious touching and so much of it. when you come by the studio to meet him (and he is in work-suga mode) you just sort of stay behind and play with his hair and watch the entire process. he plays with your hands when you guys are watching tv. wraps the scarf around you tighter when you’re going out and plays with your ear lobe subconsciously as you tell him about your day
  • loves playing with your hair and reads fanfic over your head
  • probably is reading this right now oh god shit ABORT MISSION
  • but yeah a relationship with yoongi is going to be a lot of work and so hard to settle into but its no joke its not pretty and cutesy and maybe thats why it lasts. you guys end up developing a dependency but youre also aware you guys will be there for each other and that sometimes it means letting the person figure out what they want before telling them what it is.
  • suga is just… he’s my type ok bye

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I’m sorry if its way too long but you know…. suga.

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not christmas~ but, how about the rfa reacting to seeing their female s/o—whose hair is always straightened with her natural hair for the first time—which is madly wild and curly, that wOULD MAKE MY WHOLE MONTH THANK U

i’m here to make your month~! lololololol

~female MC


  • Yoosung saw MC’s natural hair for the first time when he decided to bring her surprise lunch
  •  she answers her door in a t-shirt and jeans, no makeup, her hair in its natural, curly state
  • she opens the door
  • “hey! i thought you might like some-”
  • MC closes the door quickly so that only a little crack of the door is open
  • “Yoosung what the hell?! why didnt you text me or anything?”
  •  “i-i just thought you might like some lunch…”
  • MC sighs
  • she feels like she looks like shit, but she cant just send sweet Yoosung away
  • he brought her lunch…
  • she opens the door to let him in
  • “thank you for thinking of me, Yoosung. come on in”
  • Yoosung gets a good look at her when he comes in
  • “MC! your hair is-”
  • “i know, i know, it’s a mess. just give me a sec and i’ll go put it up”
  • Yoosung grabs MC’s hand as she tries to wake away
  • “no! i mean, um…please keep it down. i’ve never seen your hair curly before, but um…its really cute”
  • “cute? this?”
  • MC scruffs her hair up
  • “this? you actually like this?”
  • Yoosung laces his fingers in MC’s hair and pulls her into a kiss
  • “yea…i like, really like it”
  • Yoosung thinks MC’s curly hair makes her look mature and wow he is really all over that


  • they were getting ready to out to a cast party for Zen’s upcoming musical
  • Zen knocks on the bathroom door
  • “Sweetheart, are you going to be ready soon?”
  • “in a sec, Zen! i just have to straighten my hair
  • “can i come in? it’s a bit lonely out here”
  • he hears MC laughs a little through the door
  • “sure!”
  • Zen comes in to see MC running her fingers through her thick curly hair
  • he’s never seen her with her natural hair
  • and he is SHOOK amazed
  • “you’re going to straighten those gorgeous curls?”
  • Zen moved toward MC, putting an arm around her waist
  • “gorgeous? theres a reason i straighten them out, Zen”
  • Zen takes her waist in both of his hands, pulling her away from the counter and close to him
  • “is it because you thought i’d get too excited? because my god, i really thought there was no way you could get more beautiful, but this…”
  • Zen bites his lip
  • “you really like it that much?”
  • “i love it! can you wear your hair like this to the party? pleeeaassee?”
  • “alright, Zenny. i’ll keep my hair curly just for you”
  • MC pecks Zen on the lips and he’s like keep your chill Zen kEEP YOUR CHILL
  • like she even called him Zenny he loves that uGH


  • Jaehee is lowkey obsessed
  • MC’s curly hair is just such a huge contrast to the way Jaehee is so…
  • well, uptight
  • the short hair and the glasses and the way she dresses…
  • but MC was like a beautiful goddess of nature with her wild, curly hair
  • one day Jaehee kind of called MC out of the blue
  • “whats up, Jaehee?”
  • “i called to ask you something, MC”
  • “ask away!”
  • “why do you straighten your hair?”
  • “um…i dont really know, to be honest. i just think it looks better than my natural hair”
  • “not to be rude, MC, but i have to disagree. i feel as though your natural hair is extremely beautiful,”
  • “oh…really?”
  • “oh well i just mean that-”
  • “i knew what you meant, Jaehee”
  • her face warms up talking to MC
  • “i um…have to go now. have a good day, MC”
  • she hangs up
  • that was so embarrassing???
  • Jaehee cant figure out why she has such a hard time talking to MC sometimes


