i dont know which game it is though

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*whispers*your art ask with mysme is so good. I was wondering if you could do something with mysme and a chubby, insecure mc. I understand if you dont want too, I just thought id ask ;-;

I’m sorry this came so late but so much kept coming up!!

I’ve been working on this sporadically since you sent this ask, to be honest, and I’m honored that you trust me to answer this sensitive question for some.
I wanted to share screenshots from the game where I remember the members themselves telling MC they dont care what she looks like, but somehow I can’t find them though I remember them!!
(So many routes, how would I remember which one it happened in;;)

But nonetheless I worked on this, hopefully it conveys my feelings on the matter. I thought that the best to answer this would be the one guy who probably knows the least about what you look like….

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May I ask why you changed the Jumin one? Did people get upset over it?

[please dont reblog]

It was a sensitive topic so I get where both sides are coming from ^__^;;
I have never watched 50 shades nor have I any intention of doing so (I don’t really like nsfw stuff in general as well – I have like 1.5% knowledge about any of it other than the basic stuff you accidentally learn about in high school and i don’t want to find out more thanks to previous unpleasant childhood experiences lol)

&& the entire meme was based off a canon in-game 707 thought bubble about “50 Shades of Chairman-To-Be” [screenshot in previous posts] ((+++so much of the fandom was seeing Jumin as someone who would /watch/ it)) so i thought it was okay

but I’m glad people took the time to politely explain why the movie is problematic because I wouldn’t have known otherwise ^__^ while the reference was very tiny and indirect, i felt like it was sending messages that i think jumin is the same as this grey guy – i don’t btw, which is why he is asking for mc’s consent unlike the grey person guy (afaik…idk) – i think jumin is precious if you treat him right too. his obsession still creeps me out though haha but still - fave! ;;;

i don’t like remembering it but i personally know the feeling of having your consent disregarded ; ; ;; ;;; ;; so yeah idk – i definitely have no bad intentions with the previous comic – i just booked on the fact that it was referenced in the game ;; i’m sorry! please don’t hate me

why do i feel like i dont have the right to draw jumin anymore… or anything MM at all because i might mess up some more lololol rip maybe i should take a break

so i charged my 3ds and opened up my tomodachi life cause i miss it so much…

and damn did i have…a lot of old mii’s im not happy about TTuTT 

so i deleted them all~ well except 2. but those i dont mind too much. Though i feel like i need to do more cleaning but it costs like 25$ in the game currency to delete characters.  which sucks but i understand. 

though i wanna fill it up with new and good memories quq. only sucky thing is some of the peoples “wives” or “husbands” have left them all of a sudden. which sucks. but oh well…

now i just need to get Venus and Victor together in the game. and also Skott and Vincent eue *giggles* 

plus i gotta make more characters too. i dont know if i’ll be done by today or if i’ll just slowly do it but it’s been so long since i’ve played this game

Dozen Sappiest Futurama Episodes

1. The Late Philip J Fry - hands down the most deeply felt freela ep, or any ep, for me. i know Meanwhile is really popular but its happy ending felt relatively cheap imo. obviously i love alternate time streams though and this one was the best.
2. Game of Tones - it only makes me cry more than TLPJF because everyone has feelings about their mom
3. Parasites Lost - i like this half of the story a lot better than Devil’s hands, which i pointedly didnt include because i feel like it negates some of the better takeaway of this one. just. fry wants to be loved for himself. that’s so important.
4. The Luck of the Fryrish -  i dont know how anybody even considers Jurassic Bark within a lightyear of this
5. Leela’s Homeworld - the earliest episode on this list, and the very first one that brought to fruition the seeds planted back in The Series Has Landed. i almost included that one, because the forging of their likeness is really touching
6. Sting - one of the best-crafted episodes imo i could gush about it for days
7. Near Death Wish - fry getting resolution with his family members makes me cry. but professer? just… this is… yeah
8. Time Keeps on Slipping - one of my overall favorite episodes, the ending is tied with the end to Love and Rocket for my favorite non-pivotal freela moment. the dramatic buildup makes this one more emotional however
9. The Tip of the Zoidberg - revealing zoidys true value to the professor? heart melting
10. Stench and Stenchability - this happy ending for zoidberg is probably a key factor in making this show the best thing of all time
11. Cold Warriors - Like Game of Tones, I have to skip this one a lot because of how sad it makes me.
12. Lethal Inspection - i’m actually amazed they were able to make me care about bender for more than 4 seconds. that cute song is probably responsible. they cheated.

