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Request: Can you make a ethan x reader where you are a fan of ethan and you live in LA working at a coffee shop. One day ethan comes in and you act like you dont know him but on his cup instead of writing ethan you write blue boi and he notices? you can write what you want after then thanks!

A/N: Im pretty sure I’ve seen a fiction like this before, so full credit to that and I don’t want to be seen as copying, but it made me laugh to think about this now he has brown hair, so I couldn’t resist writing it! 

  • Ethan X Reader
  • Summary: With the high-end coffee shop across town closed for the week, lots of new faces appear in the coffee shop the reader works at. One of which more familiar than the others.
  • Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of food/drink
  • Non Gender Specific pronouns for reader

You’ve been a barista for coming up to eight months now, and you’d never served anyone famous, despite how many celebs live in LA. You gave up hope long ago, knowing they all go to the coffee bar across town that’s twice as expensive. You were happy with your job and you had gotten to know your regular customers and you always felt comfortable at work with how relaxed it was compared to the snobby places people go to when stalking famous people.

You woke up early and fixed up some breakfast, before changing into your black work jeans and shirt, and then getting cosy in your soft blue sweater. You ran a comb through your hair and grabbed your bag as you practically skipped along your driveway. The crispy leaves on the ground made you so happy, you loved fall.

As you got behind the counter you noticed a slightly different crowd, you didn’t recognise all the people who sat down sipping their drinks, and even your co-workers seemed oddly dressed up for a Wednesday morning.

“Am I missing something here? Is like a big management boss coming?” You ask in confusion to a fellow barista.

“It’s just cause the fancy place across town is shut down for renovation so everyone got all excited thinking a movie star might walk in, but all I’ve served is some snobbish rich people who think they’re better than me. I mean, they probably are, but that’s not the point.” They respond and laugh, before welcoming a customer. You look around at all the upper class families and roll your eyes in disgust. You can do this, you can handle shitty people.

A few hours passed and you were practically praying to see one of the sweet old ladies that come in daily after the crowd of snobs you’d been serving. You were wiping down the counter tops as you notice a group come in, and go to take orders from the man who stepped up first. 

“Hi-” You silenced yourself as you met his gaze. You’d forgotten he had brown hair now and so you assumed it was a stranger, but you knew him. It was your idol, your favourite youtuber. You quickly snapped out of it, hating to embarrass yourself. “What can I get you?” You smiled as you listened.

“The name is Ethan by the way.” He smiled as you froze in confusion. The cup! He’s telling you so you can write it on the cup! 

“Yes! Sorry! My brain’s a little slow today, I apologise.” You just want to scream and hug him, but you resist, both for his comfort and so you don’t get fired. You walk over the coffee machine and grab the pen, and scribble onto it, making sure to be clear and readable.

Blue Boi

You then make the coffee, and smile as you place the lid on top and call his name. He walked over without breaking the conversation he was having, briefly thanking you as he took the cup and headed for a table. You grabbed your cloth and started wiping to seem busy, as you watched out the corner of your eye. 

“Did you tell them to write Ethan?” His friend questioned, looking at the cup.

“Yeah, why is this not mine?” He asked as he turned the cup to look for the name. 

“Oh its yours for sure.” They giggle as he soon notices the writing and grins.

You find yourself grinning too, before quickly getting back to cleaning as to not seem creepy or stalker-ish. You could tell he was looking at you, which made you both immensely happy as well as a little nervous. You had to do something.

An idea lit up your mind as you found your boss and convinced them this was important as he was within the public eye and so they wanted him to feel good about the coffee shop for publicity, and you soon headed over to his table, a plate in hand. He noticed you approaching and smiled at you, you felt so giddy you nearly dropped the plate, but played it cool.

“I heard your usual shop gives out free cookies with drinks, but I also heard they cant guarantee it to be nut free, so I thought you might like to try some definitely nut free cake as a “this coffee shop wont try and kill you” gift.” You smile as you place the plate down at the edge of the table. His eyes light up at the sight.

“You didn’t have to do that! But I really appreciate it, thank you so much.” Ethan speaks as you can practically feel your heart flipping with joy.

“You’re so welcome! I appreciate you too, Crank.” You wink as you turn and head back to the till. You’re glad its a full 180 turn so he cant see how red you turn as you curse at yourself for calling him crank? and then winking??? 

You went back to work and caught the occasional smile from Ethan, so he clearly didn’t hate you for being so awkward. 

The week went by and you saw him most days, sometimes just flying by to get drinks for the team, sometimes sitting down with friends, and you’d always try to sneak them free cakes and cookies when you could. 

Then came Monday. You woke up late with a dry throat and a sneeze. Great. You must have caught a cold from the different crowd of people coming into work. You dragged yourself out of bed and stared at the zombie that looked back at you in the mirror. You washed your face and shoved your hair into a messy knot on top of your head as you rushed to chuck on some clothes and leave for work. 

Today the coffee place across town re-opened. You tried to stay positive and be grateful that you wouldn’t have to deal with so many rude snobs, but nothing could cover up how much you were going to miss having Ethan around.

You dived into work, apologising for being late, and your heart was soon warmed by the lovely old lady you’d seen daily for the past 4 months. You enjoyed catching up with your customers, hearing about cats stuck up trees and their relatives getting into college. As you cleaned up a table with ten minutes of your shift to go, your head felt foggy and the cold made you tired. You accidentally launched a napkin off the table, and as you went to retrieve it, someone beat you to it.

“Looking awake as ever! You know coffee is pretty good at waking you up. You should try it sometime.” They spoke, sarcastically.

You wanted to scream and leap into his arms at the sight of your blue boi, but you had to stop yourself from getting too excited. You took the napkin and smiled.

“You know your usual place is back open, right? It was only a week long renovation.” You ask, confused as to why he returned.

“Yeah I know. But its cosy here, and they overcharged at that place anyway. Plus where else can I get free food that wont kill me? As well as said free food being delivered by pretty staff members who call me Crank to piss me off?” He said with a smile. He thinks you’re pretty? 

“Not looking too great today” you say as you twist your mess of a bun between your fingers as a curl comes loose.

“Looking pretty cranky I’d say.” He winked as he lifted the tray and emptied it into the trash for you. You blushed as you walked over to the counter.

“What will it be, blue boi?” You ask he decides on a drink, your co-worker offers to make it, reminding you that you’re off the clock. Ethan picks up on it.

“As you’re done for the day can I get a side of company with my beverage?” He smirks, gesturing at a table for two. 

“Sure. It’s an extra twenty dollars though is that okay?” You smirk back, his face soon sinks thinking you’ve rejected him.

“Kidding. Take a seat, I’ll bring them out.” You giggled as you got to making his drink. By company standards you usually paint a leaf onto the foam with chocolate, but you decided to have some fun and carefully crafted a gizmo into the foam. You removed your apron and pulled on a fluffy sweater, then grabbed two slices of chocolate fudge cake and headed over to the table.

“Care for some fudge cake with your cranky coffee?” You smile as you placed the tray, Ethan’s face lighting up at the sight.

“Oh my god! Its Gizmo! and he’s adORABLE!” He smiled like a kid in a candy shop, before pulling out his phone to take a photo. You giggled as you watched him and sipped your drink, before asking his opinion on the cake as you’d heard its a new recipe (and of course, nut free.) The two of you talked as if you’d been friends for a lifetime, and to top it all off, the cake was delicious. 

BTS reaction to s/o asking for a butt massage

Anon asked: Bts reaction you asking for a butt massage lol”

A/N: To be very honest I think all of them will be a bit awkward specially if its initial phases of a relationship, so thats the route I took with this. Hope thats okay. Enjoy and happy reading 

**Gifs are not mine. Full credit to rightful owners**




He would be quite taken aback. Shocked and surprised because he wouldn’t know why you were asking for a massage out of nowhere, and that too on your ass. 

“Jin, can you help me?” you asked him groaning. “Sure. Whats up?” he replied.  “Can you massage my butt. It hurts..” you trailed off. “Whaat?” he almost yelled. “W—what do you mean?” he fumbled over his words. “Relax will you? I am asking it in a completely non sexual way” you groaned into your pillow. “Its.. “ he thought for a moment. “Okay fine. If you say so” he agreed eventually.


Yoongi wouldn’t have a problem in giving you a massage. He wouldn’t care too much about it but problem is he might be too lazy, and also because he is way too cool to stuff like that in his opinion.

You slipped and fell on your butt. So when you came home you wanted nothing more than for your boyfriend to give you a massage. “Yoongs, I fell and now my butt hurts. Can you give me a massage?” you raised your eyebrows in question. “Are you okay?” he sighed. You nodded but the fall did hurt you. “Can’t you do it yourself?” he asked.  You shook your head. “The things I have to do for you makes me question my sanity sometimes and evaluate why I am with you” he rolled his eyes. You clapped your hands like a little kid and grabbed the opportunity before he changes his mind.


