i dont know why but i just want a piggyback ride from him

Imagine...Being Early

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Request: Could you write a fic when the reader is pregnant (it’s Sam’s) and stays with Jody because she don’t want to be alone in the bunker because she’s almost due and then contractions start?

Pairing: Sam x reader

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Haechan as a Boyfriend. . .

Anonymous said: What would Haechan be like as a boyfriend?? (I dont know if you do these, but I’m so curious and you’re so good at writing 😊) thanks!

A/N ookayyy, my first NCT request, and to make it better, it’s for my child. here you go anon

Other Boyfriend Scenarios:

Jeno II Haechan II Renjun II Jaemin

  • the biggest pain in the ass you could ever deal with
  • always has something to say about how you do things, ‘why do you have to brush your teeth like that??’, ‘can’t you be more lady-like when you trip??’
  • but he adores you either way, and is always only joking
  • he wouldn’t want you to change for the world
  • the tiniest things you do make this smol boy soft
  • the way your eyes get wide when you get excited about something, the way you get flustered about certain things so easily and he can tease you [I’ll elaborate further on this later], your little habits like biting your nails, or biting your bottom lip or twirling your hair etc.
  • he loves ‘em all and watches you  – his eyes literally shining with adoration, he just can’t help it
  • So back to you getting flustered, when this happens, Haechan loves to tease you further about your heated cheeks or nervous fiddling of your fingers or stumbling over your words. 
  • He always has a huge smile while joking about how nervous you look, sometimes copying your actions
  • Tho he would make up for it by buying you your favorite dessert or watching the movie you want on movie night
  • Though if anyone else tried to tease you Haechan is to your rescue with affection and sweet words – he isn’t a confrontational person so he wouldn’t tell the person off, but he’d instead comfort you and counter their teasing words with his own sweet compliments for you
  • though if it was the other members he’d be a little more confident in throwing a quit and witty insult at them
  • Random teasing texts throughout the day when he can’t see you, 'hey, i found this picture of a turkey on the internet, its your long lost twin 😘' 
  • then a few minutes later he would send a picture of a cute fluffy animal (like a kitten) and be like 'oh, did i forget to mention that the turkey is your ugly twin? this kitten is you.. i miss you babe’
  • When you guys go on dates it would be more like best friends going out to chill, but there would be little hints from him to the people around you guys that you’re a couple
  • like him intertwining his hand with yours, him casually pulling you closer by the waist when he wants you to see something on the store shelf that he likes, Haechan calling you Jagiya like it’s your name and in his loud ass voice just to embarrass you too
  • then you two excessively bowing and apologizing to the store owner who’s  scolding you because you got too loud from you not-so-quietly telling your boyfriend to shut up and in return Haechan calling you Jagiya  L O U D E R
  • playing random games while taking a rest on a bench after you guys spent most of the day store hopping ex: who can spot the most red cars first, i spy etc.
  • though he’d lowkey be sweet af to you through out your dates every single time asking questions like, 'you want to stop here and grab a snack?’ because he’s worried you guys walked too much and doesn’t want your feet to hurt
  • carries your purse and/or your shopping bags – but F A K E complains 'cause he doesn’t want to seem soft
  • but he’s actually more than happy to carry all your bags for you and would even go as far as to give you a piggyback ride as well if it was asked of him
  • random acts of skinship between you two
  • you’d be sitting across from each other and just naturally your feet would gravitate towards each others – your feet would justend up resting on top of his comfortably,  and he wouldn’t even care or really notice cause its just so natural and quirky like your whole relationship
  • on a more serious note, if you were to get into fights, Haechan’s whole demeanor would change from bright and bubbly to cold and quiet
  • he would give you the cold shoulder, his responses to you short and snappy
  • he’d quickly feel bad, but his pride and stubborn ways would get in the way of him apologizing and talking it over with you
  • you would need to patiently help him out and coax him to talk
  • the second you guys talk it out, the Haechan you love and adore is back instantly
  • it’s like the fight never happened and he’s back to his old ways of teasing and jokes
  • he’s just so relieved you guys aren’t fighting any more because he really missed you
  • no matter how tough he tries to act, you’re his safe place, and he relies on you a lot to be there when he’s having a hard time, feels like giving up or is under too much stress
  • though he still tries to hide his weaknesses from you, but sometimes he slips up
  • mark is like your lawyer in this relationship, if you’re having another bickering fest with your boyfriend, Mark’s got your back and you’re both smirking while your boyfriend is sulking and complaining
  • there will be times when Haechan faces this new and self-changing emotion called J E A L O U S Y
  • and because he’s so unfamiliar with this odd and unnerving feeling in his gut he gets very clingy and even sometimes snappy towards the boy responsible for making him jealous if they try to talk to him
  • at the beginning of the relationship he’d  be in denial about him being jealous, though later on he’d be more honest about his jealousy – this just has to do with his trust and comfort with you
  • as your relationship progresseshis admiration and love for you would grow
  • mainly cause you an put up with him so well 
  • but also just because with every new thing he learns about you fascinates himand makes you 10x more beautiful than before in his eyes
  • he treasures you so damn much, and he’d show it through those random moments when he’s the mature one and becomes the caretaker in the relationship
  • he loves and adores you and you shouldn’t doubt it even if sometime it’s hard to tell
  • he works really hard to show his love, but he’s still a shy smol bean and it’s sometimes scary for his smol bean heart

