i dont know which one to play first

Thunderbird headcannons

- going out in the rain to jump in the puddles

- some students are afraid of lightning and thunder and their housemates immediately take it upon themselves to keep them company with warm mugs of hot chocolate

- a buddy system when exploring

- “picnics and exploration” thats there motto

- trying new things, roller coasters and different foods but its okay if you dont want to bc adventure is only fun if you’re willing

- talking about trips and showing souvenirs “you had the money to go to italy and you brought back a rock” “it has sentimental value” “are you fucking kidding me right now”

- not all the students have the resources to see the world but the entire house gets together to raise money

- bake sales do not work, and all the older students are tired of hearing the first years suggest it “but this recipe is really” “nope, trust me it will not end well”

- no one talks about what happened at the first fundraising bake sale the thunderbirds ever had

- ever

- summer field trips

- “i did not take four years of spanish just so i can watch you play charades with the entire german population” “i know german” “no you really dont, you just think you do“ 

- “why is it always a European country, i actually want to go somewhere where the people don’t think the only language i speak is chinese” “you do speak chinese” “i speak cantonese and they always assume its mandarin, which is annoying and racist”

- “i’m with her, you know how many times airport security has signaled me out, i was put in holding last time” “ you’re right maybe we can all take a portkey to indonesia or something”

- Polaroids, pictures of everything

- selfies with funny faces, landmarks, animals, food, everything is put into a big scrapbook thats shelved into a bookcase in the common room, every trip has its own scrapbook

- learning beautiful languages so they can better understand the world

- reading books and exploring fictional worlds in the place of real ones

- loving different cultures and wanting to be respectful and kind to all

Concept: Anti has become the stronger one and has Dark under control.

Just hear me out here. We all know Dark has been here longer and is stronger, smarter, and more independent (less linked to mark and more his own entity) than Anti. But just entertain me for a second.

Anti is now stronger than Dark. And Dark is now subservient to Anti.

Think about it. Yeah, Anti didn’t exist until recently, and Dark has been here since 2012 but remember, Dark went dormant. Completely silent. He didn’t hear hind or tail of him until Anti came along. Because what if Dark didn’t do that of his own free will?

Roll with me here: Dark builds up enough hype to let go of Mark and become his own being. He doesn’t need us anymore, and goes along doing his own thing. But now here’s Anti. Dark doesn’t care. “So he’s here to play too, so what?” But the thing is, Anti gets stronger and stronger. He could’ve left us a long time ago, after Fnaf 5 ended. He had enough attention from us to make 10 of himself and be satisfied. But he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more. He knew he needed more.

This is the thing Dark didn’t take advantage of. He’s already disconnected himself from us, so he can’t get any stronger off our attention. But Anti hasn’t taken that step yet. He’s kept going. Even through to 2017, he’s still here messin with us. Hear me out.

After Halloween, Anti decided he wanted to have some fun. So he goes to Dark and asks him to mess with the fans on his behalf. Dark refuses, but Anti forces him. He’s stronger now, and Dark didn’t know that, so he takes over Dark and MAKES him come back. Dark is no longer the strong one, hes just good at hiding it.

Now Dark comes back. And of course, one can’t be talked about without the other. All the attention goes to Anti, all of it. He gets stronger and stronger. He makes an appearance at the panel. Even more. Dark makes another comeback in Dont Play This Game. More. More. When will Anti stop?

Until either Jack, Dark, or all of us die. He isn’t sure which is going to come first.

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How was the play!! :D

halla anon! 

sorry i took so long to reply to this! i wanted to write down some of my thoughts and feelings on it, so that’s why it took me a while! but short answer: it was a lot of fun! i am very happy i got to see it, and it was great seeing tarjei on stage :) i liked the play overall, it had some good topics but didn’t really give many answers or anything. i went with a friend and we spent the rest of the night together and we ended up talking about it quite a bit, which is always a good thing i feel! 

im gonna spoil the plot now, so if for whatever reason you don’t want to know, dont read the rest of this (under the cut because it became way too long)

