i dont know whos gif this is

I’m just gonna take a moment because this scene cracks me up everytime I see it. Alex is beating this guy with her elbow LIKE A BOSS, blinding him he doesn’t know what is happening he’s in pain he’s like “bitch that hurts” and she takes his gun (i’m surprised Alex didn’t have one tbh but we all know it’s because she tought she was on a work-date with Maggie) but then MAGGIE who has a gun on her own just CANNOT resist to punch him too in the throat like “i’m not gonna give you a slight chance to hurt my girl back, you piece of shit” even though she doesn’t need to because Alex had it covered like a second before. So this poor guy gets punched TWICE by two powerful hot women in a matter of seconds and I’m in awe because IF THAT’S NOT WHAT A POWERFUL COUPLE OF BADASSES LOOKS LIKE I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. They beat guys up together, you just don’t mess with them. Ever. They’re a brilliant team.

In thousands of eternities spent
trapped in the endless darkness of solitude
      Neptune: I’ve searched for you
      Uranus: I’ve always, always searched for you

                                      「 ETERNAL ETERNITY 」 

the only normal member in MX: Changkyun

Dear the people who are turning on jaebum You guys are tryna start something simply because of a misinterpreted caption, please leave and dont try to come back into his life. We dont want negativity to be aimed at him when he’s been through a lot for us.

he’s always been wary of what he says publicly to avoid an incident like this. Especially since got7 is a very internationally based group, some of what they say may not make sense to foreigners.

please understand that korean culture is different and stop taking everything so seriously. Jokes are shared between friends like youngjae and jb but after this ‘scandal’ who knows when jaebum will open up towards us again.

We, as fans of jaebum, should wait before making assumptions and always stand by his side. Those who truly love him would understand that this man wouldnt attack another, especially his friend.

many said that they expected an apology from jaebum … but honestly i think jb is the one who needs to be apologized to.

i am on im jaebum’s side