anonymous asked:

Hiya! I know this highly sensitive, you're absolutely not obligated to do this request but recently, family have been making morbid "jokes" to me like "go kill yourself" and "go slit your wrists", I try not to let it affect me,I was wondering could you do RFA reactions to MC going through a situation like this, please? Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

DON’T LISTEN TO THEM!!!!!!! If ANY of you need to talk i’m here OK! 


~You guys were visiting your family for a few days and it started off well
~They loved Yoosung and everything
~Then you guys were talking and suddenly your brother “jokingly” says “Go kill yourself”
~Everyone laughs and Yoosung holds you a little tighter
~The same thing happens over and over and finally YOUR OWN MOTHER GOES
~”Just go slit your wrists”
~Everyone laughs
~Not Yoosung
~He grabs your arm and just walks out 
~No explanation is needed he’s had enough
~Cuddles and video games all night


~Your mom was over there staring and your sister was doing the same
~He felt kinda uncomfortable but he got through it
~Then your mom pulled you aside
~”MC your not good enough for him he probably only is dating you because he felt bad”
~”Yeah Go kill yourself Zen obviously wants me”
~Taken back by your sister and mother your run into Zens arms
~He grins and hugs you back
~”Did my little princess miss me”
~He sees your tears and his smile fades 
~”Zen I wanna go home”
~He looks confused but excuses you two to go home
~You cuddled into his arms and tell him the entire story
~”I promise that I will never ever leave you”


~Jaehee is getting bad vibes from family
~Tells you and you tell her shes just being paranoid
~Your pulls you aside
~”MC I didn’t know you were a lesbian go die in hell”
~Your sister joins in to
~”Why don’t you go and slit your wrists”
~You run into living room and whisper in Jaehee’s ear what happend
~Takes you home makes some coffee and puts in a Zen DVD 
~Happiness 101 with Jaehee


~You guys were sitting there and he and your dad got into a conversation about like business and stuff
~And you walk into the kitchen to help your mom and sister with dinner 
~You got to work and everything was going well until your sister asks
~”How are you dating the heir of C&R”
~”I don’t know we met and I loved him from the start”
~Your mom gasps
~”Are you just using the poor man who loves you so much”
~”MC go kill yourself”
~You act like everything is fine and tell them
~”I’m not using him I love him so much”
~It just annoys you how they’re treating you you turn around and Jumin is standing there
~”I don’t appreciate you treating my MC like this”
~They look so startled and you guys just walk out and get into the car


~Too be honest he wants to leave 
~To many people
~Is trying to be really respectful to your mom and dad 
~But when he hears them telling you these things he will put up with them
~”Dont you dare tell MC these things she is perfect and nobody can say otherwise”
~In front of everyone he give you a piggyback ride out of the hosue and you guys get into the car and leave

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Any chance for an extension on the super sweet run down you did for holster and his sisters about his huge bi crush on ransom? Like about what happens when they do get together and there's so much teasing! Or just like how rans and holster actually get the to getting together point !! Or maybe what about ransoms family? Like what if there was a mass birkholtz and oluransi family thing for graduation and all the siblings bind and concoct a master plan ?!? 😊😊


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She Loves You {Part 4}

Part 1 | Part 2a | Part 2b | Part 3

Summary: After a growing friendship with Bucky Barnes, someone who could really understand your nightmares, you began to fall in love. If only you would let him know. Preferably before it was too late. 