Like Yoongi, Namjoon wouldn’t mind. He would immediately agree because he knew you asked for a reason and he didn’t want to disappoint you by refusing. Although he would find it a tad bit awkward I think.

When you asked him if he could massage your butt he chuckled. “Why all of a sudden?” he questioned. Upon hearing no response from you he agreed, feeling a bit awkward that you asked for massage on your butt out all other body parts. “I think this is the part where I have to pretend this isn’t just a bit awkward. Right babe?” he said as he placed his hands slightly above your waist. “You will be fine Namjoon. Trust yourself” you said in a half sleepy state as you laid down.


Awkward.  Totally and completely awkward. I really don’t see this going any other way except for awkwardness.  *cue j-nope*

“Uhhh.. ummm what did you say again?” he asked for the 2nd time since you asked him to massage your butt. “That is a very weird request. I can massage your back, no problem. But its.. awkward….” He trailed off. “Non-sexual  Hopie. Get your mind out of the gutter” you muttered. “Yah! I don’t mean sexually either but I mean come on it’s your butt and just for that reason it’s a bit sexual.” he finished explaining. “You can’t help your gf/bf who is in pain?” you tried to blackmail him. “You cant do that y/n. That’s not fair” he cried. But eventually he did give in and do what you requested but he complained the entire time. (to clarify I dont think he will be that extreme with his reaction as it is in the gif but something similar)


He would be a shy bean. He wouldn’t be able to stop laughing or blushing because of your request.  I think he would do it but he would try to get out it if he could.

His eyes widened and he laughed when you asked him to massage your butt. “What?” he screamed as his cheeks started getting hot and pink. “I said can you please give me a massage on my butt” you repeated yourself. “Why me?” he asked in nervousness. You rolled your eyes. “Because maybe you are my boyfriend?” you deadpanned. “I didn’t sign up for this” he murmured earning a glare from you. “Okay okay. I’ll do it” he laughed and put his hands up in surrender. While he massaged you he had to try and control himself because he couldn’t get over how awkward it was and he was internally thanking the heavens that you didn’t ask for a boob massage instead.


I imagine him being very confused initially because the request came very unexpectedly. He wouldn’t believe you were serious and laugh. But when he would realize you were serious he would grab your butt and massage it.

“Nice joke y/n” he said when you put forth the request. “I am very serious Taehyung” you replied. His smile vanished from his face. “For real? You really want me to?” he checked to make sure. You nodded.  He stood in silence for a few moments, contemplating.  “If that’s my baby wants then I can’t say no” he smiled his special boxy smile. “Feel better?” he asked as he massaged your very sore butt. You hummed in contentment which made him chuckle. “I deserve a lot of kisses and cuddles for this” he said to himself, but he intended for you to hear which you did. But you decided to ignore him and focus on the massage.


Most likely to be the most awkward and scared guy when asked to give a butt massage. He would absolutely refuse to do it because it’s simply very awkward. He might even fake cry for added effect.

He blinked a few times in disbelief when you asked him. “Wait.. did I hear you right?  Did you just ask me to.. you know..” he couldn’t even complete the sentence. He was completely embarrassed. “Kookie I am not asking you to have sex with me” you said very monotonously. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. “I-“ he paused and cleared his throat “ cant.. touch your butt. Do you seriously think I am that kind of boyfriend that can do that for you?” he finished his sentence. “This is wrong. I am telling the hyungs. I am still a child” he cried the fakest tears you have ever seen in your life.

**forgive any spelling mistakes**

anonymous asked:

Ahhh if you ever do feel like drawing BakuSero I would just about die because I love that rare pair soooooo much and there is next to nothing for it

Holy shit I thought I was literally shipping that ship by myself, but here you are, amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway don’t worry I’ll definitely draw something for it sooner or later anon, I love it way too much to never give in haha

Anon said: my day started out terrible but your sero and kaminari saved the day (like most of your drawings do) ty ily

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super glad to hear that!!!!!!! I hope the rest of your day will be as amazing as it can be, anon!!!

Anon said: A) why isn’t it franswers? B) Kaminari has a habit of just watching (unbreakable) things just fall if he fails to catch it or it slips out of his hands. like he doesn’t move to get it, he just watches it fall with a blank face

A) that’s a great question that would deserve an equally great answer which sadly I don’t have??? like, why isn’t it franswers??? it should definitely be franswers t b h - B) yes and also I feel Kaminari a lot. Like, mood and also same. As usual hahaha

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Cultural Appropriation

All people want is for others to identify where they found something, not change the name of whatever it is to something new, give a little bit of information about the background of it and not mock/disadvantage/create rules against/stigmatize people from the originating culture from doing/enjoying The Thing.


Imagine if a completely different culture took a look at american hamburgers, Then made an exact replica, and decided to call it “Beef Buns” and put out an Ad about it from some huge company that went

 "Try our Innovative BRAND NEW sandwich “Beef Buns”!!! We’re really shaking up the world of sandwiches with this idea! Its minced cow meat with tomatoes and leafy greens on a bread base. Available now, EXCLUSIVELY at [insert restaurant here].”

First you’d be like “wtf. wtf thats just a hamburger. Thats not new wtf.”

Then you’d be like “Excuse me, guys, thats a hamburger. We have those in America, theyr'e called hamburger. we made them here, this restaraunt didn’t invent them. This is classic American style food. They were literally invented in Texas a literal HUndRed years ago. EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT HAMBURGERS how are you getting away with trademarking this??? what the fuck. And why call them Beef Buns that name is so dumb???”

And the restaurant responds “sorry sweetie :))) everyone is allowed to eat meat on bread :)) you’re not unique sweetie :)))) Remember u can only buy our Beef Buns here :))) that we originally made ourselves :))))) or maybe we saw a recipe somewhere but we can’t remember where sorry :))) anyway, culture is meant to be shared:))) (that’s not an admission that its ur culture tho, dont get excited) stop being so triggered: ))))”

And then people from that country were like “you american fatasses are always guzzling down shitty food.” and made jokes about us and started calling us Beef Bun heads or whatever.

And then if you as an American, lived in that other country, if anyone saw you eat a hamburger in public and they noticed you spoke with an american accent, you’d get fined or fired from your job for being a drain on the company’s health insurance, or someone would literally point and laugh at you. 

That example is funny and lighthearted on purpose but like… think about it. 

Think about how even if it didn’t make you actively mad, it would at least annoy you a little bit. Or even if you didnt care about it at all, you probably would immediately if you got freakin fined over it,or if someone you knew was upset because people laugh at them for eating something basic and common.  or maybe even that doesn’t matter to you because its just one thing, but imagine if you had to deal with the laughter, employment issues and fines for years. 

Now yes! Culture is fun when its shared. But we can’t share things that we strip the source from purposefully. We cant take credit for concepts with an pre existing rich and long cultural history. We can’t capitalize and trademark ethnic(and i mean ethnic, not “POC” meaning yes i am including stuff like Eastern European embroidery patterns) things and make them belong to a brand and not the originators and then sue the inventors for producing their own craft. Companies and Tastemakers can’t give them new names without mentioning the old ones (aka: an ad that went “try our new beef buns, a twist on the american hamburger!” would have been fine) We can’t claim that everyone can do something, while ignoring that the originators of the thing get penalized for participating in something they created.

And we sure as fuck shouldn’t do all of those things at once. 

Its rude and disrespectful and dehumanizing. 

Friendship Tag

i was tagged by @mostawesomepineapple ! thank you sm mishy gods you made my day

The rules are simple, list the people you consider friends that you have made on Tumblr and why you like that person, then tag some people to find out who they consider to be friends.

In no particular order:

@tiberiusblacktorn ele you were the reason i started posting here in the first place. i honestly have no idea where id be without you and i cant even express how grateful i am to have been friends with you! also thanks for the url. agh i remember the cringe booklover723 days. anyway i really really want to thank you for inspiring me and boosting my chronically low self esteem with every kind thing you said about either me or my writing… ilysm

@tiberius-herondale aliyah agh i cant even your writing is amazingggggggg. i particularly thought of you for this tag because i remember when i first came on here your writing was the first thing that caught my interest in the fandom. when i finally worked up the courage to talk to you, you were so incredibly kind and helped me develop as a writer. thank you sm for being a great friend and hopefully we can talk more soon!

@kierancfthehunt june. i dont even know what to say, other than i think you’re amazing. i feel comfortable telling you anything bc i know you’ll understand and help me through whatever is happening at the time. i just wanted to say that i missed talking to you sm when i was away and hope we can talk soon. thank you.

