i dont know who the purple girl is

Top real-life fuckboy quotes:

1. why dont they make good music anymore?
2. the most beautiful girl is the girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful
3. im okay with women’s rights but feminists today are going too far
4. im not a racist! i dont care if youre black, white, brown, orange, purple, green, etc
5. you need to show respect to get respect
6. do you eat any real food like a steak, you know?
7. bisexual girls are just lesbians who are okay with getting dick
8. women in western countries are pretty much well-respected as it is and already have equal rights
9. i only like natural looking make-up on girls cause anything more than that is basically lying
10. im not homophobic! i said “dont be such a fag” like dont be a sissy, thats just teasing, calm down
11. family guy/archer is so funny. sexist? yeah maybe but thats why it’s so funny can’t you just take a joke?
12. religion is bullshit everyone who believes in any god is just fucking stupid


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“Hey,” Dean tried. “Hey!” He rushed to his brother’s side as he collapsed onto the motel floor. “Sammy! Sammy!”

**A girl was driving an old purple mini cooper with her windows down and Guns N’ Roses blaring out from her radio. As she climbed out- wearing a battered leather jacket and skin tight jeans-, she smirked knowingly at the brothers, greeting them with, ‘Well, hello boys,’ before sidling up to them and saying ‘-**

Sam gasped for breath, his arms flinging out to find Dean who stood fast and dutifully acted as his brother’s anchor. “Th-there was…it was- there was a girl. She-umm, she…” he carried off, staring into nothing before his brother shook him back into reality.

“I dont know…” was all he could say.


You beat your hands on the steering wheel of your new -*cough* stolen *cough*- mini cooper as you sang along to ‘Paradise City’. Nearing the motel you had traced a suspicious phone to (you had found it, presumably lost and forgotten, at the crime scene of a case you were looking in to), you put the tiny car into park. 

Looking up, you spotted two men you really hadn’t expected to see there.

Sam and Dean Winchester.

With a grin, you shrugged on your Dad’s old jacket and clambered out of the car to greet them. “Well, hello boys,” you smiled.

Immediately, Sam looked as though he had seen a ghost- you forgot that he didn’t technically know you persay, and that the last time you actually saw him had been when you were telling their father the truth about what really goes bump in the night with Missouri. You’d offered to drive John home and had stayed to meet his boys- whom had actually been about four and one years old at the time.

Understandably for the kind of psychic that you were, you didn’t age, and in fact still looked the age you had been the day you met the Winchester brothers the first time. 

So, you sighed and held out a hand towards them. “Y/N,” you told them. You may have heard of me.”

Sam glared and suddenly had a gun raised to your head. “Who are you?!” he shouted.

“Woah, woah, woah,” you shushed him, gently pushing his extended arms out with deft fingers. “We dont want to make a scene now do we, Sammy?”

i woke up and decided to draw my fave space girl as a spacegirl

spacebucky hope u dont mind that i turned you into a purple alien (:

anonymous asked:

I (a girl) want to dress up as Dick or Jason but my under part of my hair is Purple at the moment i going to redye it but i dont know who to dress up as and which color

Don’t take me seriously but you could go for black or a bit of white (in case you decide to go as Jason (in case you haven’t already chosen since it took me a lot to answer)) 


“Do yourself a favor and do not dress like Dick, seriously. My style is the best”


“Are you kidding!? My style is the hottest, it’ll accentuate your bum”

anonymous asked:

dont know if you have been asked about this but what do you think of that girl who cosplayed Michonne from the walking dead and people are calling her racist for doing black face?

Ahh…I believe you’re talking about Purple Candy Cosplay with this photo in question. 

Okay, this is a VERY VERY touchy topic and this story has recently been all over the cosplay community. I personally don’t see it as a racist act, I think the term  of “racism” gets thrown around a lot and in this case shouldn’t be used. She has stated that she loves the character and that Michonne is her favorite from the show so she wanted to cosplay her to the fullest she could, she wasn’t mocking Michonne or black people. I believe she did a very well and tasteful job with the makeup, it looks natural-esque (though her nose….ummm) and she didn’t do blackface in my opinion, which is putting black shoe polish on your face and making your lips red.

External image
Above is an example of blackface and was used to make fun of black people in a satire way. While this girl has stated she loves the character and respects her, usually when you cosplay someone you respect them greatly, so much that you are willing to spend your personal funds to dress up as them.

White people cosplaying as black characters though, to the general public is a double edged sword…Some see it as since there are few black characters in anime/games/shows that white people should not cosplay them. If she didn’t do the makeup some may see it as her white washing the character, either way she can’t win. Like I said, this is a very touchy subject for some.

With all that I said I do believe it was not an act of racism, HOWEVER I do believe it can be found insensitive. Especially for a minority who have been looked down upon by the color of their skin. I know some friends who don’t approve of things like this because there are plenty of wonderful black cosplayers who cosplay white characters and don’t need to color their skin to make their cosplays wonderful or pay tribute to their character, which I agree with.

I have always had the belief that you should be able to cosplay whoever you want, no matter what skin color, race, gender etc. I myself have tanned my skin to portray a character better, though I wouldn’t go to this extent.

In short, she is portraying a character she loves and is not trying to disrespect or mock her so I don’t see it as racist.

everything i know about osomatsu
  • the blue one is KARAMATSU and hes got the sunglasses. hes…………… papyrus??? or klavier gavin. or possibly both. he is T H E  P A I N F U L  O N E. hes got a guitar. ALSO HE HAS GIRLS, i dont know, who the girls are, or where they come from, but hes got em. also hes gay and needs help
  • ichimatsu is one of them
  • choromatsu is also one of them
  • i think ONE of those two is the sadlooking purple one w the surgical mask. i dont know what his thing is. hes sad
  • osomatsu is one of them??? i thought osomatsu was just the title but one of them is in fact osomatsu. hes red i think. i ALSO dont know what his thing is besides being red. hes normal??? he likes girls maybe
  • uh one of ‘ms green
  • jyushimatsu i think is a name but i might have made that up
  • ive covered five names and four colors so i dont know who im missing
  • one of them likes cats, or possibly is a cat??? are they all cats???????? is this anime abt a bunch of cats who got magicked into identical people and are very bad at it because, theyre cats,
  • theres a girl shes cool but sad
  • theres a small man who is married to karamatsu. hes small n likes to yell and he has………….. a store???? or hes a cook or something?????????? he does stuff and yells at karamatsu but like. romantically
  • thats it
  • ok thats it for real