Word count: 1498

Warnings: Just your tri-weekly dose of angst. The aftermath of everything in Part 3.

The first thing you noticed was Bucky’s avoidance. Whenever he saw you in a room that he had entered, he quickly retraced his steps out of the door. Sometimes it would be casual, like he had just forgotten something he urgently had to do. Other times he just raced out with no explanation. Not that you needed one. But you could also see how conflicted he was. It was as if he just did not know what to do. And to be fair, neither did you. You did not know what this meant for either of you.

To say things were awkward in the Towers from that point on would be putting it mildly. It was no surprise that everyone had heard your vocal expression. Every day you had to stop yourself from crumbling by their pitying looks and sorry. Things had become tense the minute you had exposed your most inner and raw emotions to Bucky. You demanded that Steve and Tony keep you away from partnering with Bucky. They, of course, agreed. Bucky was spending more and more time away from the team, with her. You figured it was to reassure himself that your feelings were of no danger to their relationship. It hurt, but you swallowed it down and buried it. Feeling nothing at all is sometimes better than the pain without scars. The team mostly left you alone to figure yourself out now. But your emotional imbalance had set off a chain reaction of worry from the other members, even Bucky.

At first, you refused to eat with them, not wanted to see Bucky’s face and feel embarrassment. Then, you began to cancel plans and lock your door to everyone. Everything hurt and you refused to share your pain with anyone. A few times Bucky came to draw you out. Those were the worst because it was so hard to refuses him. The hardest. It took every ounce of your self-control to tell him, “No.”

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Rumor Has It pt.4

Fourth chapter is here! It is my personal favorite part in the story and I had so much fun writing it.  Warning: MAJOR FLUFF AHEAD. Enjoy!

Summary: After transferring into Fairy Academy, Lucy Heartfilia quickly befriends with her seatmate Natsu Dragneel. She also becomes the center of attention as “Lucky Lucy”, having given the beauty, brains and money everyone wanted. But maybe she isn’t that lucky after all, as wherever she goes, rumors are sure to follow her! But Natsu won’t have any of that.

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV,

When he saw her standing by herself amongst the crowd, Natsu remembered why he stopped on his tracks the first time he saw her by the school gates and why he kept glancing at her when she sat beside him on their first day of classes.

“Beautiful,” said the small voice in his mind as he looked at Lucy.

He was never one to stop and appreciate clothes but this time he couldn’t help it.  The Sakura-patterned yukata she wore complimented her flushed pale skin and her obi showed off her thin waist and the swell of her breasts. And to complete the look, she had her hair up in a golden bun with a crystal bauble to hold it in place.

Suddenly, he felt so underdressed with his red jacket, white shirt and faded jeans get-up.

He wanted to go home and change. Maybe he could grab a yukata from Igneel’s closet. He remembered seeing a few in there once.

But too late, Natsu realized, when Lucy found him and smiled. The sight jarred him, confused as to why his heart raced at that. It was just Lucy, his best friend, who happened to look extremely beautiful that night. Why was he even thinking of changing his clothes to match her?

He shook his head, whisking away the errant thoughts and smiled back at his friend. Then he walked over to where she stood under the lamp post.

“Hey.” Lucy greeted, her soft smile turning into a radiant, full grin.

“Goddess,” said the voice again. Natsu tried his best to ignore it as he stumbled with his reply.

“H-hey.” He croaked, not realizing how dry his throat was. He cleared it as softly as he could then tried again. “Hey there. You look great.”