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yoo bro that story was so funny we need another one tell us a funny sex story or your worst sexual performance ever

aiight here we go

so i met this girl on twitter we texting for a week or so then we start talking sexual im telling her all kinda freaky shit ” imma make you walk funny” “imma make you tapout” “imma go all night” “back to back rounds” “imma make you squirt” etc, hyping myself up you know how niggas do. so i go over there on a Friday night we doing the wholee sitting on the couch watching the movie thing pretending like we dont know what we here to do so then we start pushing each other play fighting then one thing leads to another and we going at it then we all that 4 play which im not going to get into detail with cause it has nothing to do with making the story funny so anywayyy we do doggy first I start off slow taking my time like

then shes like go faster!! so i speed up then she starts throwing it back on a nigga


that booty was so fat and it was just jiggling she moaning telling me its mines already but i shit u not i feel my nut coming in about 1 minute and 30 seconds so i pull it out trying to stop it from happening it just comes out right in the condom shes looks back at me like why’d you stop i look back at her like

she looks down sees the cum in the condom then looks back at me like

i look back at her like

shes like

she goes into her phone reading the text messages  i sent her in a low voice like “gonna give it to me all night” *chuckles* nope that didnt happen “gonna make me scream your name” *chuckles* nopeeee lol didnt happen so im like i can get it back up shes like nope you’ve done enough damage for tonight dont want you to hurt yourself shes like so i guess u can go home now im like ok left her house like Rasheed Wallace after the pistons lost in the playoffs in ‘07

i get home log onto twitter i see her talking crazy

“i hate niggas who talk alot of shit about their sex game and dont back it up”

“just had the worst sex of my life… if u can call it that it was so fast”

her friend asked her who was it she was like “we’ll just call him the flash like the super hero cause that boy came and went faster than the speed of light”

im over there reading the tweets sad as shit… told my mans what happened showed him the tweet he was like you better go back over there and

so i ask for redemption she says no for like a week then she finally agreed went over there and put in that work redeemed myself sat there watched her shaking and having spasms on the edge bed like

talk shit now

happy ending

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what did you think of sal?

tw: r*pe mention//

ive been waiting 300 years for this. ever since the first chapter of the manga got released (it was partly the reason why i started translating it in the first place)(also fukami) i was thinking about the moment when the red sea part was going to be adapted and of course, when sal will appear. you dont even know how sad i got when we got that sudden epilogue on the first one i was like “DID I REALLY WAIT ALL THIS TIME AND HES ONLY GONNA GET HINTED IN 1 CHAPTER”

besides the change in the art (which im not really Really happy about) im super excited about this !! sal wasnt always my favourite character (in fact it was samekichi and now i… dont like him at all lol) but after i played the game, sat through it and thought long and hard it was clear to me that he was gonna be The One

im super glad we’re getting more insight on him since i had the feeling everything happened super fast in the game and we almost got to know nothing besides he was the Big Bad TM. im super glad we’ve got to see that he never r*ped wadanohara (of course what he did to her was inexcusable anyway and even if i love sal ill never defend that but after seeing the “r*pe apologist” tag fly all over when the mogeko fandom was rising and EVEN when it never was clear that he did so to her everyone just assumed it im… relieved it was proved that it didnt happen) i love that we get to see just how badly he loses it when wadanohara asks samekichi for help, how much he hates him and how badly he’s fucked up lmao… ykno that feel when u love ur fave but u want him to eat shit and die? yeah happens to me a lot

i didnt intend to make this reply so long (i even had to cut some paragraphs because it was. Really Long) but thank you so much for asking me about my opinion!! im v passionate (even more about sal) and id love to reply any question like this

have a good day!

♡ ♡  thank you for the tag @fajantas  ♡ ♡

A—Age: 21
B—Birthplace: stockholm, sweden
C—Current Time: 6pm
D—Drink You Last Had: coffee
E—Easiest Person To Talk To: my friends who i’ve known since i was a bby
F—Favourite Song: atm it is rid of me by pj harvey
G—Grossest Memory: having a crush on this one guy…. EW
I—In Love: no :’-)
J—Jealous of People: with perfect skin? hells yeah
L—Love at First Sight or Should I Walk By Again: r u hitting on me rn???
M—Middle Name: lol i dont wanna give away too much info 
N—Number of Siblings: 2
O—One Wish: peace of mind
P—Person You Called Last: my sister
Q—Question You Are Always Asked: my haircare routine… which is nonexistent
R—Reason to Smile: listening to and playing music, knowing that there’s always new music to discover
S—Song You Sang Last: angie by the rolling stones
T—Time You Woke Up: 9am
U—Underwear Colour: white
V—Vacation Destination: spain
W—Worst Habit: overthinking/overanalyzing
X—X-Rays: none, knock on wood
Y—Your Favourite Food: anything italian 
Z—Zodiac Sign: libra

im gonna tag @a-walk-on-the-moon @stonegodssard @rocknrolld @holly-roller @gothxfaerie @way-beyond-wildest-imaginations @my-sunny-side-has-up-and-died @everythingisvedderwithgrunge @grungemami @attractively-packaged-bad-idea  ♡