  • he saw MC’s natural the first time she spent the night
  •  she showered right before going to bed, so he didnt see it till the morning
  • Jumin opens his eyes to see MC’s long, curly hair cascading down her shoulders
  • she looked like a mermaid
  • or a princess
  • or a mermaid princess
  • either way, she looked elegant
  • but like in a different way from typical elegance
  • Jumin want explain it but he loves it
  • he’s in love with it
  • MC wakes up to the feeling of Jumin running his hands through her hair
  • “good morning, Jumin”
  • “good morning, darling”
  • “having fun playing with my hair?”
  • “a little too much, actually”
  • “i bet it looks so messy right now”
  • MC twisted some of her hair with her finger
  • “i think it looks beautiful”
  • MC’s eyes widen and her cheeks turn bright red
  • “beautiful? really?”
  • “of course. i feel like i could just lay in bed all day and run my hands through this gorgeous hair”
  • and he actually ends up being late for work that day because of how unwilling he is to leave MC


  • it happened when Seven forgot his umbrella
  • they were walking around downtown when it started to rain
  • “no worries, you brought an umbrella, right?”
  • “um…about that…”
  • “dammit, Seven!”
  • MC grabs his hand and they run to the nearest covered area
  • but her hair had gotten significantly wet, and thus the damage was done
  • they waited under the awning until the rain cleared up a bit
  • Seven didnt notice her hair until they came out onto the sidewalk again
  • “MC, your hair!”
  • she pulled the hood of her hoodie over her head and tightened the strings so it shut around her face
  • “it wouldnt be like this if you didnt forget the freaking umbrella…”
  • Seven laughed and pulled the hoodie off MC’s head
  • “no, its not like that. you just…”
  • Seven ran his fingers through MC’s hair
  • “you never told me your hair was curly, like mine!”
  • Seven points to his own head of shaggy hair with a big smile
  • “MC, we match!”
  • MC holds some of her hair in her hand and looks at it
  • “yea…i guess we do!”
  • she smiles up at him
  • Seven puts an arm around her as they walk
  • “we make a cute curly headed couple, done we?”
  • “yea, we sure do”



7. “Stop saying you’re sorry!”

23. “I can’t do this without you.”

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Requested by Anon.

Originally posted by reedusgif

Daryl was plopped down against the fence, with his legs pulled up to his chest. You and the gang were getting ready for a little gathering with the others from town. 

“Where’s Daryl?” You asked Rick. 

“Outside. Said he wasn’t going.” He muttered. 

You let out a huff, and rolled your eyes as you made your way to the front door. “That stubborn ass.” You mumbled to yourself. 

As you laid your eyes on the dirty shaggy hair man, you felt your stomach flutter. Sure you had feelings for the guy, but he would never know. You were too scared to tell him. Hell, you were scared to ever admit it to yourself. 

“Why aren’t you dressed?” You asked, walking towards him. 

He shot his gaze up, and shrugged his shoulders. “Dont feel like playin make believe with a bunch of yuppies.” He stated. “Sorry.” 

You sat next to him, your arms brushing against each other. “So you’re just going to sit out here, and starve?” You chuckled. 

Daryl sighed, shifting as he cleared his throat. “Look, I’m sorry I ain’t jumpin on the damn bandwagon and shit. I just ain’t going to change who i am for these people. I’m sorry.” He muttered. 

“Stop saying you’re sorry!” You exclaimed. “I get it. I dont like them either. But this place, there’s food, beds we can sleep on, water, and a fence so no walkers can get in!” You stated. “Daryl, this could be home. If you let it.” 

You two stared into one another. Feeling your heart pound and your breathing fall slow. 

“I can’t do this without you.” You whispered. 

You could’ve sworn you saw his lips twitch, as his eyes softened. 

Without a single word, he propped up on his feet and stretched his hand out toward you. You were hesitant for a moment before grasping on to him. He lifted you off the ground, and pulled you into him. “Thanks.” He mumbled. 

Skinny dipping

 hello! I’m not sure if your still taking requests for scenarios? but I have a smut request if that’s okay.

#1- jungkook- he is your best friend and takes you to celebrate after your graduation. he takes you to celebrate near water (idc if it’s a pool or lake or whatever, you decide) and both of you end up going skinny dipping. after things get heated he confesses? I dunno I love your writing! have fun with it

`A/N Yes of course its okay, I hope you enjoy it ! <3

“Where are we going Kookie” You asked, excitement spreading through your body.

“Its a surprise” He replied smiling as he held your hand tightly.

Jungkook was practically dragging you through the dark streets without a clue in the world of where you two were headed.

“Close your eyes Y/N” Kookie ordered.

You shut your eyes almost immediately taking a deep breath letting your friend guide you blindly. You heard gates rattling and you begin getting nervous. 

“Kookie” you mumbled, squeezing his hand tighter.

“Relax Y/N” he replies.

You felt your body lift up and almost an instant you were on your feet again. You had a bad feeling about this, he was bound to get you both in trouble. His hand found yours again begin walking again, his hands on your waist steadying you.

“Open your eyes.”

You were shocked, you attempted to say something but nothing came out. You looked around, the little picnic he made for you. The cake that had your name on it and the two glasses of wine adjacent from each other.

“Kookie its beautiful, I love it. But you brought us to a pool. A closed pool, we are going to go to jail for trespassing” you sighed folding your arms.

