i dont know which game it is though


Freshuary Day 11: Geno, Error, and Fresh all hang out.

Location: The Save Screen, before the events of Aftertale.

Why the funk are we here here again? And quit doing that you radhole!” Error said. The agitated black-and-blue skeleton paced around the dark “room” he was in- a room far, far, to similar to his antivoid for his liking.

“Relax brah, we’re just paying ol’ Geno here a radtastic visit is all!” Fresh said, smiling plastered on as usual. He was heeling around the “void”, watching Error to make sure he didn’t start something. “That dang depressed little dude needs some happy-wacky good vibes, ya dig?” He looked over at Geno when he said this, but Geno just looked away.

“Got tired of running Fresh? Got bored of your antivoid Error?” Geno asked, quietly. “Hey. Wanna swap? You can watch the world end, over and over again. I’ll play destroyer of worlds. It’d be fun,” he finished a red glint in his eye. 

Then he leaned back and started laughing. “Maybe I’m getting a little soft in the skull after all! A game might bring the life back to me. Whatcha bring?”

Fresh just smiled and did his finger-guns. “Right on bro! Games are the spice of the life, making it totes awesome sauce mcgee. And our game for the day he,” he said, twirling around dramatically before pulling out “Sorry!”

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a question between 3DS XLs and 2DSs

So, I want to get a new console and I’m weighing my options between a 2DS and a 3DS XL and I wanted to know which you guys thought would be better?

Im planning on buying a new copy of ACNL and Fire Emblem Awakening for it, and I’m trying to weigh my options.

I know that 2DS’s are cheaper, dont have 3D or hinges (which is super cool with me tbh) but my mom is worried that the games I want to play maybe wont work even though the 2DS should work with them.

Idk much about XL’s but I was hoping for some feedback for which you guys thought would be better? Im taking color into account as well so I’ll look into that a little

heliatlus  asked:

What kinda dragons exist in FE, and which ones are most boneable

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the kind of dragons in fe are god’s dragons who want you to go to the church and pray to the lord.

BUT for an actual answer, dragons are all a lil different around all of the games. most of them are manaketes, though not all of them fall under that name. the tellius games have their dragons as just dragon laguz types, and in the elibe games i don’t think they use the term manakete like they do in awakening / marth’s games ( it’s been a while since i played them ).

and though kamui themselves is classified by the fandom as manakete, they really aren’t! not only that, but their lifespan is not the same as a manakete’s. their endings say that they grow old with their spouse ( at least in the jpn version, idk about the eng version ). 

also none of them are boneable cant you have NORMAL kinks like bondage.