@catarinalosss well, i hope we’re friends but i had to put you down bc you’re honestly a great person. i really enjoyed the brief conversations we’ve had and appreciate your help with my bio and giving credit to the artists. also your posts make my day just a little brighter. i love seeing your stuff on my dash

@mostawesomepineapple of course mishy. of course i had to include my amazing friend that i’ve actually TALKED TO IRL. mishel, you are literally the sweetest person ever. i missed you sm when i was away it literally hurt my soul. my girllll, you are so talented and amazing and i cannot believe i was as lucky as i was to find a friend like you. hopefully we can talk again face to face soon and catch up! ily to the moon and back babe

now for my section for the sisterhood…

@blackthorn-twins ah sas. my first friend on tumblr. i have so much love for you and am so glad i finally pushed aside my severe social awkwardness to talk to you. i wish you were on gc more often bc i’ve been missing my moon. anyway, ilyyyyyy and talk to you soon babe

@livvyswifi emma carstairs. em. the friend that actually lives in my continent! i vaguely remember talking to you over dm in italy about writing together, but we actually started writing like months later. honestly you are the kindest, most real, down to earth person i have ever met and maybe some day we can meet irl

@alexandraherondaleblackthorn ALIIIII!!! ali im so glad you’re my friend and we got to get to know each other in the gc. tbh you’re so sweet, friendly, and kind of amazing and im so glad to have a friend as awesome as you. as a fellow hamilfan you’re my absolute HoMiE girllll

@ladyofroses el belle. my life coach/queen/competitor/chef. without you, i cannot imagine myself being motivated to do anything at all. you’re all of our cheerleaders, a true team player with a heart bigger than cristina’s. and that’s saying something. ilysm girl and i loved the time when we spammed the gc w messages of crowns and MANY pancakes.

@justafangirlwithideas kaat. i have so much to say. we are the ultimate fangirls across four fandoms (cc’s books obvi, six of crows, glee, hamilton) and idk what id do without your encouragement and creativity in my life. honestly you have made such a big impact on everyone in the gc lives and even mineeee!! ilyyyyyy and you’re a best friend a girl could ever have

@cristinqrosales A.L.E. I.c.a.n.t.e.v.e.n aghhhhhhhhhhh omg i love the way your kindness and positive aura invites everyone around you to talk and be friends with you. i personally am super jealous of your ability to make friends and be kind to others and aspire to someday be at your level. ilysm and see you in gc!!

@heronstqirs birsu what to say, what to say. you are such a kind person and have become the biggest fignesa shipper which i appreciate…god this is stupid im sorry. but ily bc of your spamming selfies and great input on life making everyone want to be around you with what i called a natural leaders presence. i think that you are amazing and can really change the world someday.

@sania0810 the. asks. are. our. thing. honestly, i can remember doing them so many times and my parents asked me what i was doing that was making me smile so much and i was like, ‘i finally met a friend’ and they were all like weirded out bc it came from nowhere. i wanna thank you so being such a ray of sunshine on all of our days, days when we have exams, or had a hard time at school, you’re always there with what seems to be a smile on your face and kindness in your eyes. and yes i know i cant even see you but thats how well i have come to know you. i just know.

@kiaaan ki. my savior from across many oceans. my sister thats so far away from me, it physically and mentally hurts my soul. ilysm and im so glad i found you. i actually found you through one of rosey’s reblogs and i had been seeing you on my dash for like decades and then i actually went outta my comfort zone for once and commented on something about dead phones or whatever. and then i remember the adv math struggle, the online sleepover, everything, leading up to now. ily kay and you really are one of my best friends and the glue that holds our little group together. im ure i can speak for everyone else when i say we love you. ok im done. catch me on instaa and i hope exams went ok

i tag the people who i think are my friends above and anyone else that wants to do it!!

ps: this took me more than an hour to compose agh leave it me to be this emo goddddd

Snake charm, Requested.

i dont own the image used, all credit goes to the creator. 

Kyle looked down on his phone and checked the time

“okay so…3 more hours, gotta find a gift before that or she’ll get mad…or are you supposed to give gifts ? what about flowers…but she said she dont want flowers…”

Kyle sighed “ill just get her a nice necklace or something…jewelry is always good” he cheered up and headed to the closet jewelry store

The doorbell rang as he entered and the woman behind the counter smiled at him

“Welcome, can i help ?”

“Oh…yeah, i’m looking for a necklace for someone”

“Oh ? do you know what this person likes ?” she giggles

“i do have an idea in mind yeah, i was looking for something animal themed kinda ?”

“Oh ? like a cat or dog ?”

“Nah, she works in a pet shop and has a pet snake so i figured something like that, you know like two snakes crossing or something like that”

“Oh!” she smiles and heads in the back room and gets out a silver necklace with two snakes on it’’

“Something like this ?”

Kyle looks at it and scratches his head “I mean…that was what i had in mind…”

“You’re not the first one, a lot of people like it”

Kyle nodded slowly “How much ?”

The woman looks at the tag “Around…100$ is that okay ?”

“Hm…i guess it is” Kyle pays for the necklace as the woman puts it in the box and hands it to him

“Want it wrapped or something ?”

“Nah, i’m fine but thanks” Kyle smiles at the woman who smiles back

“Take care” she says as Kyle walks out of the shop and checks the time

“Well, that took…20 minutes…ugh…and i dont really wanna go home but she said to meet her at the park…..ill head over now i guess…”

Kyle shrugged and started to head over to the park, Even though it was already autumn it was still relatively warm outside and the trees in all different colors kinda made it a bit more special

“Hmm…i guess autumn is okay…as long as its not raining at least” Kyle picked up a fallen leaf on the ground and looked at it for a few seconds before throwing it away

Kyle looked around and spotted a little kiosk and headed over to it

Kyle went inside and got himself something to drink and something to eat and went over to the spot where they were supposed to me, a bench right next to the pond, kinda secluded  away from everyone else as well

Kyle sat down on the bench and got out his phone again

“2 more hours…damn…this is gonna get boring, i should have gone home and just waited but…meh..” Kyle sighed and lied down on the bench with one foot hanging out

“Bored bored bored….” Kyle checks his phone debating to text the girl or not but after 10 minutes of mindless thinking he drops it

“i cant…im going to look desperate if i text her, she said 18.00 so ill just have to wait”

Kyle takes a sip of his drink as the jewelry box falls down on the ground

“damn it…” Kyle sits up and picks up the box and opens it to look at the necklace

“why snakes…? i mean…i dont hate snakes but like…well…not my place to question i hope she likes it…” he picks it up from the box and looks at it in more detail

“Like…it looks kinda cool i guess”

Kyle laughs quietly to himself

“i hope she likes it….”

Kyle smiles and looks out over the pond then back at the necklace

“hmm…maybe i should try it on…if she likes it maybe she wants me to get one…or something like that….maybe i’m insane thinking to deeply into it”

Kyle shrugs and puts the necklace on then takes a bad selfie with it on

“Uhm…i look like a poser but…yeah it’s kinda cool” Kyle smiles as he notices something

One of the heads on the necklace is shining a gentle red color

“oh..cool, it has diamonds in it, probably why it cost that much”

“Oh wait…uhm…snakes…i think they are considered luck in some places ? maybe ? i think so ? maybe Egypt ?…snakes and Egypt ? makes sense…or was it like some Asian country…i dont remember” Kyle shrugs and tries to take of the necklace when he notices something weird

“Huh ?” Kyle strokes his hand across his neck but…the cord is gone

“what ?” Kyle tries again but still no cord he then looks down at his chest and sees that both snake heads are now shining a gentle red color

“Huh ? how…how is it in place without the cord ?”

Kyle touched the necklace with his finger as he feels a strange burning feeling in his hand and notices the necklace slowly fusing into his skin slowly turning into some kind of tattoo or marking…

“What the…? wait ? what ? wait wait wait wait….WHAT ?!”

Kyle rubs his hands against the tattoo but nothing happens instead he starts to feel something weird

His legs have turned numb

Kyle stands up from the bench but once he does he just falls down as his legs wont support him anymore

“What is this ? for real ?”

Kyle slaps his legs a few times but nothing happens

“Ah crap…” He looks around furiously and takes of his pants and notices his legs are bright red

“What the hell is this ?!” Kyle runs his hands across but still feels nothing

“i cant…i cant even move them! what is going on ?!”

Kyle reaches for his phone as an intense pain shots up his legs throughout his body

Kyle clenches his eyes shut as he feels something strange happening to his legs yet again

Kyle forces his eyes open to see his legs slowly starting to fuse together by the feet and upwards

“….This….what the fuck ?! That is not normal! that is not normal! i gotta call someone!’

Kyle picks up the phone again but once again before he can text the intense pain comes back

’‘Ngh..!!!” Kyle forces himself not to scream in case someone would find him in this…weird predicament

“okay okay okay….deep breaths…deep breaths…” Kyle closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and looks down on his legs again

they are not completely fused together and his feet are no longer there as they seem to more resemble some kinda tail more than humans legs now

The bright red color is still there but it looks like the middle part is turning a gentle red-ish pink color and…his flesh is getting…scaly

“Wait what the shit ?! Scales ? that’s…wait…what is going on ?! what is this!” Kyle panics trying to make sense of the situation even though…its far behind sense at this point

Scales starts to cover his entire tail as it seems complete he pushes himself of the bench and immediately falls on the ground

“okay okay…either i’m tripping really now or…this is a dream…a very…lifelike dream because like…my bottom half is like…a tail…..”

