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did anyone else notice that niall brought his new guitar onto the stage even though he didnt use it???? like, he just wanted people to see how beautiful his baby is… i cant with this kid anymore.

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Heyy! I dont know if your taking prompts right now but i really love your fics and would like to know if you can write a smutty fic of Killian noticing Emma's flowery shirts which ive seen on the show are pretty :)

Thank you!! Gonna try to get this one done quickly. Clothes porn? Clothing kink? Height differences???? Puns????????? Who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He’s used to her in leather. He likes the leather, he likes that in this simple way they are once more kindred spirits. He likes her sweaters – though he likes her more without, for when he peels the warm cloth from her body she never fails to tuck her body against his, claiming, “It’s fucking cold, Killian.”

He loves her trousers, the nigh-obscene way they cling to her legs and her shapely hips, and the boots that reach for her knees and give her enough height so that he doesn’t have to quite bend in two to kiss her.

(Though he loves her, too, in her stocking feet, when she allows herself to feel vulnerable and their bodies fit together perfectly – her head on his shoulder, tucked just under his chin.)

But there’s been a change recently, and one he’s not entirely opposed to.

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In your response to the anon about mental illnesses, in the tags you said they show up mostly in elders so the apprentices would learn to deal with that. If there was an apprentice who was particularly good at taking care of the elders and showed an affinity to care giving, would that show up in their warrior name or be something that they continue to do as a full warrior? Even though it tends to be an apprentice job? Love this whole world btw, such amazing and thoughtful world building :)

Great icon, my man, gotta say. 

While elder care is primarily for apprentices, it’s not impossible for a warrior to take on that job throughout the rest of their life. It’s a rare cat that does that, though - elders enjoy being able to berate cats who can’t talk back, and most warriors are pretty busy hunting and patrolling. 

Of course, on the off chance a cat does, and it becomes a noticeable skill, their name would probably focus on a specific area of their caregiving (like -cloud for patience with even the most unruly elder or -throat for their ability to talk their seniors down from irritability or a mental episode). The elders would appreciate the attention, at any rate. 


“The thing is though he’s pretty amazing. He’s got a magnetic quality about him and if he looks at you it’s like staring into the face of a lighthouse. I don’t know what it is about that boy, he’s just incredibly charming.”

I Dare You (Dean x Reader)

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My very first SPN fic. Be gentle!

For @luckynumber1213 who was kind enough to help me get a prompt

Tag list (I dont know how many of you watch SPN, but I’m just putting the names in my tag list like I usually do): @meganlpie @bettythedwarfqueen @everyjourneylove @sherala007 @shersuperwho-blog @king-thran-oropherion @karenp1969

Note: Demon!reader

You were shocked when Dean Winchester vowed to protect you, even though you were a demon. Demons were known to come after the Winchester boys with only one motive in mind: to kill them. You were different. You wanted to protect them, and you did. They always saw your good side. They also knew that if something did not go your way, you’d overreact a little.

Dean laughed at you as you stared at a rather attractive young man across the street. He’d been teasing you about being a demon trying to find a date.

  “I dare you to walk across the road and talk to that guy. I triple-dog dare you Y/N.” Dean crossed his arms and gave you his infamous smirk. “Come on. You’re a demon; what’re you afraid of?”

  “Dean you know what I’m capable of. Anything could happen.”

He laughed even louder. “There’s the keyword: anything. Go over there and make conversation.”

You shook your head no, trying to avoid his silly tauntings.

Sam came outside a little while later to discuss a new case in Maine, and while Dean was distracted, you took it upon yourself to get to know the guy across the road.

Dean looked up and saw you talking to the guy. He smirked again, thinking that his dare worked…until he saw you lose your temper. He ran across the street towards you as you knocked the guy to the ground, holding a knife to his throat.

Dean had to come up with an excuse fast. He picked the guy up after forcing you off of him, and said, “I’m…really sorry about that dude.  My little sister has a mental issue and I didn’t realize she had a knife. Or the fact that she went across the street on her own.” He glared at you.

After sending the poor stranger off, Dean grabbed you by the arm.

  “What is wrong with you?!”

  “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a demon, and I have a temper!” You replied angrily.

He softened his grip. “You gotta be more careful.” He helped you back across the road to the motel and joked, “I might be wrong, but I don’t think pulling a knife on someone is gonna make them like you more.”

  “Shut up blockhead. Or I might just do the same to you.”