“Dont worry. We wont get caught” he smiled as he lead you to the cloth that was spread down on the ground. 

You both sat down on the cloth as he handed you a glass of wine.

“A congratulations toast. Finally your graduating high school” he teased in a playful tone.

You let out a soft laugh as you two glasses clinked together before taking a swift.

“You know. No one has ever done this for me before” you smiled,

“You mean broke into a closed pool and created a picnic for you” Jungkook winked.

“Yes” you laughed making him join you with his silent laugh.

“Well I always wanted to do this” he slowly said.

“Do what” before you could get all the words out his lips were on yours.

You hesitantly kissed him back. You never knew he wanted to kiss you. He was your best friend and you didn’t think about things like that. But this kiss made things heated really fast.

His lips were perfectly syncing with yours almost as if they were made for each other. His tongue rolled over your lips and fighting your tongue for dominance. His hands pulled your face closer together giving you no choice but to relax in the kiss.

Your hands found its way to his hair dark hair as you pulled him closer to you. You attempted to straddle him only for his lips to pull away. He then moved away from you to take off his shirt.

“Woah. Why are you stripping” you asked laughing.

“We cant go into the pool with our clothes on Y/N.”

He was right. But you didnt know how to swim. You weren’t a fan of pools and you werent going to pretend like you were.

“I dont like the water” you frowned, crossing your arms.

“Its okay. Y/N, I be with you the whole time” he smiled.

You let out a eyeroll as you pulled your dress down, in your panties and bra. You covered your body. He had seen you in a bikini before but it felt different because you were in a bra and panties not a bikini.

Jungkook jumped into the water, laughing as he splashed some on you.

“Yah” you whinned from the cold water touching your feet.

You saw Jungkooks boxers float to the top of the water and you let out a gasp.

“Yah! What are you doing?” you asked.

“Skinny dipping. Come on Y/N. Are you going to let me freeze in the water by myself” he joked.

You rolled your eyes before jumping into the water next to your friend.

“You so owe me for this Jungkook” you said, determined to make him pay.

His arms grabbed you bringing you down into the water with him, seconds later you found yourself at the top of the water gasping for air.

“I hate you” you coughed, splashing water into his face.

Snickering escaped your friend as he rubbed the water out his face.

“You know, that’s not fair. You have to take that off too. I cant be the only naked one here” he implied.

You rolled your eyes before sliding your soaked panties off your lower half and letting the water rise them up. You then unclasped your bra letting the water take heed of them as well.

You gave him a false smile as you crossed your arms over your breast. Even though he couldn’t see them through the water, it was still uncomfortable. But Jungkook didnt mind, his eyes were on you lips as he slowly glided around in the water to get to them.

His lips were once again pressed on yours. Your arms unfolded from around your breast to hook it around his neck. He picked you up by your thighs as he leaned you on the rim of the pool. You could feel his hardened member brush over your lady parts making you moan.

This wasn’t at all how you expected to celebrate graduation.

Jungkooks lips left your lips to kiss your ear and neck softly.

“You know I have been bottling these feelings up for so long” he breathed between kisses.

Feelings? What kind of feelings?

“What kind of feelings” you moaned.

“I don’t care for you or like you….” he trailed off.

Your heat stopped and you wanted to push him off you.

“I love you Y/N.. and I always have” he smiled at you before latching his lips back on to yours.

“I love you to Kookie.”

His fingers slid down you naked body to play with you clit, making you squirm in the water. Then he inserted two fingers inside of you making you moan and throw you head back.

“Do you want me to fuck you here or over there” he asked you making you bite your lip.

But you took to long to reply as he was lifting you body up again to exit the pool and lay you on the picnic blanket.

His eyes trailed your body up and down to stare at every exposed flesh. Licking his lips in excitement, he spread your legs and begin to finish fingering you. A pit in your stomach forms as you felt your walls closing in on his fingers.

“Kookie” you moaned, grabbing his arm.

“cum for me Y/N” he taunted as his fingers sped up.

You released your juices on his fingers and he slowly licked it off him before entering you without warning.

“Ahh. Fuck” you moaned tightening your legs around his waist.

His thrust were slow and deep making sure he let you feel all of his length. You were moaning out his name in slow breaths until he went a little faster.

The sounds of skin slapping skin and his groans and your moans filled the closed area. Your nails digging into his back as he went faster and deeper inside of you.

“You feel so good princess” he moaned.

You could feel your walls close in on him a second time and you both knew you were close. You high pitched moans filled the whole pool as you came undone. Moments and thrusts later Jungkooks thick liquid filled you up as you caught your breath.

“I always wanted to do that to” he let out an exhausted smirk.

“Shut up. But we should probably leave before someone catches us.”


I hope you like it. I’ve been working on it for a while now !