“….wait…the necklace ? snakes…..No no…this is definitely not real”

Kyle laughs weakly and tries to move the tail a bit and slowly manages to control it as he is able to kinda sit on top of it

“So…okay…uhm…okay” He looks down and notices his…manhood and butt is kinda gone as well

“Eh…i….i’m totally tripping, there must have been something i ate or drank…”

Kyle closes his eyes and takes a deep breath

“okay…i’m tripping…i have to be…”

“Yeah, that’s it, there must have been something in the drink…i bought…from the kiosk……Yeah…okay…so this is real…”

Kyle looks down at the tail and notices something else

His shirt is way to big for him now for some reason

Kyle takes of the shirt and looks down, sure enough he is a lot skinnier, his waist is smaller

“okay okay…no comment there…”

Kyle says nothing and notices something else as he looks down at his stomach, something is starting to…block his view

Kyle keeps looking and notices his breast is starting to grow…larger and larger as it starts to form two very well developed breasts

As they finish growing they bounce gently as Kyle just looks down at them dumbstruck to even open his mouth

“……” No matter what he tries, his mouth wont open

Kyle slowly moves his hands and cups the breasts with them

Sure enough, they are real “….holy shit…”

Kyle finally manage to say before struggling to say something else

Kyle lets go of the breasts as they slowly bounce a bit as he does

“N-n….” Kyle still cant utter a word as he crawls over to the pond and looks at his reflection in the calm clear water and notices something

His face is starting to change going from a square shape into more a triangle shape, his teeth slowly changes as two small fangs protrude out from the top of his jaw

His eyes turns bigger and his iris changes color from brown to orange and his pupil changes from round to a straight line going upwards instead

Kyle just keeps on looking in shock as his face keeps on changing turning more and more feminine with each passing second

“N-n..no…” Kyle stammers and closes his eyes and splashes some water onto his face

…“..dont…dont…” Kyle tries to speak as the burning sensation inside his body returns in full force

He opens his eyes and writhes around the ground in pain as he can feel something on the top of his head

“Ahhh!!!” he screams in pain as the pain slowly goes away


“W…wait…my voice ?”

He says as he notices his voice is…well, clearly its not his voice…its the voice of a girl instead

Kyle slowly opens his eyes back up and looks at his reflection in the water again and notices his short black hair has not turned long and red set up in a high ponytail

“….what…?” Kyle speaks in a soft scared and confused tone as some fabric starts to wrap around his chest and waist slowly turning into some kind of kimono to the best of his knowledge with his cleavage severely exposed

“N-no…this is not real!” he starts to cry violently and curls up and cries into his arms

“This isn’t real…this cant be real!!!” he screams and sobs loudly

Kyle keeps sobbing as he hears something

“H-Hello ?” a voice says as Kyle looks over where the voice came from a woman with blonde hair, wearing a skirt and a top looks at him

“M-Maya….?” Kyle says in a low teary voice

“….what ? who…who are you…? what…what is going on ?” she slowly steps back as she’s speaking

“D-Dont…Dont go…it’s…me…its me Kyle…”

“….Kyle ?” Maya says as she stops walking as kyle forces himself to stop crying and tells her what happened

“….” Mayta says nothing but just looks at him

“You…you bought a necklace for me…you tried it on…and that happened to you ?”

“Mmm…Y-yeah…i dont know why…” Kyle stammers

“….if you really are Kyle…prove it…” Maya says

Kyle points over to his phone lying on the bench as Maya walks over and looks at it

Since she already know his code she gets into his phone and checks the texts

“O-okay…so…it is you” she says in a bit more of a cheerful tone


Maya walks over to kyle and pokes his tail, its kinda soft…

“And you got turned into…what ? this snake girl thing ?

’'Y-yeah…i…i dont know…how or why..”

“…it makes no sense but…maybe its temporary ?”

Kyle’s face lights up a bit “Maybe…i hope so…”

Maya smiles and looks at him

Kyle looks at her


’'i dont know…you look…cute”

“C-cute ?” Kyle stammers

“Yeah…your tail is soft like a pillow and its comfy”

Kyle looks at her but wriggles a bit with the tail so she can sit on it

Maya smiles and sits down on it and looks at him

“…i think its cute Kyle…i mean…uhm…its not like i uhm…you know but…”

“…what ?”

“Nothing! im just saying you look cute! is all okay ? you look adorable!”

Kyle blushes a bit

“Cute ? you…you mean it ?”

Maya nods

“Yeah! and i mean…i still…you know” she giggles

“you did invite me over for a date right ?”


“So then, is it still going on or is it cancelled ?”

Kyle looks at her shocked

“You…You like me ?”

“Like i’ve said, i think you look adorable and you’re cute..not that…you know that means everything but you’re still you and i like you”

Kyle smiles at her


“all that’s different is that you’re a snake girl now silly”

“i think its called a Naga…or like a lamia…”

“Lamia ?” Maya says confused

“Well you know…ive played some games before”

“Oh, right right!” Maya giggles

“Well then Kyle…or maybe Kylie for now ?”

Kyle not sure what to think about it just shrugs

“Well i cant call you Kyle…its kinda weird now isnt it ?” she giggles again

“I…I guess” Kyle or Kylie now says

Kylie smiles at her as he slowly wraps his tail around her

“…if i got you Maya..i can deal with this”

“I know you can Kylie, and you know i love you”

They both look into each others eyes as they slowly embrace in a loving kiss

After its done they just keep looking at each other as Maya strokes a finger across Kylie’s cheek

They say nothing and just keep smiling and occasionaly kissing each other

“But..what will others think…?”

“I dont know but…if this happened to you, maybe it has to someone else as well but..if you’re brave enough Kylie…just accept it, it might be temporary or permanent, we dont know”

Kylie looks at her then up at the sky

“maybe….and i will Maya”

They both smile as maya gets of him and giggles

“Then let me sit on your tail as you take me home then i want to cuddle up in your soft cuddly tail!”

Kylie smiles and nods at her as she sits down and kylie starts to slither out of the park, but confusingly enough, no one is really staring at them

“No one is looking?”

“Huh…maybe…i dont know…”

They both shrug as kylie manages to get Maya home

They both get inside as Maya starts to move some furniture around and makes some space in the living room as Kylie tries to make his tail as comfy as possible as Maya walks over and sits down then cuddles up against kylie’s chest

“So comfy…” she yawns

“Tired ?” Kylie asks


“Its fine…im tired as well”

They both smile and kiss each other as they both drift into deep sleep

Time passes and goes by as usual but Kylie never changed back into a human or a man for that sake…

Slowly getting used to being a Lamia, Kylie and Maya did end up together as a couple not shortly after the event that happened and as far as we know, they still are.


Red X x reader

Warnings: idk

im  making red x jason in this


your mission was simple. go in, steal the jewels and get out. it was jump city for fuck sake. the last thing you expected was for red x to comer and ruin your raid. the absolute last thing you expected was f or the teen titan to come and join you.

carefully, you danced around the displays being very careful not to trip any alarms. your goal was to get a blood diamond that was the size of an orange. its silly really, for the store owners to just have it out for everyone to see. like honestly, what did they think would happen? it would just get left alone?

shaking your hand, you reach inside of the display and grasp the diamond. “come to mama..” you start to retract your hand when you hear him. 

“ stealing is bad ya know, kitten.” you should have known better, really. he shows up and says the same damn thing every damn time. you cant help
but roll your eyes.

“yes red, i know. you tell me every time you see me.” you shove the precious gem into your bag and through it over your shoulder. “ be a babe and dont tell anyone about this? thanks.”

as you walk past him, you kiss his masked cheek and jump up onto the rafters. you hear him let out a groan but before you can sayanything, you hear him. robin. leader of the teen titans. “ put the jewel back, red x. and maybe well go easy on you.”

you accidentally let out a giggle trying to imagine what the look on reds face mush be right now. big fucking mistake. “ who is there?” you now have the attention of all the titans that are trying to find you in the shadows of the roof.

“ show your self” fuck. with a large intake of breath, you swing down from your hiding place and nimbly land to the right side of red. you smirk and look up at him. “ taking credit for all me hard work? thats not very nice…”

although you can not see the pointed look he is giving you, you sure as hell can feel it. “ your hard work? im the one who has the diamond” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the beautiful stone you had in your possession only moments ago.

“ why you-” as you ready to throw a punch at him, you are hit with a star bolt that came from starfire. turning your head, you send a glare her way before pulling out a smoke bomb.

“ well its been killer, but im out.” you yank the jewel from red and throw a bomb down at the ground. before you can run off, you feel arms wrap around you and suddenly  you are telaported away.

as you take in your surroundings while trying to get the person holding you to let go, you realize you are in some kind of a loft. there is a mattress on the floor which is covered with red sheets and a red blanket. to the left there is a door which seems to lead to a bathroom and to the right there is a kitchen.

you also see that it is red x who is holding you. “ where am i? what do you want?” you feel fatigued and have no interest in fighting him. “ i figured you didnt want to run from the titans all night so i brought you here.” his smooth voice answers your questions. you cant help but wonder who is hiding behind that mask. 