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Are you named after someone? No, if i was a boy my mom would have chosen my name, if a girl though, my dad

When is the last time you cried? yesterday

Do you like your handwriting? I lik it most of the times, but when i spen too much ithout writing it comes out horrible and im sorry for whover has to read it

What is your favorite lunch meat? uhm.. i dont know (? potato pie or MILANESAS WITH MASHED POTATO 

Do you have kids? no

If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself? I used to think i would, but by now i dont know

Do you use sarcasm? no

Do you still have your tonsils? yes 

Would you bungee jump? no, unless its with someone else who also feared heights like me so we could get over it (if thats even possible)

What is your favorite kind of cereal? i love all cerealsSSSSSSSS

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?depends usually no

Do you think you’re a strong person? I tend to think im weak many times and i hate myself for it. So i figure the rest of the time im not hating myself over it im being strong, mainly because ive made it til here/now

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? vanilla

What is the first think you notice about people? their voice, small details like their shoelaces or somthing on their pants or shirt shape lol

Red or pink? pink

What is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? the way that i put on weight fst if i dont take care and starve every day :)

What colour pants and socks are you wearing right now? im wearing none 

What was the last thing you ate? salad

What are listening to right now? the sound of my fan

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? orange

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? i think my mom


Hair color? currently blonde

Eye color? green

Do you wear contacts? no

Favorite food to eat? cookies, fruits, cereals

Scary movies or comedies? if they’re good, any

Last movie you watched? the darkness, and meh..

What color of shirt are you wearing? pink

Summer or winter? winter

Hugs or kisses? hugs in general

What book are you currently reading?  none

Who do you miss right now? my willpower

What is on your mouse pad? dont have

What is the last TV program you watched? i dont kno

What is the best sound? soft rain falling

Rolling Stones or The Beatles? beatles for life

What is the furthest you have ever traveled? france

Do you have a special talent? i can sing, dance, i can play any instrument, im a good cook, i speak 4 languajes, i survive my traumas and self hatred every day

Where were you born? im just gonna say south america

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1) i can see the appeal of that dynamic especially with kl/ance ngl. but whereas with kl/ance it’s more “two people who really bug each other and have a grudging rivalry,” dra/rry is a ship between two people who legitimately hate each other and work for sides that are actively trying to kill each other? like dr/arry’s best day is k/lance’s worst. still probably a factor though

2) lmao it’s not a problem unique to the HP fandom but GOD can i see where you’re coming from, i Did Not Understand why everyone liked draco when i was first reading the books. i might have more sympathy on a reread but. not much

3) to me ron was always cool though! he was a good dude, great at quidditch, maybe not the most competent wizard but he easily had the most common sense out of all of them. like hermione straight up forgets that she’s a witch in Book 1 and ron’s like “????!!!” and legit saves their asses. he’s also the only one who calls snape out on his bullshit like i remember one passage where snape calls hermione a smartass or some shit and ron is like “fuck you!! you asked for the answer and she knew it!” like GOD he’s such a good kid i love him

but i’m sad he wasn’t taken seriously. like ron was the realest character in the whole goddamn series and yeah he had issues with self worth and shit but to me that was always way more relatable than harry ‘automatic fame and appreciation in his community’ potter and hermione ‘brightest witch of her age’ granger

hey, hey you, people that I’m following and follow me ( aka: mutuals ) you should ya know, come plot with me, even if we’ve never talked, just come shout at me. cause I want too but I don’t know who wants to with me even though we follow each other. So this is me. Telling you. COME AT ME BRO. Right now, or later, or now is fine too even though I’m at work and bored and yeah… cOME AT ME BRO.

Or old rp partners too, friends, current rp partners, come AT ME I wanna plot or do wishlist things with everyone. So throw things at me. Right now. 

        i’ve touched on this lightly, though it can be very important! Riley has very severe and sudden bouts of what I call flashes of amnesia; it isn’t long term or permanent, and it comes on suddenly and out of nowhere and has no discernible pattern. basically these attacks, when they occur, are very trying on riley. she suddenly has a hard time distinguishing who she is and who she was ( where ryan had nightmares about his past life, riley has these attacks ). they cause her two lives to COLLIDE, and she is oft thrown into a state of panic, as she does not know where she is, who she is, or really anything for that matter. it is very disorienting for her. it’s like those really vivid dreams / nightmares you experience that feel SO real, and then when you wake up you don’t know what time it is or where you are or who you are, except for riley, these moments can last for longer than a few moments. her longest episode lasted for forty three minutes and twelve seconds, and she was lucky to have her husky by her side to keep her somewhat grounded as well as her roommate amy.

maiasunshineroberts said: who is the masochist now, i mean after all the angst you put me through, aLSO i didnt read them all okay, and idk maybe i have been imagining and you dont know i exist??? maybe its all a dream

that’s wild can you imagine though if you come and talk to me one day and i’m like ??????? who in the f are you 

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hi! Any other jihan blog recommendations?? Thanks!!