Just a sample of Graham Norton’s Eurovision comments

“the song means ‘Don’t Forget’, but I think we will” - France

“you can tell how excited they were.. Skateboarding, in the rain, in a park.. ‘Thanks a bunch.. Dankeschön..’” - Estonia’s Postcard

“that was worse than i remember, I would have warned you, in rehearsals it wasn’t that bad..” - Armenia

“but luckily.. no let’s go with luckily, she survived” - Lithuania’s Postcard

“he says he did something awful, it may be this song” - Norway

“Australians can vote for Electro Velvet, so if you any relatives over there give them a nudge, we’re not above begging..” - Australia

“They drew the short straw, how grim does this look?” - Austria’s Postcard 

“he’s had a career spanning 2 decades, maybe 3, probably 4..” - Montenegro

“apparently theres a real shortage of Botox in Montenegro, I dont know why” - Montenegro

“so they just said ‘you do it’, and now look at her, skiing in a wind tunnel” - Germany

“its Sia-lite” / “this is one of the worst song titles tonight” / “She’s dressed like a novelty toilet brush to be honest.” - Latvia

“so the suitcases represent that, or they don’t trust security in the dressing rooms” - Romania

Yep, she went with her nickname ‘Boggie’, she could’ve chose anything, Trixie Bell, Flu Flu.. But no, ‘Boggie’.. - Hungary

“You still there? Its over..” - End of Hungary’s performance

“the outfit tonight does contain some roadkill.. Song 23, did they die in vain?” - Georgia

“largest floating stage in the world, so many people vying for that title..” / “you’ll be distracted by the.. oh lets call them dancers.. surely its choreographed” - Azerbaijan

“don’t put the kettle on during this, it is tempting” / “..she won the voice, and now look, she driving a snowplough, dreams can come true” / “okay its 3 minutes you’ll never get back, but think of it this way, you’ll never have to hear it AGAIN.”- Albania

“there’s going to be a recap now, you know the drill”

“’He’s getting beer to numb the pain’. That’s the way”

“Watching this was your first date and your still together?”

“40 countries are voting tonight. Yup.. 40, countries…”

“It’s not killing much time, is it?”

“time for another awkward chat, this time in Italian”

“’we would like to listen to a little bit of your song’ yes, a little.”

“he’ll probably be old enough to enter by time the voting’s finished”

“this is where we feign interest..”

“she thinks we remember her entering with a song called ‘Marry Me’, we don’t.”

“now give us the 8, 8, say it, 8″

“no fountain, just smog… it really makes you want to go”

“I hope so, it will keep me interested and awake”

“’I want to be there, but well’.. that restraining order..”

“children’s entertainer much?”

“Star Trek the musical, hello”

“to be honest I’ve forgotten they were in it”

“obviously dress down Saturday in Denmark”

“its like a bit of shed has came off and hit her in the neck”

“there’s a country doing much better than it should”

APH Denmark: Sometimes he wears simple t-shirts, sometimes he wears classy outfits. It all depends on the day honestly (and whether or not he is hung over). His usual military coat is pretty stylish, and I think he would wear less formal coats that are similar to it when dressing casually. Underneath it, though, would be a total mystery.

APH Finland: Finny would look really cute in sweater vests. Kind of like the one he wore in the World Series episode of the nordics, only less formal. The vest would be button up, the shirt underneath would have shorter sleeves, and the pants might be looser. 

APH Sweden: I dont know why, but I think that Sweden would look really good in plaid shirts. They would have to be a little longer and looser to accommodate his size, but he would look really good. Especially if the sleeves went to his elbows. His pants wouldn’t be too casual though, since overly loose fitting pants make him feel really awkward.

APH Iceland: It is already canon that he wears Lopapeysas quite often (Icelandic sweaters), and I think he would kind of keep to the sweater thing but with a different style. He might like a looser fitting sweater with skinny jeans or something. His sweater would always have a small design or pattern on it; not too small, but not overly flashy either. 

APH Norway: He would be kind of on the hipster side, but not totally. He might wear v-neck shirts and sweaters every once in a while too. When he went out anywhere though, he would always be one classy shit. He would be dressed to the nines in a men’s pea coat and fancy scarves. And he would be the kind of guy to always wear black gloves.

- Chella

Dumb Kingsman doodles:

Fawn colored Dobie!Merlin!

Eggsy: FUCK! A big fuckin dog! Where the hell is Merlin!? Is this the dog he chose?
Roxy: …It is dressed like him…
Eggsy: …ehehe Yeah it is… looks like a an old wimp in those glasses…

Merlin: >:C //GROWLING.

Eggsy/Roxy: EEP!
Harry: … Merlin?

