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we dem (tres horny) bois 

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but I was hoping if you could answer my question. I just got in Rusame quite recently and I was wondering when the ship actually became popular? I know the most popular ship started way back in the beginning but I have no idea when RA also became quite popular. Thanks in advance!

Hey! No worries, I’d be more than glad to explain my OTP :)

It’s understandable really for you to wonder why RusAme became quite popular because yeah, their interaction is not that many compared to other popular pairings, and they’re often shown to be not so friendly with each other. 

If you want short answer: it’s all thanks to amazing fanworks created by talented RusAme fans. Idk exactly when it’s first considered popular but I can think of 3 phases (2009 LJ phase, 2012 Tumblr Phase, 2014 Tumblr meme phase) where the fandom produces many popular fanworks. For super long and detailed answer, it’s behind the cut here:

(I checked on mobile and somehow the long version doesn’t show? But just open this on browser and you’ll see the longer version. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

Edit: I surrendered. I remove the read more so here it is:

1. The LJ Phase (2009)

The reason why RA becomes quite popular is due to amazing fanworks created by dedicated and talented RA fans. I think it begins to gain popularity somewhere around 2009, when an amazing historical fics titled The Chosen End at LJ focusing around RusAme history was created, and somehow it begins to attract many talented artists and writers to RA fandom. Well idk maybe it begins even before that but I don’t know other famous fanworks for RusAme that’s older than TCE. TCE basically opened hetalia fandom eyes that RusAme used to be friend before cold war and I guess it’s a really phenomenal fanworks that’s being so thorough with historical facts.

The fandom grew and even made a small community at LJ which consists of making fanarts and fanfics and it’s wonderful. But unfortunately one day, some immature fans that I assumed became jealous of RA growing popularity, began to bash RA and TCE Authors in some confession blog. And I guess some RA fans told the TCE Authors about this…and idk if that’s one factor of the Authors dropped TCE and left RA fandom, but I once read a post where they said they couldn’t take it anymore and then stopped writing for TCE. 

2. The Tumblr Phase (2012)

The RA fandom continued on despite TCE no longer updated, but one by one, those talented artists and writers began to leave RA fandom as well. But there’re some who stayed on and continued making amazing fanworks for RusAme, and somehow the fandom is migrating from LJ to Tumblr. 

The RA fandom began to become quite popular again on Tumblr thanks to active amazing askblogs and creative fanfic writers that keeps creating popular fanworks for RA, RA fans were growing again but sadly, at this time many fans were immature and so many ship wars are lit. There’re many negative opinions thrown for RA fandom, and there were also a few RA fans who’re hostile towards other pairings’ fans. It’s the era where Hetalia is still in its glory and so many fans are enthusiastic about it. Despite all the ship wars, RA fandom is still active with many amazing fanworks created.

3. The Tumblr Meme Phase (2014)

I think this era is where RusAme finally is considered as ‘Popular’ among hetalia fans. I think it’s thanks to that epic (sorta) RusAme red telephone comic that managed to get hundred thousand notes, along with a popular meme blog that happens to fall in love with RusAme and even making the ‘Space Gays’ term popular. Both blogs were very popular back then, and they created many RA posts that racked in thousands of notes regularly. Besides those two, there are also many talented fanartists who frequently draw RA and thus, RA posts began to roam everywhere with thousands of notes. There are also RA Fanfic writers who wrote popular RA fics with hundreds of reviews and It’s no wonder then many hetalians now deemed RA as popular.

Sadly, this era somehow “watered down” RA’s complex history and thus making many old and recent famous RA fanwork creators to leave the fandom one by one. Imho I love both meme and complex RA so it’s really sad to know both sides can’t get along in tandem but I guess hetalia dying is also a factor why many RA fans left the fandom.

And now, RA fandom is still active thanks to some dedicated fanartists and fanfic writers who regularly posts RA fanworks. It’s maybe not as booming as back then when those famous RA fans were still in the fandom, but from time to time, amazing fanworks are created and gaining thousands notes or hundreds reviews that makes this fandom still quite popular. Well hetalia is already >10 yo so it’s understandable to see fans leaving one by one, but I’m content with our current fandom. Ship war barely exists, fanworks are still roaming and could be enjoyed every weekend, and I think as long as it makes you happy, popularity really doesn’t matter anymore.