“ well thank you. do you mind i sit?” you point at the bedd seeing that it is the only thing to rest on that isnt the dirty floor. he shook his head and lead you over to the bed where you both sat on. there was a few moments of awkward silence but you were honestly too tired to care. gently you placed your head on his shoulder.

you felt him slowly lean his head on yours. “ whats your name?” the words made their way out of your throat before you could stop them. “ ill tell you who i am if you tell me who you are…” 

he removed his head from yours and you feared the worst. you had expected him to kick you out and call you names. what he actually did shocked you. he turned his body so he sat looking at you and slowly took off his black and white mask.

the first thing you noticed was his shocking blue eyes. from the moment you saw them, you knew you were in love. the second thing you noticed was his black as night hair with a single white stripe in it. “ my name is jason.”

you hardly heard what he said. you were to lost in his eyes. “ youre beautiful..” his eyes softened for a second before going into a hard gaze. “ i told you who i am. now tell me who you are.”

you quickly tore the mask off your face, exposing your eyes. “ my name is y/n.” there were a few more moments of silence before you decided you needed to sleep. with a sad sigh, you stood up.

“ where are you going?” red also stood up and grabbed your wrist. a sad smile made its way onto your face. “ to find somewhere to sleep.” you had been on the streets since you were 6 and both your parents died. that was a long time ago tho.

“ you dont have anywhere to stay?” jasons eyes furrowed in  a heart breaking way. he had liked you since the moment he saw you. he followed you out every night in secret to make sure you never got hurt but he never knew you were homeless.

“ uhm, yea. ive lived on the streets since i was 6..”
jason swore he felt his heart break. with out saying anything he swiftly swept you into his arms and place you on his mattress. there is no way he would ever let you be on the streets ever again.

“ well you have a home now. it may not be much but its not the streets. “ disbelief took over you. how could someone you hardly know be so kind? “ i-i cant.. i dont want to intrude.”

“ well thats too bad because youre staying here.” you honestly didnt have the energy to argue with him. instead you just pulled him down to lay with you and placed your head on his chest.

a quiet thank you made its way past your lips as you slowly fell asleep wrapped in his arms.

looks - markjin moments masterpost pt.1

hiiiiii loves! this is my first markjin moments masterpost (or MMM for short!) and its going to be of all of the “looks”. the masterposts are sort of like a series but also not, I’ve just sort of grouped moments together in categories and i’ll have a lil running commentary of me flipping my shit. also, i want to make an obvious point, this is not me stealing pictures or gifs and calling them my own (credit to everyone who took these pictures/made these gifs!!!!!), this is just me thinking that it would be nice to have all moments in one place instead of searching for hours through tags :-) okkkkk thats just my psa lmao so enjoy!!!

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i just hate mondays

ignored by my idols all day all night

just wreck me 

all i wanna do was break your walls

the worst thing about your lies were that they made me feel loved 

2 sassy 4 you

i just really wanna be alone

not really sure how i feel about you, something in the way you move make me feel like i cant live without 

cool story bro

im a boss as bitch bitch bitch

we dont like “anal sex” in barbie.com, try again!

im so prada you are so crocs

if u dont have pizza i dont know what your doing here

i dont care i love it 

hi stalker

maybe ok will be our always 

but you are perfect to me

shes lost control

my pu$$y taste like pepsi cola

but i wish i was dead

everytime i close my eyes is like a dark paradise

victoria tell me your secret

its not a bad day, its a bad life

bad boys, good lips

only god can judge us 

who need friends when u have vodka?

its 11:11 make a wish

its my mouth i can say what i want to

no because you suck

im electra heart

dont be gucci be yourself

santa, where is my idol under the christmas tree?

hate me, dont hate my idol

let me live that fantasy

cause we were born to die

leave me alone

dont make me sad, dont make me cry

i broke a million hearts just for fun


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BSM: He blames you for your parents divorce (Part 2)

A:/N Thank you for all the notes and messages on my first BSM! So glad you liked it so here’s part two. I got over 150 new followers from this so thank you!!! I’m always excepting requests and my masterlist should be up soon. Sorry if this sucks…I wrote it in school

Niall: You haven’t spoken to Niall since last night after he stormed out and to be honest, you didn’t want to. What he said really hurt you and you hated that he made you think the same. Now you thought that you were the reason for your parents divorce. It’s true that you family was getting along before Niall left to pursue his dream. So it makes sense that it had to be your fault for them splitting up.  

You woke up the next morning and went down stairs to see Niall making breakfast, which was weird cause he never cooks-not even for himself. You tried to ignore him and go straight to the fridge so you could get your juice and go back up to your room and pout by yourself. 

“Wait, Y/N” he said softly before you could leave. You sighed and looked at him before he could say anything, “Look, about everything that I said last night— I didnt mean any of it. It isn’t you fault that mom and dad are splitting up”

“No Niall it makes sense. we were on a good page before you left. It’s a coincidence that they’re getting a divorce when I’m the only one living with them.”

“No no no no Y/N,” he sighed, “everything I said was bullshit. I was just angry because I never saw it coming. It’s just hard to believe. You didn’t do anything to spark this. Mom and dad will even say so themselves. I talked to them late last night. You didn’t do anything wrong, Im sorry” He hugged you.

You sighed, “It’s okay. I love you Niall”

“I love you to sis…. Now lets eat some breakfast” he said looking down at his now burnt eggs.

“Maybe we should go out for breakafast” you smirked

Zayn: (his pov): The family dispersed from the table after that. Now it was just me and Perrie who was giving me a disappointed look and wiping the water off my face with a towel. “Zayn, you and I both know that there is no way that Y/N is the cause of your parents divorce,’ Perrie said putting the towel down and holding my hand. 

“Zayn..” My mom came in. 

Perrie let go of my hand, “I’m gonna go check on Y/N”

“Zayn honey-” “I know mom. What I said was uncalled for,” I said finishing for her. 

“Zayn, Y/N barely acknowledged me because I’m barely acknowledging her. She won that award weeks ago. I think shes just upset that I haven’t been giving her much attention. She in no way was the reason that I’m signing the final papers in the morning…Nothing that any of you kids could do would make this better. Its just what has to happen. And Im sorry it does but it’s the best for me and your dad,” now she started crying. 


“Please go apologize to your sister”

I ran up to Y/N room and saw her puffy face and red eyes as she laughed at something Perrie said. when she saw me, her smile left and she looked sad again. “Y/N I’m so sorry about what I said down there in front of everybody. Mom and dad splitting up has nothing to do with you. Mom said so her self that there is nothing you could have done to stopped it. I’m sorry for being a bitchy brother,” I lightly laughed. 

She sighed, “It’s just that mom…”

“I know she told me. I had no idea. I think the divorce has just been on her mind. She feels really bad about it. I’m really really sorry. You’re not selfish I promise.”

“It’s okay Zayn.”

“Well aren’t you going to apologize?” I smiled,

“For what?” She looked confused. 

“For throwing your water at me.”

“No way. You deserved that” She laughed,

I laughed to and put my hands up in defense, “Alright, alright”

Harry: You woke up and talked to your mom to apologize. She said nothing was you fault and that in fact she was very happy that you told her. This made you feel a lot better about your choice about telling your mother. After you and her cried, she stood up and smiled. “Im gonna need you to go get ready now.”

“Why? where am I going?” you asked, standing up and rubbing the tears from your eyes. 

“I need to talk to your father so Harry suggested taking you and Gemma out for lunch.”

You laughed, “They dont want me there so they can just go without me. I’ll find something to do”

“Gemma and Harry feel very bad about last night. Especially Harry. He was about to wake you up just to apologize. But you and me both now how crabby you can be if your woken up early” She joked. 

You smiled and left to get changed into something more suitable then your pajamas. After cleaning yourself up, you walked downstairs to see Harry and Gemma waiting for you in the family room. 

“Uh, hi” you said awkardly.

They both looked at you and stood up and caught you in a hug. “I’m so so sorry Y/N” Harry whispered in your ear, “You did the right thing by telling mom. I’m sorry for being so rude about it last night. You did nothing wrong. I feel awful I’m-“

You laughed and pushed him away, “Harry shut up its okay. I mean it is now. I’m not mad at you. I realized that I made the right decision with telling mom. I’m sorry for ruining the happy family dinner though…I just couldn’t stand looking at dad looking at us like we were his perfect family.”

“I dont blame you, I just cant believe this is actually happening”

“So to make us happy Harry is taking us shopping” Gemma tried to lighten the mood even more. 

You smirked, “I hope you’re bringing your credit cards because I’ve got a list of things I want. I want new vans, this shirt from American Apparel, a dress for a party thats coming up…” you went on listing everything that came to your mind. Harry playfully rolled his eyes and pushed his favorite two sisters out the door. 