Merlin: :)!!! //jumps up and licks
Harry: Honestly I dont even want to know how this happened Merlin….
Eggsy: >:/ Whys he nice to only you…
Roxy: … you called him old… and a wimp…

…I was goin somewhere with this but it was late so I never finished and dont remember what was happening…

If youre curious and I know you are! Eggsy would be a Pitbull, Roxy would be an English Setter, and Harry would be a Flat Coat Retriever…
Merlins a Dobie because hes wearin a Dobie sweater… and Dobies in sweaters are cute. :’o and also Mark Strong looks like a Doberman…

OTP. Gazentine


Itd be more like… Gazelle the Professional….

Theyre fighting over whos got the cutest old nerd.
Which is dumb because all those old nerds are cute. :’y
They should pool their old nerds together…

:’u Merlin not liking the cold and bundles up… ((In Lord Blackwoods huge fur and leather long coat!!)) Harrys tryin to get it.

Hes mad cuz u didnt ask 2 cuddle and thats rude.
He appreciates the warmth probably.

headcanon: hartley may act like he thinks cisco is dumb but he knows he isn’t

the reason why hartley started to pick on cisco the moment he walked in is because he’d always been a perfectionist, dressing impeccably, making sure nothing was out of place and then this kid just rolls in wearing a pop culture reference t-shirt and ponytail who was just as capable and just as smart as him and he was angry at him because he felt like cisco could do all the things he could do without even trying 


Here are some fan art I’ve made of  Piippu’s depiction of Gaster and Goopy. The artist draws them all in interesting situations, and I like them a lot. I know they draw a lot of KingDings, so I sketched some stuff about Goopy as a Bride, and stuff.

Honestly,Goopy in a wedding dress is the best!

Here’s a link to Piippu’s page. http://pornojalka.tumblr.com/post/146410014107/did-this-i-dont-remember-when-but-just-fukin-take

*Eva and Drake at the backstage of the tour #WEREMARRIEDANDURNOT including me, J Cole and themselves*

Drake: *breathing heavily* u gon get this dick

Eva: Aubrey:)… we have to perform together in 10 minutes

Drake: Ok and? U and me both know I last 3 minutes so that wont be a problem

Eva: *laughing* Aubrey honey, u last like 15 seconds 

Drake: *covers Eva’s mouth with one hand* EVA! *whispers* I know that but what did I tell you about letting me brag about my non-existent skills during tour? The boys are always around and they might hear you!

Eva: Cmon I’m sure they-

*Chubbs comes out from the bathroom laughing and moves past both of them*


Eva: Hey… baby maybe he didn’t hear it

Drake: Did u not see the look he gave me?

Eva: Why are u so ashamed of the truth anyways Aubrey? Its not that bad babe and they’re your friends

Drake: Eva u dont understand they can be very harsh sometimes and we know that im a little emotional-

Eva: *kisses his nose* Don’t worry honeybun Chubbs won’t tell anyone

*Eva and Drake go to the dressing room holding hands only to find Nicki and Chubbs laughing about something*

Eva: Hey Nicki what yall talkin about

Nicki: Oh nothin just discussing if i should change my lyrics in an upcoming song

Drake: Oh well why didn’t u come to me! You know I’m always down to help u!

Nicki: Okay well.. *giggles and side eyes Chubbs* i was thinking of changing “he only lasts 6 seconds like a vine” to “he only lasts 15 seconds like instagram”

Me: *gagging*



PLL 6X02 Songs of Innocence: First Impressions & Thoughts + What’s Up with Aria’s Dress? + Something Big going on with Hanna + Loving this Ali! + Oh Andrew I Feel for You + Many More Things Wrong with Aria + Does Kenneth Really Know about Charles?

hey guys , so tonights ep was absolutely my fave! imm just list a couple things that stuck out to me and basically my first impressions:p

1. Lorenzo…. i couldn’t believe he was on PLL if anyone is familiar with the tv show Single Ladies, then you’ll know him from that show, interestingly he played  a gay character on that show, now its looking like him and ali are building some kind of budding friendship..maybe relationship? so far loving his character, finally someone who doesn’t know ali (please mar dont turn this guy shady), i think this is very good for ali, to see her in a different way with someone she doesn’t know, and show us this side of ali that we haven’t seen.

2. I’m definitely getting those toby shady vibes again dammit! its this look he gives that he would always give back in season 1 when he was hella shady, and it seems like the creep factor just keeps popping up with toby. I still cant trust this guy. We all saw that intense exchange with him and ali, i know toby might still have some grudges against ali , but i honestly think theres more between these 2 that we dont know about. I really don’t believe toby showed up THAT NIGHT just to thank ali for freeing him from jenna. Toby and that night still don’t add up to me.

3. SOMETHING IS GOING ON WITH HANNA, out of all the girls it really seems like hanna may have been tortured the most ,as to why? i have no clue but something big is going on with hanna, and i always had this sense about hanna knowing way too much, i think she knows alot of things that she keeps to herself, A might know about this.

4. Now we see the girls dealing/using their coping mechanisms in their own way, but this was interesting to me, and i think it was meant to show us some vulnerabilities with the girls, and maybe some new sides we haven’t seen before.

