i dont know who i should make next

if you kill a main character after 4 seasons - especially with such a big death as suicide - you don’t fucking make the ep about some ships or another characters.

i couldnt care less about bell.arke or ra.ven when i know jasper is dying.

and yall will probably send me hate messages but i dont give af. Write bell.arke/bunker scene in ep before or next one. Write Ra.ven’s storyline in ep before or next one.

They should have made all episode about Jasper. I wanted to see flashbacks. I wanted to see his scenes with other characters - not only Monty - even if it was in his imagination, vision, memories or whatever.

Show us who this character was during this 4 seasons - a happy kid who was risking his life to save his friends and who because of that, because of the lost of so many close people was so broken that it cost him his life. Show me his story. Don’t cut it off to 2 scenes.


EDIT: I truly don’t give a fuck about yalls metas when you say how they made on purpose jasper-rav.en scenes in one ep to show audience that jasper choose death and rav.en life. They could make rav.en storyline in next ep and show audience how she “choose life”. I couldnt care any less abt her scenes when i knew she will survive and jasper will die. 

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if you're still doing the Solangelo AU thing: Nico looses his memory after being hit in the head

fun fact the day my sister and i saw finding dory in theater i came home and immediately wrote an amnesia fic that i just never put online anywhere but these headcanons are gonna be better than that fic i promise

  • so nico gets knocked unconscious and when he wakes up he doesn’t remember a lot of things. he barely remembers camp but he remembers his own name at least so that’s good. chiron’s the only person in the infirmary that he remembers so he only talks to him
    • chiron, at one point, tells will something like “why don’t you go clean up nico’s cabin for him so he can head back there” with a very specific look that says ‘there better not be anything of yours in there when i take nico there to rest’
  • so will runs back to clean up nico’s cabin and freaks out before he can even get inside bc what if nico never remembers him?? like it’s permanent memory loss and it’ll be like their relationship never happened??? so piper helps him into the cabin and helps him clean up and calms him down and they go back to the infirmary 
  • when he gets back there nico keeps staring at him even when will’s not paying any attention to him or when someone else is trying to get nico’s attention and eventually nico just grabs will’s arm when he walks by and won’t let him go anywhere until he talks to him
    • nico: you’re important, i can tell, who are you?
    • will: im your friend, will
    • nico: no not friend it’s different than that, i dont know how but i know that much
    • will: you should rest you don’t know what you’re talking about
  • so they take nico back to his cabin and let him rest and the next morning when will goes to check on him again nico insists that will talk to him again and will’s like “ok what do you want to know” and nico makes him talk about who they are to each other and will tells him
  • nico apologizes for not remembering any of it and will tells him it’s ok because he’s still healing and he’ll get his memories back soon and until then will can just tell him stories of everything that happened up until that point to try to help his memory along

i hope this is what you were looking for!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

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Where can i find Tarjeis jodel answers?

Hiii anon! For those of you that looks like this ? regarding Jodel, it is an app where you write posts anonymously and you get points for likes and dislikes. You can also reply and make threads, or as Tarjei likes to do; reply with pictures to random people. 

Anyways, your wish is my demand dear anon, so I made a lil compilation for you:

Someone wrote a post about Tarjeis being one of the greatest acting talents around and he replied with this selfie. “Sick opinion. Thank you <3″

“I don’t fucking know who op is. Skam is coming” 

“The 21 bus is preeeeetty full for this time” aka Tarjei looking good from this angle??? Is he human? 

“Hah there was no iPad Jodel operation on the bus” directly translated, as i dont have a clue what the hell he’s replying to lol

“Should I take a selfie with milk in my face?” Refering to the season 3 trailer <3

I think someone was roasting Isaks making out game and Tarjei replied with these; “*17 year old TV character getting roasted by anonymous person” “Ugh, people seriously. Peace. Out. Will get better hook next time”

Basically he’s the best person ever and this made me love him even more.

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Hi! Could they have reintroduced Freddie to end it?!? Or am I trying too much to be positive about it? You probably don't have experience about such mess, because you actually work for your clients. Xx


Lol, that’s what I always say when I’m asked about opinions on this mess. I’m sorry but…there are certain lines beyond which I am as lost as everyone else because …this isn’t actual PR? This is a carnage. How would I know how you sit there and find any single way to destroy your client’s chances? How you work hard to alienate his super loyal and active fandom, how you got a great song in your hands and just decide to simply ignore it. I mean, I’ms ure I could come up with something if I concentrated on it properly, but..I dont want to? This is too much for me, it makes me too angry, too appalled and I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t let them affect my mood anymore. 

So, I mean…they’re not following any regular, rational path. They could as well end it next week saying F&L were heading to a dna test together, who bloody knows. Or more likely this is just the same old story. Who’s still got energy and hope should keep on holding on! :)

anyway i was talking to a friend earlier and he was again telling me about how because he has trouble empathizing with others and understanding boundaries (he scored like 8 out of 80 on the empathy quotient where i scored 68) hes often in situations where he doesnt know how to react or he reacts badly because he cant empathize/see how something would make people uncomfy so because he has an easier time understanding me because we’re good friends i suggested that the next time he’s in a situation where he doesnt know how to act to ask himself “what would amanda do?” or “how would amanda feel if i did this in front of her?” and if the answer is “she wouldnt do this” or “it would make her uncomfy” then he should reevaluate his actions and it was like a light turned on in his mind and i dont know if the idea of using an empathetic friend as a baseline could help anyone else who has problems with empathy but it really seemed to make a difference to him so i think its worth mentioning

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Love Game

Bucky x reader

Summary: you slept with James Barnes and you feel you screw everything up.

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

(Credits to the owner of the gif)

You open your eyes and it takes you like ten seconds to realize where you are. You turn your head to your left and there he is, sleeping. Yes, last night you were drunk but you remember what you did with the man that is by your side, with James Barnes. 

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Jfc, so my sister calls me upstairs and she looks me straight in the eyes and says "Chay, who is the corporal?" And I was like wut, and my sister goes "is there something we dont know about?" and I finally realize and I try to grab the package but she made me open it in front of everyone and Im trying to explain that theres this awsome cosplayer that also makes awsome sweets and I just show the container with the food inside and once they were all satisfied I ran into my room like an idiot.

So your saying next time the sender address should be:
Corporal Levi
The wall
Canadian dungeon