Anon do you mean jihan based blogs or jihan stans? i haven’t been active on tumblr in quite a while so im not sure about any new blogs but heres a few suggestions?

@fyjihan is always a go to (bless laura)
@jihanlife​ posts regularly and updates with translations from twitter and such
even though @jihanetwork is no longer as active as it once was you can check out the members page for people to follow or even check the network tag and see who posts in it
or even go through my jihan tag and all the people i’ve reblogged from over the past two years. theres really so many and its been so long i dont even know if all the usernames are the same :/

and as always my beloved @sugarjisoo​ ♥ @jeongahn​ & @joshsua

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to answer some questions thank you so much!!!! even though i suck i love filling these in + also youre great

Rules: Tag 10 people who you’d like to get to know better.

How old are you: 17 going on 18

What’s your current job: student (+ weekend job at a supermarket)

What’s your aesthetic: why dont yall follow my aes blog @ha-de-s and find out :))))) summary: neon lights, flowers, the sea, the moon and beautiful people

Do you collect anything: not really, though i want to start collecting as much band merch as i can (ive only got two things so far) annnd i also want to buy more cd’s

What’s a topic you always talk about: bands i like, movies i saw, history, things i want to do, things i wish i were doing, …

What’s a pet peeve of yours: i get a really weird feeling when people cough when im near them + im really ticklish and dont like to be touched that much (??)

Good advice to give: keep yourself educated and look at things from different perspectives. keep going, keep living, there are people that care about you. and dont do drugs kids ✌️

Some quotes I like and relate to, and perhaps inspire you too:
“be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. then life seems almost enchanted after all” - vincent van gogh (and also the inspiration to fall out boys album title infinity on high, nice)
“nothing is absolute. everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away” - frida kahlo

3 songs you recommend: yo makin me choose only 3 songs is outrageous but im gonna say good grief (bunker sessions) by bastille, from now on we are enemies by fall out boy & prodigal son by rationale!!!

tagsquad do ur thing @magnvs-baen @ishouldprobablychangemyusername @aatsushiis @murkybokuto and anyone else who would like to do this!!!!!


awkward angles but cute snapchat filters Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ  SORRY ANUSHKA THIS ISNT POKEMON

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Last Movie you Watched: Captain America Civil War , because as an American I need to be comforted reminded that American ideals aren’t meant to be compromised no matter who opposes you. Even your friends and family.

Last song you listened to: Unsteady - X Ambassadors this song has been on repeat for like a weak now. it gives me Walking Dead feels. Hold on to me because I’m a little unsteady <3

Last show you watched: Untold History of the United States the Oliver Stones series on Netflix. I’ve been taking breaks between episodes because I get so angry while I unlearn the lies I was taught in school.

Last Book you read: I haven’t read much other than Fanfiction in a little while (oops I blame @darylxjesus) but the last book I read a few months ago was The Power of Now by Ekhart Tole. Its one of Chris Evans favorite books and its really life changing. It has helped me a lot with finding happiness and being present in the moment. I have a tendency to day dream to avoid painful situations. Its a coping mechanism left over from my childhood.

Last thing you ate: Since I’m on hormones I’m hungry like a teenage boy. Which is why the last thing I ate was a bagel with french onion dip on it with Takis and macaroni salad followed by like 20 cinnamon cookies.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?: I’d love to be in NYC attending an acting conservatory. It’s a dream of mine but I cant afford it.

When would you time travel to?: I’d like to time travel to the jazz age of the 20′s and 30′s even though it was a time of economical and social unrest I think I could handle that since that’s what its like now. Id sell my soul to see Louis Armstrong or Peggy Lee or any of those amazing artists.

First thing you would do with lottery money?: Get surgery, I’d want to donate a lot of it though.

Character you would hang out with for a day?: Probably Jesus. I’d want him to teach me those Ninja moves and about flowers.

Time Right Now: Sunday 1:40, already counting down to tonight’s new episode. I might have a panic attack. Pleas no caryl, please no caryl, lord help me if caryl ever happens.

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That anon the other day made me want to do a photoshoot with these two c: (They’d be good friends though if you think about it… rmmmm)