5. I DONT THINK ARIA WAS TAKING HER MEDS I found it a little brow raising when aria talked about the meds the docs gave her, and place emphasis on the meds in particular for being  “anxious” why those meds? its interesting they gave her these, makes me wonder if this is a staple pill she has been prescribed before. LIKE DAUGHTER LIKE FATHER? not only do we know byron is impulsive and anxious but now we can confirm aria is the same. We’ve seen this anxious behavior before in past seasons. In tonights ep, she was anxious all over the place, she lied right in front of us. (yeah like she hasn’t before, but this time was different,we saw how impulsively easy it is for aria to lie on a dime, & how it comes naturally to her, we know shes been doing this since she was little girl lieing to her parents (as mike said) constantly , and being good at it, it almost makes me want to place jessica as her mother, someone who has no problem making their children lie, seems like aria had the same treatment hmm)

6. HAS ARIA NOT LEARNED BY NOW ok this really bugged me about aria, and jsut makes her more suspicious as to why she wants to force the belief to herself and to everyone that andrew is A that he is the one. She was the only one so certain about this , while everyone else was a bit skeptical, because they should all know by now that A sets up people to be A. It’s like aria is overly doing it , while everyone else is pretty calm and not really wanting to point the finger at andrew completely. 

7. STOP MEN? ok what was up with aria’s dress? now we know her clothing can be described as sending messages to us, and alot of the time they can reflect on her mood, she wears stuff to match her mood etc. I read STOP MEN on the dress, i think thats what it said, so what could that mean? Again, its strange behavior from aria , does she have something against men in general in her life? does it start with byron? we know byron has expressed not protecting aria in the past and we know the unhealthy relationship they have with keeping secrets. its not the first time she has 100% been settled on who A is and quickly wants to place blame on people without evidence. Thats anxious impulsive behavior that can be dangerous, also we’ve seen unstable behavior when she grabbed maggies box, trashed ezras place, blowing a rape whistle at ali, instantly believing ali attacked her and that she’s A etc. Let’s not forget , aria had an actual patient file. I really think theres alot going on with aria mentally, the way she handles situations, copes, reacts, hmm something is off.

8. When aria has a flashback, she seems very in control of her feelings compared to the other girls, not much expression on her face. Shes handling this alot easier than the rest of the girls, she jetted to the police station to blame andrew, aria seems to be trying to control things. I really dont believe her excuses as to why she impulsively went down to the station & told that lie, she talks about parts of her brain doing this and that, just like she talked about her face doing this and that and not agreeing with her etc. This all seems strange about aria,she sure can control things but can she control herself? is her mental state not ok?

9. SO DOES KENNETH REALLY KNOW ABOUT CHARLES DILAURENTIS? now what if he doesn’t know? we know jessica was keeping secrets from him about the the yellow dresses , making ali believe the lies, jessica was constantly lieing to kennneth, he probably doesnt even know about half the things jessica was doing behind his back. can anyone explain the 2 yellow dresses and the 2 campbell farm boys? Lets not forget, spencer came to the conclusion, came to the name CHARLES, spencer can still be wrong here, and marlene has no choice but to support spencers findings to us viewers. This door could still open to being something else imo.

10. i felt so bad for andrew! i was pissed toby tried to beat him up, like i understand maybe he really thinks andrew IS THE GUY, but even toby should know by now how A works, does any of these people not get how A works by now? -_-

11. i also felt bad for emily, i felt bad for everyone except aria, yeah sorry but nothing she did made me feel any remorse, i was too distracted by her trying to blame andrew and wondering what that dress was about, honestly, everyone had genuine pain and troubles you can see it , but i didn’t get that with aria…again -_-

12. Last thought on aria, I think i can officially say i dont trust SPARIA i do not trust aria around spencer, i do not like that aria called spencer over and bam spencer has access to those pills, i never been a fan of team sparia, it doesn’t seem like a good match, i feel spencer is weak and less smart around aria, i really feel aria treats spencer like a puppet, and influences spencers decisions, that end up going nowhere, dead ends etc. maybe its just me. I wouldnt be surprised if aria picked spencer to be tortured IF that what the ”sorry” was about -_-

13. Imagine how crazy it is for the girls to be tortured that? to have to choose. Knowing who they choose says alot, and this was probably the plan to get them to separated once its revealed who they chose. It may or may not go that way, but it seems like thats where were headed.

ok thats all i got for my first impressions and thoughts, i was happy to see the mothers again tonight! hope you guys enjoyed the ep! :p