Liam: (his pov): I woke up in the middle of the night with door opening and closing shut. I heard frantic foot steps on the hardwood floor out in the hallway and my mom’s anxious whisper echo in the dark. I shut my eyes before getting up, throwing a shirt and sweats on and walked outside in the hall to check on my mom. 

“Mom whats wrong?” I asked. 

“Where’s my baby?” She asked,crying. 


“Y/N..I was up just thinking about everything when I realized Y/N didn’t take her medication. So I went to get it to bring to her cause she can get bad without it and shes not there, Liam. She’s not there.” She paced back and forth. 

My foggy mind was now cleared. I wasn’t in a sleepy state anymore. “Okay Mom dont panic she can still be here.”

“What happened? Did she say anything to you?” She asked hoping for an answer that would lead her to Y/N..that place being a good place.

I thought back to the fight I had with Y/N. I yelled at her. everything I said was just awful. I blamed her for the divorce and told her she didn’t need the help of a doctor when I knew she did. My heart started picking up the pace. What if she did something extremely terrible? I ran to my car, yelling to my mom that I will find her. 

I drove to the bridge figuring that if she was going to do something stupid that it would be there. She has hinted it to me before in different conversations and I made sure to keep it in mind.

There she was, looking down and holding on to the railing that was there to make sure cars wouldnt fall down. She was crying. I ran to her, before she could do anything, I threw us both on the ground, my back landing on the ground and her on top of me. 

“What are you doing Liam?! Let me go!” She cried trying to push herself off of me. 

“I didn’t mean anything I said. Nothing you did was wrong. I so sorry for putting the blame on you. None of this is your fault. I love you so much I don’t know what I would do without you. Mom was worried sick about you. You’re perfect. Never do this again please. I was so scared” I was crying now but I didn’t care. 

She cried into my shoulder, “I’m so sorry Li-hum” She hiccuped.

“C’mon let me take you home,” I said picking her up and driving her home, keeping my eyes on her from now on. 

Louis: You started feeling extremely guilty that you were the reason your parents were getting a divorce. It’s been two weeks and Louis has yet to talk to you and that made you upset. You tried apologizing for what you said the night of your blow-out but he ignored you. Your sisters werent even talking to you. You felt so guilty for your bad behavior that you tried to change, hoping that it would make your parents get back together and your brother and sisters to talk to you again. 

You did all your homework, broke up with your boyfriend, and unfriended everyone who had a bad influence one you. You’re teachers were happy with the improvement of your grades, and so were your parents. But unfortunately you parents were getting along still and your old friends hated the new you. No matter what you did, you always do something wrong. Now your old friends bullied you. Called you names you tried to ignore, even would bring up your parents or brother. 

Things have gotten really bad. They would physically do things to you. The girls would pull your hair and the guys would shut your locker on your fingers. They were badasses. They didn’t care if they would get in trouble. 

You came home crying one day hoping that no one would be home. Too bad for you, your brother was home with Fizzy who must have come home from school sick. Louis looked at you and rushed to you. Even though he was upset with you, he knew it was rare for you to come home crying.

“What’s wrong Y/N?!" 

You ran upstairs instead of answering, but before you were out of view he caught a glimpse of the bright red spot on your cheek as if someone slapped you. which is exaclty what happened. You tried standing up for yourself by saying something that was a sensitive topic about the boy who slapped you, resulting in the slap. 

Two hours later, Louis walked through the door with two cups of tea and sat down on your bed even after you refused to look at him. You were under the covers facing the wall opposite of the door.  ”Y/N….”

"I tried so hard to change..for you and for mom and dad. But when I do my old friends get mad at me and hurt me and get me in trouble. Just like you said Louis, everything I do is wrong. I can do nothing right and I dont know what to do anymore.” you turned your head into your pillow and cried, secretly hoping for the comfort of your brother. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I feel awful about everything I said to you a couple weeks ago. Mom and dad aren’t getting a divorce because of you. It just angered me that they finally made the decision. I saw it coming but when you hear it being said..But I’m so proud of you fo trying to change into a better person.”

“They’re so mean to me though.” You cried, “I would rather keep getting in trouble by mom and dad then be beaten.”

“I already got them suspended” Louis smirked

“Louis!” You sprung up and looked at him shocked, “Now they’re just gonna hurt me because my brother got them suspended.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” he smiled, “mom agreed with me that it would be a good idea for you to come live with me. You can finish school online and come tour with me and the boys. You can start over" 

The smile grew on your face, “reallly?! you would do that for me?” 

"Got it cleared and everything" 

"Holy shit you’re the best” you hugged him

“Now tell me who this fucker was so I can personally beat the shit out of him” he smirked and playfully punched your cheek. 

You laughed and slapped his hand away so happy to have your brother back. 

Lemme get this straight

Crystal asked to break her contract and leave. Im going to give Jeff some credit he probably doesnt deserve, but for the sake of argument Im going to assume she said she didnt want to return later, hence her big dramatic death.

However, during that same season, Daniel asked to leave, and asked specifically not to be killed off, so he could return.

I dont like it, but Im ok with it. If Crystal didnt want an option to return. Im saddened but ok with killing her off if that was for story purposes, because you cant just have half of Beacon Hills move overseas. That would be ridiculous.

However, if Jeff knew since 3A that BOTH were leaving, why bother having Allisaac? I mean, if Isaac had stayed, he would have been dealing with the death of his first love/romance (I never felt it was love between them as much as attraction and curiosity), alongside his Alpha. The parallel dynamics between Scott and Isaac could have been really interesting, I guess. I guess we could have had Isaac backsliding badly, lashing out, lost, etc. But Isaac also had the McCalls, and apparently for no reason he had Chris Argent (who showed more kindness to Isaac, who actually was sometimes a threat to Allison than he EVER did to Scott, who was never a threat to her).

But Davis knew Daniel was leaving, so there was zero point in kinda-sorta-half-assed putting them together.

Why did Isaac and Chris get to have some discussion of their pain, but Scott only got a montage-no-lines hug?

Jeff claims that until Crystal came to him, Scallison was end-game. So why not go with that? I know, it would have been even harder on Scott- but imagine the richness and depth of that story line. If Allison had remained Scotts anchor, and now in S-4, True Alpha Scott was having real trouble (not just one scene in ONE episode) maintaining his human form.

Imagine Scott and Chris finally bonding over their love for Allison.Imagine Mama McCall making that great speech about finding love again because Scotts love had died. Imagine him trying to re-anchor himself in the midst of all this. Imagine that hug between Chris and Scott instead of Chris and Isaac. It honestly never made sense to me that he would accept unstable Isaac over compassionate hero Scott. Imagine that relationship based on Chris knowing for certain that Scott loved Allison unconditionally and unwaveringly, not based on the fact that Allison and him hooked up that one time.

I like 3B a lot. Enough to return for S4. But I’m filled with anger right now, because Jeff sent Scott chasing Kira for no real reason, and he set up Allisaac AND Scisaac knowing both were doomed, and then treating both as incidental. Isaac and Allison never fell deeply in love. They hooked up. Once. While he was half possessed and without any words or romance leading up to the scene even. He gave us SO MUCH Scisaac it was beautiful, then had Isaac leave to Paris with Chris without so much as a goodbye to Scott. How can Chris leave without a hug for Scott? How can Isaac bail on his ‘family’. Melissas been feeding him, Scotts been protecting him, they shared their home with him. But he just… left?

I’m really angry over this treatment of the story line. Posey was, as usual, denied the juiciest parts of the story. But so was Holland. She got to cry the moment of Allisons death and then NOTHING. No crying on her mom, or Stiles for that matter. No crying on Scott, when both of them loved Allison best. WHY Jeff. WHY? Why have Kira acting like she had to be on eggshells around Scott and Stiles about Allisons death and everything that happened, but not around Lydia, who lost her best friend AND had to deal with being kidnapped, used, etc?

Jeff fixed a lot of the issues that needed fixing in 3B, but I suspect someone read the comments and explained to him in small clear words what we were angry about. But then after sitting next to him and making him fix shit they stopped holding his hand, convinced he understood, but no, he still doesn’t get it.

Not at all.

Spanish Tutor [Luke Hemmings]

“Y/N and Luke Hemmings. Please see me after class.” Senora says. Your heart beats fast. What could she want? You were a pretty good student in a Spanish. You weren’t sure if you were Senora’s favorite student but  that didn’t matter. What made you even more nervous was the sound of Luke Hemmings name. So nervous that your hands began to shake. You looked at your Spanish teacher. She smiled warmly at you. You offered her a small smile back but it fell. You knew very well what Luke thought of you. It happened just 2 years ago when you were a new student.

“Hello.” A voice said. You turn around and see a girl. She smiles warmly at you and offers to show you around the school which you gladly excepted. After a couple rooms, she told you shed had to go to the restroom to make a quick pit stop. You nodded in response and tapped your foot in an irregular rhythm to a tune of song you liked, waiting for her to return.