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What's the "I was on glee" thing?

at a convention, the supergirl cast were singing a recap of season 2 and when mentioning lena luthor and her relationship with supergirl/kara, one member of the cast (jeremy jordan?) started chanting ‘’theyre only friends, they’ll never get together’’, which pissed off a lot of LGBT fans (particularly wlw).

melissa, who plays supergirl, joined in with this and later someone associated with her (i dont know who) said that she couldn’t be homophobic, because she was on glee.

this comes alongside the knowledge that one of the characters in the confirmed lesbian relationship on the show is going to be written off in the next season, and also alongside lots of other issues with the show such as racism. speaking of, the cast also referenced the white mon-el as karas first boyfriend, even though in season 1 (and possibly longer) she had a relationship (ish) with james olsen, a black man, conveniently ignored [as it is in the show, apparently, too]

i dont watch the show but i keep up with the drama because of mutuals and also honestly?? i liked the show for a bit but now im just not into it anymore.

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For the character ask meme: j o s e p h :)))))))

1: sexuality headcanon: uhhhh bi 
2: otp: fuck uhhhh honestly? craig/joseph
3: brotp: mat/joseph
4: notp: uhh i guess mary/joseph
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: …..he plays tennis
6: favorite line from this character: we all know what it is,,, the good lord does love a song that slaps
7: one way in which I relate to this character: im blonde also
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: uhhh the fact that he wears a sweater around is shoulders
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: honestly this is a hard one bc i dont completely think hes a monster but i dont think hes perfect… so maybe in between….. a problematic cinnamon roll

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Would you ever join a different pirate crew is given the opportunity? What if if the Whitebeard pirates broke up?


    |     ♪     The concept had been one which brought the musician great anxiety yet to say the thought had never crossed her mind would have been a lie; fears of abandonment often coursed through innocent thoughts and summoned nightmares — at the core of them had been the idea of losing the family she fought hard to become a part of.

    ❝ No~ ❞ the answer slipped easily, saddened tone still managing to keep a singsong tune to the one worded response. 

    To her, it had never really been about piracy or merely becoming a pirate, rather to Rosa, it had always been simply about joining the Whitebeard Pirates. Her hopes and dreams revolved around them and her decision to become a pirate wasn’t sought after for a life of crime or being on the run rather because the hummingbird longed to become a member of the family she so admired. 

    ❝ We won’t break up. No matter what, we’re family.
        and family are forever. ❞

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Imma emulate both p2 games on my phone but i dont know which one should i start first. ep or is?

IS is technically first and idk if EP is improved over is gameplay or just general psgame clunkiness (and while IS is a great game just be warned it is SO clunky and tedious to play sometimes,, if ur only persona game is p5 you’re in for Quite A Shock) but narratively IS should be played first.

i started dream daddy today and its so good

i love everyone in this game and i dont know how im supposed to choose just one dad, but I’ve narrowed it down to Craig and Vega for my first run

this is the first dating sim ive ever played so i didnt know that i would be graded on dates and thankfully i got an A on my first date with Vega, but now im super worried that im going to fail everything else

also i was looking at the achievements and apparently theres a bad Amanda ending and the achievement is called World’s Okayest Dad, which would be soul crushing if i got it

porfoct replied to your post: sees people on my dash talking about starting dnd…

I WANNA START PLAYIN G DND but……… no idea how to start or who to play it with skdbdsk

i MEAN i dont even play dnd, i play pathfinder (which is…lets say a bit more complicated and a bit different but closest to 5e) 
uhhhh idk man imo trying it irl first is waaaay simpler and more comprehensive, with all the books and rules and character sheets and whatnot, but it is definitely possible to play online with skype/discord/whatever… arent there like online groups one can join?