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Do you know any Seiyuu's ideal girlfriend? I hope you receive this message. #^_^#

very roughly translated XD

Male seiyuu 

Sugita Tomokazu  -independent 

Sukurai takahiro - cute 

Nakamura Yuuichi - female white smooth skin

Hosoya Yoshimasa  -  mature thinking women

Tatsuhisa Suzuki - female with nice neck

 Hanae Natsuki- someone who is like yuffie kisaragi from fanal fantasy VII

 Ishikawa Kaito - girls with short hair

Eguchi Takuya - girls with short, sporty hair

Maeno Tomoaki -Nape

Terashima Takuma - some who is annoying, outgoing and cheerful but she needs to shut up when he read his porn xD

Female seiyuu

Hanazawa Kana - black hair ,suit, wears glasses , Dress appropriately

( i will research more tomorrow and hopefully add it on (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

if would like to add more please just message me and i’ll add it on as soon as possible (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Thank you to 

mossmallow ( im sorry ,i dont know why i cant tag you T^T)- http://mossmallow.tumblr.com


CAUGHT IN THE ACT (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely forthedaisy :3}

A/N-Its been a while since Ive written a smutty one lol x3

“Are you sure your parents arent gonna be back soon?” Asked your boyfriend Andy, a little breathless as he was on top of you, kissing you all over, one hand stroking your cheek, another pulling your dark grey v neck, exposing your see through black lace bra.
“Dont worry…I know them…and they will come home later…” You assured him trying to catch your breath.
With that being said, Andy continued to do his amazing job of arousing you. At moments his oh so wet and warm tounge would replace his lips on your neck. Causing you moan a little, you were enjoyin every bit of this moment, his hands feeling you all over your tender body. He went down a little you pulled your shirt even more, completely exposing your bra. His long fingers tracing your clevelage, feeling the fabric of the black lace.
As his perfectly shaped and soft lips were about to meet your breasts, you froze and held his head tightly pressed against your boobs.
“Shit…” you whispered.

Andy struggled a little to get himself up, but you held him down on you.
“Hmmm!!! mmmm!!! mmmmmmm!!!” he muttered loudly.
You smacked his head and shushed him.
“Be quiet babe, I think my parents are home…” you whispered loudly.
“Hmmm?!!!!” he muttered loudly again.
“I said shut up!” You tell him once more through your teeth clentching together. There was complete silence for a moment, Andy still trying to get up, he couldnt breathe with his face burried and squished in your tits.
Your eyes widend as you heard your father’s voice, even more when you heard your mother’s.
“Fuck!” you said pushing Andy away. He gasped for air and even opened your window.
“Dammit babe you were drowning me!” He says huffing.
“Im so sorry love but my parents are home, I just heard them, you need to get out of here.” You warned. He looked down on himself then back at you, “The hell am I supposed to do about THIS?!” He questioned pointing down.
“Sorry..youre gonna have to take care of that on your own.”
“Fucking great.”
“Sorry again, now go out the window before they come in!” You opened your window a little more wider and he was able to escape.

“Till tomorrow my love…” He says dramatically waving at you from the ground.
You giggled and blew him a kiss which he caught and left running before your mom and dad spotted him.
You sighed of relief and quickly ran to your mirror, changing your shirt, and fixing your messy hair.
You gasped when you saw your doorknob turning.
You jumped on your bed and wrapped yourself in your blanket even though your body was still heated from what almost happend.
Your dad came in and you shut your eyes pretending to be asleep.
“(Y/N)? Honey you sleeping?”
“Hmm..” was your response.
“Sorry sweetie, I didnt know you went to sleep early, goodnight.” Said your dad kissing your head and leaving your room.
As soon you heard your door close again you got back up and pulled Andy’s leather jacket from under you. You held it close to you and sniffed it, it smelled just like him, so manly and captivating. You cuddled with it the entire night.

The next day, you were walking home, remembering about last night and just laughing. You were hoping for it to happen again without interruptions, and lucky for you, your parents were going away to visit a relative, which of course you told them that you werent gonna go because you had an important project to work on in school.
As you came home, your parents were giving you a stern look.
“Hey mom hey dad.” you greeted.
“(Y/N) we need you to be completely honest with us.” says your mom.
“Honest about what?”
“Have you been seeing this boy Andy when we told you not to?” she asked.
Nothing irritated you more than your parents interrogating you. Both your mom and dad hated Andy with a passion, they never accepted him just because of the way he dressed, his tattoos, his music, etc.
Like every parent who never understands, they saw Andy as nothing more than a devil worshipper.

“Why do you ask?” you questioned back.
“Because we dont know what goes behind our backs young lady so its best to come clean right now.” Warned your father.
You shook your head and crossed your arms above your chest, “So youre saying that you have no trust in whats so ever, well if thats the case, then I have no reason to talk to you guys at all!” you yelled storming off to your room.
Your dad was about to tell you something but your mom stopped him. You remained in your room until they left the house.
Whenever your parents visited a relative they would be gone for a very long time.
You hated that you werent honest with them about seeing Andy, but it wouldve gone bad for you either way, so there was no point of telling them the truth.
Later on, you called Andy over, of course he came, especially when you told him your parents werent home.
He held you close to him on his crossed legs, gently rocking you back and fourth, giving you sweet and tender kisses all your face and lips, petting your sweet smelling and soft hair.
“I just dont get it…why cant my parents just be understanding? I feel like I cant talk to them about anything, theyre like complete strangers, I really wish they didnt see you the way they do.”
You said hugging him.
“Aww baby, I know you do, I wish they didnt hate me either, but, as long as they just look at my appearance Im always going to be bad to them.”
“Well I dont care, I love you the way you are.”
He leaned his forehead against yours and smiled.
“Back at ya beautiful.” He gently mumbled. You kissed his lips and he burried his face into your neck.