hugely unpopular omissions are probably jurassic bark, devil’s hands, and meanwhile. i also really wish i could add fun on a bun but every single ep on this list makes me cry even more than that. that’s a good way to emphasize that this isnt a favorites or best list, even though it looks a lot like one. it’s very far from it, a few up there would be in a faves list i might hypothetically make, but some certainly would not (cold warriors might even been among my least faves). but this list isnt about that, its ranked by the strength of emotional response elicited, in my self personally (having watched all episodes dozens of times, and having never been an active fan while new eps were premiering)  Edit/ scratch that trivia on leelas homeworld, the season was a typo in my spreadsheet

Tag Game

Thanks @sharinghoe for tagging <3 sorry I’m late as always! :))

rules: answer the questions and tag nine people you want to get to know better

1. relationship status: haha is that a food

2. favorite color: white tbh, i know.. i’m boring. i do tend to get white everything though or black which isn’t even a colour BUT ANYWAYS i also am into navy blue right now.. and pastels.. i’m all over the place.

3. lipstick or chapstick: lipstick. is. my. life. but both cause i use chapstick/lip balm under matte lipsticks or else welcome to Sahara desert

4. last song listened to: probably a song by Pink Floyd.. not entirely sure.

5. last movie I watched: watched The Nice Guys on my laptop and died laughing

6. top three fav TV shows: is anime a TV show or should i include actual TV show idk anymore, but i like Sherlock, GOT, House MD, and the likes.

7. top three fav characters: literary fav (no one reads this book anymore, ever) - Henry Winter & Camila Macaulay. from Naruto: Itachi and Sasuke + Sakura

8. top three ships: SasuSaku, ShikaTema, HenryxCamilla which is so rare ugh

9. book I’m currently reading: I haven’t had the time, tbh. i’m working then sleeping, repeat.

I tag the following gr8 blogs/people: @cornelia1992 @nuramilia @omgsakuraqueen @deidarasface @shiranuigenma @bleu-et-rose @xxlovendreamsxx @roraewrites @dreamykakashi

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Just giving you a heads up. Your Dine Out Recolors (which I'm grateful for!), while retagging colors for personal use, I noticed one of the Occult tags is tagged as a High Chair. Might not effect anything but though I'd let you know.

Thank you for telling me, Im not sure how though?? I dont even have toddlers in my game lol, and I didn’t do anything to the hairs when I recolored them just changed the secondary display index :/


i think !! this is probably one of the most important parts of the opening and idc if someone already made a post about this (i just watched the episode, so i havent looked at the tumblr tag)

but anyway!! at first i was concerned about how makoto was put with monokuma’s “despair side”, but after thinking about it it’s the other way around. makoto is placed where monokuma’s “hope side” (since their design was made to show both hope and despair) usually is, and since he’s the ultimate hope that makes a lot of sense.

now though, i’m concerned about kyoko’s side. contrary from makoto, she’s taking monokuma’s despair side. now, i dont know if they’re popular but there are some theories about how kyoko is the traitor (which i dont believe 100% but i’m still considering it, just like rn i’m considering almost all theories). we know that kyouko and makoto are very close to each other, and we can see that in the first game, in this ep, and in the opening, where kyouko is falling and makoto tries to “save her”.

what i’m trying to say is that kyouko will obviously try to protect naegi (and asahina, but i will talk about them in another post later on). so maybe, just maybe, she will try to protect him so much that she will stop thinking about other’s safety and them surviving too, which in a way would make her look like the bad guy for a bit. i mean, despite kyouko helping to save everyone in the trials in trigger happy havoc, no one completely trusted her until later on. why? because she is reserved, shows a cold side, and doesn’t wear her real, current emotions in her face.

in that point, you could say that kyouko is similar to munakata, and i dont know about you but from just this episode, i know that i should be wary about munakata and whatever he’ll do next (especially if you think about his relationship to the first victim and his role as “future foundation’s hope”, according to yukizome).

this could be out of character for kyouko, but if you think about many moments in the first game, it is said that didn’t care about the other students. just like byakuya, kyouko had started to help naegi because she thought he was useful and could help everyone (which includes her, of course).

and this post is becoming really long and i dont want to make this a mess, so i’ll leave it at this. please hmu to share any theories that you have !!