Phew somehow it’s got so looong but honestly I’ve been wanting to create this kind of post so thank you for giving me a chance and a push to do it. RA is a complex ship that needs many thoughtful thinking and perception to finally get the appeal of it, so it’s understandable many people are perplexed like you too of the reason why it can gain its current popularity.

Lastly idk if you already like RA now or just simply curious of ‘wth some ship with minimal positive interaction could become so popular??’, but if it’s the later case, I hope maybe someday you could begin to like RA just like other RA fans do too :)

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unrelated to everything atm but im having an identity crisis and dont know who to main in overwatch h elp m e ple as e

A Grand Master player once said to me: don’t have a main. Be skilled in everyone. That way you will always be the character your team needs, and you’ll always know what your enemy players are going to do to try and fuck you over as [x] character. :D

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can you recommend any pre-1970s movies featuring WOC? I dont mind subtitles either if they're foreign. I love vintage movies and fashion but I hate that so many movies are racist and that I can never see people who look like me:( One of my only icons is Tura Satana who is GOD to me

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill (1965) stars Tura Satana- I’m sure u know lol
Black Girl (1966) stars Mbissine Therese Diop *French film*
Carmen Jones (1954) stars Dorothy Dandridge
Flower Drum Song (1961) stars Nancy Kwan
Black Orpheus (1959) stars Marpessa Dawn *Brazilian film*
Rashomon (1950) stars Machiko Kyo *Japanese film*
Siren of Atlantis (1949) stars Maria Montez
Dona Barbara (1943) stars Maria Felix *Mexican film*
Shanghai Express (1932) stars Anna May Wong

if anybody wants to help out anon, just leave a reply with some suggestions :)

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Probably irrelevant to your fic (and i hope you dont mind) but my personal hc here is that of all the skaters who found out about Yuuri's anxiety surprisingly one of the people who most empathises with Yuuri is JJ bc of his canon anxiety attacks and also bc he has a history of bad social interactions with the other skaters/ coaches. even if their personalities are complete 180° of each other (weirdly JJ is not among my top 3 yoi charas) OK carry on °v°

While JJ is wildly different to Yuuri it would be a comfort to him to know that there is a very very successful skater who understands what he is feeling

okay let’s all sit back and have a little talk okay

I dont know who that anon was, but you sure as hell don’t have the right to say that buddy, im not a kid, tom and i are both adults, and even if this is my story and my characters, i had absolutely no inspiration to work on it until tom and i started revisiting it, if anything i should be thanking him for actually giving this story a possible future. 

And i am the one with the story, i am the one who decides what’s in and what’s out, and let’s be honest, what fun it’s a story if it’s only directed by one person, it’s just extra work and no fun for me. And i dont need someone to baby for me, if i knew this was a problem i would know, again im an adult.

Thank you~

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Hi, update from the person with the crush problems! They know now! The figured it out when my friend was asking them questions. They said they don't know if they like me that way yet, my friend said she made him promise not to make it awkward tho. I trust her tho, and who knows, maybe it will happen. Thank you for the advice. I thought about it and if push comes to shove I'll have to talk to them. Thank you Min!

OHH!! I’m so glad things ended up calm qwq
and yeah, who knows whats gonna happen in the future, but i have a feeling that things will get much better from now on.
Geeee you dont have to say thanks, but im just a butt typing stuff out, its okay! T wT

Good luck!<3

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So, you know I'm rather new to the fandom, and this will be my first comeback, and I want to do anything I can to help make this comeback a success for our boys. Can you tell me what I can do? like I dont know if I will be able to buy the album, but what other things can I do and where? Thanks~

Sure thing! I’ll give you some basics of what a typical comeback is like for fans! I hope this info is helpful for all BABYz and thanks to the awesome BABYz who provided tutorials for all of these methods!

Social Media

The easiest method is to just promote BAP as much as possible for every comeback. Whether it’s Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, introducing BAP to other K-Pop fans as well as people who are not into K-pop is seriously so helpful. The more we talk about BAP, the more exposure they’ll get, which will lead to more fans and more opportunities for BAP in the future! 