“Are you the new girl? A voice asks behind you. You turn around and see a boy way taller than you with a blonde fringe. You nod meekly, your words burning in your throat. His chapped pink lips curve slightly.

"I hope you dont get trampled.” He says coldly. You frown. He laughs.

“Best of luck to you.” He spits before turning away. 

“Y/N.. please translate the next paragraph.” Senora asks sweetly, snapping you back into reality. You sigh and translate the paragraph perfectly with your accent you somehow muster through you nervous body. She smiles at you and continues to talk but you blare her out. Your eyes trail to Luke who (coincidentally) sat 3 seats away from you. His hair lost the fringe a year ago and was now in a small quiff. His eyes were sea blue and his height was never ending. But he hated everyone in this school. From day one. If looks could kill, hed have half the school dead. All he cared of was his band and his grades. Well not much of his grades but to the point of passing unlike some guys here. But that didnt stop girls from fawning over him and his band. Ever day you had to trudge to school, hearing things like “Id so suck Luke’s dick just for tickets to his show” and “Omg Megan!! The tickets arent even expensive and im pretty sure youd give him a bj, nonetheless." You shudder and pull on your collared uniform, waiting for the class to end. When the bell rang, you were a nervous wreck. Getting called by the teacher was seriously the scariest thing yet. But you tamed your shaking body and bit your lip. Shuffling your things together you walked to the teachers desk.

"You wanted to see me, Senora.” You say. You hear the soft clanks from Luke’s shoes and within seconds, he stands next to you. He raised his hand to rub his neck and brushed past your arm. You blushed at the warm contact but fixed your attention to the teacher. 

“I know the both of you have heard of the Spanish Program.” Of course you have heard of the Spanish Program. Its a fancy name but really means you need help in the subject and have to come everyday to the library to receive it. But that scared you. You passed all subjects. Cue the rambling.

“Senora. I dont need help. Ive passed all subjects and I cant have this on my reputation. Ill lose college credits, you must under-” She silences you.

“Y/N, I want you to tutor Luke every day after school. He seems to be slacking.” She says, concerned. Luke rolls his eyes and lets out an exaggerated sigh. 

“Do I have-” Luke was cut off.

“Yes you do. I want progress, Mr. Hemmings.” She says shortly. He sighs and nods.

“You may have the library or your home. Have a nice day.” She says. You scurry out of the room. Sure, it may look like your a nerd but you really weren’t. Outside of school, you had a mind of your own. A crazed mind that is. Since Spanish was your last class, you walk quickly (run) to your locker to get away from the awkwardness with Luke. You shove your books in your bag and slam your locker only to see Luke lying beside your neighbors locker. You shake a little before letting out a breathy gasp. Luke let out a chuckle. You could have sworn it was at the most.

“Do you wanna go to my house? Tutor me there?” He asks, casually. You raise an eyebrow. He talks like its been years. You fix your backpack strap and shrug.

“Sure.” You mumble.

“Did I do something?” He asks softly.

“Your acting like we’ve been talking forever. Its okay. We can get this over with and ill be out of your life within a snap.” You blurt, quickly regretting it. You didnt want to be out of Luke’s life. Not necessarily. You actually have attended one of his concerts and you had grown a small liking towards him. Other girls would kill to be you. His lips curve making you feel smaller than a lint ball. 

“Ill see you at 6. Your place.” You mumble before walking away.

“WAIT, Y/N!!!” You hear him yell your name. You turn around and wait for him to catch up.

“I never said I didn’t want you in my life.” He says, softly. Your furrow your eyebrows in confusion before realizing something. He must be giving you pity. You don’t need pity. He didn’t know the real you and he didn’t need too either.

“I don’t need you condolence. Ill see you later.” You sigh, leaving him standing there in the hallway. You race home and lock the door before walking in. You consult with your mother about the whole program and she was ecstatic about you helping others. You quickly took a shower and changed from your school uniform and into a baggy Nirvana shirt and black leggings. You tie your hair into a ponytail and check the time. Luke had given you the address to his house and it seemed like it would take only 5 minutes to reach. You pedaled on your bike with your book bag on your back to his house and reached in no time. You quickly tightened your ponytail and brushed off the dust of your leggings and made your way to the door. A lady opened it with a bright smile before frowning.

“Are you another girl of Luke’s?” She asks. You shake your head, confused.

“I’m his Spanish tutor.” You say. Her lips curve and she beams.

“Upstairs, 2nd room to your left. Oh i’m his mother. Liz.” She says. You nod your head and smile.

“Y/N.” You say before heading upstairs. You softly knock on the door and waited. You were about to to turn around, afraid it may have been the wrong door till Luke opens it. He wore a simple Mayday Parade shirt with black skinny jeans. You were surprised at his taste but walked in anyway.

“Hey..” He says softly. You offer him a smile.

“Hi.” You say before pulling out your books.

“So we can start with Chapter 14 Section A paragraph 3.” You say. He nods and takes out his book.

“I like your shirt.” He says, his eyes trailing down your body. You blush bright red and look down at your book.

“Lets work on your translation skills, ill read sentence by sentence and ask you to repeat them so you can fluctuate your accent. Then we can work on translating.” You say. He nods and begins to read. You roll your eyes and interrupt him. 

“Luke, your on the wrong chapter.” You say. He leafs through some more making your roll your eyes again. You get up and walk beside. You lean down, your arm brushing his chest as you try to find the correct page. You feel his stare at you but you ignore him. You flip the book to the cover before realizing that Senora had accidentally given him a different book. Your frown lightly.

“You can share with me.” You say. He nods and scoots over. You go over the translation and he seems to ace it.

“Okay. Sentence structure. I’m going to pick a word from this bank in Spanish and you make a sentence out of it.” You say. He nods and leans back in his chair, his tongue flicking his lip piercing making your heart thump faster and your hands begin to sweat. You immediately look down and trace your finger along the book.

“Extrano (weird)” You say. He laughs and quickly forms a sentence from the back of his mind. You go through a couple words at random.

“Okay, I think this will be the last word for our lesson today. Then I can go home.” You sigh, tiredly. He nods slowly.

“Bonita (pretty)” You say. He looks at you deeply.

“Y/N es muy bonita.” He whispers, leaning in. His warm breath hit your face. You close your eyes for a minute, your heart racing. You open your eyes to see Luke’s and shake your head.

“You know what that means right?” You ask.

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have said it.” He retorts. You frown.

“Thats not true.” You say.

“I never said it was false either.” He says. You stand up, your heart racing for the billionth time. He had just given you a compliment. And he wasn’t joking. Or you think he was. He mustve been joking. It was just a sentence. A part of this lame tutoring program. Dammit! Why did studies have to interfere with your emotions. You retrieve your bag but it fell shortly from your reach.

“I have to go.” You whisper. He stands up.

“Wait, Y/N. I need to tell you something.” He says. Your lips curve.

“What?” You ask. He takes long strides towards you, backing against the wall. He pushes your lose strands back. You feel his breath hitting your face. 

“Im sorry. 2 years ago.” He whispers. Your eyes bulge. He remembered?

“You remember?” You squeak.

“Well how could I forget? Your always on my mind.” He says. Your lips quiver and your heart races again. Before you could say another word, he presses against you. His lips mold into yours. You flutter your eyes closed and kiss back, your hands wound in his hair. You feel his rip ring move making you giggle. 

“What?” He asks. 

“Stop that.” You groan.

“Stop what..?” He asks, innocently. You roll your eyes.

“Your rolling your lip ring. Its driving me insane.” You say. He raises an eyebrow.

“Are you telling me I drive you insane?” He asks. Your eyes widen.

“W-What? No!!!” You exclaim. He laughs and presses his lips to your cheek.

“Your cute when you stutter. Your cute when you do anything, really.” He mumbles, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. You smile before wringing out of his grip. You throw your bag on your shoulder.

“You only know half of what I really am.” You say. He pouts.

“When do I get to see the other half?” He asks. You smirk.

“I don’t know.” You say and fix your posture.

“Ill see you tomorrow.” You say winking, leaving him wanting to see you more than anything.


Had this idea while talking on the phone. It wasnt requested. Hope you liked it!! :)


on expecting friends to punish friends

arright so ive seen a lot of shock and outrage (honestly standard at this point) and just general disapproval of raven and bellamy’s reactions to finn this past episode

[note: i am not going to talk about clarke because she has clearly not forgiven him. she never said anything remotely close to that. despite the fact that she cares about him deeply and is a naturally protective person, she is now uncomfortable and scared around him. if you think everything is hunky-dory in flarkeville rn you are twisting the events of the show so you can be more outraged at finn than you already are and honestly i dont care about u bye

im also not going to talk about murphy because he was his regular old insensitive jerkass self. love ya murphy, never change. kill some more people soon, ok? cool. kisses.]