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For the ask thing-taiyaki (I don't even know what that is,tbh) 😊

taiyaki ー which anime/manga character do you feel best represents your personality & why?

i really liked the character yuri from yuri on ice and although i am not an ice skater i could relate to his personal struggles :-)

send me sweet thing asks ! 🍰

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umm... if its not too much trouble, would you mind telling me a bit about Steam Powered Giraffe? They look pretty cool and I adore Brass Goggles, but I dont really get who the members are, or the thing with the voices? (I also cant seem to find their music, with good quality at least...)

nof course!!!!

steam powered giraffe is a little band who’s main thing is their robot pantomime performances!! their youtube is here and you can visit their website here! they have lots of cool music videos and lore! there is also lyrics for i think all of their songs :O!

there are currently 3 robots: rabbit, the spine, and hatchworth!!

Originally posted by smiletotheshadow

this one is rabbit!! shes quirky and cute as hell and she is portrayed by the lovely isabella bunny bennett! her design is the one with definitely THE MOST changes, which is wonderful to see but hell to draw <3 if you look at their older videos, you might not recognize her because both bunny and rabbit have gone through many changes lately! bunny is a trans woman and therefore changed rabbit to present as a woman to better suit who she really is (: rabbits design has gone from i believe oxidized copper in numerous designs to now this cute porcelain type thing which i love! she usually does vocals and she can play some instruments though i dont specifically know which ones! :O her vocal range is incredible <333 bunny also does a lot of art and video game streams! 

Originally posted by itsallgonetorust

this one is the spine!! he tends to be the more stoic serious type but he can get a little goofy :O he is portrayed by david michael bennett!! he is the identical twin to bunny bennett! he plays guitar and tends to sing in a much deeper voice but his range, like his sister’s, is phenomenal! the spine is known for his spines on his back and his sweet hat! he has pretty much, to my knowledge, always been this titanium alloy material but his design has been refined and updated over the years! he also does this neat swaying thing which is cool if u watch a music video with him u will see it

Originally posted by smiletotheshadow

this one is hatchworth! he is portrayed by samuel luke! hes the newer of the bots in terms of joining the group (as a bot, he was a drummer for them before i believe)! he is bronze and has gone through a few iterations but mostly keeps the same basic design elements! he plays guitar, bass, and drums i believe! his voice is almost always higher and more nasal? idk if thats the way to describe it but ye! hes adorable and quirky and very very ginger! sam does a lot of cool art stuff!

there were also other bots, namely, the jon (portrayed by jon sprague) and upgrade (portrayed by erin burke)! i dont know much about them tho since i learned about spg AFTER both were no longer in the group ):

thats pm the basics i think!!! they have 4 albums out + a video game soundtrack they did + some live albums! there are other members to their crew such as steve negrete (sound engineer), chelsea penyak and camille penyak (walter workers! other performers), and other characters like gg the giraffe (mascot played by bunny bennett!), qwerty, and beebop! they have tons of lore and a rad comic! they also have really neat merch (you can also get bunny and sams’ art prints which are very very cool)

hope this told u what u wanted to know!!! thank u for giving me the opportunity to geek out <33

Giant Q&A For Questions regarding the Ban/Game Abuse/Recent Update/Chat times

I’ve gotten a whole lot of these, so if you’ve sent me an ask in the last few hours on the above topic, it’s likely here. Putting them all together to hopefully help answer future questions and not clog up people’s dashboards. I will add to this if I receive more questions, so check it if you sent me something. Everything under the cut.

**Recently added some more questions

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