I cannot stress this enough when I say that when discussing BAP on social media PLEASE keep your posts and comments positive. Talk about how great the songs are, how perfect the MV is, write about OT6′s flawless singing and dancing, etc; however, DON’T make negative posts criticizing BAP/BABYz/other fandoms because it really reflects back on BAP. DON’T start rumors or spread them, DON’T post or repost negative comments/posts from others, and DON’T write negative comments directly to BAP on sns. Also, even though we all can agree TS sucks, it’s clear that they go out of their way to avoid any concerns from BABYz. Even though it’s frustrating, before you send them emails, call their offices, or threaten to fly to Korea and punch every employee at TS in the face, PLEASE think of what your words/actions will do to BAP. We don’t know what truly goes on with BAP and TS, so it’s best to remain positive and focuse on promoting the boys and patiently waiting for news from TS and then we can punch everyone if they fuck up as usual :D

Physical Albums

Even though you’re still unsure about buying a physical copy of the album, if you do end up deciding it’s best to buy from stores whose sales count towards charts, such as Gaon and Hanteo. Preordering is also really important for sales within the first week, so here are a few verified stores for each chart in addition to TS Ent.’s official store:

Hanteo: KPopTown, KpopMart, YesAsia (there is a global site and US site, this is the global site link)

Gaon: Melon, MNet


Searching for BAP online will actually help them gain exposure and hype about their comeback. Simply go on the Naver website or app, type in “BAP ROSE”, click on and share articles on your social media, clear your history, and repeat! 

There are also search attacks that we do, in which there are scheduled times for BABYz to search about BAP on Naver in order to get them trending. If you check BAPdomination on Twitter, they post the schedules and search words for each day.


Voting will help BAP win on music programs, as well as for appearances on various variety shows (which will increase their exposure and popularity). The Vote4BAP Twitter provides info for where streaming/voting can be done.

You can vote for BAP on Show Champion, Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core, and MNet Countdown using the tutorials provided by BABYz.


Streaming allows for digital sales, which count for roughly 50% of votes on music shows. In order to stream, you need to purchase passes on sites like Genie or Melon. 


Melon streaming can seem intimidating, but there are literally soooo many wonderful BABYz who are always offering to help set up an account, or even stream for you (a lot of BABYz actually advertise this kind of help on Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram so make sure to stay on your social media grind during comebacks!). In order to stream on Melon, you need to create and account and either use your PC or dowload the mobile app. There’s a document that BABYz made that explains the whole process along with an FAQ if you have any trouble.

TS YouTube Channel

You can also stream the official MV on TS Ent.’s YouTube channel (it’s best to watch the MVs on TS’s channel even though 1theK also posts the MV and has more subscribers [which means more exposure] but really focus on TS’s channel first and foremost. Stream in 720p or above, like/comment/share the MV on all social medias, watch the full MV without pausing AND at a volume above 50%. Also DON’T click replay or refresh the page; instead, play the video incognito or clear your history. You can also create a playlist of just the MV so that it continuously loops.


Streaming can also be done on Tudou to help BAP win on THE SHOW. Open this link in incognito mode and click the orange button beside the ROSE MV. You don’t have to watch the whole MV ~ there are two lines when the video loads: orange and gray. Let the gray line load fully after you press play and that counts as a stream. Make sure you don’t mute the video while it’s playing, otherwise it doesn’t count. As always, delete your history/cookies and try from all devices and computers.

Naver TV Cast

Finally, streaming can be done on Naver TV cast, but the options listed above tend to be the most used by fans (especially Tudou - BAP tend to win a lot on THE SHOW since it’s a system solely based on the input of fans’ streaming, but it has been known to be messy sometimes when counting votes so NEVER STOP STREAMING lol).

Fancafe/Daum tutorial

itsBAP actually has a tutorial to make an account to join BAP’s official fanclub, in case anyone was interested in this option as well!