ANYWAY. im sure its difficult to see through the haze of your hatred, but let me tell you a thing

you may hate finn collins, but raven and bell love him, and they have just as much blood on their hands

lets start with raven

  • ravens brace is not her only battle scar
  • she has (debatably) the highest body count of the delinquents: 300 using the dropship, about 100 between the bomb on the bridge and the landmines, maybe more (and i dont think shes ever shown remorse for this. KILL HER!!!)
  • raven has never given much of a shit about grounder lives (see above)
  • finn is ravens best friend, first love, and her family (her words)
  • he saved her life as a child
  • he has saved her life twice on the ground (risking his own life both times)
  • there is a theory that raven took the spacewalk, or at least did it with finn or helped him, and that he took the blame (think about it: raven had access to the equipment and knowledge of how to do it. do you really think that pre-pilot finn would have been able to pull that shit off on his own? doubtful) [credit for this theory goes to rebelleleader]
  • if that is true, he also saved ravens career and reputation by keeping her out of space juvy
  • (sidebar: do you think raven would be persecuted for the spacewalk the same way finn has been? also doubtful. moving on)
  • she literally plummeted to earth from space to be with him again
  • she has forgiven him for the one very shitty thing he did to her
  • (seriously ravens over it, clarkes over it, im over it. yall need to catch up)
  • she was the one who sent him to the village in the first place (do you think she meant ‘go get them, but dont kill any grounders in the process’? nah. raven dont care. on top of the deaths i mentioned above, remember how she showed the least reluctance to torture lincoln? she just stormed up there, took one look at bellamys weak ass torture, and was like 'let me show you how its done’. raven. dont. care.)

if you were expecting raven to go to sass level 10 and bitch finn out over some grounder lives, you have not been paying attention. someone else, maybe. if hed killed arkers, maybe. but she cares more about his mental health than the villagers and honestly that is completely in character and in line with their relationship

ok now bellamy

  • bellamy cares about finn a lot ok
  • remember that time he carried an unconscious finn back to camp like a fucking disney prince? remember how when he tortured lincoln, it was for finn?
  • ive said it before, and ill probably say it again: the line bellamy told finn cant be uncrossed, he crossed for finn
  • finn gave up the safety of the drop ship (and committed his first murder that wasnt in self defense) to save bellamys life
  • in ssn 2, they are constantly protecting/defending each other and show a huge amount of trust in one another
  • they have not said one word against the other since this season began
  • even when they disagree, they listen to each other and seriously take the other’s opinion into consideration, usually giving in to it (ie bringing murphy, the girl on the cliff side)
  • bellamy doesnt chew finn out when he 'disobeys’ him, even when he doesnt understand it (ie untying murphy, shooting the one-eyed grounder) he sees him as an equal 
  • (remember when atom and murphy showed insubordinance and were literally strung up and lynched?)
  • (the only other people who get this treatment from bellamy are clarke and octavia. js.)
  • bell has been visibly concerned for finns mental state for this whole season
  • “i’ll sleep when we find finn”
  • and bellamy doesnt give much of a shit about grounder lives either. he is the military leader of the 100 and they are the opposing army.
  • he has killed many himself, and as the military leader, is arguably accountable for all blood spilled by the kids
  • he let finn go to the grounder village with an automatic rifle and a murphy, knowing full well he was not in his right mind
  • he gave the man he banished, and then tried to murder him a gun so that finn would have back up

seriously, i dont think bellamy has any moral high ground to stand on and even if he does, he wouldnt use it to judge finn. just like raven, he cares more about his friends mental health than grounder lives. in fact, hes more likely to blame himself for letting finn go in the state he was in than to blame finn. thats kind of his whole deal

and tbf, you cant see your crazy from the inside. bell could see how irrationally finn was behaving, finn could not. 

there was a time (early ssn one) when both of these characters may have condemned finn for his actions, but not over grounders. and at this point, im sure they both feel theyve been forgiven for unforgivable things

(which is not to mention that the arkers need every soldier they can get atm, and theyve made it clear that they dont give a shit about grounder lives since they landed. finns punishment was never going to come from them. his pardon by the council says more about the council than about him.)

i am NOT condoning finns actions. i am NOT equating theirs to his.

fuck, im not even saying their reactions were rational, healthy or morally sound. im saying that their reactions were in character and in line with their relationships.

these kids number one priority is each other. the bond theyve all formed is one of my favourite parts of the show. it sucks to see people belittle it by saying that finns best friends should be punishing him. his punishment will come from elsewhere, let his friends support him in his time of need.

or fuck it, dont. they will anyway.

jaha OUT

herhmione  asked:

oh my god what happened??? with the person who deleted?

Okay so what happened was a few days ago Annie @reguluus-deactivated20160221 (a 15 year old minor) made this really funny dumb jar jar binks shitpost edit that was really stupid but i loved it you know?
Anyway it started gaining a lot of notes bc it was funny and then yesterday she comes to me saying that tumblr user l.opmon had blatantly stolen her post
And he really did which didnt really make sense bc the post was so simple and dumb like just go make your own wth

So then today she came to me in a panic
Like a full blown five alarm Panic 
because apparently l.opmon (now going by r.egyo) is one of those oh-so-popular humor blogs and is friends with tumblr user j.ovan (another popular humor blog) who also decided to repost the edit
and when Annie politely asked them to either take it down or credit her, they treated her with sarcasm and cruelly mocked her for her anxiety 
And when other people started getting involved and telling them to take down the repost they got all up in arms saying that the “superwholock” was coming for them and they were getting death threats 
Which gave their followers all the ammo they needed to come after a 15 year old girl who just wanted credit for her ridiculous shitpost
A bunch their friends like n.o and c.ondom publicly mocked her and their followers sent her all kinds of anon hate saying things like how pathetic fandom bloggers are (which is rather ironic considering j.ovan used to be k.atara and was a fandom blog), making fun of her anxiety, yelling at her saying she had no right to ask them to take down the posts, making racial comments at her, assuming personal information so as to hurt and bully her and multiple messages telling her to kill herself

Annie just turned 15 last week and this sweet young girl was so terrified and felt so unsafe and so humiliated and ridiculed that she deleted her blog

People dont seem to really get what it is i am angry about here
I couldnt give two flying fucks about that stupid edit
I really dont care about at this point
What I care about is a group of legal grown ass adults on the internet publicly humiliating and bullying a 15 year old girl, A MINOR, to the point where she feels scared for her life in a place that was once safe and happy

I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of those tumblr users and the ones who supported them
A child came to them with a perfectly reasonable request and these 2 and their followers treated her abominably and drove her off this website 

I can honestly say that i cant remember the last time i was this angry
I am just horrified by cruelty and lack of compassion from so many people 

Im in school right now and doing this completely on my phone but since so many people in the fandom follow me i feel an almost obligation to post something about this whole fiasco.

This will be the only post i am making (i made a rant video abt it but tumblr is too much of a little hoe to take the file size) so here i go.

First of all let me say one thing loud and clear: one ship getting some sort of content does not make your ship invalid. Kyoani is highly guilty of queerbaiting and if you ask me they know exactly what they are doing. Their goal is to make money. Theyre a business sorry.

Saying that makoharu shippers whom flipped out over the fact rinharu was featured were…. It wasnt their proudest moment, but in return i can recall several rinharu shippers who did the same thing when the high speed movie came out. (also speaking of high speed i should remind these makoharu shippers we got major scenes in the MOVIE) rinharu shippers were Wishing kyoani would fail telling them it was unfair ect. So stop acting like makoharu shippers are the only ones whom have ever done anything to kyoani out of spite. Neither of these people should be proud and neither side is innocent. In fact some rinharu shippers in the makoharu tag right now should be very ashamed.

Now, to group all shippers together as one big cluster fuck because of a few bad shippers is dumb. Sorry but it is. No matter what you ship whether it be soumako, reigisa, makoharu, or rinharu: you ARE going to see bad shippers. Thats a fandom. All groups of people. Not everyone is an angel or a demon.

I mean there was an incident where makoharu shippers were saying some messed up stuff to creators of free! And the makoharu fandom FLIPPED at them. Im not much in the rinharu fandom but several of them have called me things from fat to ugly and ive even been told i shouldnt cosplay and should kill myself. After this ive had rinharu shippers defend and support me. Theres shitty people everywhere but that doesnt represent the whole.

Ive been in this fandom too long to fall for any of you people and the bullshit.

Also i get that some artists are upset their stuff they worked on wasnt shown, but did you send it with the intentions of it being shown? No you sent it with the intention to thank them and appreciate makoto. Kyoani appreciates it just as much (and i doubt they ship either one of them more…or even at all) they werent playing favorites. Chill. They thought it would be good marketing to thank the whatever present thing and thats it. Its not that they didnt wanna give you credit. Its not that they didnt like yours as much. Theyre marketing. I dont know why you guys play kyoani up as your bff when theyre really a business.

In the end i still ship makoharu. Bad shippers cant ruin that for me. Makoharu is just as great no matter what happens. That goes for everyone.

And if youre really that bitter just rewatch free! Because thats canon. A tweet isnt canon content. Yikes stop getting mad over a marketing tweek.