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Please tell me more about dove and charon's relationship!!!


i made this late night incoherent Poast about how their relationship rlly came 2 Be (romantically anyway) so i’ll talk. more about their actual like, dating, which is Very Good. their first date was just a fairly casual dinner (charon was nervous as all hell for the first 20 minutes but dove is a Very Calming Presence for him) and it was a lot of playing footsies and talking about how weird, but Nice dating is (also the city was under attack but lucky for them polly is a VERY good friend and wasnt gonna let date night get ruined)

i dont think a lot of ppl would realize they were dating at first either… dove keeps to himself and like, u know, charon is one of the only ppl he likes or even tolerates aside from polly, so him being all buddy-buddy in his own way makes sense; just like charon being all extra friendly with him! charon’s a friendly guy! which is fine, charon’s pretty self conscious about his. everything. and dove’s a very private person to begin with, who he wants to and does kiss is Nobody’s Goddamn Business

i think they do more out doorsy, social dates for charon’s sake in that same vein. other than that a lot of it is probably staying inside and just.. u know… talking, not talking, touching or not touching. just enjoying each other’s presence. charon shows off a lot of his Ancient Pre-War Salvaged Records to give dove a taste of REAL music (i.e the supremes mostly tbh) and explains his favorite personal anthropological theories, like whether or not garfield the cat WAS a mildly sinister cult icon or why the pepsi logo changed so much, but only Subtly. dove likes to pet charon’s hair and tell him his good and bad dreams, and also playfully wrestle with him sometimes (sometimes he even lets him win)

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Okay so if you were looking for a winged creature for Suga in your dragon au i found an Arabic mythology creature called a Jinni (or jinn) so the Jinns are evil spirits made of fire but, if they are purified or whatever they turn into Peri's which are winged fairy spirits (which sometimes visit the mortal world) I can imagine Suga went to the mortal world as a Jinni and Daichi found him and purified him, or maybe he went there as a Peri and just befriended Daichi or something. I dont really know


I like this a lot? And it actually plays pretty well into the concept of Daichi being an old soul. Like their first meeting/Daichi’s first life could be the one where he ends up turning Suga into a Peri, and that huge ass burst of magic is one of the things that cause Daichi to keep reincarnating (and Suga is kind of immortal I guess???) 

But anyway! Thank you for suggesting this!! 

Hey lmao do the devs a favor and dont torrent dream daddy
Ive only seen one comment about it but I know a lot of ppl are probably thinking it.
Its $15, which is pretty cheap for a game actually. And it probably should cost way more from what I’ve seen of it.
Like, I personally cant justify a $15 purchase for a game, so I understand that it sucks that you cant play it at all!
But, just dont do it?? Dont torrent the game!
Its their first game! If you all torrent it, they might not make another. And okay, I dont know how this stuff works, but I love this team, they made a really fun and inclusive game. Its exactly what so many of you want in a game!! But as soon as its made into a real thing? You want it for free? Nah man, you can’t have both.
Also, I repeat its $15! They could have probably gotten away with making it $25+, but they didn’t! They made it pretty adorable in my opinion!
So many people are doing streams/lets plays of ddadds! Pick your fav and watch them! Look up certain dads routes! Its not like you’ll never see any of the game, so many people are going to be posting videos!

Ok this was long, but please dont torrent the game, give these devs the money and love they deserve!

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oKAY i dont know if someone's done this before, but: So Denmark's playing a horror game (Idk what horror game he's playing just, first one that comes to mind thats real scary), and its like 3am, hes sleep deprived and everything, and Norway's asleep. a particular point, Den becomes really paranoid that whatever's in the game is trying to kill him in real life, and Nor woke up when Den screamed a little bit. Nor then sneaks up behind him (being the sneaky Norway he is) and waisthugs him, (1/2)

which scares Den so much he screams really really loudly and starts crying because he thinks the thing’s caught him, and when Nor just says “Idiot, what’s wrong with you?” He starts crying happy tears and just kinda snuggles himself into Nor’s chest bc hes so happy he’s not dead and Nor’s here. (2/2)

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i might be the only one, but i honestly dont like who played tris.I think tha she didn't play the character as brave and selfless like how she is written in the book. what do you think of her?

when i first heard Shai was cast i was very skeptical. i mean she doesn’t fit the look of Tris at all, and i wasn’t convinced. but after seeing the movie, i think she played the part perfectly. she went from being a weakling to a strong heroine which is exactly what she does in the book. I know everyone has issues with Shai’s height and build because Tris is meant to be short and skinny, but if they actually did have a short skinny actress playing Tris opposite Theo, it just wouldn’t of been believable. they compliment each other in terms of height and build. (i know shai was was cast before Theo but i think it worked out perfectly,) 

Don’t forget, they had to make the movie on the basis that not EVERYONE will have read the book. I pretty much guarantee that half of the people watching the movie at the same time as me yesterday hadn’t read the book!

am i making sense or am i rambling on!?? :-/