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this is dedicated to the anon who literally sent me the quickest message ever….. i just started today omg but this one is for u ((( i apologize if its hella crappy cmon its 1 am already )))

  • okay being bffs with this guy would be fun lbr but hes gonna be 100% annoyin at the same time
  • lets just say u guys been best friends since u were very tiny and smol yknow playing around in the playground
  • “hey ______! i bet u cant catch me” ok kid!seungcheol Be Quiet
  • anyways 
  • you guys basically grew up with each other and ur pretty comfortable w/ each other
  • moving on to the middle school days ((( yikes puberty days )))
  • u would definitely make fun of him when his voice cracks
  • his voice would be cracking every time i swear
  • but yknow its part of life THE CYCLE OF LIFE
  • speaking of Puberty, this would be the awkward phase in ur lives
  • yknow when u upgrade from an a to a b and seungcheol would be like “hey….. u kinda got….. bigger”
  • yikes…. these teens….. teens these days…. what even…..
  • moving on to our high school days 
  • ah yes hs
  • the best time of our lives…. ((( u wish )))
  • “so are u guys dating” 
  • “we are not dating”
  • “yeah we’re not…. or maybe we are”
  • “seungcheol shut up”
  • u would always have to correct people that you guys are bestfriends and nothing more
  • but this little shit would joke around that u guys are and this leaves the whole school going ????????????
  • thanks alot seungcheol u had one Job
  • hes a gentlemen of course so hes gonna treat u with much respect
  • my type of dude 
  • he would always lend u his jacket like always even if u werent cold
  • “seung im not COLD”
  • “either way ur gonna wear this bc i dont want u to get sick”
  • “bUT-”
  • in the end he wins and u lose the end
  • he would open the door for u everywhere u guys go
  • restaurants, his car, etc etc
  • how cute am i right ladies ??? *crickets in the bg* nvm
  • he loves skinship and this is why 90% of the time people think u guys are dating
  • he would put his arm around ur shoulder and have this bright smile on his face and he just looks like an angle
  • i meant angel
  • he would give u piggyback rides i mean no ones too old to do this still!!! well maybe old people cant do it but hey u get what i mean
  • “am i heavy?”
  • “yeah ur super heavy im getting tired”
  • “ur such an ass just put me down”
  • “im just kidding just hold onto me before i drop u”
  • and there goes u, holding onto him for ur dear life bc u dont know what this kid is gonna Do
  • u guys are the type to bicker and this is another 5% why people think u guys are dating
  • “i hate u seungcheol”
  • “u mean love”
  • “im tired of u” basically u guys in a nutshell 
  • in the end u guys really care for each other… its endearing
  • u would lie to urself if u said u didnt see him as a man at least ONCE
  • ur his go to his right hand okay im quoting drake not what ur dirty mind is Thinking the ride or die
  • he would be also the type to show u off and protect u at the same time yknow ????
  • “my bestfriend is _____ and shes amazing so dont mess with her or else ill mess with u >:(” prob him
  • he sounds like a bf gtggtgtgt
  • when guys look at u weirdly, protective!cheol ACTIVATED 
  • just the simple things he does…. it just makes u feel like wow im so blessed with a dude like him
  • even tho he annoyin and irritating at times
  • would get jealous if u talk to the members more than him
  • “fine pick joshua as ur bestfriend and not ME”
  • “seung…… stop acting like ur five……″
  • he really is 5 tho
  • another 5% of people thinkin u guys are dating due to the fact u wear his clothes ((( its bc he usually leaves it at ur place or he lends it to u but u never give it back )))
  • at the end of the day thats when everything gets all ugly
  • “im glad to have u in my life”
  • “_____ is that rly u what happened to the real _____ did they steal her and bring her off to space what is Happening”
  • “god if u dont want my appreciation the door is to ur left”
  • #BYE
  • u saw him at his highest and his lowest and this makes u wanna protect him
  • “even tho im smol im gonna protect my Best Friend!!!!”
  • the type to annoy u just for fun
  • “this makes u 100% extra” u @ him everyday
  • he’s the dude u go to if u need the “goods” the goods aka the period pack
  • pads, ice cream, and a bunch of movies!!! or netflix wtv u prefer
  • but he would always forget what brand u get so he would spam u 
  • im so done already
140423 D&E Japan Tour Tokyo Day2

