i dont know which do i ship

People who ship sanvers let me help you out because the chance that people will tag differently is pretty slim. You can filter out tags you dont want on ao3, this works for anything but let’s just do it for ship tags. And this works for any fandom, so I’ll probably tag others too even if it’s not a problem for that fandom it’s still good info to have. It’s long, so it’s under a cut.

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man am i the only one who come home from that movie and did not consider any ships for credence I mean boy other than romance i think there’s this thing that we should pay attention to, like, i dont know, HIS SAFETY AND STABILITY AND SECURITY??

oh. wait. i do have a ship.

credence x happiness.

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im. so. mad. im litteraly shaking with anger, a freind of mine is geting attacked over ships and one of the asshols sent them shit like "any shipper of pedo ships is a pedo themselve" one of the attackers has the blog desription "i might murder people but at lest im not a pedo" (yes there using a character) and im just??? OH AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE "are you a csa? you dont get to speak for csa victims!! i will not let gross fucks like you get way with this!!" which is so (1/2)

fucking ironic seeing as im a csa victam but hey its only ok to speak over someone you OViosly know better and tell people to fucking die right??? why do i a minor still dealing with the shit her father put her through have the goddamn comesence to see that art and words dont hold a candle ight to the REAL ACT but someone who amits to being an adualt cant. im so mad so mad i dont even have words these fuckers can suck my pinky toe (2/2)


i’m gonna fight this motherfucker on the astral plane, come at me you sick anti fucker i’m fuckin astral-ripped

(don’t listen to that anti, they clearly have no consideration for others’ emotions and experiences and may actually be a troll)

~ Mod Filth

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those are two of my fav pjo polyships!!! whats ur fav all femslash one and which is ur fav all slash one? also how do you feel about frazeleo? i dont remember if you've talked about this

Cool! Um, my favourite all femslash one has to be reychelypso (is that the shipname? honestly, there’s so many ship names in this fandom that I keep forgetting them) because again, it’s combining two ships that I already love (dreyna and reychel) and just, those three together would be a wonderful mess. My favourite all slash one is probably franjercy (I know I made it and that sounds a bit pretentious but oh well) because they’re just be a confusing, blushing mess and it’s a wonderful thing to imagine. Um, I think I have talked about it when someone requested a aes of it, and I don’t really like it because I don’t ship Hazel with either of them (because she is my asexual lesbian child)

tag game

i was tagged by the lovely @stvvrogers , thank you <3

rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better

relationship status: single
favorite color: 
purple or black
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
last song i listened to: despacito - luis fonsi ft. daddy yankee
last movie i watched: lion
top 3 tv shows: psych ,voltron, and girl meets world
top 3 characters: kevin day, stiles stilinski, and raphael santiago
top 3 ships: lucaya, malec, stydia and kandreil 
books i’m currently reading: everything, everything (which im re-reading)

i tag: @claryandizzy @warlocksarcher @rliaya  @mayaschuyler @aphrodittee @ochocolate @thehighwarlock @amyskhaleesi @lydiasmartin

i was tagged by @jacesimon, thanks martaa!!!


  1. What is your name? jo
  2. How old are you? 18
  3. What kind of blog do you run? multifandom but mostly sh 
  4. What is your biggest nerdy obsession? idk tbh 
  5. Who is your favourite character of all time? i got no clue this question is unfair i refuse 
  6. What is your favourite book of all time? i dont read
  7. What is your favourite magical creature? magnus bane
  8. What made up object do you wish was real? the healing rune, is that an object???
  9. Where do you wish you went to school? mines ok
  10. Name your favourite ships. clizzy malec saphael steroline petraxrafael
  11. Which character do you want to marry? all the sh characters
  12. What is your favourite song? rn goddess by banks or paris by the chainsmokers 
  13. What is 3 facts nobody knows about you? i am bisexual thats a lie everyone knows it, idk im bad at these fact things 
  14. Least fave book of all times and why? i dont read
  15. What characters are your role models?  alec lightwood, jane villanueva and amy santiago
  16. Favourite video game? i dont reall play video games
  17. Are you proud to be a nerd? why? i wouldnt say im a nerd tbh
  18. Tag 10 people! @alexanderswarlock @lightwoodsdaddario @mathewsdadario @harry-daddario @buchananjames @alexandergideon @highwarlockkareena @shumbane

hey Voltron fandom. I’m having a lack of VLD stuff on my dash so I would appreciate if you like/reblog/reply to this under conditions that

  1. you do not spam with discourse im sick and tired of it
  2. you tag your posts (i wont follow if you dont tag at all), even voltron is fine
  3. you are not a blog which despises certain ships and posts discourse posts
  4. if you are vld blog (i’ll definitely follow you)
  5. if you are multifandom blog, as long as it’s not overflowing with movies and tv series ill follow you most likely
  6. if you are already my follower then ill most likely follow you
  7. if you aren’t my follower, well then you should know im multifandom, i always balance my posts so it’s not overflowing with just a single fandom, although currently vld wins; i switch fandoms; im mostly anime/books/vld/homestuck fandom and some other stuff; as for vld i tag every ship and charactersi am also a graphic maker and artist.

Ill check all of the blogs that i see on this post so if i didn’t follow you, you either didn’t fullfill my criteria (once again, please read above before liking/reblogging/replying) or i overlooked you :/ or im already following you. But im def not following if you dont tag fandoms, sorry.

