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170721 KBS Music Bank - EXO Comeback stage KOKOBOP..


We might be witnessing the event where Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun boldly flirting on live TV..! 


watch closely.. After Baekhyun did that kissy face to Chanyeol, he looked behind the camera.. as if he is checking whether or not the camera is filming him.. Baekhyun knows that Chanyeol saw him.. Chanyeol saw his signal.. and if you noticed, Baekhyun keep looking at chanyeol, waiting for his reply.. 

you could clearly see that Park Chanyeol is shocked..! I don’t think he expected Baekhyun to do that THERE..!! At first i thought maybe they are hinting each other for something they are supposed to do or say or maybe Chanyeol is just teasing Sehun, but DUDE.! 

Park Chanyeol is freaking look at Baekhyun when he puckered his lips..!! They locked eyes when Chanyeol did that.. and that nods afterwards tho.. WTF..!?! watch the 1st gif again.. Look at the big picture.. 

Chanyeol replied Baekhyun’s “flying kiss” and he even waited for Baekhyun to nod - signaling that he received it..!!! 

GUYS..!! THIS IS HUGE..!! At least for me idk about you guys.. They are being bold again.. and this is very unfamiliar for me.. coz I thought Chanbaek already passed that phase.. That phase where they are careless, bold and clingy and sweet, whining to each other, being SOFT.. 

I noticed that Chanbaek had been very gentle and soft and sweet lately tho.. ever since the new era started.. eventho i kinda miss them like this, like they were few years back, but now, its kinda weird and scary at some point.. this is  so not like them.. they are not this whipped and careless.. they could be very obvious sometimes but not like this.. ITS A LIVE SHOW ON NATIONAL TV! And its Baekhyun who started it..?? I know many people gonna argue about this saying “Baekhyun always is fearless and bold” but thats not the Baekhyun I’m used to.. 

so Firelights.. I don’t know if i can ever moved on from this huhuhu, but so far this is the 2nd most obvious and bold moment Chanbaek ever done (in my personal opinion) besides the footsie.. lol.. and no.. its not like i dont like this thing they did, of course i like it, just its so sudden.. I got dumbfounded by it.. hehehe.. 

p/s: btw this is the original video ^_^

sleep tight fam ^_^