-donghae say: eunhyuk and i are best friend, lets high 5. But hyuk ignored him. Then hae strip the fur coat off of hyuk when hyuk didnt notice

-hyuk say that his parents are here, hae ask if they bought ticket. Hyuk:… they did… hae: then please show the ticket

-still u, hae has his arms on hyuk shoulder when they come out, hyuk open up hae jacket and hit his chest? heart? area

-10 years, hyuk say he is hot, so he took off his jacket make it hanging on his arm, hae slowly creep on hyuk shoulder and pull down hyuk jacket, hyuk wanted to do the same to hae but hae push him away

-hyuk start to sing 10 years and fans continue, fans didnt manage to sing more as eunhae interrupted and say fans did to unprofessionally. they even imitate fans sing by singing slackingly

-love that i need, eunhae backfacing fans while walking onstage, hyuk hand wrap on hae waist, and just placed it there even when donghae turn around

-hae went down on one knee, hyuk attempt to sit on hae thighs, but when he wanted to sit, hae got up hyuk almost fall, at last hyuk still sat on hae thigh while they did rock paper scissor

-after watching new year vcr,hyuk pout dont want to get up,hae pull his wrist but he x want to,hae pretend to slap him


-hyukjae: people who came to watch us for the first time raise your hands!!
*a lot of fans raised their hands*
donghae: o.O lies!!!
hyukjae: you haven’t been to super show??
fans: been!!
hyukjae: ah then that’s okay

-hae:omma is here hyuk: yes they come again hae: did they pay? hyuk: they didnt, the seat is expensive, they got free for both days, please give bank account later. Then later hyukmom did a ♡ to hyuk and hyuk reply a ♡

-hae: we have holidays once per year usually, we are already together, unexpectedly we still go vacationg together, i know eunhyuk for around 15 years already, i know ryeowook and others almost 8-9 years

-hyuk: we really know how to do poses like tourist, out of 100 pix, 90 of them are like this. ryeowook really looks like a tourist, doesnt donghae looks like ahjussi?

-hyuk: donghae this babo say the first pic is germany, thats austria hae:thats austria too? hyuk: yes! do you know where are you now? hae: ..korea

-donghae: this is germany~
hyukjae: we already said this was austria =_=
donghae: ah, that’s right it’s austria!
hyukjae: what are you thinking of when you go out…
donghae: ……. i’m thinking of everyone~

-during oh no, the picture that eunhae took out is their childhood picture

-hae:that year, when we got back from china, i didnt sleep and went to hyuk room hyuk: it was really when i was about to sleep and he make me go with him to watch the sunrise

-encore hyuk crawl out of backstage with hae riding on his back, donghae didnt want to come down so hyuk piggyback him for around half of a song , hae face keep on stick to hyuk face

-the last ball hyukjae finally managed to throw to his dad but his dad’s hand slipped but the fans below threw it up to hyukmum and she was very happy n___n

-hyukjae: what is the most annoying about tokyo dome?
donghae: ah don’t lie!! when he first saw the concert venue list, when he saw “tokyo dome” he was so happy, yelling “what we’re going to tokyo dome?!?! why can’t the first concert be at tokyo dome?!?!”
hyukjae: i did not!!! i really didn’t know it was city hall, i just saw tokyo dome and was so surprised like “what tokyo dome?!?! o.O” and then afterwards i saw city hall ==


-this hyukjae keeps “d… d… d…” when donghae is self intro-ing. WHAT D U WANT LA! XD

-Hae wanna high five Hyuk but hyuk ignored him so he high five himself 

-hyuk wanna say he will continue to perform handsomely on stage in jap but he forgot how. then hae continued for him.

-then hae said hyuk’s brains is not good and his brain is good. then hyuk continue to speak in jap but keep forgetting

-so hae keeps finishing his line for him and hyuk shouted “I KNOW I KNOW!” in korean.

-hae tried to pull down hyuk’s jacket. when hyuk reach over for hae’s jacket hae pushed away his hand.