If you reblog tag what your main fandoms are ;)

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they probably blocked you for the same reason they blocked leukaraii: ships. you ship billford (afaik from your art blog) and leu ships stancest/billford and it says DIRECTLY in fish's description to not follow or reblog if you ship things like that... so that's most likely why

i dont know/remember if i followed them or not, which is weird, their blog specifically states they dont like ped*philia or inc*st, neither of which i produce content of or reblog so thats mostly why i am confused, i just wanna reblog their art but ok if they wanna block me then whatever just feels kinda rude when i didnt do a damn thing

thanks, friends

For coming to my rescue last night? Because that was weird. I guess I’ve officially been inducted into the fandom, since that was the first time I’ve had a post completely derailed like that, by people who clearly have no intention of actually listening to any argument I might make, and instead make a lot of assumptions about what I do or don’t think about characters/ships.

Especially thanks to anyone who posted in that thread (which I am done adding to, bc now my blog looks like a clusterfuck bomb of drama, but want to make sure you know I appreciate it), or sent me a message, or anything else. @my-name-is-fireheart @dont-rattle-aelin @blxckbeak @bkhrtn @kittykura7m are the first ones that come to mind, but thanks to everyone else, too. And also the nonnie who sent me the fact about otters! That was so cute and appreciated.

Some people talked about their own abuse in the responses, and that was never my intention - I never asked anyone to disclose personal information, so I hope it didn’t make them uncomfortable to do that.

And finally, I am still going to write another post about my actual topic, because I’m basically not done talking about it. This thing has been bothering me in the fandom for a while, and it has nothing to do with abuse, and everything to do with how we read and try to discredit others’ interpretation of characters, events, etc. I’ve written a couple of posts that touch on it, but I want to get my thoughts down in a really thorough and complete way. So that will come later.

Luckily I’ve had so many good, constructive conversations with people before that this won’t affect what/how I post at all. So I hope everyone has a good day!

mizurou-san  asked:

25, 26, 27!✨

25. I there a ship you wish you didn’t know existed? 

26. Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to.

27. Name a ship that deserved better in the end.


-spiderman/lucina. why does that even exist, i really dont understand why this exists. same for shulk/lucina or palutena/lucina. i never did understand cross media shipping 

-uhhhhhhhhh… seth/eirika had a happy ending, which was great. 

-gaius/maribelle, bc why does gaius have to go back to thieving, lyn/hector bc why does lyn have to die, and jaffar/nino bc why do their kids need to be raised in an orphanage 

i find it absolutely terrifying when adults ship underage ships
i mean, when when minors do it its kind of like
they ship it because they think people their age can handle a relationship with an adult
which they cant, but they dont know any better
but when an adult ships underage stuff they basically are going i think children are mature enough to date people my age or older which is terrifying and pedophilic in every sense



Nah, just working on a thing and been too lazy to draw something else. I have an epic picture im working on rn but it requires so much red and….my red inkpen is outa ink. So i decided instead of using lame gel pens, i’d get some sweet touch pens which are pretty stinking neat. If you dont know, they’re basically pens with two tips on one. Anyways, i have to wait for them to get shipped here first and until then, i wont be able to upload anything. But yeah, i dunno if you read this but oh well. If you do actually like my stuff, this’ll maybe be something…i dunno. -_-‘

anonymous asked:

3, 4, 5, 9, 13, 16

3. Cats or Dogs?

cats! i really really love dogs (esp golden retreivers and large dogs) but cats are more independant which is excactly what my dpd ass isnt

4. Sexuality/Sexual Orientation?

poly-panromantic /  asexual
( i actually don’t know my romantic orientation but i know im poly )

5. What is your opinion on haters?

i dont care too much for ‘haters’ bc they usually have a fairly good reason (ex. anti ddlg blogs are protecting minors/csa surviors,) but  honestly, the opposite; shippers can be actual assholes. do you know how many times ive been harrassed for not shipping th Big Big Big ship because i see them as brothers

if ur hgating on someone just bc they dont like something then wyd 

9. Would you specify yourself as a female, male or other?

agender! i prefer he/they pronouns

13. What’s your name/nickname?

most of my friends call me norway or sigurd! )some of them call me lukas, piko or kennith, though.)

16. What is your eye colour?




Seriously i have nothing else better to do! I don’t know what to draw anymore so any requests is gonna make me feel SO much better. Seriously, you’ll give me things to do. Thank you.

I’m up for ANYTHING. Ship stuff (provided you know WHAT i ship and what i dont) gore, Depravity falls, AU stuff, regular stuff, just random doodles, parody pictures, i’m serious. I need and want to draw ANYTHING.

As i said last time you don’t even have to request. Come be my friend! I have two! (one of which is my girlfriend) Rant to me! I’m here to listen. Let’s hang out and talk dumb GF stuff!

The skillet of Justice

So out party get onto a smugglers ship after finding their plans of where they are sailing. Our DM tells us only short weapons allowed as there isnt enough room to swing longer weapons. My half orc fighter is quite annoyed by this so I decide to play with the DMs set up. We break into a room which has 3 occupants. I charge across the room and knock out the leader while my party roll so badly that they dont hit either of the other enemies. My turn and the DM asks ‘what are you going to do?’ Knowing I have a greatsword and great axe. ‘Im going to use my skillet’ the DM laughs and says its only a 1d6. So I roll a hit on the first guy with my +7 damage modifier and kill him outright. Again my team suffer with terrible die rolls and roll so bad there is a critical fail which results in a dead familiar. Last enemy and the DM just says 'go on i know what your gonna do’. So blocking the door with my shield to protect the party I throw the skillet and roll a nat 20. His head flies off and i am now the owner of the skillet of justice. The DM did enjoy the inventiveness. Our next DM will get a fun question tho………'Can you masterwork my skillet and engrave justice on the inside and outside of it?’ Hope he says yes :-)