He sniffed you out a little and smirked. “Are you wearing the perfume I like?”
You giggled and nodded, “Mhmmm.” you hummed.
“You know how that scent gets to me (Y/N).”
“Well then take it all in.”
You knew that perfume of yours turned him on, its how he got on you last night.
You felt really tingly inside when you lips making out your neck.
“Hmmm..” he groaned almost growling, you loved it when he made that sound.
He pulled the strap down of your top and then his lips proceeded to kissing your shoulder.
Gently laying you down on your bed.
He was pressed against you so much that you him getting hard as his gripped your breasts like before, sliding your top off, you doing the same with his shirt.
Your breaths getting hotter, your lips wetter as the kiss became deeper and sexier.
His tounge going inside your mouth, your lips sucking on it, moaning as you were doing so.
“Uuhhh..” you cooed, when his hands were replaced by his lips sucking on your nipples, the rush and the high of his wet lips feeding off your breasts made your body heat up and sweat even more.
Soon you took the rest of each other’s clothes off. Both your nude and sweaty bodies against each other once more.
He became even more harder than before, he wanted to be inside you badly and you wanted it so much too.
“Im sorry baby I can contain myself…” he whispered heavily.
“Its okay…” you whispered back.
With all his strength opened your legs and pulled you against him, tracing your inner thighs and private part making you have another orgasm.
His hard groin now moving inside of you, he groaned even louder and your orgasm became very high as well.

The amount of pleasure you were both feeling was sensational. Your bodies trembling at the addrenaline, Your breathing becomming even more heavier. Sweat dripping down your heads.
You thighs were on on fire, the more he grinded into you, the deeper you wanted him to go, the wetter you were getting. You felt like you were gonna cum at any moment now, but you didnt care, you didnt want this moment to end.
You got up sat him down, with your parts still conntected, now you wanted to be the one to make him extra happy.
He held you by the waist looking up at you as you wrapped your legs around him.
You contined to hump him, going up and down or going around in circles or just grinding slowly.
Your hot lips met again, but your moaning kept interrupting you from kissing him.
It was almost over, he felt like pulling out of you any minute now, he laid you back down on your bed and pinned you by your wrists giving you a villan smile.
“Thanks sexy but Im in charge here.” he roughly said. You bit your bottom lip feeling his tattooed arms up and down.
“Then finish the job…” you striked back.
He continued but then suddenly..
You froze and you slowly turned your head to the door, where your shocked parents were standing.
“M-mom..d-dad!!” you stuttered.
“YOU!!” Screamed your father to Andy.
“Oh shit!!” Shouted Andy, quickly pulling out of you and getting off.
“Youre dead come here!!!” He tried to grab Andy but he was too fast for him, you pulled the blanket over yourself and tried to stop them.
Luckily Andy managed to escape out the window.
You couldnt help but laugh because he was still naked when he jumped out, but you saw that he quickly put on his clothes and ran away.

“Dammit!!” Your dad said punching the wall.
They both stared at you in shock, you didnt know what to say, so there was just silence.
Not even a whisper came out of either one of you.
And thats how the rest of the night was, nothing but awkward silence.
Two weeks has passed since you and Andy were caught, your were grounded, your phone was taken away, also your laptop, so you had zero communication with Andy. It was hard for you not to see him, and of course it was also hard for him too.
Your mother kept making you take pregnancy tests, and it always came out negetive or a sad face. Your father kept talking to you about STDs, life was miserable.
Now you were just sitting on your room reading one of your favorite books, but suddenly you heard a rock being thrown at your window.
You opened it and your face lit up seeing your boyfriend waving and smiling at you.
“Andy! what are you doing here? we cant see each other!”
“I dont care, I had to see you!”
“Aww, I miss you!” you tell him with a cute pout.
“I miss you too a lot! look, no matter how long your parents keep us apart, I promise you I will never leave you okay?” he says. You smiled and nodded, you were worried about that happening, but now that he told you those words, you didnt have a worry in the world. “Back at ya handsome.”
“HEY!!!” Shouted your dad.
“Shit! I love you babe!!” Said Andy running away.
You laughed and sat back down on your bed, grabbing his leather jacket that you still had from under your pillow, holding it tight and smiling…
“I love you too Andy…”

(True love never fails x3)