Of course, there are so many ways to support BAP in their comebacks, but above all just being a loyal BABY is the best support you can give! Let’s all work together to make this comeback a success and make 2017 BAP’s year! Fighting! ♡

Some highlights from the groupchat
  • soda vs pop vs tonic discourse
  • *clanches*
  • “vage”
  • all of Ciels spelling mistakes
  • “Ciel and the muslimfz”
  • shirtless waluigi
  • “this is why your dad should’ve pulled out” “Hitting where it hurts huh alena”
  • “I have so many ragrats”
  • sending each other anonymous asks
  • “this chat must’ve had simpler intentions”
  • that time rae locked herself out of her house and sent us pics about it
  • “i’m a pumpkin that picture is a lie”
  • No one believes Ciel is actually that young
  • “we get it ur bi”
  • keef
  • “my crops are thriving” “my farts are gone”
  • nick vs mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • “dont compare us to rowboat u punk bitch”
  • no one knows who’s playing the ukulele 
  • friends who drag together stay together
  • the skype call
  • That time ciel made a blog dedicated to exposing Joanna as a weeb
  • Rae’s basic love for nandos
  • “Shiros vibrating fingers”
  • Joanna and Alena both wanna fuck the crab from Moana and we all kinkshamed them
  • “Imagine what those legs do” “nooooooo”
  • “Ciel’s not my child, shes just a kid we pulled out of the trash”
  • sven
The christian missionaries who came in their masses to the part of the world known as Nigeria in the wake of the Berlin conferenceof 1885 didnt practice what they preached. They preached the ‘good news’ but practiced epistemicide. For those who dont know what epistemicide is, I will offer this definition: it is literally the destruction of knowledge- Knowledge of self, knowledge of local environment, knowledge of local cosmology etc etc. Epistemicide is a kind of psychological warfare in other words. Epistemicide allows for the need for genocide to go into remission. The epistemicide on the part of European missionaries, meant that colonial administrators like Lord Lugard, McPherson etc etc were more 'efficient’ in the de jure enslavement of the African continent. In other words, the type of genocidal zeal that was exhibited by the likes of Andrew Jackson, Christopher Colombus et al between 1400 and 1865 (the years of the middle passage andplanatation slavery of Africans in the Americas), was not so necessary by 1885 (the year Africa was partitioned by Europe) because of the epistemicide carried out by christian missionaries.
—  Frank fanon

I literally hate so much when you call a man out on his misogyny and he gets all “boo hoo my ex gf cheated on me/was mean to me/whatever so now I get a free pass to be a piece of shit to every woman I know” like, I don’t know all that many women who haven’t been mistreated by at least one mon, plus the whole systematic sexism thing we gotta be lookin out for, but somehow, we dont all act like babies who treat every man we like shit and demand emotional labour from them besides. Like pull up your big boy pants and get over yourself. 

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lowkey fearing for my safety is my majority republican, trump supporting school. now they're using faggot as an insult. im considering closeting myself. i dont talk about my sexuality that much tho. comfort words plz

to be honest, kids always use that word to insult people, i think youre just noticing it more now is all. 

no matter what they do or say though, it doesn’t change who you are and you do not need their approval. stay safe, keep in mind some people are violent, so dont openly discuss yourself too much without first knowing that you’re safe, but don’t totally go back in the closet. talk to a counselor about the word so you can hopefully get some kinda stricter policy against it with the teachers. still, they cant do or change anything about who you are, they didnt change who matthew shepard was even after what happened. If you really feel unsafe and you’re out to your parents, talk to them about sending you to a new school. try not to be alone too much and make sure to take all measures needed to protect yourself when you are. stay safe, please. we don’t need any more of us to fall.

you are strong and capable. you can fight through this. highschool wont last forever, youre gonna be out of there someday. you can do this. please, dont give up, you matter so much and no matter what those kids say, you are wonderful beyond all measures. you are amazing for making it so far, not all of us do, and im proud of you for being able to stay in there. you can do this.

i feel bad i ran into one of my neighbors who ive known since he was super little who’s also named sebastian and i didnt say hi to him in the elevator… in my defense i almost didnt recognize him hes so tall now!!! hes probs like 11 or 14 and who the hell knows bc puberty makes people look so much older but OMG he just like shot up!!! 

when youre going through it you dont rlly believe people when they say how fast youre growing but damn this kid is i think taller than me when he was still shorter than me around like the beginning of december