-hurr hyuk’s hand around hae’s waist when they walk up the stairs ㅠㅠ

-lmao. hyuk asked fans to sing along and stop them halfway saying feelings are very important and make fans sing again lol

-hurrr hae kneel down on one knee and let hyuk sit on his thighs hurrrrrr

-showing photos. hae: do u all miss kyu? shall i call him out? its hard to believe but he’s really here today. Lets call him out. KYUHYUN!

-then hyuk walked out singing 7 years of love. and says “i am not as good looking as hyukjae hyung”

-so ytd hae said wook is on the train and today hyuk said wook is taking the photo. WHAT IS WHAT

-*show next photo* hyuk: oh wheres this? hae: germany. hyuk: its austria! hae: oh.. austria hehe

-hyuk: i want to go travelling with the fans, cant i?

-lmao. after oppa oppa they left the stage still with the oppa oppa ending pose


-then hyukjae got up from the floor and just continue to piggyback hae

-hurrr hyuk keep pointing to yesung on the screen and imitating him biting nails

cr: @SJia13

-first time hyukjae tried to sit on donghae’s thigh donghae pushed him away but second time donghae let him sit nn

-donghae wanted fans in the pit to sit on his thigh and so kneeled down but then hyukjae came over to sit down; first time donghae pushed him away but second time hyukjae got to sit down and was playing rock paper scissors with the fans n_n

cr: 掌心witheunhae

-During introduction ment hae said in english hyuk is “my best friend”

-Hae said it was hot and almost jumped on hyuk to left his shirt !! Hyuk said its embarrassing

-Hyuk showed his mom on the audiance and hae asked if they bought tickets lol

-Hae said he is tired but hyuk said no he is ok, then hae said he is ok too

-Hae made elf say he is strong and hyuk is weak lol

-They spoke a little bit with tokyo accent

-Hae said “put your hands in the air” at the beginnin of bari 5

-Hyuk sat on hae’s legs !!!

-Pic time ! Hae is presenting ! He kissed the mic many times !!

-Same pics than yesterday :) he said it was in germany but elf are screaming “nooo austria”

-Hae said wherever they go they meet ELF ! In germany, italia… ^_^

-Hae said they met elf in bus ect and they cannot do anything without them kkk

-Hae said kyuhyun came today, and kept calling him but… Hyuk came out at the last moment singing 7 years of love !

-Hyuk sang a litte bit of sorry sorry answer hahha

-And he imitated yesung singing sorry sorry, then wook, shindong, leeteuk, min etc.

-Hyuk is introducing and said the pics where taken in austria not germany

-The pic with the luggage was taken by wook so he is not on it and hyuk said “stupid” (baka)

-Hyuk said they even met japanese elf ln their trip~~~

-Hyuk showed a pic in a cafe and talked about them drinking hot chocolate… Ok hyuk lol…

-Hyuk asked in the pic who has the most beautiful face and everybody said “donghae” !! (He is doing a kiss face on that pic)

-Hae said the bridge pic was in germany and hyuk said “NO AUSTRIA” hahah

-Hyuk said in japanese he want to meet all of us, but they cant…. But we are under the same sky ~~ CHEESY

-Hyuk is walking on the floor with his hand and hae is rinding him omfg

-Now hyuk is carrying hae !!!!

-Hae is trying to thank elf but hyuk kept bothering him with his hand and hae tried to push him too, they kind of fought with their hands during all hae speech

-Hahaha they are joking about the fact that the “tokyo dome” is the best…. But they are in the “tokyo dome….. City hall” LOL

-Hae said before the tour started “we are going to kobe, osaka, niigata, tokyo dom-… HEH ? really ? … Ah no no tokyo dome city all ! But thats ok too” ㅋㅋㅋ

-They again said members arz coming on stage even yesung and leeteuk lol…

-Hyuk said he is really happy because he can see elf faces ~ and they will do their best for the last venue before their new album !

-They want to visit a lot of places for their next tour~ and do their best ~

-During the thum kiss they showed hyuk mom, and the camera, avex, smjapan ect ect

cr: @Mininin_87